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Chapter 60 – Barunbirn makes up her mind

TL: Yuki



I let Intanyu’s momentum carry me away.


「 Hey, was that a good idea…? 」


As for me, I have nothing but concern for Barunbirn.


「 I don’t know. 」


「 That’s so irresponsible! 」


Intanyu’s expression was quite serious though.


「 I can’t be responsible for him. He’s the one who has to decide how to live his life. It’s just that he wasn’t always like that, that’s all I know. So there’s always the possibility that he could go back to being a more ambitious god. 」


Celude seemed to gasp a little.


「 Generally speaking, though, it’s not like gods suddenly awaken. The world isn’t that naive. 」


「 That’s true. But it is true that it is possible. I’m betting on that possibility, and there’s nothing more I can do about it. 」


I nodded subconsciously.


「 Yes, you’re right. And this is Barunbirn’s decision to make. 」


It didn’t feel right for me to force the that one to do anything.


「 But if I could, I’d like to be friends with her from my old kingdom. I feel like the Beastman Kingdom would be a better place if I did. 」


「 Indeed, it’s not a bad thing to be thought of as inclusive or inheriting the Kathra Kingdom. Well, it all depends on Barunbirn. 」


「 Well, I guess I’ll just see what happens. I’ll just keep an eye on him, so I can always reach out to him when he’s ready. 」



The detention of the descendants was going to continue for some time after that.


This was a difficult situation for the Beastman Kingdom.


If they were protected by a hostile country, they might be used as a cause to attack the Beastman Kingdom.


So, it’s not hard to understand why they need to be monitored.


Rione also said, 「 It’s not right to put them in a prison, so we’ve put them on a guarded place in the mansion and asked them to stay put. 」


I went to see Barunbirn regularly.


When I went there, he was usually sitting close legged, hugging her knees.


A complete loss of confidence, this…


The descendants kept praying to Barunbirn to help them.


One day, two days, three days… the Descendants had been praying since morning.


There was nothing they could do but pray. That is the limit of human beings.


Rione wouldn’t do anything that would harm them, but they wouldn’t know that, and they were probably worried.


Barunbirn, on the other hand, slept a lot, as if trying to escape reality.


It’s said that when people are depressed, they sleep for a long time to escape from their depression.


I didn’t speak to her, but just watched her.


Then, on the fifth day.


When Barunbirn woke up, she was startled.


「 What nya… what is this nya…? 」


The Descendants were praying as they surrounded Barunbirn.


「 Please help us… 」 「 Lord Barunbirn… 」 「 Please, please… 」


They would not be able to see God. But if you have a strong heart to pray, you can get closer to God naturally.


They felt as if something was there.


That, in a word, was the right answer.


「 Ah, nostalgic nya… 」


Something about Barunbirn’s eyes that made him feel nostalgic.


「 In the olden days, prayers were said in such a simple, but fervent way… 」


A decision seemed to have been made in Barunbirn’s mind.


Barunbirn stood up and spun around in the room.


Then the room began to glow with a golden light.


Barunbirn had created a miracle, albeit a small one.


「 Oh! 」 「 This is it! 」 「 」It’s the power of God! 」


The descendants shouted. The guards heard their voices and witnessed the situation.


It seemed that the guards immediately went to contact their higher ups. Now, the rest would be how to settle things down.



The light lasted for some time, and some officials and priests witnessed it.


The phenomenon was at first recognized as a miracle of the gods, and the treatment of the descendants was improved to the point of hospitality. This was because the prayers of the descendants were understood to be the origin of the miracle.


Barunbirn, who had regained some of his strength, approached me as I was making my rounds.


「 I want you to take me to the priestess king here, Nya. 」


「 All right. I’ll grant it to you for your strong will. 」


I led Barunbirn to Rione’s room.


Barunbirn spoke into Rione’s sleeping mind.


「 King of the people born in the Kathra Kingdom, please help the descendants of the old Kingdom, Nya. If you do so, Barunbirn will also swear to protect the country of New Kathra. I really beg you, please, nya. 」


I’m sure this will be a generous measure. Because Rione is really an angelic child.