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Chapter 61 – The Lazy God

TL: Yuki



Rione woke up and stared clearly at the figure of Barunbirn.


「 Oh, I didn’t know there was a god like this. 」


「 Eh… could it be that you can see me? 」


Apparently, Barunbirn hadn’t thought about being seen directly.


Yeah, I didn’t tell her either.


「 Rione is such a powerful person, you know. 」


「 I haven’t been seen by anyone in hundreds of years… it’s embarrassing… 」


「 Barunbirn-sama, then how about making the Descendants of the Kingdom the Priests to serve Barunbirn-sama? 」


As expected, Rione, good idea.


If the one who performed the miracle is the priest, it will be a good foil, and the people who are wary that the descendants will do something unnecessary will be convinced that they will not act carelessly. If a priest sneaks off to a distant place, he will be noticed.


「 Thank you, Nya. 」


Barunbirn bowed politely.


Rione told him that Barunbirn, the god of the Kathra Kingdom, had appeared to him in a dream and had given him an oracle, and that he would build a small temple with the descendants as priests.


The story of the miracle had already spread, and there was no one to complain. It seems that Barunbirn was able to find a place to stay.


Intanyu didn’t say much, but I could tell from watching her during meals that she was quite relieved.


「 That idiot used to be a serious person. If she remembers what she was like back then, she should be able to handle it. 」


「 Intanyu is basically not honest, isn’t she? 」


「 I’m honest with myself. By the way, I wasn’t worried about her. That’s why I didn’t even go to check on her. 」


If Intanyu says so, then so be it, in Intanyu’s mind.


「 Hey, I heard that the temple of Barunbirn has been built, so why don’t we check it out? 」


She wouldn’t go unless I told her to.


「 Oh, really, ……? Well, if you say so, I can’t help it. …… I don’t really care where she lives, though. 」


I went to the new temple in Barunbirn with Intanyu, who was a bit of a tsundere.


It’s a small, two-story facility on the outskirts of town that looks like it was built on leftover land, but that’s because some people still don’t think well of Barunbirn.


It must have been a hard life for many people in the Kathra Kingdom.


I walked in and saw the descendants working hurriedly.


「 Hmm, impressive, impressive. 」


Intanyu said, sounding awfully pompous. In fact, since she was a god, she must be great.


「 Well, let’s see what Barunbirn has in store for us, shall we? 」


We continued on our way to the back of the temple.


Barunbirn was lying on her back, sleeping soundly.


There was a mess of food offerings next to her.


Her clothes were in disarray, and I could imagine that she had lived a very messy life. There was even a little of white skin peeking out.


Incidentally, there was drool dripping from her sleeping mouth.


「 That was a really dumb face… 」


Intanyu was quite exasperated.


「 Well, yeah… I thought he’d be a bit more enthusiastic about being a god… 」


I hadn’t thought of her life as being so self-indulgent.


「 That’s right… she’s just a random person… I guess the time for taking things seriously is over… the treatment of the descendants is settled in a safe place… 」


Intanyu tried to wake Barunbirn.


Shake, shake, shake. She shook her pretty hard.


「 Come on, come on, get up. Since we’ve come all this way, it wouldn’t hurt to at least say hello. 」


「 I can’t eat anymore… 」


Barunbirn was talking in his sleep.


「 Come on, wake up, wake up! 」


「 If it’s work, I’ll do it tomorrow… I’ll sleep for five more minutes… 」


You’re sleeping in your dreams!


Barunbirn did not wake up at all.


Finally, Intanyu pinched her as hard as he could, and Barunbirn finally woke up.


「 Ugh… ouch… nya… nya against violence… 」


「 You better get a grip, or you’ll be an embarrassment. Get your stuff together. 」


Apparently, Intanyu was supposed to be the big sister. It can’t be helped if she’s this self-absorbed.


「 Then it’s no problem, Nya! 」


For some reason, Barunbirn stuck out her chest.


「 The guardian goddess of this country is the goddess there, Nya! I’m also an extra nya! I don’t even have to work! 」


What a ridiculous assertion!


「 No, you have to work a little too, don’t you? There are many things that Gods do, you know. 」


「 Well, I’ll just do the lowest, most menial job. I never wanted to work in the first place. 」


I see, so Kathra Kingdom didn’t run well because she was made to be the supreme god even though she didn’t want to.


「 I pity those in Kathra Kingdom… 」


Intanyu let out a deep sigh.


It seemed that another problematic god was had been added.