Chapter 5 Defensive Measures for the Village

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I have already been half a year since I came and established New Kathra Village.


At that time, a resident of the village who came out before have just returned. There are small animals that and wild grass being hunted and gathered outside of the village, so it’s not really strange if they go out. However, the state of the villager was rather strange.


Looking closely, he suffered injuries in his arm. There were also traces of bite marks all over it.


「It was the Dog People that was also destroyed…… They originally inhabit the kingdom of Waddi…… They attacked me and robbed all of the edible grass that I collected……」


The expressions of the villagers were more puzzled than angered. It’s because they got involved with others that they haven’t been involved with before.


Wadi Kingdom is one of the beast nations that was destroyed by the kingdom, all of their people are beast-men with dog ears.

Like the refugees from the Kingdom of Kathra, they also fled to the wastelands and built a village and were inhabited by dog–eared best-men.


Since a lot of best-men settlements have been destroyed at the same time, the beast-men tend to go in groups of the same race and created villages.


Before this, there has been almost no conflict between settlements. There are several reasons for this.

Poor food conditions, increase of difficulty in living if there are casualties, and the power of the village would drastically drop.

However, the most notable is that they won’t get anything even if they resulted in war against other villages since everyone was in the same condition.


Some even tried becoming adventurers in other kingdoms to seek riches. But registering also requires money. The most they could procure would also be just a few coins and won’t be able to sustain their daily life.


However, only New Kathra village have prospered exceptionally because of my presence.

A good supply of clean water, although mainly vegetables, the abundance of food is abundant even in the surrounding area. The variations of vegetables being grown are also starting to increase.


Probably dreaming of a one-hit reversal, the danger of being attacked by another settlement attacking New Kathra was being raised day by day.


And then one night when an injured villager returned, a meeting was held at the elder’s house.


Though she is just a young girl, Rione still attended. It’s because of being able to hear and see me in person. It’s not only because Rione’s special ability, but part of it is because I want her to learn and be aware of the situation.


Still, it is because of her pure heart and faith towards me, that she can see my whole figure clearly. In the end, it’s really better to have someone whom you can directly interact with.


By the way, at this moment, I seated myself besides Rione. Though Rione was surprised by my presence, I told her to 「Stay Silent」 about it. If everyone knew that their guardian deity is listening on their talks from the start, everyone would probably feel awkward about it.


「Today, everyone probably knew that Tovah  have been injured from an attack after returning from his harvesting, and the culprits were the dog Beast-men. If it was just an unlucky encounter then it should be fine, but this time Tovah was actually ambushed. That’s why we are holding this meeting at this moment.」


Though the elder looked like a bent old tree, the words he said were still quite firm.


Then a villager, a man who was renowned as one of the strongest in the village stood up and declared.

「I’m suggesting we fight back before they do this again! Let’s show our regained strength to those leftovers of Wadi Kingdom! 」


Just as expected, this guy is just a muscle brained idiot……

Why are there always people who think one-sidedly like him?


「Moreover, we have Faltear-sama, our guardian deity on our side! We will definitely not lose! 」


Ok, now I’m annoyed, and so I told Rione about how I feel.


「Please wait a moment!  I have received a decree from Faltear-sama! It is a sign of disrespect to act and use a God’s name without receiving their permission, everyone should be careful about it. Disaster shall approach those who would do such insolence……」




As expected, even if he’s a muscle-brain, he would still be shocked by that.


「Pl, please forgive my rudeness…… but won’t it be a good idea to vanquish them… I am only trying to show them what Kathia Village’s is not just a simple village ……」


In a sense, I felt happy at how the village developed to the point that I could already see the changes in their looks. If at during the time where I have just arrived in this village, everyone have a ruined expression that I feel like they would do just about any command if I presented them a gold coin.


With a pon* pon* I tapped Rione’s shoulder, and then whispered words that only she could hear.


――Rione, explain it in your own words that it is a mistake. I know you are a wise child, and you should be able to explain it to them with minimal words.


As a matter of course, Rione was puzzled. Still he understood that it would be bad for her to just be a puppet that doesn’t think. Rione the whispers「I understand Faltear-sama」 and stood up.


「You see…… If we move to attack first, then the other side would have a reason to retaliate. The enemies’ purpose is probably to provoke us, and bring the battle over to their place. Then they will a reason to declare war, and would probably attack with everything they’ve got…… And that’s what the enemies would be waiting for……」


――Goof, as expected. You understood it well.

I give a thumb’s up to Rione. I could tell how happy she is, because Rinoe’s tail stood straight up.


It seems like the other villagers thought about it as well.

「Indeed, if it’s like that, then this is just a provocation……」「If that is so, then we should warn everybody to stay put……」「Another is that we don’t know how much force they have……」「In the first place, even if we attack their village, they won’t be able to return anything to us……」


Good, good, everyone seems to have finally noticed the truth of the matter. There is no merit for us even if we did attack them head on.


Then, this time, Rione stared at me. Okay, I’ll give you once more another example.

「Ano…… however, won’t they instead come to us in order to continue looting……? 」

――True. That’s why they need to adopt a method that would benefit the village as a whole and in the future, will decrease the amount of victims from attacks.


Rione thought about what to do base on my words. Then she conveyed her thoughts to everyone.


「That! Since they will probably come and attack the village!  Won’t building fences or a small trench surrounding the village help us protect it? 」


一Surprised, everyone had the same look then said「That’s right! 」.


Because of focusing too much on developing, the villager’s sense of wariness was too low. How to improve that is a necessary for the further development of the village.


「As expected, Faltear-sama’s chosen shrine maiden thinks differently」「Right, right, if such a shrine maiden guides us, then won’t be going on the wrong path from now on too」


For some reason Rione is now being called as a shrine maiden…… Certainly, it wouldn’t be wrong to call her that……

And then finally, the elder nodded in after thinking for a moment.

「Then, Rione, I shall appoint you as Faltear-sama’s official shrine maiden and will be managing her temple! Be greatly honored to serve under her and be sure not be rude to Faltear-sama! 」

「Ha, Hai…… I understand……」


And thus, Rione was made to move from her small house to the temple, well I usually spend my time relaxing there.

Next will be preparations for the incoming war. Next time, is war really breaking out!?

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