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Chapter 6 Conflict with the Dog-eared Beast-men




The construction of barricades and fences around the village has been going well. It seems like these people were originally good at civil engineering works.


For a while until now, they have always been living without needing sort of defensive measures, but they still understood the importance of having one. They were probably thinking that won’t need such things in their state before.


The Moat they dug up is not the type were water is needed to fill it up, and instead they used thorns and sharp branches lining it of on the ground.

If it’s a kingdom with no decent source of water, such tactics were commonly used. Although primitive, it is a strategy that was widely used even on my previous kingdom. As long as there are no extreme differences in the body figure of invaders, this kind of boundary would be more than enough to hinder them.


With this finished, the safety of the village would be raised. However, this doesn’t signify that it will be peaceful at all. That is because there are still the impending dangers of being directly confronted out of desperation of the enemy.


Alright, let’s go for a little check of what the village is like. The village of the dog eared best-men was supposed to be 3 and ahalf hours away on foot from New Kathia Village. However, that’s calculation based on a normal villager’s perspective and they would not be able move as fast as Gods.


Byt the way, there was no decent road on the way to the village. There were also many barren and sandy areas, and some even comparable to deserts and anyone travelling won’t be able to move properly. Although they said 3 and a half hour walk, it’s not the same as doing a three and a hour walk on a paved highway.


The Dog Eared Beast-men created a settlement close to a small river. It was clearly in a lower region in comparison to New Kathia Village, there are also no hills or plateaus around.

It was a convenient location with a good supply of water, but there are also disadvantages. Places with a good amount of humidity are prone to the development of diseases, and that would make the mortality rate higher than normal.


Looking around and checking what they were doing, I found a resident preparing a bow and arrows.

So they really were preparing for a war.


I also listened to some of them making conversations.

「Damn, thos New Kathra people didn’t get provoked……」

「If this war fails, will we end up becoming slaves to the people of New Kathra……」

「Being a slave would still be fine, but the worst is for all of us to be killed……」


The condition of the villagers was far more desperate that I thought based on their conversations. After all, they would either fail and be destroyed or win and gain great bounties.

It’s like a cornered mouse biting back at a cat. No, in this case, it’s not a mouse but a dog.

They were in a desperate state were they would die out if they don’t get any results from their assault.


I then tried approaching deeper into the village, but I was blocked off by an invisible wall.


Wah, what was that?


「I won’t allow you to go any further. It would be better for you to leave immediately……」

You who is directly speaking to me, name yourself?

「I am the Guardian Deity of the Dog Eared Beast-men. There is no place for you here! 」


Thinking that it was no good to further intrude, I decided to return to New Kathia village.


When I entered the temple, I found Rione cleaning the place wearing a shrine maiden-like outfit. It is a far more luxurious item in comparison to what other villagers wear.

Well, despite being a shrine maiden, we don’t really have any staff under us, and that’s why Rione were doing all the chores such as cleaning and other things.


「Ah, Faltear-sama, Welcome back! 」

Oh, It seems like Rione has become a bit more open towards me.

「I went to see the Dog Eared Beast-men. And they were all preparing for an attack in the near future. Warn everyone to be careful」

「Eh, what should we do……」


Rione shows a really serious face.

Oh right, they have already lost their hometown before from a war.


「Isn’t it fine? For the time being, tell everyone not to go far out when hunting. The Dog Eared Beast-men were also not in a very good condition. If it ends up as battle of endurance, then the side that runs out of physical strength will be the first one that would drop out. When that happens, they would have no choice other than to surrender」

「Understood! I will immediately inform the elders! 」

Rione then dashed off immediately leaving the temple.


After that, the villagers were even more careful about improving the defenses after hearing about words of conquest from Rione.

Because of that, the air inside the village became a bit tense.



And then, four days later

The Dog Eared Beast-men finally decided to attack (・・・・・・).

No, it was more plausible to say that there were not able to attack properly.


They surely came to New Kathra Village with a large group. However, the village is now surrounded by even stronger fences than before. Because of that, they won’t be able to attack. There was no one strong enough to rey and forcefully create a breakthrough. Everyone, even if desperate still values their life.


Eventually, the standstill continued on for three days. It is a little bothersome for them not leave even after that, but for now everything is still going as planned.


As for the other side, they do have a big army but was useless. If you stay like that for a long time, then fatigue will definitely accumulate. And when that time comes, it will be time for me to retaliate.


Depending on the damage it causes, some other villages might get swallowed, but those events just couldn’t be helped. My priorities are set to defend New Kathia Village as their Guardian Deity.

It would be great if both sides could compromise on something, but currently the other side was just desperate and attacked on their own. There are currently no rooms for negotiation at the moment.


And on the fourth day, the supply of water in the village was running low. There is still muddy water that was coming out of wells, but their morale would drop and it’s not very good in a hygienic point of view.

They also have the choice of digging up a new well, but it would not be considered as a good plan considering the labor required to do so.  It would be much better to harvest spring water instead and bring it back to the village.


The area around the village was surrounded by soldiers and barricades, but there is still a small path from which they could move to gather spring water. The only choice is to go there, even if it would be a little dangerous.


「It will be alright. I am a goddess. I can assure you that there will be enough water to gather 」

I speak to Rione who plays the role of a shrine maiden.

Rione delivered this oracle to the village, and a unit for collecting water has been established. Carts were prepared and were surrounded by armed resident guards. They need to divide the unit into three.

In this way, even if the enemy ambushes them when they return, countermeasures will be possible.


Nothing happened with the first and second water collection unit. But something changed when the water collection was done by the third team.

On their way back, the enemies made their move.


It was right before they arrived at the village. The Dog Eared Beast-men led a small unit to attack.


「Surrender that water to us! 」「There is no water for you here! 」

It seemed this was done from a shortage of water rather than an attempt to break the supply line. It also didn’t seem like they particularly aimed for this location, since I couldn’t find any advantages for them in this area.


Well then, I should probably perform a miracle.


「I forbid all of you from pointing your blades on my innocent people! 」


I raised my voice so everyone in the surroundings could hear―― along with that was a brilliant light.


Now, tremble before the might of a Goddess!