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Chapter 7 Dog-Eared Beast-men’s God




The dog-eared beast-men covered their eyes from the bright light and started shouting.


「What is with this light!」「I can’t see!」「Wafuuーu!」「Gya~~a!」


The beast-men were leaking out pitiful voices……

A blinding light assaulted them out of nowhere. Something like this is just one of the basic things that a god’s miracle could do. But still, the effects on the enemy were quite considerable.


「Before you is the new Guardian Deity Faltear of New Kathra! The actions you have done to my people are unjust! I shall not permit unjust things to be done to my people! Immediately pack your things and leave! 」


If it’s like this, the enemy’s will to fight should decline. It somehow felt like I’m snatching water away from them. By the way, even if they still have the will to fight, they won’t be able to because of the blinding light.


Rumors would also be spread upon their return. And if they retreat out of fear, the war would also end, and that includes the bloodshed that was supposed to happen.


However, my light suddenly weakened. What’s the meaning of this? Is there someone trying to interfere!?

There is no way for a mortal to be able to do this, not unless it’s another god……


「Goddess Faltear!? I have never heard of you! I won’t be defeated by someone like that! 」

This voice, it belonged to someone else……


「This here is the Dog God of Dog beast-men Intanyu-sama!」「We have Intanyu-sama’s presence with us!」


What, Intanyu?

No, more importantly, the morale of the other side have increased.


「Hurry up and return to the village!」「Faltina-sama’s appearance brought us time! We will be fine! 」「Move quickly! Move faster! 」


Yosh, they made it on time! As they started approaching again, I deployed the light once more to hinder their movements.


「Chi, the light became stronger!」「I won’t let you come closer!」


I was thinking that some kind of interference would hinder me again, but when the water collection unit reached the other side of the gate, they gave up. To prevent them from continuing their assault, archers were positioned on watchtowers behind the gate.   Only death from arrows awaits them if they come any closer. The water was somehow properly delivered.



During that day’s conference, it was brought up that the enemy’s side is starting to decline, and that if we could hold them off for a few more days, then we might have the chance to counterattack and finish them off.


There is indeed nothing wrong with that. To begin with, even if they didn’t do anything, the other side’s resources have greatly decreased which made them resort to looting others, and because of that, their strength should greatly weakened. Even if we don’t cut off their supply line, they don’t have that much food in their stronghold anyway.


If we could attack the enemy before they could recover or became too desperate, then we would take much lesser damage and be able to defeat them easily.


But, trying to destroy a village that was almost in the same condition as New Kathra is something I won’t be happy with. Right now, even if they did return to their village, it won’t change the fact that things would only turn for the worst.

In any way, I would also like to offer my compassion to the dog-eared beast-men……


Ahhh! Thinking about all of this isn’t going to accomplish anything!


I am also interested to the identity of that being, so I’ll investigate for a bit. I came to the village of the Dog-eared best-men once more. As it was close to New Kathra, it quite was easy for me to come here.


Inside their camp, there was absolutely no war potential left with all the toddlers and women taking care of them and even elderly people who can’t do anything but sleep.


They were definitely desperate in trying to take down Kathra village. They were fighting closer to their limits more than I have thought. Failing their quest would definitely mean mass suicide, it’s almost as if they were drinking poison.


In the center of the encampment, I found an altar that was designed in an over the top fashion. I could see several bones sticking out here and there. Those are probably offerings.


My objective was that place.


「Why, Why would the Guardian Deity of New Kathra come over here……」


A dog-eared goddess dressed in their native attire came. It seems like she manifested because she probably felt my presence when I came over.


She looks much closer like the statue they are worshiping. Her hair was done in ringlets and if compared to my hair, it felt like it was really heavy. On the other hand, what I have on my hair are jewels placed on my head.


「You are Intanyu, right? The Guardian Deity of the Dog-Eared Beast-men of Waddi Kingdom? 」

Because they have their god with them, they should also be able to utilize miracles for their village.


「That’s right…… By the way, who are you……? I don’t remember Kathra Kingdom having a powerful Goddess such as yourself nor any surrounding countries with half decent fate. The empire should have also destroyed all the powerful religion’s temples belonging to the supreme Deity Akurai and should have already collapsed……」


I see, so that’s why, so not only did they lose their kingdom but also the Gods that they believed in.


「I am known as Faltear. I am a Goddess that came from another continent. My country has been ruined and I am now treated as an evil deity of the country that destroyed my kingdom. It was only a coincidence that I was picked up by this village. Seems like my new occupation was to become their guardian deity」

「Such an employed guardian deity shouldn’t be able to display such power……」


Intanyu scowled at me first, but then broke into a self-depreciating laugh.


「Right now, if we are to fight as fellow god, then I would probably be the one who is going to be erased…… The quality of faith we receive is far too different…… Just interfering with that light is the best thing that I could currently do…… I can’t even help my people with the power of their faith……」

「Well, actually, what saved me the most was because of a pure devout child. If my statue was not picked up by that child, I would have also vanished by this time」


With this, I guess there would be room for discussion.

Perhaps, I might be able to fix this situation according to my plans.


「Ne, Intanyu, won’t you tell the people of Waddi Kingdom to disarm themselves」

「And what, do you want me to surrender my people as slaves? It would be much better for us to die if it’s that…… I would rather die along with them than see them suffer…… Every one of them is like child of my own……」


Intanyu who had tears falling from her eyes bowed down to me.


「Please, I beg you……」


「They won’t become slaves, that I assure you. Instead, I want them to become citizens of New Kathra. Of course, if you want to refuse, I would only send them back to their original village, you know? 」

「Hey, why are you offering us something that generous……?」


「At the moment, New Kathra is nothing but a small village as of now. But what I want is to establish it into a country one day. That’s why I need more people. I wanted for the fields to expand even further. And if we don’t build a supreme army, we won’t be able to confront stronger enemies that would aim for us」


It was the first time for New Kathra to receive an attack this time. And for the surrounding villages, this place would be equivalent to a utopia. That’s why just living in self-sufficiency is no longer an option.


「In the first place, weren’t all of you discriminated by the empire lot? Then why not join forces with us and make a better and stronger foundation」

「Even if you are telling me that, will New Kathra give their consent?」

「Fortunately, there haven’t been any deaths during this war yet. There are also no heavy damages that have been inflicted. The feelings of rejection and hatred are not that strong. Well, I could also drop an oracle on them if needed」


I then held out my hand to Itanyu.

「Let us do it, build a country strong enough that won’t even be defeated by that empire!」


Itanyu, though still bewildered, grasped my hand.