Chapter 8 Cats and Dogs Unity Project

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When I returned to the village of New Kathra, I carved another message in the old man’s house.


The content is that if the dog beast-men surrenders, accept it and pick them up as helpers in cultivating the fields.

Furthermore, I mentioned that there is no way for beast-men to stand as a nation if they don’t unite with each other and that we need to accept even more of them from now on, another reason is that more and more people like the dog beast-men race might aim for New Kathra.


And of course, after that was received, a meeting was immediately held.


It is easier for us to get along with Waddi Kingdom, although there is some emotional dispute, they could not answer back to my reason that if this village do not grow, it will be destroyed by a much stronger force.


「The dispute with Waddi kingdom isn’t a long and or complicated one. They were only forced to attack this time because of the severity of their circumstances. If they follow the rules of the village, then it would be fine for us to let them join.」


The arguments were settled faster than I’ve expected without much resistance. Well, there’s no one in this village who would try and oppose against my opinions after all.


「That’s right, we managed to protect the kingdom this time, but we won’t know what would happen if such attempts were continuously repeated many times… If the people from Waddi Kingdom did surrender, let’s think of a way on how to accept them……」

The elders have also agreed in letting the Waddi Kingdom join our village.


When everything was settled, a decree have been made for Waddi Kingdom to peacefully surrender, and as a sign of that, the leader of Waddi and others came to our village with all of their weapons packed in a cart as a sign of their surrender.

It’s virtually and unconditional surrender.


「Today, the goddess Intanyu-sama left us a message.『A Discussion among gods has been made. There is no way for us to win, so we should admit our loss and leave the decisions to New Kathra. You won’t be treated badly』is what was told…… We also understood that many of us our reaching our limits both physically and mentally, that’s why we all decided to surrender……」


Because of understanding their situation and knowing that they lost, the leader of Waddi Kingdom could only shrug his shoulders.

But in response, one of the elder answers them.


「Understood. If you can follow our directions, we will definitely allow everyone to live with us in this village. We are still in the middle of our cultivations, and additional manpower would really help us. There will be more than enough food for everyone, and we guarantee that everyobe will share the status of villagers and not as slaves.」


「Is, is that true!? Although the talks haven’t been done yet…… It is still hard for us to immediately believe……」

「We were both countries that have been destroyed by the Garm Empire. There should be no regrets for us to feel against each other since all of this has started. If we would need to hate anyone, then it would be the empire that we should hate. 」

「Thank you very much, Thank you very much in accepting us!」


The leader and representative of the dog-eared beast-men continued bowing in thanks while shedding tears.


「Oh right, this day, in the village of New Kathra, our guardian deity Faltear-sama also gave us an oracle. That is to be tolerant with your people and accept them in order to build a kingdom starting from this small village. You see, if Faltear-sama wasn’t able to lend us her power, even we would be in the same situation as everyone else. We also suffered an unfortunate end, and we would have not been able to do anything about it」


「Faltear-sama…… That name was also mentioned from our oracle! If that is so, then that means both our guardian deities really did have a talk between gods……! 」


After a few more discussions the merge between two villages worked out well.


After that, a large reclamation work was immediately started in New Kathra Village. As the number of people significantly increased, so does the food needed to sustain it.

On another note, the people of Waddi Kingdom even cultivated the area around their settlement and also started growing crops earnestly. That village was name New Waddi Village.


As for drinking water, a big canal was made from the spring in the mountain terrace heading towards New Kathra village in full scale. As a result of that project, the convenience of obtaining water has been made easier, and roads to deliver fresh water and fish towards New Waddi have also been created.


Also, in terms of hunting, the Dog Best-men were much more proficient in hunting than the Cat People. Before, the best they would be able to catch are small deer, but now, even large beasts such as huge boars and large birds were added to their dinner table. The diversity of meals has greatly increased along with the addition of the Dog Beast-men.


A change also happened in the temple where I live.

Beside it, they created a new temple to enshrine Intanyu. Her face was carved at the entrance, and inside it was a bone sculpture that was attached to the wall…… the walls were almost filled with bone sculptures.


It seems to be a symbol that associates her with other gods even if her origin is different and shows that gods get along well.

I guess something like this would also be fine……


「How do you do everyone」

「Oh, you came to visit again, Intanyu……」

This Dog Eared Goddess would often visit us. It’s kind of becoming a bother lately as she spends most of her time dillydallying with us. That is to say she became a noisy neighbor to us.


「Aren’t you coming over to us more than usual, don’t you have anything to do……?」

「What’s wrong with gods bonding together, isn’t this also fine」

Saying so, she lay flat on the floor. In addition to that, Intanyu’s figure was also visible to Rione despite being a shrine maiden only to me. As expected, Rione is definitely a special child.


「Um, would you like me to prepare some tea……?」

Gods can also enjoy what was offered to them. The actual amount doesn’t really decrease though, so it was actually much better if what was offer was delicious instead.

「I want it more to be a bit lukewarm. I’m not really good with hot things and seemingly have a cat’s tongue」

「Oi you, don’t unnecessarily add extra work to Rione……」


「It’s only a small request, isn’t it fine. Were also working hard as gods after all」

「Fine fine……」

This Goddess, you’re already getting too used to luxury……


「By the way, that girl named Rione. Can I have her time for a moment? 」

「Hai, Intanyu-sama, did you need me for something?」

「I only want to ask if you have any man that you like? If want to have children, I could promise you to have a safe and easy delivery」


Rione’s face turns red.


「No…… There is no person of such interest yet……」

「Hey you! Why are you suddenly asking a child such questions!」

「Well, you see, I was originally a god of safe delivery. Because of that, the Dog People would always have a save birth. However, after all that has happened, I was considered to be their supreme Deity when faith started to fall apart. Oh, and my specialty is Marriage, Child Care, and things related to that」


I see. Though this god is originally from Waddi, she is not a major Deity of Waddi Kingdom.


「If by any chance, you find yourself a good man, please do introduce it to me. I won’t even mind it if it’s five or ten that you introduce! 」

「No, no, no!」

I interrupted the conversation immediately.


「Why are you interfering this time Faltear-dono……」

「Um, well, you see…… If Rione loses her purity and won’t be able to see us anymore, won’t that make her sad…… Also, right now, the power of a shrine maiden is still……」


As I make my excuses, Intanyu laughed at me.


「Aren’t you overreacting, aren’t you giving more attention to her than a god should do? It’s like you’re acting like her mother or something」

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