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Chapter 33 I don’t want to

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

「Toto-san, I want you to join the Aries Royal Knights」


「Don’t want to」


An immediate answer.

I looked around without even caring about the strange atmosphere. My parents had a surprised expression, and even Vanil Mirth-san had his mouth wide open from shock, while Zanbara-san was holding her stomach from laughing too much.


Even though knights usually have good salaries, the way they work feels really stiff and I don’t like it, you know? I’m fine with just becoming an adventurer, I want a job that won’t really restrain me after all. Besides I am finally living in a Fantasy-like world, so going on an adventure is a must.


「Why don’t you want to?」


「I want to be an adventurer」


Wa, why did you turn to my parents to ask? But Dad only shook his head sideways, while Mom only confirmed with a nod.


「That kid, she probably won’t listen even if you ask her」


「I did hear that she actually joined the tournament because she heard about the prize money. Working as a knight would be much safer than being an adventurer, and also the income would be much more stable」


Hey, the thing about me joining because of the money was only something that Lutie concluded.


『Oh, now that I think about it, Toto, you did become more enthusiastic about participating in the arena after you heard about the one million Gris prize』


You don’t have to deliberately point it out.

You see, it was not because of the money at first, but the fact was that 《I could easily win lots of money if I win in a fight》 so it’s not because of the money, that point should be taken.


「The Order, too strict」


「Well, it deals with protecting the peace and order, so there are certainly tough situations……」


「Adventurers want more」


I proudly declared what I wanted and I can’t delay something like this indefinitely. I think it would be easier for me to agree with what Zanbara-san requests compared to that.


 After thinking for a bit with his arms crossed, Vanil Mirth-san told me the real reason he wants to recruit me.


「The real reason you see is that the knights have determined that your ability to fight at your current age is dangerous. That’s why we would like to at least put you under our supervision until you are at least 15 years old, when you would be considered an adult. That’s what we really want to ask of you」


Well, if you think about it, children can easily be influenced by a lot of things, including bad ones and they may be taken advantage of by bad people.

That seems to be the reason why he invited me to join the knight’s order, it also looks like I would be able to invite my parents along with me, but it might be possible that they will want me to go by myself.


「If alone, will be fine probably, but, is it okay to stay there? 」


「Well, if you are really aiming to be an adventurer, then staying in the capital would be to your advantage. Also, in case you have a place to live in, we can assign someone to stay with you, but if you don’t have any residence, then we could find an appropriate house for you to reside in.」


「But, but?」


「Of course, our side will handling everything free of charge, because just having you to come to the royal capital would be more convenient for us as we watch over you」


Well, the offer is certainly very attractive, and there’s really nothing to worry about, but if I will be spending my days with a knight watching over me, it would be really awkward if it’s a person that I’m not acquainted with.


「Um, who will be coming?」


「It will be a female knight definitely, but is Toto acquainted with any of the knight members?」


Hmm, if it’s the knights then I only know a few of them that I was acquainted with, like Lutie or Ornica-san or Griffit-san or Ansel-san maybe? When we talk about female members, then it would either be Lutie or Ansel-san, but Ansel-san is the deputy chief, so if anyone from the knights would be good enough then the only choice would be Lutie.




「You mean the apprentice, Lutie Esta Aries right?」




「Hmmm, even though she’s still an apprentice, the age is close enough to yours and she is also living in a dormitory」


While Vanil Mirth-san was thinking about the conditions, Zanbara-san took that chance to talk about the request on her side.


「Sorry but, I would like you to do that after my request is resolved. My client really wants to meet her you see, you may take her to the capital after that」


Uuh, I have a feeling that me going to the capital is already a done deal. Well, I already have my parent’s permission and have no real reason to refuse it. It’s also the best chance for me to live in the capital almost free of charge.


「Haah, alright」


He could only let out a sigh after agreeing to Zanbara-san and so it was decided that I would go after we finish with what Zanbara-san wants. I probably won’t be able to say my farewell to everyone. But well, even if she said that the person wants to thank me, I don’t really know who it was. And because I don’t really know anyone who that person might be, I’m kind of nervous.


「Knight Commander-san, is that fine? Then she will come with me first」


「Alright, it’s fine, but be sure to bring her back and send her to come to us after you have completed your business」




「I don’t really know what you are after all this time, but I did hear about you and what you do to some extent. All I can say is that if you take too much time, I won’t hesitate to form a search team to find you」


「You don’t have to, it would not only bother me but my employer too, it’s not really something that would be worth your attention after all」


I looked at the two who were still bickering with each other as they went out, and I turned towards my parents.


「Um, will go」


「I didn’t expect this to come so soon, but please take care over there. The tools I have in our house are already old so it would be better for you to buy new things over there. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a tool bag first」


「Got it」


「Mom and Dad will also visit you if they can when they are celebrating the country festival」




When I chased the two people who went out, I noticed Rikka-chan watching from a distance, while the people around were saying 「Toto brought some weird people again」.

It might have been sudden, but it was really awkward for me to tell her that I’m leaving for the capital again when I have just returned from that place.


Vanil Mirth-san and Zanbara-san continued arguing with each other until they reached the place where the horses were tied up. They then finally stopped when they were already preparing their horses to move out.


「Well then, shall we go」


In response to those words, Rikka-chan ran towards us.


「Ne, Toto-chan, will you be going somewhere again?」

「Um, Un, also, maybe, will not be back for while」




In just a moment, her face flushed red and then she started crying. She closed her mouth for a moment then started crying louder again. It was far worse than any of times she had cried before.


「You, Liar!」


After shouting that will all her might, she ran away. I, who was stunned from her sudden outburst, didn’t know what to do and if I should chase her or not.

I know it was sad but I chose to become an adventurer when it was a choice between staying with my friend and becoming one.


In the first place, even if I did postpone it until I grew up, my decision was already made…… it only happened a little earlier.


「What’s wrong, is that a friend of yours? 」


「Un, but, already decided, don’t know what to say」


「Oh, if it’s that girl, maybe she would like to join you when you grow a little bigger」


「Hmmm, but Rikka-chan is……」


 Because she was sick all this time, I didn’t really think of her to be the going outside type. She did act like one when she finally recovered and would drag me out of the house to go pick up wild vegetables in the forest.


Even though I was allowed to be an adventurer, it would still be a while before I would leave the capital because I will be under surveillance like Vanil Mirth-san said, so I won’t be able to meet her in a long time.


「For the time being, let’s get on the horse, be sure not struggle too hard」




 Zanbara-san lifted me up and positioned me at the base of the horse, and then Zanbara-san straddled behind me.


「Yoshi, Well then let’s go, and be sure not to fall off」


「Haaahー…… Liar……」


During the four day trip, I could still remember the words that Rikka-chan shouted at me.

Our movement was faster than a horse-drawn carriage but I didn’t really know where we were heading to. We passed by Ruveria in just one day and we were staying in an Inn in a town far beyond that place.


The direction we are headed to was not towards the capital so the destination is probably a place far away from it.


『You don’t really have to worry about that so much, it might only be a temporary parting, you know?』


「I know, but you see」


Helvetia showed herself sitting in the corner of the bed as I was lying down and about to sleep.


It’s not that I don’t understand, but you see, I still feel lonely and will probably continue to do so, building up the loneliness like a bomb. Ahh, I don’t really like this.


Seeing me becoming more and more depressed as I sunk into the bed, Helvetia laughed at me without being concerned. Isn’t she just terrible?


As to why I am able to talk to her at the moment, it was because Zanbara-san went out to get things that we would need on the journey and right now there’s no one else around other than me and her. That’s also why I’m currently just sinking myself into this bed.


『But you know, I am more interested about something that Zanbara and the others were talking about』


All of a sudden, Helvetia-san asked me in a serious voice when she looked straight at me.


「What do you want me to ask?」


『It was the reason why she has to travel a long way, so I just want to know the reason for that, and also about the person that we are going to see』


「Un, it’s fine, but why? 」


『Let’s just say that if I caught a fish, I was expecting that to be a whale, but…』