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Chapter 34 Excellent Sense of Stability

TL: Yuki



On the next day, we moved by horse again, as we continue to move Helvetia was floating in a standing position to my side.

The way she follows us who are moving at high speed with her body not even flinching or moving makes it look like it was some kind of a weird bug in a game, that’s why I’ll call this Bugvetia.


『Well then, are you able to hear me』


Bug, no I mean Helvetia began speaking, and I nodded a bit to show confirmation that I could hear her and followed her instructions.


「Zanbara-san, there’s something I would like to ask」


「Oh, what is it?」


「regarding the job you are doing now, does it involve looking for undead and fighting?」


「Hmmm, I guess so, our party is well versed in defeating high level undead, that’s why me and Hannou is doing the 《Undead Hunting》, and because the job is quite compatible with our specialties, but I think the job will be ending soon since almost all powerful undead have already been cleared out. Though the requests dealing with undead have been on the rise lately, I still don’t know why there is only few of that requests in this country. 」


「Does it have something to do with the new Demon Lord?」


「Demon Lord? No, I don’t think so, more like the movement of the demons can’t be easily grasped added to that is the sudden declaration of ending of the ceasefire agreement from the Demon’s side. 」


Helvetia couldn’t help but show a sour expression after what Zanbara-san said.

After all, based on Helvetia’s story, peace have been preserved for several hundreds of years, but this time it the current Demon King that broke that treaty, adding to that is the lack of information about the current situation of the demons.


『I see, that is certainly strange. Toto, can you ask, what year is it right now in the Star Calendar』


「Right now, what year is it in Star Calendar?」


「Hmmm, if I’m not mistaken about the year, then it should be year 1225, I think? Sorry, I’m not really familiar with that but you can ask Hannou later about it」


『1, 1225!? That would mean that about 40 years have passed! 』


Helvetia was now holding her mouth from the surprise while flying next to me, did she somehow made a mistake in the estimated time of her reincarnation?


『I see, Eresbell is certainly far away from the Demonic Country so it’s not that surprising that I didn’t really felt the changes in the era, then when calculating the time that the Demon Lord was changed, would that be about 20 to 30 years ago? That’s not it, maybe there’s a traitor who tampered with my reincarnation? However, it seems like that was also not successful, I was indeed confined within a different body with another spirit in it, but it was still strange that I still succeeded in the reincarnation. I don’t really understand what their intension is, or maybe could this be the work of the king of wisdom? 』


Helvetia is currently grumbling next to me, but I don’t really know what she is talking about and I am I not the type of person who could easily organize information.

The only information I could pick-up was, a traitor from the demons which might be the demon lord and that they did something when she reincarnated.


「What’s wrong, is there something bothering you?」


「Nope, I’m fine」


「Sorry, you might already be getting tired from our long travel, but were almost there so please be patient for a bit」


Actually, because of my small stature, I’m currently in a really stable and comfortable position within Zanbara-san’s embrace, it was to the point where I might end up sleeping if I don’t focus.


「I got it, will sleep」


「Alright, then sleep well」


I feel bad for Zanbara-san who was managing the horse, but when I am staring at the continuous unchanging scenery for five days now, I couldn’t help but feel drowsy and end up falling asleep.

Looking at my side, I found Helvetia, who was thinking about something while still floating the same way as before without disappearing, and after staring for a bit I let go of my consciousness.








◇At a certain basement――――――



After going down the stairs and opening the door of the basement, Revenant frowned from being assaulted by a rotten smell, he then took out his gold embroidered handkerchief from his pocket and covered his mouth and nose.


(This is my first time to actually visit this laboratory, but this place is really a hellish place……)


He went inside the basement looking for someone while not even hiding his disgust plastered on his face. The basement is not that large, but it will be quite a walk because it is divided into several rooms from the entrance.


There was a lot of dubious medicine placed on a work table, and a lot of blood was scattered bot on the work table and the floor, there are even reddish black object resembling body organs and human bones, and that alone already shows the gruesomeness of the tragedy that had taken place in that area.


「Oya, why did you visit a place such as this?」


Suddenly hearing a voice from behind him Revenant turned in surprise, but when he realized that the voice was the person he was looking for, he calmed himself down.


A red haired woman with a large scar on her neck, it seems like she just returned to pick up some kind drug that she left on the room. She was confirming the contents while shaking it a bit, she placed it in the workbench along with other kinds of drugs.


Almost at the same time as Revenant was about to speak, a loud scream was heard from the room where she came from, and Revenant couldn’t help but shiver a bit from the noise.


「……That, from before……is that the toy that you are going to present to me, though it seems like it’s not ready yet」


The woman couldn’t help but laugh at Revenant who was showing a slightly frightened inuiry.


「You know, you are planning to be the king, right? It would be much better if you are speaking with more confidence, you know, besides that from before isn’t really a toy, but an important research subject. Also because of that, it will be 《Possible》 to develop soldiers, so don’t you think that it’s just wonderful」


「Seriously, do you think I can really become the King……?」


「What, that’s quite unusual of you chickening out like this. Of course, I did promise you that I would do that, right? Saving a fallen country and becoming a king, won’t that be a wonderful heroic tale. It will be great for a person who advocates in silence, you will have that power. As for me, I wish for revenge, revenge against Eresbell who turned me into this. Since you have invested a lot in order to do that, I say that it was a really wise decision, don’t you think?」


「Well……It is, I see, That’s it」


Hearing the shower of praise being told he by the woman, Revenant couldn’t help but raise his lips in a grin.

In this frightening basement, the situation where someone is convinced that they are safe could only be concluded as a crazy thought, that’s why he convinced himself that nothing wrong would happen, definitely nothing wrong would happened, and then.


「By the way, why did you come to visit, you probably didn’t come to complain, right?」


「Umu, that’s right. I would like of you to test it out on adventurers」


It was quite to see the woman react to what he says, but this time she froze and dropped the flask that she was holding.




A red liquid that was spilled started spreading on the floor, but the woman ignored it who was more intrigued as to what Revenant was suggesting.


「Is that really fine?」


「Why, Of course, The Guild won’t even know that the request came from me, also the content of that request is something they rarely do, that’s why there is nothing to be concerned about」


「……Umu, well that’s also fine, I guess?」


The woman lifts the flask again from the workbench looking as if she was never been upset at all.

When Revenant was watching the scene, the woman speaks in an even colder voice than before.


「That’s all for the report, how long will you be staying? Do you want to see the experiment? 」


「N, no, I will probably just get in the way, well then I’ll be excusing myself」


After watching Revenant leave the basement as if to escape, the woman returns the flask in the work platform and crosses her arms.


「Asking the adventurer to be turned into a test subject is good and would probably make the success rate higher, but I don’t know it will really work that well……」


Her whispers were not heard by anyone and was sucked into the darkness of the basement and disappeared.






「Toto, get up, can you do something about those guys chasing us from behind」


Zanbara-san woke me up and even still a little wobbly I didn’t fell from the horse because of her support as I look at what was behind her, and because I did that forgetting the current situation, and I almost fell off the horse Zanbara-san easily caught me before I fell.


「Oops, hey, have you forgotten already that you are riding a Horse」


「……Umm, sorry, just woke up, didn’t notice」


「It was also my bad, so, will you be able to do something about those chasing behind us?」


I will be careful next time. When I check as to what was chasing us from behind, I saw three Sharp Wolves chasing us. It’s a monster variety of wolves which is larger than a normal wolf.


「Is it fine if I just made them stop?」


「Ah, yeah」


「Nn, just a bit, need support」




Being pressed into Zanbara-san’s belly for support, I set my aim to the wolves closing in from behind. This position is a little bit awkward.





Firing an Air Bullet towards the wolf, it released a cry like a puppy that was hit. Luckily, they don’t seem to be part of a large pack and were just a group of three, so when I knocked all three of them out with air bullets, nothing else chased us after them.


「Thank you for that, It would have been really bothersome to stop the horse to get rid of them when it was already running in its full momentum」


「Nn, it was easy」


I don’t really know how long I was asleep, and now I’m satisfied that I was able to return back in my position, but still the scenery haven’t really changed that much, and I can only see the woods and hills nearby.


「When we climb that hill, we will be able to see it soon」






Zanbara-san says that while pointing at the big hill in front of us, so it seems like it’s been a while I guess, but since the position of the sun is still high up then it would probably be around past lunch time.

Well, now that I think about it like that I also felt hunger, but I will bear with it for a while since our food is in a bag hanging on the side of the horse.


And now because of thinking about food, I was starting to really feel hungry. I wonder how much longer do we need to travel before reaching the town. I sighed as I hold my empty stomach.