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Chapter 37 To the Capital

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

After two days of travel on horseback, I understood that the previous town was definitely closer, because before noon reached its peak we could already see the high walls that I have seen before.

It’s, it’s the capital! ……it’s been about a month. It’s funny because I was expecting to return after a year in order to fulfill my appointments.

When we got close to the gates, the knights noticed me and approached us, and one of them if I remember correctly was the one who gave me the certificate in order to participate in the battle tournament.


「Excuse me, Toto-san right? I’ve been informed by the commander. Those people are……」

「They are taking care of me.」

「I understand, if that is the case then please proceed, you know where the headquarters is located, right?」

「It’s okay, I know where it is.」

「Well then, I will inform the others about your arrival, please come and stop by our station if you have the time.」

「Alright, then we will be going.」


Zanbara-san also answered the inquiries of the soldiers and they nodded in agreement. After that we walked through the gate and then travelled on the familiar main street.

This area is the west ward, and this place is filled with establishments catering adventurers, like inns and taverns.

We continued moving along the boulevard. Because the festivities have ended, the number of stalls on the streets has decreased considerably. It’s not as lively as it was before, so I kind of feel lonely about it. As I looked around, I could see that there were a lot of adventurer-like people, so there’s probably an adventurer’s guild around there.

After walking for a while, I could finally see the tall walls of the coliseum. Although I expected to be nostalgic for a moment, I soon realized that only a month has passed, so it wasn’t be as nostalgic as I have thought.

If I remember correctly, it should have been near the arena, but I didn’t know where exactly the knight headquarters is located.


「Do you know where you are heading to?」

「Nn? Ah, wait. This is not it where it was, the knight’s headquarters is situated besides the arena.」

「Is that so.」


That’s right, because of the size of the city, their headquarters should be close to the center, that way they should be able to respond fast, right?

When we returned to the arena, we kept going around it, and soon we saw a building connected to it.

Now that I think about it, Lutie did mention before that the knights are using the arena as training grounds whenever it is not used. That building was directly connected to the arena, so it should have direct access from the building to the inside of the arena.


「Alright, we’re here.」


Zanbara-san stopped in front of a big double door entrance in front of the headquarters, and after dismounting the horse she lifted me up and put me down, then rode the horse again.


「Um, aren’t coming with me?」

「Nah, we’re not really invited after all.」

「Not to mention, we still have a lot of work to do waiting for us.」

「Is that so, thank you!」


They waved their hands after saying their farewells and I also responded with a wave as I watched them set off, until I couldn’t see them anymore.

After that I faced the door and knocked, then opened it and entered inside. There was a big counter and several chairs for waiting lined up. It somehow reminds me of a hospital’s waiting area, and made me think that knocking might have been unnecessary.

And then, I went towards the reception area where a receptionist was present, who greeted me with a bow.


「Hello there, what might be your business with us?」

「Nn, ah hello, um, is Vanil Mirth-san around?」

「Ah, are you, Toto-san? I have been informed about you, please wait for a moment.」



At the same time that I headed to the lounge, the receptionist stood up and went to the back, opening a door and then informing the people inside about my arrival.

After a while, the deputy commander Ansel-san arrived instead of Vanil Mirth-san, and was the one to look after me. She was not wearing the usual armor today, so her golden hair and straightforward demeanor were really standing out. She was wearing light equipment, focused on mobility, which makes her look cool.


「Sorry, the commander is not available right now. He is currently finishing tasks that he left behind.」

「It’s all right, will be fine.」

「Umu, then shall we visit the residential area now? There are several properties that can be rented immediately, and I would like you to choose one so we can properly prepare it.」

「Ah, right, what about the money?」


I almost forgot, I still haven’t received my reward. I might as well ask while I have the chance as to what happened to it.


「Money? Ah, you mean the prize money. Were you able to register as an adventurer?」

「Eh, yes.」

「Would you like for us to prepare a guild card and transfer it there?」

「If it’s useful then please.」

「Haha, alright, that helps a lot.」

「The card, when will I get it?」

「With this settled, let’s check out the houses. After that we will visit the guild to process it, and it should take about 5-7 days for the card to be available.」

「I see.」


Well, it would be a while before I could become a proper adventurer. I have also been informed before that it would take some time for the guild card to be processed, but I still want to be one soon! I was expecting something like, here’s your card! However, that didn’t happen.


「Now then, let’s go,」

「Eh, is it alright?」


I couldn’t go by myself, however I didn’t expect Ansel-san to be the one escorting me, which made me tilt my head in confusion.


「Don’t you want to do it together with me?」


After thinking for a bit, it seemed like Ansel-san finally remembered and clapped her hands. That was because I had asked for Lutie to be the one escorting me during my stay.


「Ah, that’s right, it was the apprentice Lutie Esta Aries who was chosen to be your escort. However, she is also a minor so if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to consult with us knights. Okay?」

「Okay, but, are we going?」

「Mou, you won’t be able to decide by yourselves, you know?」

「But I want to, with her.」

「Alright, then it’s fine as long as she tags along, right? Please wait for a bit.」



It felt like I’ve increased their work by demanding Luty, but it couldn’t be helped because I’m acquainted with her, I also need to ask Vanil Mirth-san later if he could provide a special allowance for me.

After waiting for a bit while sitting in the lounge, Ansel-san returned with Lutie.



「Toto-dono! Long time, no see…… but it hasn’t really been that long.」



Luty didn’t change that much, she was still the same as before.

I did tell her that we would meet again after a year, but I didn’t expect that it would actually happen just a month later.


「Lutie, want to live with me? Will you be alright?」

「Well, I have been living on my own since I’ve joined the order, so I am looking forward to living with someone else.」

「As I have said before, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance.」

「Yes, I’ll be sure to be careful not to be a bother as much as possible.」


Knowing her situation, I’m a little sorry for her. She is still young, but she was living by herself on the dormitory. I think I can understand why Vanil Mirth-san easily agreed to my conditions.


「Now then, it seems like you’ve finished your greetings. Shall we go then?」



The first place headed to was a place where houses are rented and sold. Ansel-san immediately processed what was needed and called for the officer in charge of land management in the Western and Eastern Area.

If I remember correctly, the western area is the residential area.

Why I was thinking about which location I would choose, the conversation seems to have been finished, and then the man went behind the counter and returned with keys that he handed to Ansel-san. Using a map that was given to us, we search for the places that were marked.

We checked all the places until noon. When the sun was about to set, we decided on a place to stay.

It would usually take more time to select a property, but it would be good enough for me if it was a place with two rooms, a large living space and a kitchen. Lutie was also delighted saying「The room is bigger than the one in my dormitory」.


「Now then, Toto, I will also give you some pocket money for now, and you can use it freely. The house still needs some refurbishing and furniture should be prepared, so for now please find an Inn somewhere until preparations are done. Will you be okay with that?」

「Of course!」


Although hearing that from a 10 year old child should be questionable, but because Ansel-san knows that I would like to become an adventurer, it should be fine to trust my decision.

Ansel-san then took out some coins from inside her armor and handed them to me. I received the coins and put them inside my usual shoulder pouch.


「I will inform you when the preparations are done, so be sure to inform us of the place that you have chosen to temporarily reside. You can also ask for more funds if you ever need more, however your prize money will be given at a later time, once your guild card is finished.」

「All right.」

「Now then, I’ll be guiding you until the west ward. There are no available Inns in the southern ward after all.」

「Lutie, thank you for being with me.」

「No, I should be the one thanking you instead, for choosing me to be your escort.」


After that, we went to the adventurer’s guild once more, then continued walking towards the western ward while lightly chatting.