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Side Story 1 The Three Ladies of Eresbell

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

TL Note: These events are after Chapter 28


It was night time when they finished escorting Toto from the capital Aries to Ruveria, and the three are currently resting at an Inn. The young lady with short brown hair and adult looks, Felicy Geraldo, held her hand in front of her chest and opened her mouth to speak out.


「Ne, Ne, Listen to this! I was able to discover something amazing!」


The young girl with purple eyes, Lettie Brittingham, was currently sitting on the bed, leaning back, and in an unusually high tension.


「What did you find out Felicy? It’s quite unusual for you to be like this」


「Did we really have to escort that person backー?」


Another girl lying on the bed near Lettie, with long mint green hair, was Kanna Crestor, who also called out to Felicy, but in an unmotivated tone.

All of them are 16 years old. The age of adulthood in this world is 15, so calling them《young girls》might be a little rude.


Lettie continues the talk with the very excited Felicy while delivering a chop to the usually unmotivated Kanna.


「And so, what’s up?」


「Un, you see, it’s about Toto-san. I think I figured out why she is so strong」


「The secret to Toto-san’s strength?」


「Did you understand something?」


Again, next to Lettie, Kanna gets up from the bed.

Felicy, the one standing in front of the other two, then nodded confidently towards her companions.


「Let’s see. There are things that I’ve discovered, but the two of you already know about it, and that is『Controlling the Flow of Magic Power in order to use magic or improve one’s strength』」


「That’s right, and Felicy is the one who can see the《Flow of Magic》 right? Even as a vanguard, you were the one who taught me that my physical abilities will raise depending on how much I will be able to control, and that’s why I always train my magic, because you told me to」


「That’s right, that’s how it should be, however the way Toto uses this flow is different, and it results in improving all of her physical abilities」


「Were you able to understand it?」


「Yes, the result is really amazing. Here, look at this!」


Saying that, Felicy stepped forward and chanted.


「《Water Ball》」


Pointing her hand forward after chanting, a ball of water appeared. It materialized in the blink of the eye and was as big as her fist, floating above her palm.

Felicy then changed the shape of the water by giving commands like, 『Form Arrow』or『Spread Out』 and then made it disappear by commanding『Vanish』, at which Lettie cried out loud in surprise.


「The cast was greatly shortened!? When did you start doing that!」


「Well, since the time we were riding the carriage when I was observing Toto’s Magical Power Flow. After watching for a bit, I was thinking about how I will be able to use it as a mage, and the result is what you have witnessed just now」


「Haaah, That’s why geniuses are…」


After whispering those words, Kanna sat down once more and leaned on her back.

And as usual, she was assaulted by Lettie’s chop. The next moment she became speechless as she noticed Felicy’s stare.


「It’s, it’s not like that. If you are able to change your flow of magic power this way then I’m sure, everyone will be able to do it」


「I can’t do it though…」


「As for me, I can’t even imagine how to do it……」


After replying to her, the other two shut up, but Felicy waved her head in disagreement and then told them more about it.


「Toto-san has always been using magic power to boost her physical abilities, even while idle or sleeping. It is such an amazing feat because normally Magic Power would stop flowing once you no longer concentrate on controlling it」


「Hearing about it, won’t you become unable to use magic by doing that?」


「Yes, I also thought that magic would become unusable. But the two of you also witnessed her fights in the Arena, so how do you think she won without using any magic?」


「Maybe if you are overwhelmingly strong, then it should be possibleー」


「Toto-san also didn’t wear any armor. I wonder, can we really do something like that?」


Being pointed out this by Lettie, Felicy thought about it while holding her index finger on her forehead. If she concentrates enough, she should be able to see the rough flow of magic power, but the flow of Toto’s magic power was so clear that she wasn’t able to understand just how much Magic Power she possesses.


「Hmmm, I can’t really explain it, but I know it will definitely make me stronger from now on. Lettie and Kanna don’t use magic that much, so the two of you won’t have any problems by turning most of your magic power into physical power, right?」


「That’s right, more like I won’t be able to remember it, and I don’t use any magic anyway」


「And so, How are we going to understand this magic flow that you speak of?」


「How should I do this? For the time being can the two of you stand over here?」


Lettie and Kanna got up from the bed and stood by Felicy’s side. Felicy stood up from the desk and raised her cane over their heads.


「Now then, to make it easier for everyone to imagine the flow of Magic Power, I’ll draw the currents of magic in front of you two」


After imagining what she wanted to materialize, Felicy touches Lettie’s head with the tip of the wand, after that a Red and Blue line manifested in Lettie’s vision. She did the same thing to Kanna which also created the same results.


「The Blue Line is Magic power for the use of Magic, while the Red Line is Magic Power used for Physical Enhancement. As an image, try moving the blue line and merge it with the red one」


Using this image with her cane, Felicy moved the blue line towards the red line and combined it. The blue line then slowly got absorbed by the red line, resulting into a beautiful bright red line.


「I understand what you are trying to imply, but you do know that I don’t even understand how magic power is moved, right?」


「Hmmm, that’s right」


Felicy returns to her thinking pose as usual. Efficiency is a latter issue, and the problem is how they will be able to move it, even if it’s just a small amount. She thought that it would be best to first teach them how to move it.


「Well, first thing to do is draw out that power…」


「Felicy, Felicy!」


Suddenly Kanna interrupted her and stood in front of her. She then fell in Kanna’s arms as Kanna pulled her close.


「Ufufu, did you say ‘play with yourself’?」
[TL Note: ‘Drawing out Power’ has the same kanji as ‘Playing with yourself’]


Kanna’s lightning fast movements quickly unbuttoned Felicy’s clothes and then she crawled her fingers onto Felicy’s body.


「Wa, wait, hey, this is not, stop!」


Her reaction was delayed because the attack was too sudden, and when she finally realized what was happening, she shouted at Kanna while smacking her with the cane.

After a loud *Ponk sound, Kanna was crouching on the floor.


「Uwah, I thought you were serious…」


「Haaah, of course that is not the case, can’t you see that we are not in that kind of situation right now……」


After sighing, Lettie stares at Kanna with cold eyes. Lettie then mumbled, what was Kanna trying to do when they have an escort duty scheduled tomorrow.[ED: So, the act wasn’t bad, only the timing? Right, interesting party!]


「That, that’s right, if you are able to use this magic flow control, you will be able to take requests more easily, that’s why please do your best!」


「Uu, I, I will do my best」


Kanna, who stood up still holding her head, finally listened to the words of Felicy and started working on how to do magic operations.



 About an hour after Felicy’s class started, there were finally changes in the flow of their magic power. The magic power that was flowing outside was slowly flowing inward.


「Kanna, you did it!」


「I am concentrating right now, so I can’t really respond」


「U, un」


It was quite unusual to see Kanna in her serious mode, so Felicy stayed silent as she watched the changes of the two. However, the movement that Kanna was able to change got disrupted when replying, so the flow of magic power returned to normal.


Another hour passed and Kanna was finally able to control the flow of magic power even if it’s only a small amount.


(Calling me a『genius』 when the one closest to becoming one is actually her. Even if I was instructed, I wouldn’t be able to get results that soon)


「I, I can’t anymore」


「I also can’t concentrate anymore」


When the concentration of the two was finally interrupted, their magical power returned to normal, and both Kanna and Lettie fell down on the floor.


「Felicy, how did I do? Was I able to move it even a little?」


「Uu, no……」


Felicy shook her head to Letty who was also sitting down on the floor, and because he was probably sure of it herself, she couldn’t help but fall flat on the floor just like Kanna did.


「Sorry, it seems like I’m going to be the last one to learns as usual. It’s really hard to understand something that you don’t have any clue about, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it……」


「You don’t have to rush it, and since Kanna was able to learn it, I’m sure that she will help you」


「I guess so, haaaah, Kanna is really talented, it makes me jealous」


「Don’t want to, won’t do it anymore, gonna sleep」


「Hey wait, at least go to your bed first」


「Don’t worry, I’ll carry her. If I manipulate the flow of magic properly, I should be able to increase my strength」


「Is that so, sorry for the trouble, I really burnt out my mind and it really hurts, so I’ll also go to bed soon」


「Un, I also have to try not to end up oversleeping because we have an early job tomorrow」


Lettie lays down on her bed, while Felicy drags Kanna to her bed then turns off the light at her desk and finally lays down on an empty bed.


「Well then, good night」


The next day, they will be escorting a carriage back to the capital, so it will be a while before they would have the time to properly learn to manipulate magic power. Kanna, on the other hand might be able to learn more while on the move. Slowly Felicy’s consciousness also started to fade.