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Chapter 1 Somehow I got Reincarnated

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



I don’t understand why.

What I saw when I woke up, was an unfamiliar scenery, one that I have never seen before.

I looked around carefully trying to grasp the situation.






I could hear something, but don’t understand what they mean. I might have been crippled and my ears have gone bad.

While I was thinking about something like that, my hands appeared in front of my sight.

It was a small hand, similar to that of a baby. No wonder it was hard for me to move.


(As I expected, this is…)


As I was checking out my hand movements, I felt that my view changed. It was because I was moved from one person to another. I could see man looking at me from above, having a complicated expression as he was doing that.




Who? I tried asking but my mouth wasn’t moving that well, it only sounded strange.

However, the man that was looking at me before only shows a slacked face then he looked somewhere else.




I tried understanding what that man was saying, but I was attacked by sudden drowsiness and my consciousness flew away.


A few days have passed since that time and being a baby has finally sunk into me, by the way I was named Toto.

This situation is definitely what you would call 《Reincarnation》. I loved reading light novels n stuff and I also read something like this.

However, I didn’t expect that such things existed, nor me being the one to fall into such a situation.


At a later time, I finally understood that my father’s name was Enbray. He has wolf cut hair that was quite messy for a hairstyle with golden short hair, his blue eyes that were very cool, then his tall stature, and is an Ikemen. That is how I would describe him.

My mother’s name is Rihanna. Of course she also has the same characteristics, having golden hair arranged in a long fluffy hairstyle and blue eyes.

I guess I can expect promising prospects.


But I still can’t understand their words. It seems that I didn’t get any language cheat which is common in many light novels. This is quite tough.


A while has passed, I was now able to walk.

Actually it was able to do it at a much earlier time, but I knew that it would be strange to just suddenly know how to walk since it was a little too early.

At that time I only acted like I was able to stand crawl and as if trying to walk, but at the time when I actually learned it I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was quite difficult balancing my body that has small legs while supporting a large head, but you know, it was part of the act. I’m telling you, it was just an act. No doubt about that.


Also around that time I realized that I have a cheat ability.

The first thing that started it… It was that lantern.

I was curious about it, seeing something like that for the first time. But when I pulled it lightly it fell down. More like it crashed, the lantern crashed.


I certainly did find that weird, I mean the meager power of a child couldn’t make that fall nor make a sound from it falling as if it crashed with force. I was thinking that maybe it’s just some old lantern about to fall. It must have been that, old enough that just touching it it would fall off. Afterwards I noticed a wooden box nearby and got curious about it.


Wow, the wood was peeled of so easily.


Immediately after that, I was caught by my scary mother, but for my father who confirmed the damage only question marks floated above his head.


And another thing I confirmed, when I was checking my looks on a water surface, was the color of my eyes and hair that surprised me because they don’t give me any resemblance to my parents at all.

I have known that the color of my hair was black, but I didn’t realize that even the color of my eyes was not resembling my parents at all.

Normally, people would doubt that they might be having an affair, but the more I see them the more I’m convinced that it was not such a case. So the only thing I can link it to is my reincarnation.


Time passed and I was finally able to control my strength, so I can now freely roam around.

But even if I can properly handle myself now I’m still just a child so my movement is only limited within the house. I also checked out what father and mother were doing as I roam around. Well even if I did that, I won’t be able to understand it right away.


At some point doing those things, I learned that my name was Toto. My parents were farmers. They were plowing fields and harvesting vegetables. I also realized that the level of civilization in this area is quite low. They were trading their daily goods through barter and was not using any kind of currency.

Because I also found out that both my parents were practicing sword swings, I was thinking that this might be a fantasy world. Even if I reincarnated in my previous world earth, you won’t find normal farmers possessing swords.

By the way, most of the words that I have learned perfectly were 「Toto」, 「Good Morning」, and 「Good Night」.

Well, I was only able to learn what they commonly say to me. As for learning the language itself, it will still be a dream of another dream. I’m expecting to learn more in the future.


It was now around 3 years since I have reincarnated. I was now able to grasp numbers month and date as well. When I was thinking that it didn’t probably exist, there it was, an actual calendar in this world.

It was really hard for me to read numbers as usual, but once I realized how they were used it was much easier after that. I don’t know how to pronounce them properly though. Numbers were also from 0 to 9, months were from first month to twelfth month. The days were all the same making it 30 days a month. Only the weeks were different which were separated by 10 days each making it three weeks a month. Since the way of calculating months were almost the same as before, I familiarized easily.


One day, when Barbara-san who was our neighbor came to have tea with mom, I saw a little girl hidden behind her.




I didn’t really understand what mother said.

When I tilted my head in confusion, the child behind Barbara-san took a glimpse of me then said in a small voice.


「Hello, ——-」


That’s something I understood, I got it ok.




I returned the same words to the girl. Then the girl came out from behind Barbara-san probably because her wariness has faded for a bit.

Woah, she’s very cute.

Like everyone else, she also has blond hair and blue eyes. I guess this is the common trait of the people around here.

Her hair was and semi-long in length, she was also wearing a pale-colored dress which suits her really well.




When Barbara-san said something to the girl, the girl twitched for a moment before saying something.




Rikka. It was a word that was included in what mother said a while ago.

I immediately analyzed all information and put it all together. For example, it would have been something like this.


『Tote, Rikka-chan』


『Hello —』


『Hora, your name is?』




It also properly aligns with this atmosphere, maybe. In other words, it is understandable that the cute girl in front of me is Rikka-chan.




Mom was telling her something. When I tilted my head, Mom only looked at me with a troubled expression and took my hand. We continued walking until we arrived in front of Rikka-chan, then they made us shake our small hands.

Although I knew the purpose of that gesture I still tilted my head, maybe it something like 『You can go and play with each other』.


「Rikka, Toto」


Anyway, I pointed at myself as I told her my name.

Rikka-chan smiled when she understood it then nodded.




She looks like a doll. She’s really cute when I see her up close. I held her hand that was holding me. I feel really comfortable around her and was really happy. We went into the other room as to not get in the way of our parents conversations.


As the two of us entered the room, I offered Rikka to sit on the floor with me and she was now looking straight at me.

…What shall we do?




Rikka-chan seems to be asking for something and her gestures were really cute while doing so, but well, I just don’t understand it.




For a moment, Rikka-chan’s eyes shined brightly as she headed towards the object she was pointing for several times.




She was saying something as she pointed towards the wooden sword leaning nearby. I was trying my best deciphering her words through her actions.


Then Rikka-chan pointed at the wooden box nearby, I tried understanding her intentions.




Hmmm? The words she used this time were different from what she used before. When I tried understanding what she’s doing once more, she said the same thing again.


She continued the same gestures as before of pointing at an object then says words.


And after a while, I finally understood her intentions.




I pointed at the wooden box imitating Rikka-chan’s words, Rikka-chan smiled and repeated the words again while pointing at the wooden box.


『What’s this?』


『It’s a wooden box』


I was thinking that the current conversation were proceeding this way. Rikka-chan was teaching me words. Or more than that, considering her age in this world, her ideas and methods for teaching are amazing. Isn’t she a genius?


And with things going that way, until the time she was called to return home, she continued teaching me words.