Chapter 2 That Time When I was Young

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TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Two years have passed since I’ve met Rikka.

I have completely opened myself up to Rikka-chan, and right now our relationship is that of playmates and people around us don’t ask about anything if we were together playing.


Rikka-chan has a weak constitution by nature, and she spends most of her time holed up at home.

I wonder if there is a type of recovery magic that could cure her.


「Rikka-chan, are you alright?」

「Yep, I’ll be fine today.」


She always answers me with a smile, but there are times when her face actually turns blue.

I don’t really want her to push herself too much, so most of the time we are only studying language in her room.

Rikka-chan seemed to be interested in teaching me words and grammar. She’s also making sure to teach me slow and precise so I can understand it easily.

I’m desperately doing my best to remember what she was teaching me as to not disappoint her.


She is gentle and patient. I am thinking that she is only 5, but she totally doesn’t get bored if she is teaching me.

I am also really happy just listening to Rikka-chan’s voice, even if I don’t know the meaning. Also if our studies stopped, I don’t really know how I would properly learn.

That’s why I desperately try and learn as much as possible.


Well, thanks to that, my language has improved bit compared to before, when I could barely understand anything.

Talking was still a bit difficult because my pronunciation is not that right. But I can somehow make what I want to say go through.


One day, I found out that she really likes to read books, and Rikka-chan showed me a plain looking book that she has. It was only filled with a lot characters.


And also, all the contents look like they were hand written, probably because printing technology was not yet established.

Now that I think about it, this was the first time I’ve actually encountered written characters other than numbers. As a result, it was unreadable to me.


「Where, get this?」


「Well, it was given to me by father」


Then I remembered that I don’t have anything resembling a book at home. That is what came into my mind when she answered me.


Rikka-chan told me that her father was working in town. I wonder if books like these are sold in town. As expected, I won’t know not unless I go there.


「Do you want to remember these characters?」

「Na, uh, nope」


Rikka-chan asked me when I was deep in thought.

Currently I am already full with just listening to words, so learning characters is currently impossible.


「Is that so? That’s too bad」


When I declined the offer, Rikka-chan returned the book back at the shelf.


During the days when Rikka-chan is not feeling well, I try to familiarize myself with my body’s performance. I want to grasp this cheat like power that I possess.


What I have grasped so far is that I have enough strength to dent wood while only squeezing it lightly, speed so scary that when I ran at full speed I ended somewhere I didn’t know. And lastly, when I focused my sight and hearing, I could see distant locations and I could even hear flickering leaves or animal movements from far away.


「Body, I wonder if it’s tough」


Today I would like to practice controlling my strength and was worried that I might hurt someone because of it.


The place I am right now is a wide plain not far from the village. It is around 5 minute walking distance from the village. This far, the probability of meeting anyone from the village is almost zero.


Close to where I stand I placed a large rock which I will be using as punching bag today, to test just how strong I am. The rock is almost twice as big as myself so I can punch it as much as I want.


Probably, or maybe not, if I hit this rock with all my strength it might break. I want to find the perfect amount of force needed to punch this without breaking. For safety reasons.




When I did a full swing, a dreadful sound echoed and the rock in front of me was shattered.

As for my hand, it didn’t hurt. It didn’t even turn red on the part that hit the rock.


「……it was more than I expected.」


I felt better about that more than I thought, so I started looking for my next target (Rock). I want to find something big enough to strike with my whole body.


And as a result of doing of several tests, my power can be compared to 『Physical Enhancement: EX』 if based on game skills. It somehow resembles that Black or White Girl somehow. [TL:Dunno the reference but the only one I know with black and white power girls would be “Kill la Kill”][ED: Please comment if you have any idea!]


Ridiculous toughness, extreme speed, kinetic vision and distant hearing were what I identified so far.

In my previous life, this type of power would be loved by boys whose main attractions were the action manga of a battle maniac protagonist, rather than the girls where lines like 《I’ll do my best!! 》and being all sparkly was the norm.

Well I also yearn to be an adventurer though.


I was thinking about how strong the people of this world would be like, but I can’t compare it to anyone at the moment.


I am still scared to try out fighting monsters, so I’ll try grasping my abilities some more before I try doing that.


Yes, there are monsters in this world. I learned of it when I was still grasping my powers. That was when I was shocked by my running speed. I caught sight of some beasts that I passed by when I was trying to find out just how long I could run at full power. The monster I encountered was green skinned, sharp shaped ears, a big mouth with jagged fangs, thin arms and a small body size. It’s the so called Goblin. I don’t if they called that in this world.


Anyway, when I encountered that creature, I was so scared that I ran even further without looking back. Well, I wasn’t able to grasp my strength at that time, but right now I know that my punch is strong enough to shatter big rocks in a single blow. [ED: One punch girl.]


I want to try fighting them again sometime, but I still don’t know if I’m strong enough. It won’t be funny if I challenged monsters and lost because I couldn’t grasp my strength.


「Ah right, there’s also Magic」


I pushed the thoughts of fighting monsters at the corners of my mind for the time being because I remembered about 『Magic』 which Rikka-chan taught me.


If there’s magic in this world, then I might be able to use it. Maybe it isn’t included but I do have cheat abilities!


I have never seen anyone use magic in the village, and Rikka-chan seems to only know about the conceptual part, so I still didn’t know if I have the aptitude for that.




Imagining the flow of magic in my hands, I tried gathering it in my arms. First is bringing mana, which is the source of magic power from inside the body, and then mix it further with the existing mana in the atmosphere.


What I imagined was a big explosion, burning the image strongly on my brain. A very easy to understand concept. Right, it’s the image of destruction.


「Now go!!」


I faced my hands forward and imagined unleashing the mana!




Nothing Happened.


「Come on! Go!!」


No matter how many times I tried the concept, nothing happened.


That’s funny…


『Is magic supposed to be something too intense for children!? Or maybe, I need to learn how to chant!?』


Don’t tell it’s a pattern like that?


I desperately attempted all possible ways to use magic, but all failed. As for the results, I’ve learned something. The magic power that I felt, was just a kind delusion.


In the first place, trying out magic without even knowing the concept on how to use it in this world is wrong.


The thing that Rikka-chan told me seemed the same theory used in the fantasies that I know of, so I was thinking it would be the same, but there might be some special conditions to use it.


The people in the village are also unable to use magic, and because of that magic studies will be put on hold.


Haaaaah… I sighed as I ran back to the village.


[ED: And here I thought that in this chapter we will learn why Toto came back home full of blood. When she mentioned the goblin I really thought she might crash into it at full speed.]

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