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Chapter 5 Recovery and The Capital

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



When I went to Rikka’s house, Barbara-san came out to receive me. She looked really tired from nursing Rikka-chan. She was really pale, and you could see bags under her eyes.


「Oh, Toto-chan, it sure is a bad time for you to visit. Right now Rikka-chan is still sleeping」


「A little, fine, see, face a bit」


「Okay then, let’s go quietly」




I was guided inside by Barbara-san until we reached the entrance of Rikka-chan’s room, then I entered the room alone.


The room was as simple as ever, with a wooden bookshelf and a small desk with books on top of it, but it was noticeable that the books haven’t been touched for quite some time now, because the dust accumulated like a blanket over them.


When I entered the room, it smelled a lot like medicine. Rikka-chan was sleeping on the bed. When I approached, it seems like she reacted a bit and was seemingly suffering, but then she soon went back to sleep.




I seated myself near her bed and watched over her sleeping face. Her cheeks were so thin that it looks almost like skin and bones, as if she lost all the blood in her body.




However, this situation is terribly awkward to give her a kiss. Whether I give her a light peck or not, it would still be extremely embarrassing. I couldn’t even imagine giving her a deep one even if it would be better to do in that way.


I needed to relax myself for a bit so I was breathing slowly. Just a peck, just touching her lips should do. The mood should be just like a prince in a fairy tale, yes just like a prince……


(Yosh, let’s do this!)


Looking from the audience, it won’t probably look like that of a prince at all, but I nervously move my head closer to Rikka-chan’s face. It would be extremely awkward if she suddenly woke up during this moment.




And then our lips touched each other. After confirming contact, I lifted my face to check.


(There’s no change…)


Rikka-chan was just sleeping quietly just like before.
It seems that there are no drastic changes to her skin like becoming glossy or lively immediately after the kiss. I guess I can only wait and see if there will be changes from this point on.


(Please, with this…)


As I stood up I wished that it would help her recover.


「Please, quickly get well」


I muttered in a low voice as to not wake her up, then left Rikka-chan’s room.




Three days later I heard that Rikka-chan’s condition finally started to get better. But because she was bedridden for quite a long time, her physical strength haven’t recovered yet, but there were no more severe coughing or loss of breath unlike before. I guess she’s finally saved.


But for some reason, she said to Barbara-san that I should not visit her for now.


There’s no doubt that it’s because of the advice of that Doppelganger that I was able to help Rikka-chan with that kiss. I don’t know what she was aiming for by teaching me, but I’m still thankful that I was able to save Rikka-chan’s life.


I was expecting that the Doppelganger would appear after seven days like usual, but she didn’t appear anymore.

I was then thought that she would appear on the days after, but even after 10, 12 and more days nothing happened. She didn’t appear anymore. Although there was a time before when she was hardly noticed,so it didn’t really matter if she didn’t show up.


Well I didn’t really know why she was only visible only to me in the first place, and she might probably appear again in the future, or more like she might just suddenly appear at any given time.




And after that.


「Rikka-chan, I visit now!」


「Toto-chan! It’s been a while!」




Rikka-chan who was still in the middle of recovering, came hugging me as I enter and was really glad when she saw me. I noticed that my body didn’t grow at all, if compared to Rikka-chan’s who body seems to have grown well, not to mention her height was also a head taller than me.

Eh, did you just become much healthier? It was unexpectedly extremely powerful!?

Also the feeling of the hug just now instead of a 《Hug》 I would call it more like a 《Bear Hug》, and it’s really tight.


「You, Okay? Not feeling bad?」


I ask her while with a concerned voice while hugging back.


「Un, I’m feeling fine now, my chest and stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. And also I didn’t feel any pain anymore」




We exchanged a few conversations just like that, but she’s not letting go of me. I dislike being held forever like this, because I can’t move, I struggled hard and pushed my arms out.


But you know, that, what can I say. When I look at Rikka-chan’s face I can only think of the scene where I kissed her and feel awkward about it, then turn my face away from her.


Rikka-chan is also trying to catch a few glimpses at me but I don’t know if she was aware that she was staring.


The struggle lasted for a while and it became interesting, and when we had our fill I just laughed. But on the contrary, Rikka-chan who was seemingly dissatisfied pouted and puffed her cheeks.


「Mom was so surprised you know, and always asked me if I’m really okay even after knowing that I have recovered and while I was trying to help… 」


「Is that so」


Perhaps Rikka-chan is trying to make up for all the housework that she haven’t done until now.


Well, thinking about how people live in this village, there is a strong sense of self sufficiency and having extra hands is really indispensable.


「Right now, I might be able to play with everyone」


「Do you think so?」


I don’t think that it okay for Rikka-chan to do so this early, but if her sickness have really disappeared, then she will finally be able to play outside more. Then Rikka-chan called out to me.


「For the time being, sit down sit down」




While saying that Rikka-chan moved behind me, who was seated on a chair, and pressed her hands on both my shoulders.


Then, I only noticed this position when we were talking… Iya, when was it that I was hugged. But such a distance, isn’t this a little too close? Have you been like this since before? Well, I don’t really dislike it though.




And now time passed and I’m nine years old, I caught up a word when Dad was talking about his past.


「That time you see, I had a dream of working in the Kingdom」


「Dad! Want to know! 」


「Ah, Ok」


「Different? Place, what is like? 」


「Yeah, it’s far away from here, but you can go there by riding a carriage」


「A merchant riding a carriage also comes here regularly」


「People? A lot there?」


「Yup, you would be really surprised if you compare it to the people here」


「Shops, a lot there?」


「Yeah, of course, a lot of them are lined up side by side. There are also street stalls and huge buildings that you can see」


「King-shama also there?」


「Yes, but meeting him would need a lot of process to be done」


「……such a shame」


As expected, there is a capital after all.


And you know, with this power I feel a strong desire making me want to go on an adventure. There are a lot of possibilities in this world which is quite exciting.


To do that, I need to go to the kingdom at least once to see what it’s like. At this moment, the only place I know is this village.


But I am also certain that my black hair would stand out. I’m also thinking of bringing Rikka-chan with me, but that might be impossible. Right now, we are only children, and so if I go out there it will probably be on my own.




I wonder when I will be able to leave this village and go to the kingdom. It’s a good thing that my father and mother are the type that would let me do what I want. I still haven’t said that I will be leaving the village, but I don’t think they would permit me if I ask right now due to my current age.


By the way, I have never heard of the age when you are considered an adult in this world, but I think it might be 15, just like the templates that I know of. It would probably be OK if I go to the kingdom when I’m that old.


If Rikka-chan would also reach that age, then maybe we can go together, but well, it would still depend on what she decides.


Never in my imagination, did I expect that a year from now, I will be visiting the Kingdom’s Capital.