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Chapter 6 A Carriage like any other Carriage

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「Toto, we should be arriving soon」




After my tenth birthday passed, it was decided that my mom would bring me to the capital.


There seems to be a festival being held, called Founding Festival, and a lot of people are gathering because of that. There are also a lot of shops for a limited time, so I’ll be looking forward to it.


By the way, because we can’t leave our crops unattended for a long time, it was decided that dad would stay behind.


As you can see, this village is pretty much self-sufficient, and everything is being shared through bartering meat or vegetables, but even if that is what the villagers normally do actually they have a bit of cash on hand. It’s also possible to barter with people in the capital but the villagers don’t usually do that.


「You see Toto, when merchant people visit the village, we sell the extra vegetable and livestock to them」


My mom taught me. The money earned from trading are then used to buy furniture and daily necessities from towns that the village needs. The excess money is then saved, that’s why the villagers have a considerable amount of money saved, and especially my family who has never left the village since I was born.


Before we left home, mom brought out a sword from the back of our house.


「It’s been a long time since I’ve carried a sword」


She then equipped leather armor covering her chest. She wore that on top of her clothes and trousers to make movement much less restricted. Looking at her, I noticed that she was smiling. It seems that she likes travelling too.


After paying money to the merchants, we joined on board the carriage that we waited for at the entrance of the village. There was only us riding from this village but I heard that others will also join from the villages we will be passing by. I was wondering if they are going on a shift schedule.


While thinking about such things, mom who was looking at me only gave me a wry smile.


「Not everyone is interested about festivals or meeting royalty that much you see」


I see, anyone like that wouldn’t live on a remote village after all. Iya, isn’t it quite rude to say 「remote village」? Well it can’t be helped since this is the only village that I know of in this world.


「I’m looking forward to going to the capital again after quite a while」


「Mama, you’ve been there?」


「Yes, I used to be an adventurer, before I married your father」[ED: This is actually what the “took and arrow to the knee” means]


「Together with dad?」


「Yeah, your father was also an adventurer in the past」


「Dad, returned to the village?」


「Fufufu, well a lot of things happened」


She dodged it, but I was around when mom and Barbara-san were having a talk during tea time, and I understood that their relationship resembled that of me and Rikka-chan. Also, sometimes, stories about childhood come up.


I understood that mom who ran away from the village to become an adventurer somehow encountered dad who was also from this village. They came back and decided to settle down here because of the calmness of this place.




After travelling for more than two days being shaken by the carriage and taking a few breaks, we could see buildings. It looks like we have finally reached the neighboring town.


I was thinking that this might be a big merchant group that spreads out to different villages but I was wrong. They were only small merchants that go back and forth between the town and the neighboring villages.


「We will be staying at an Inn in this town and ride a different carriage tomorrow, and we will probably reach the capital after eight days」


「Ooh, so long ne~」


「Well, even by horse carriage that is to be expected since it’s quite the distance away… By the way, are you alright, is riding a horse carriage hard?」


「Am fine~zu, don mind」


I said so while making a peace sign. However, it’s not pain that troubled me but the intense shaking which was quite violent. A normal person would definitely suffer muscle pains if they were not used to it.


We planned to secure an Inn in town before concerning ourselves about the journey to the capital. Next is the capital itself that we have been waiting for. It will be my first time coming to a place with a lot of people.


「Town, can look around?」


「It is fine Toto, as soon as we get off the carriage and find an Inn to stay in we will have a little tour, but will you be OK? It’s your first time riding a carriage after all」


Well, I have a physical endurance cheat. This is the first town I visit, so right now I would like to see it.


If possible, I would also like to see what a bar is like and check what rough people of this world looks like, but I have to give up on that due to the fact that my age won’t allow it. If a child enters a bar, it will only be considered as a nuisance at the store.


I nodded at mom who asked a question about my condition.


「Okay then, let’s go, be sure not to let go of my hand, I would be troubled if you get lost」




I wanted to go alone, but it seems that my mom won’t let me. If it’s this kind of world, should I be expecting a lot of people? But well, because it is bigger than a village, there is probably a chance for me to get lost if not accompanied by someone.


We walked around the town for quite some time but I could not find anything that is particularly interesting. I did find an interesting accessory shop but we didn’t go there considering that it might increase our luggage. I might find something good in the capital anyway, and I should also buy a souvenir for Rikka-chan when we return home.


When we returned to the main street, I told my mom.




「I see, then lets head back」


When we returned to the Inn, a good smell was coming from the kitchen. Dinner was already being prepared.


As for our accommodations on the Inn we stayed at, dinner and breakfast have been included. Most of the tenants of the Inn eat on the first floor, which doubles as a restaurant .


Now that I think about it, this will be my first time eating out since I reincarnated. I wonder if my tastes would be compatible with meals of this world other than the ones at home. The dishes they prepared in the village were quite delicious after all.


And as result, I could say that eating out is a lot of fun. And also the dishes served were three times tastier, maybe since we are not eating at home.




「Fufufu, you sure ate a lot」


The dishes that came out resembled chicken sauté and salad. Using a little chili-like ingredient, a pleasant spicy taste hit me as I chewed on the meal served by the Inn manager, who was feeling good looking at me enjoying the meal, she also added an apple like fruit as dessert.


Because the meal was really delicious, I ate a lot.


「Sleepy already? You should brush your teeth soon」




「Tomorrow we will be travelling on a carriage once more so you go and take a rest early today」






The next day, I was woken up at 7 in the morning, ate breakfast, and then headed out to the meeting point.


Because there is quite a distance from here to the kingdom, it seems that there was only one group scheduled in the morning going out in consideration of the road’s safety.


「Okay, everyone seems ready to go. Oh, you seem to be travelling with your daughter. Will she be alright?」


When we got inside the carriage, someone suddenly called out. The owner of the voice was a woman with a very short hairstyle wearing light leather armor and a cloak that was really giving off an adventurer-like atmosphere. She also had a sword on her waist. Oh, it’s my first time seeing someone like this, also it’s my first time seeing someone with green eyes, different from the blue ones I typically see.


「Ah, I’ll be fine」


I answered and again made a peace sign. When the adventurer-like woman sees me doing that gesture, she only laughed a bit as if seeing an interesting scene.


「Iya, you are quite the sturdy child it seems, I am Zanbara. Zanbara Curies Cleve. This one here is my partner Hannou, who is an escort guard of this carriage. Please to meet you」


「The name is Hanouti Flapis, please call me Hannou」


The person that Zanbara-san mentioned had long golden hair properly groomed and fixed into dumplings around her neck. She was a woman resembling an elegant clergy.


The clothes she wore did not look like it was made for protection but it seemed to be enchanted. Also she was wearing a cream colored robe over it. Including the stole wrapped around her shoulders, she looked quite fashionable.


「I, Toto」


I also introduced myself after mom finished her greetings. The number of passengers inside the carriage is eight people including us. The interior is quite wide and more comfortable than I’ve expected. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t shake as much as the first one we’ve rode on.


I was sitting in the corner of the carriage close to Zanbara-san.


「If you are not feeling well, don’t be afraid to tell us. It will take a lot of time before we arrive at the kingdom after all」


She seems to be worried. I don’t really have any trouble in regards to physical effects due to my cheat, but because I look like a frail little girl and being the only child onboard, I accepted their concerns.


「I would like our travels to be as comfortable as possible while escorting, because it is more fun if you are enjoying it. Travelling is great if nobody is trouble after all」


I’m thinking that our escorts this time are really good people. Also, Zanbara-san is quite talkative. On the other hand, Hannou-san seems to be the quiet type, but she also joins the talks if she notices that I’m getting bored.


With this kind of companions, the journey to the capital became more enjoyable.