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Chapter 7 Arrival at the Kingdom

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



A Certain Letter――――――


Gradually I have caught up with the target. Based on age, characteristics, there were no mistakes about it. However, there were a lot of significant differences from the report.


It looked like she has parents. The one I met was probably the mother, and the chance of that is quite high since there are many similarities, such as atmosphere, gestures and expressions.


Also, she displayed a broad spectrum of human emotions and could understand human language. I mixed in their conversations and was able to verify a lot of important informations. Details of the conversations will be transcribed on a separate document so please check.


While we were having a meal, although the adventurers stared at us with a strange look they also accompanied us offering a prayer for having a meal, but it seems that she received no damage, and did not display any change or strange reaction. In accordance to that, the subject seemed to also be praying earnestly.


Judging from all the information gathered, it is highly plausible that the subject is human, the chances are extremely high.

Please give us instructions about how to proceed in the future.





 Seven days after we left the last town, at around lunch time, we have finally arrived at the capital.


Asking Hannou-san when we were still in the carriage, I was told that the name of this city is called 『Ruveria』. Mother also joined in with the conversation, and now ,ten years after I was born, I finally learned the name of our village, which is called『Furuka』.


It’s not a surprise that my mother knows about the name of our village, but nobody ever mentioned it to me since the people there didn’t even think about it that much.


I thought that I wouldn’t be allowed to move inside the carriage when we were moving, but I was even freely allowed to talk with the escorts and mom joined the conversation. It seems like such reaction for a child like me was not really that unusual, because everyone riding along with us was also free. It was quite tiring though.




 Cobbled streets, wide roads and brick buildings, this landscape reminded me of a picture of a province in Europe that I’ve seen before. It was quite similar with this Ruviera, but right now it’s in the middle of a festival so everyone is quite lively. You can find stalls all over the place which gives it a slightly different impression from the Ruviera that they described which was supposed to have a tranquil landscape and beautiful scenery.


 When we finally got out of the carriage, I found Zanbara-san and Hannou-san standing nearby.


「Well then, we will be on our way. See you again」


「See yah」


「Bye bye」


「Thanks for helping us on the way」


I was waving energetically while mom bowed lightly, and soon the two escorts finally disappeared into the crowd.


As expected of a place you would call the capital, the number of people here is truly overwhelming.

It is not as crowded as the festivals in my previous life though, there’s still enough space for people to walk around.


「Now, Toto it’s time for us to look for out accommodations too」




Now that I think about it, did we have a reservation or is there such a convenient system? It’s kind of troublesome looking around but that can’t be helped. I grasped mom’s hand while she was looking out.


After checking the third place, we finally found a vacant room available, and we decided to stay there. In this world, it would be considered a luxury Inn. There is one shower room inside, and the beddings were nicely done. The reason for this place having vacancy is probably their price, which was much higher compared to others.


「West Ward, Jewel Inn, can you remember it? 」


「Weshdistwic, jiwelinn, Unn」


「If you get separated from me, or get lost along the way, you will be able to return here by asking people or the guards」




 Well, it is hard for someone to be abducted because the security is much higher during the festival. Even though there are so many people around when we were looking for an Inn, I didn’t miss the figure of 1 or two guards patrolling.


While I was thinking how scary it would be if I got lost, knowing that 『West Ward』 is the place where many adventurers come, and many inns for adventurers were established. It would be quite easy to find my way back if I ask any adventurer like person.


Mom said that after taking care of our things, we will be going out again.


「For the time being, let’s find a place to eat」


「I want to eat that」


I instantly pointed to a stall near Jewel Inn from where a nice scent has been drifting since a while ago. Mom also felt the same, so she nodded and gave me some coins to buy it.


It’s my first time handling currency in world but it’s fine, because mom taught me regularly about it.


「This, I want」


「Aiyo, will you be buying only one? 」


「Two pwease」


「Here ya go, it will 240 griss」




「Thank for the business」


Just like this, I was able to handle it properly. Griss is the currency of this country.


I also handed a meat skewer to mom who was sitting on a nearby bench. Unexpectedly the meat was a little thick and eating it was kind of hard for her.


「The meat is a little hard… Are you fine Toto? Want to eat……」


「Unn, it was delicious」


Somehow, I’m sorry.






「Do you want another one? 」


「Something else, I want to eat. Go next」


After saying that, mom look surprised.


「Are you really alright, did you not get tired?」




「Even if you don’t rush it, we will be staying here in the capital for quite some time, so are you really fine?」


「Daiizobu(I’m alright)」


I nodded once more when she asked to confirm. Or more like, it would probably be mom who got tired after going along with me.


When I asked 「Are you tired?」my mom affirmed with a bitter smile.


「Because it has been a while since I’ve strolled like this, I’m a little bit tired」


「Umm, will check it myself」




Mom was looking worried at me as if I’m about to do something impossible. Is this something not good for me to do alone? Well this is that kind of world after all, and it probably won’t be easy for a child like me to walk alone in an unknown place.


Mom holds her elbow with one hand and the other tapping her face while the meat skewer was facing away from her face. She was thinking hard about it.


「I wonder if it’s alright, you don’t seem to be one to forget the location of the inn but… I wonder if this would also be a good experience」


After murmuring for a while, my mom finally nodded her head in approval.


「Be sure to not go to places where you will be alone, okay」




「If it’s someone you don’t know… be sure not to follow, not unless they are soldier-san」




「Also if you got in trouble, be sure to shout loudly. Since there are many adventurers around, you can definitely count on them for help」


「All right」


How convenient, Adventurers. I don’t think I would be able to easily trust people if it was in my previous life but I wonder if it would be different in this world. It is certain that adventurers are the type who work on trust but there are also a lot of troublesome ones.


「And also, this」


I was handed a pocket watch as mother goes on with her warnings. After opening the lid and checking the time, my mom continued.


「Three hours from now, be sure to return to our accommodations properly, it is also fine you are late for a bit but not past 5 o’clock」


「Understood, I’ll do my best」


「You remember the location right?」


「Weshdishtwic, jiwelinn」


「Okay, then you may go ahead」




After getting some money, I finally started my stroll. I don’t know how far I could go during the three hours considering the wideness of the city. Well no matter how far I reach, it an emergency comes up, I could just jump on the roof and return, and that won’t even take me 5 minutes.


Well, jumping on the roof to return is already a last resort since I don’t want to be chased by soldier-san if they did see me as a suspicious person running on the roof.


After strolling for a while and asking around, I understood that I’m still in the West District. The Onii-san that I asked a while ago said that there will be a change in the atmosphere of the area once I leave the district.


It seems like there are a lot of taverns and inns in the west district to provide accommodations for adventurers, and also tool shops, and cheap restaurants that accept rough looking people as customers of their shops.


And I was then attracted by something that I found, because it looked like sweets.


「Uncle, I want to eat this」


「Hahaha, jou-chan, this is not something you can eat」


「Huh, what is this?」


What I pointed out in the middle of the stall was something that resembled baked goods… but why is it that it can’t be eaten?


「This is called a recovery soft box. There’s recovery magic inside it, and if you break the box with your hands, the recovery magic will help you recover a little of your fatigue」


「Shoulder Strain, does it help?」


「Of course, from shoulder strain to lower back pain, that is what elderly people use this for」


H~nn. It’s a very useful and good item, but what about carrying it around? Actually, it seems like it’s quite tough and it won’t break from a single crash.


「Want one please」


「Eh, you need it? Jou-chan, I think it’s still a little early for you to use」


「Want it for mom」


「Buying for your parents is it. That will be 500 Griss」




It was more expensive than I’ve thought, is it because it’s a magic item? I was wondering how I would carry it with me, but as a service to a cute little girl, he placed it inside a box. A box inside a box……


 I continued strolling around just like this for an hour, and then I found a big building with big windows resembling a station. Since the atmosphere of the area is different after passing here, then this might be the boundary between districts.


The area on the other side gave a feeling of a commercial district with many facilities and the atmosphere it gave off resembling that of an industrial center.


When I moved toward the window thinking that it might definitely be a station, I found a girl in the room on the other side of the window. [TL:A Wild New Waifu has Appeared]