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Chapter 10 Let’s go to the Battle Arena

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



The next day, I jumped out of my bed, and mom, who was already up, looked at me and smiled.


「You sure are quite excited today, didn’t you explore a lot of places already yesterday?」


「Umm, today, to battle arena, want to go」


「Battle Arena?」




After entering the washroom, mom looked at me with a question mark on her head.


This world has the feeling of fantasy medieval, but thanks to the development of magic, the water, the toilet and such necessities were developed much more. If compared to the ones in the village, well no comment, it’s a village after all……


Touching gemstones with my hand could bring out water. There was also something that functioned like a faucet, from where water automatically comes out when you put your hand in front of it and it was kind of fun doing so.


But then mom told me not to play with it.


Seems like we stayed at a good inn this time. When mom was still in her adventurer days she never stayed in an inn like this, where all the rooms are fully equipped with water facilities.


「Isn’t it amazing?」


「Un, amashing,」


It really was quite amazing.


「What about others?」


「Most of the common ones only have water supply from a well behind the inn, there’s also a communal bathroom but it’s quite dirty. Also you could only clean yourself by wiping your body with a wet cloth」


「I see」


Having a shower in an inn makes it feel like it’s a really high class one.


「Money, we okay?」


Grabbing my head to cuddle, she then laughed at me.

Well, hotels like this are paid in advance so I don’t really have to worry about it.


「Because we have been saving a lot for quite some time now, it won’t immediately vanish with just this. Also since the technology development of such water facilities is prevalent in the capital, I was thinking that this accommodation could already be considered on the cheaper side.」


I looked around the room while listening to mom’s continuation.


「There are not that many luxury accommodations in the west district where inns were aimed for adventurers, and nobles don’t even come to such accommodations」


Mom also seems satisfied with her explanation and approached me.


「You are going to the stadium after this right? Breakfast will be prepared soon so let’s go down」


「Un, the place, you know where?」


「Of course I know, and didn’t I tell you before that I lived in the capital for quite some time?」


「Un, remembered」


After we finished our preparations and went out, it was still early in the morning so many stalls have yet to be set up.


The time we left the inn was 8:30, so there’s still an hour and a half before the registration ends at the battle arena.


No, that’s not it! There’s only an hour and a half left! And since I wasn’t able to perfectly grasp the geography of the area yesterday, there’s only mom who I could depend on, and if it’s the route we used when we were strolling yesterday, I felt like we wouldn’t be able to arrive there in time.


「Mom, to battle arena, hurry」


When I showed her a desperate reaction mom nods in agreement even though she was giving off a confused look.


「You want to go before 10? Is there some kind of event there? 」


「Un, 1 million Griss」


「Hah, 1 million Griss…… What do you mean by that?」


It seems like she didn’t get it because I was rushing too much, well I only told her what result I wanted.

For the time being I calmed myself down and explain once more.


「Together, there, want to show」


「Want to show? Okay, now I’m kind of interested. Is it a surprise?」


「I don’t know, but will show」


「……I don’t really get but well, fine」


Well it’s kind of different from what I wanted to say but it’s fine, and it’s not just the 1 million griss that is interesting but the battle tournament itself, the money is only a part of it.


「You said we must be there before 10 o’clock right, then we better hurry」


Mom then walks in a hurry while holding my hand. Though she normally walks according to my pace, this time she was a little faster because were in a rush.


After walking for a while, I could finally see the big wall I saw yesterday. It seems that we can go straight from the west district towards here.


Looking around, I noticed that there were more people present now compared to yesterday, and there were also a lot of armed people were roaming around the place.


The entrance of the Battle Arena is large and it was possible to see what’s inside the battle arena along with the stairs you climb to reach the viewing area.


I’ve never really seen anything like this but is it the same as the coliseum from my previous life?


When we approached the entrance, we were greeted by a plump merchant looking person.


「It’s the opening of the Battle Tournament for the Founding Festival, there are still a lot of seats available, so would you like to purchase a ticket?」


「My, so you need a ticket」


I also reacted in the same way as mom. But well, it’s actually much more natural for there to be tickets issued when you think of such entertaining event happening.


「It will be 1550 griss, for three sets of green tickets for two, how about it?」


「I am fine with it, but…… what do you think, Toto?」


Well, thinking about it I won’t need one since I want to participate, but it would probably result in the same way as Lutie yesterday if I told mom directly. So, I must somehow need to enter and sneakily apply later.


「Want to see」


As I looked at mother showing a face full of curiosity while tilting my head in a cute way, mom accepted my request and paid for both of us receiving the tickets offered by the merchant.


「Mom, will go out for a bit」


「Umm, what are you talking about. Do you know how to get back here? 」


「Un, if here stay can return quickly, wait me here」


「I don’t really know what you’re up to but do return quickly okay? 」


I thought that mom would go ahead first but she stayed in that place and agreed to wait for me there, so I went back to where we came from.


The merchant was still there and was talking promoting tickets to people. I guess I have no choice but to ask him.


「Ne, ne, Oji-san, me want to join」




Well I did expect this to happen, he didn’t get what I said and was only looking at me with question marks floating around him.


「Me, want to join, battle tournament」


The plump uncle stared at me once more, and then gave out a hearty laugh.


「Gahahahaha, you know jou-chan, this is not a place where someone like you should join you know. It is a place where knights and strong adventurers show their might」


After saying that, the merchant stared at me once more in a more intimidating way and then,


「If you really want to join, then you should at least be able to defeat me」


Is what he continued. Are really okay telling me that?


「So, are you giving up here or would you like to try?」


The merchant-san was probably thinking that I would not accept and go away so he showed me a wry smile and nodding as if confirming something.


「By the way, even if I look like this I was also a fighter back in the day, also quite proficient. I won’t really put my hands on you so you can try at least taking me out without me fighting back」


And then by the next moment, the uncle-san sank to the ground from a back chop I delivered. Oi uncle-san are you okay? Hello?


……after staring for a bit, I realized like he was really out of action. It felt like if this was some cartoon, I would see stars spinning on his head.


Even though I want him to guide me to the place where I could register, I don’t know what to do with this situation.


「Otchan, Ne, ne, you awake」


There was no response even though I’m shaking him to wake up, I didn’t really put that much force in that attack though…


As I was thinking about what I should do, a soldier who was covered in red armor noticed the strange event came to where we are.


「We were about to start the first event soon, but what happened here… oi, what’s up with this!?」


After noticing the collapsed unconscious old man, the soldier who looked surprised came towards me. Because he saw me crouching next to the old man, he called out to me to explain what happened.


「You, do you know why Zasuka-san collapsed?」


「Nn, was me who did it」




「Asked me, challenge, see if I could beat him」




「Nn, but what to do, can’t get ticket, what should I do?」


I was getting quite impatient and the soldier was also in utter confusion. But even if he’s confused, the soldier still handed me a green tag.


「Since I’ll be asking Zasuka-san for the details later, you can return this to me later for confirmation, that is a participation tag」


I grasped the tag that was bigger than my ticket.


「You can only participate in the first round, because you may be disqualified depending Zasuka-san’s explanation later」


「Is it fine?」


「Well, since the person in question is in this state. For now you can participate in the deciding battle at the eighth round. Please come to the waiting area for participants after the seventh round.」


「Waiting room for participants?」


When I tilt my head asking that, the soldier-san only scratched his head thinking why I don’t know.


Since he couldn’t leave me alone, he dragged the fainted person to the closest location at a higher area, then guided me to the waiting rooms for participants.


「There might be a chance that you won’t be allowed to participate so placing you in the last entry after the seventh match is a much better proposition.」


「Un, got it」


The participant’s waiting room is close to the place where I split up with mom, so there’s no possibility of me getting lost which gave me a sense of relief.


「Then, me going back now」


「Hai, hai, be careful on your way back」


After looking at the child who ran away towards the audience area, he focused on the fainted merchant Zasuka-san and muttered.


「What did she do to take out Zasuka-san like this? Just who could that child be……」