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Chapter 12 People who are doing quite well.

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


 When the guy wearing a hood kicked the ground, his presence became thin and unnoticeable.

 As for me, who was watching from the spectator’s seat, I would have probably lost sight of him if I didn’t focus, and so I concluded that he would be one who belongs to the assassin class or the like.

 Using his knife, that man slipped it’s blade at the joints of adventurers he targeted, immobilizing them on the spot with a minimum amount of movement.

 The ones on the receiving side didn’t even notice what happened, and suddenly collapsed on the spot with an astonished look.

 The adventurer next to the defeated one noticed, and that other one spotted the man covered by the hood but it was already too late to react after the hooded man threw a knife at him.

 The thrown knife stabs into the adventurer’s shoulder who made an awkward attempt to ward of the knife and thus let go of his sword.

 Before even the sword reaches the ground, the hooded man was already in front of the adventurer aiming the tip of his dagger into the adventurer’s throat.

「Well, do you still want to continue?」

「……I give up」

 While the hooded man defeated his enemies in this manner, there were also actions on other places as well.


 The knight was not wearing an armor similar to the light armor that I saw the knights wearing yesterday, but a full body armor.

 I was told that wearing full body armor like that would considerably hinder the mobility, but that person was easily wielding his weapon, swinging it lightly as if it the weight wasn’t even there.


 The adventurer tried to block the attack from the two-handed sword that was swung like a bat with his shield, and though he did manage to block it unfortunately he was thrown out of the stage from the excessive force of the blow.

「Uooh, that one, awshome」

 I reflexively murmured, looking at the fight.

 That knight, who blew away his enemies, seemed to be proud of his strength. He was wielding his two handed sword as if he was swinging a stick.

 Even though his reach would put him at a disadvantage, if they don’t carefully approach him, they would only end up the same as the previous adventurer that clashed with him.

 The female ronin on the other hand was just standing, she was looking around while giving the atmosphere of《Is there no one who will be my enemy》around her.

 It seems like the people in her vicinity could feel her intent and didn’t carelessly approach her even though she was just standing there, so the game continued while no one tried to attack her.

 After a while, the number of participants was greatly lowered, leaving only a few people. The pseudo assassin, the knight and the ronin girl were still on stage, and both the assassin and the knight went for her first.

 The woman didn’t change her stance but properly gripped her weapon showing a smile as if something interesting was going to happen. As they approached, in a flash the pseudo assassin threw a knife heading straight at her.

 The pseudo-assassin then took out his dagger and kicked the ground, leaving behind the knight and quickly approached her.

「Yareyare, you sure are a bad fellow only asking for death, it seems」

 About the same time as the woman muttered, the knight blew away the few adventurers trying to take advantage of the situation, and then a clash between her Katana and the robed man’s dagger happened as the woman successfully received his attack with her sword, giving out a strong metallic sound.

「You seem to be rather careless」

「Such small fry like yourself wouldn’t easily go through, I won’t easily fall down here」

 As the clash of the two broke and they both of them jumped back, a two-handed sword was sent crashing in between them showing a tremendous amount of power from the blow.

「Can I participate in the clash too? I also want some company」


 The venue became more and more excited. Of course, mom and the adventurer maniacs were also getting excited.

「It’s really a good thing that such a number of powerhouses are placed in the same group!」

「Normal people would usually ignore the qualifiers, but there are cases where strong people are getting matched up, like this group」

「Those three people, if you look at them, you could roughly say that they would probably belong in the upper class of B Ranks……」

 That, is what they comment about, but I was wondering why such an assassin would join upfront though. Was he forced to participate or something.

 Because normally, an assassin like that won’t participate in something like this. Assassinating participants and making it seem like it was an accident is how they would usually do it, and not making the audience excited or showing his assassination techniques to anyone like this.


 As I was deliberating on my own, the knight’s sword was cut off all the way from its root.

「Showing me something like that is like asking me to cut it, you should properly hold your weapon. Showing your Lord not only strength but also techniques is how you should refine yourself」

「Ah, in this condition…… Also looking at your skills, it seems like I would be lacking even if I fought barehanded against you. I surrender」

「Umu, your resolution is admirable. Now then……」

 The ronin girl turned towards the hooded assassin. The hooded assassin stood in a position slightly away from the two analyzing the situation.

「Sir, are you possibly a shadow? Why would someone like you participate in a tournament like this? 」

 The woman waited for his answer. I don’t really think I should listen to this, and maybe she wants to stop the assassination. I was wondering if she could be considered a person of justice.

「About that question, does it have something to do with this game? 」

 The hooded assassin was only listening carefully, and then the ronin girl only shrugged her shoulders.

「I guess? Just being caught in trouble would warrant a dismissal.  For a shadow like you entering a tournament like this, don’t you think that leaving early is for the best? 」

「……Fuu, don’t worry, I’m aiming for the prize this time」

「Then it’s good, I will be dealing with you」

「That’s an unusual weapon, but I wonder if it can pass through me」

 After saying that, the hooded assassin faded once more. That level of hiding reminds me of camouflage used in games.

「Hiding Magic… sounds troublesome」

「If it’s someone without experience dealing with that, then they would easily lose sight of it」

 As expected of Hiding Magic, it’s something that I’ve seen for the first time since I’ve come to this world…… Now that I think about it, there was also that magic that could cure fatigue and ease up shoulder and back pain.

 Eh, but that wasn’t magical enough? I do understand that it’s quite convenient though.

 Even though he disappeared, I still understand where he is. Even if he uses concealment magic, I am also quite proficient in concealing myself. Adding to that is probably his training to move as silently as possible. But if it’s me when I properly concentrate, I could easily hear the sound of his movements and not to mention the distorted area in the place he standing is really easy to figure out.

 On the other hand, the female ronin closed her eyes while keeping her hands on the sword holding it down.

 That position, could it be an Iai stance. But well, I’m not really that familiar with it.

 Anyway, it seems like she’s waiting for the hooded assassin.

「White Eve Flow――Sky Stance. Come, get closer, but I don’t think you will succeed 」

 The Hooded Assassin approached from behind following what the woman said, but then as he approached, the woman slashed the space in the area where he was.

 He managed to avoid the slash with the slightest movement, but he wasn’t able to close in and was only able to step back.

 He tried several times to approach with many methods of attack, but all of them were parried or blocked with an attack and he was forced to back away.

 There was no way for him to break the defense of the woman who entered her stance. I was thinking about what would happen to the stalemate, but then the woman spoke out after taking out her sword.

「I have determined your position, there!」

 After the attack, she stepped back with sword dripping with blood. After shaking of the blood from her sword, she returns it back to its sheath.

 After the sword returned to its sheath with a loud clank, the hooded assassin that was still invisible a while ago revealed himself and fell down.

 That looks like a scene from a historical drama! I was quite touched by the scene, but even the audience around me seemed to be unable to hide their excitement witnessing the first strong fighter on stage today.

 And then the fourth round began while the audience were still wrapped up in excitement, I was also thinking that the first and second round were kind of bland, but the games after this seems to be more exciting.

 And this time, the adventurer maniac uncles said that the participants this time were adventurers that are not from around here.

 Do your best fourth group! While grasping my fist, I cheered the fourth group with my all.