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Chapter 14 It was an Imperfect Outburst

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



The Participants for the 8th began their entrance, and the eyes of the audience were directed to the participants each time one of them climbs up the stage.


「Aah! Over there, that’s the B Rank 《Rookie》 Ars who climbed up to his current rank in just a year!」


「Hey, is that one over there the 《No Chant》 Vergil!?』」


「Wah, even the 《Accomplished One》 Paranoia was included!」


 Before Toto climbed up the stage, the stage was already starting to become noisy as the passage of time went on. And in this group it seems like a lot of titled adventurers were included so the audience was getting more and more excited.  

The number of famous people seems to be a big this time, and you could hear voices of support for different people all over the place.


 However, the moment when a black haired red eyed little girl climbed up the stage, with a simple appearance, wearing only a tunic and short pants, giving off an impression that she was going for a picnic, and not to mention the absence of any weapons or armor, the surroundings became a bit turbulent.


Did she get lost? Did she need help? Rihanna suddenly stood up, quite troubled by her daughter’s presence on stage.




In response to her call, the adventurers who were talking to her before stared at Toto with eyes wide in shock.


「Hey, isn’t that the little lady from a while ago」


「Is she going to join fight? Why isn’t there any armor or weapon on her…… 」




On stage, most of the participants were also confused in the same way.


「A kid……? 」


「Could I even consider her as an enemy? 」


「Gahahaha, if you don’t want to get hurt you should return to your mama」




To those who have the ability to recognize, they knew, that the girl is the most dangerous being standing with them on stage.


The 《Rookie》Ars, possess an ability that can accurately measure the difference in fighting power between him and his opponent and can also check a bit of their skills.

And because of this, he would only fight opponents that he could beat on his own. That is the secret of how he quickly raised his rank.




However, the biggest danger signs to ever attack him, and for the first time he has ever experienced, the one standing in front of him was absolutely an 100% possibility that he would never be able to defeat.

In other words, you could say that he was 《Completely Swallowed》 by the opponent he observed.


And then the match has started.

Many of the participants hesitated to attack the little girl first, so everyone targeted a sizable opponent of them and started clashing with each other.


And as expected, Ars also did the same way as what other adventurers did. Since there was no sign of the little girl moving first to attack, he decided to defeat the ones that are in front of him first.




 《No Chant》 Vergil was in a lot of doubt. He was unable to decide if he should try and attack the girl standing with a shabby outfit first. He was hesitating since he might awaken a 《Sleeping Lion》 with his own hands.


As his name implies, he can cast a small number of magics without using any chant. So while being a magician, he was able to fight on par with normal close quarter fighters on the field, incomparable to normal magicians who would need to chant long incantations in order to attack.

But because the magic he could use without chant can’t really deal a great amount of damage, he was hesitating because that girl might be swift enough to retaliate against him.

Eventually, he also decided to go on with the match without targeting Toto for the time being.



 The 《Accomplished One》 Paranoia was also being pressured.

He knows that the girl he is observing isn’t just a pushover, but he can’t determine to what extent her battle prowess reaches up to and just how dangerous she really is.

He was thinking that if someone somehow would at least try to attack her, then maybe he might be able to scope the extent of her strength.


 The Accomplished One―― He has received more than 500 adventurer quests with different variations, and not once did he fail a quest that he has received so he was considered to be a really prudent adventurer.

And then finally, someone confronted the little girl for a match, and that ultimately broke everyone participating on the stage.






I am free.

I was thinking that someone would immediately attack me as the match started, but then nobody approached me. Trying to be gentlemen?


Moreover, everyone already moved to find a match for their own leaving me out of the loop, so my condition could already be considered the worst.

I think it would definitely be a violation of their pride if just beat up someone from behind without anyone’s consent.


I’m so free so I decided to wave at my mom looking over from the stage.

Ah, I’m bored.

And then, mom who was holding her hands in front of her chest finally settled down and returned to her seat. Looking at her face, I noticed that she had a look of surprise showing quite well on her face.




「I am surrendering…」


While I was busy looking at mom, I heard the voice of the young man called Ars and he moved out of the stage raising both of his arms.

The adventurer who was challenging Ars from a moment ago also did the same thing. It was the moment when the both of them were about to finish their match that Ars declared his surrender.


After declaring his retreat, the atmosphere inside the stage changed. Ignoring all the other nameless adventurers on stage, the magic user called Vergil shoots a fireball the size of a baseball straight towards me.

The speed of the projectile was almost as fast as a bullet but was easily avoided by me with a slight shift of my position. At the same time as that happened, the adventurer called Paranoia did not overlook my movement and crumpled his brows.


「Aah, that, I am also surrendering」


The adventurer who was at first fighting against Vergil-san immediately declared he gave up, raising both his hands in the air. He probably understood that his opponent was just going easy on him.


「How did you avoid that!」


「Oooh, Magic~」


Gripping my fist lightly, I jumped towards Vergil-san to retaliate.




Arriving in front of him in an instant from a 30 meter distance and striking my fist, with an amount of force as if touching glass is what I used delivering it straight to Vergil-san. But my attack did not hit as he was able to somehow avoid it and moved a step further away immediately.


「Uwa, you, you’re a monster…!!」


Is what Vergil-san shouted towards, but well it’s not really wrong.


「Magic, Amazing」


Ignoring his comments, I’m more interested in in his magic. It’s a wizard you know, a magic user that I really wanted to see!

Even just the fireballs which fly out like bullets are very magical. Most of the people fighting him couldn’t avoid it though.

Healing back pains and stiff shoulders, and even disappearing on sight is also considered as magic, but this one is cool magic!


「Let me help you there」


When I was feeling so moved I was suddenly assaulted by a sword from behind so I avoided it with the minimal amount of movement.

It was Paranoia-san who attacked me from behind, it seems like his enemy also surrendered and the two of them decided to team up against me.

If it was me, knowing that I wouldn’t last, I would have surrendered just even before the match begins though.


「Sorry, That really helps」


「It’s also to secure ease my victory」


That’s what they said and then pointed their weapons towards me. It seems like I it would be a bit hard so I increased my grip for a bit.


「Obstructing their vision, as I run my path, Hide my figure」


When Paranoia-san swings his sword and made a short dash, the sword glows lightly leaving behind a dense fog at where the trajectory of the sword was sent.

He kept on moving while swinging his sword until I was surrounded by fog from all angles.


Immediately after that, fireballs popped out of the fog flying towards me. It is a simple yet super effective.

Unfortunately, despite having the speed as fast as a bullet it’s not really a serious threat to me. I was then wondering if I could grasp something like that just before it disappears right before it hits me.


And so I decided to catch one while not really thinking about.

It didn’t fade immediately, and I was able to somehow hold it as if holding a ball. That heat was not really that much by the way.


Because they probably don’t know what I’m doing from inside the fog, Vergil-san continues firing more and more fireballs towards me. Is it a good magic, or is this already considered something deadly?


And another funny thing happening is the reaction of the audience. Because they can’t see what’s happening inside the fog, I could hear some people screaming or those voicing their protests to stop it already or about them doing something so overkill. There’s also a side where people are already starting to detest them for what they are doing mocking Vergil-san and Paranoia-san. Such I could hear from the other side of the stadium.


Well, if it’s only fireballs that Vergil-san is going to use, then I’m already tired of it.

I was surprised with the barrier-like magic he used before, but I don’t think he will be using it again soon.


And because of that, I strained my ears grasping the movements of Paranoia-san within the fog. He seems to be finding the right time to strike me with his sword from inside the fog.


And then I thought about trying something fun out of the blue, I then wait for the fireballs to arrive.

Then catching one incoming towards me, I aimed it towards Paranoia-san who was approaching throwing it straight to the area where he is positioned.




After hearing that cry, I immediately heard the sound of someone falling down.

Because of the possibility of hitting him on the head or the heart, I made sure to aim the fireball at a place where his feet would be placed, and I seem to have hit him at the right spot.


I don’t know if it’s because he was obstructed or because the magic just ran out, but the fog surrounding me finally dissipated and I could see the sun once again along with the appearance of Vergil-san and Paranoia-san.


Paranoia-san was crawling on the floor with a face full of regret as he couldn’t stand anymore. That is because his right foot was completely blasted away. On the contrary, something like that still isn’t considered fatal damage so he is still not disqualified or forced to withdraw.


Was the fireball I caught having that much damage? Probably not, and looking at the wound it’s not a damage that was caused by fire.

Imagining that fireball moving at a speed of more than a flying bullet with its size, I understood. It’s definitely not the fire but the speed itself that caused the damage itself.


And come on, show me something like a true barrier magic like the ones you used before Vergil-san!

Grasping my fists I grinned and look towards him, but before I could move Vergil-san declared.


「I surrender! I am accepting my defeat!!」


Eh, why throw the towel when I’m just getting fired up? Looking at Paranoia-san who is already down for the count, since due to his condition it was already considered defeated so I don’t have any way to burn out this fired up status I’ve had.


And then after a while, the referee declared my victory, that removed all my tension and made me happy so I waved my hands up. Of course I also waved towards mom who was watching my fight.