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Chapter 20 A Magic Sword Looks Strong

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



《Magic Sword》Virgilio-san and the Knight Ornica-san were both battle-hardened warriors, so their clash continued on since both of them have the stamina for it.

I have been watching since the start of their match and I could understand that both of them have solid foundations, but well the match itself is kind of plain.


In particular to that is Virgilio-san, despite his muscular build like that of a berserker, you wouldn’t expect that the way he would attack would the refined type carefully looking for gaps on his opponent instead of fighting with his full power.


 Thinking about it now《Magic Sword》 which is his title made me think that he is the type that would be using a magic sword, but it actually was titled like that because the weapon he was using was simply a sword with magic effect (Enchantment) added. [ED: Should be the difference between a sword made with magic, and a weapon with magic buff]


However, it didn’t seem like the effect was activated in the previous battle, so I don’t really know what its effect would be.

He probably was either reserving it as a trump card, or the fuel efficiency is just bad. Or maybe there is a trigger for it to activate just like Etoile’s Boots, but it would be quite hard to understand by only watching it. Unnn, I wonder what it will be like.


「Toto, what would you like to have for food and drinks?」


I, who was looking at the game, tilted my head when mom asked.




 Certainly, right now my throat is kind of dry. There certainly was a lot of finger food being sold on the first floor, maybe I should get some.


「Nn, maybe I’ll go」


「I’m ok for the moment and I would like you to focus on the match, I want to see who will be Toto’s next opponent. I was wondering who will win though?」


「want to eat meat, also want to drink, thirsty」


「Haihai, then please wait for a bit」




Ornica-san parried a sword attack with his sword, then flicked the opponent’s sword with his small shield, after that delivered an attack with his sword but was also parried with a small shield that his opponent was using. And when it’s seemed like it would be hard to receive, he would jump back for a short distance to avoid.


Even though the match with Cliff-san was a close match, the current one is also a close fight.


However, when the match was reaching its peak, he clashed with Virgilio-san again. Then they continuously exchanged blows.

But then, when an attack was blocked, Virgilio-san started chanting, probably in order to do something.


……I see, it seems like he will be pulling out a trump card.

I got really interested about the match. I never would have thought that I will be able to see it activated in this round.


On another note, speaking of matches, I wonder what Lutie is doing right now. Will it still be guiding people like what she did before when I saw her at the station?

We have only talked for a bit, but she was definitely an interesting girl and would really like to meet her again.


Ah, speaking of people I want to see again, I wonder what Rikka-chan is doing right now. If she was fine then, maybe she is helping with housework now.

I really, really wish that she has been cured with that. They did say that she’s getting better when I last visited her. I wasn’t really able to play that much with her during the time before we went to the capital.


Even so, I will do my best finding a present for her before we return, and I want it to be something magical or maybe have a nice design.

I wonder if there’s something like beautiful glassware, or maybe an hourglass that glows softly when the sand is falling down when you are using it to check the time.


Or maybe a book. Will she be pleased if I choose a book for her? I don’t really know what to pick, I don’t even know the kind of books that she would like to read, and I might only bother her if I get a book that is not to her liking.


 I also want her to cheer for my matches too, cheering 「Toto, amazing」…… unn, no. Maybe Rikka-chan would be worried or scared instead? She won’t probably expect me to enter matches though.




I returned back to reality after hearing mom’s voice. It seems like I was too focused on watching Virgilio-san’s trump card as their match goes on, yet halfway through I went delusional and got thinking about other things instead. Dangerous, that was dangerous.


「Nn, thanks」


I wonder why I suddenly got immersed to my delusions, when mom received my sudden thanks. She looked at me with question marks floating over her head.


 This, it looks plain but it’s great, the cup for the drink I’ve bought has a cover and even something that resembles a straw. It is unusually soft so the material is neither paper nor plastic. I wonder what this is made of.


Since there I have only been living in a small village in the frontier, I haven’t really discovered the major advances in technology of this country.

In terms of travel, then a carriage is still normal. But there are also tools that automatically produce water that I’ve seen on the hotel that we stayed in.


「Tote, what happened?」


Oops, don’t mind it mom, it was just because my consciousness moved somewhere else.

For the time being, I took a yakiniku placed on a leaf like plate on my mother’s lap. Then, a big explosion happened on stage.


I was surprised by that. It seems like Ornica-san used something, and now Virgilio-san was covered in smoke.

Ooh, that was a really amazing sound it created, I was wondering if Virgilio-san was able to survive that, it didn’t end up in an instant death, right?


「It was a pity, if you didn’t let your guard down, then I wouldn’t have been able to secure my victory to 100%」


Orinca was already declaring his victory with a smug face.

That explosion was probably from a secret tool he was hiding.


「Although you are a knight, you sure use some nasty tactics」


「Nn? Well, most of the knights are actually recruited from the ranks of adventurers, so some of them doesn’t really care about their image.」


I have been having an image of a knight as a nobleman, judging from the my mom’s response, it seems like knights would raise their ranks and titles through combat experience. There was also the orphanage where Lutie was raised, however there were probably those who have also joined from nobility and would probably look down on those who were comes from a commoners lineage but well there are more commoners in the knights that the nobles so maybe they were more close than what I have imagined.

Well, that’s probably just how 『Knights』 in this world are imagined.


「Haaaah, I’ve never been off guard, I was just concentrating on something」


Virgilio-san came out of the smoke, and he seems kind of rugged probably because of the explosion…


This time, Ornica-san’s face changed to that of a comedian that has ran out of tricks.

(That’s a lie, no way, am I becoming crazy or something!)

Wait, why are you staring at me?

That’s also what I’d like to ask! I might have stopped watching midway, but seems like he has been glancing over here!!


「That’s why I wanted to show you, the real reason why they called me《Magic Sword》 user!!」


He sure did said some cool thing, but well, he was probably caught off-guard and was forced to use everything he got.

But I was wondering if the people of this world would be able to endure such a strong explosion. Etoile-san also received a strong attack to the point that she flew off the stage, but she was surprisingly fine after that attack. Is it because people of this world are quite sturdy?


Even though he received an explosion, if he has sturdy muscles then maybe magic power would help him endure?

In the first place, I don’t really understand the concept of body strengthening and how I harden myself. I’m not a macho nor don’t even have the muscles to work with it.


However, I’m kind of curious about how I would fight the winner in the next game so that the audience would also enjoy it. After all I only fight using my bare hands and feet.

At this rate, I would only be thought of as someone who was raised by a monster and has monstrous power to boot.



I have derailed for a bit, but I returned my focus to the ones fighting on stage and right now the sword was glowing, probably shows that it has activated.

It seems like Ornica-san doesn’t know the effects, and it seems like Virgilio-san was telling him something.


 Well, I was thinking if most of the people would likely be able to understand just what his 《Magic Sword》 title would men. Looking around the stage, I can see that a lot of people are now focused on the match thinking about the next action. What kind of effect will he show?

「《Magic Sword》 Are we finally going to witness the power that comes with his title……」


「They say that nobody would be able to resist if that magic sword is activated, and now we will get to witness it…」


I have been listening to commentaries since before, It seems like he has never actually shown it on public.

If that is so, then I can only think that it would either be not fuel efficient or just plainly doesn’t last long.


「Here I go, Knight yo!」


After Ornica-san and Virgilio-san set up their weapons, it was Virgilio-san who took the first move, then immediately delivering a sharp strike. But before he could do so, he fell down.




 Ornica-san who almost received an attack moved away, it seems like the effect of his previous attack was greater than what he expected.

Virgilio-san took a stance once more, and shouted as if nothing happened.


「Come on, Knight!!」


「I’ll take that offer!」


It was at first looking like a it’s going to be a straight match, but then Ornica-san took out something like a small jewel from the pouch on his waist and Throw it towards Virgilio-san.


「You, you bastard!!」


Virgilio-san seems to know what that was and tried to protect his head by crossing his arms while shouting regretfully.

Once the small gem that hit Virgilio-san dropped on the floor, a small explosion occurred once more.

Although he endured it well, there was no more strength remaining in him after using his trump card, and he was easily blown away and fainted.


After all that, I didn’t really understand what effect his magic sword did. Being A Rank adventurer with a title I was expecting that 《Something》 would actually happen, but there was none at all.


「That gem of blasting(Bomb Effect) was quite expensive you know, I don’t really want to use a lot of them」




「that looks tough」


 Mom whispered next to me, well, I do understand what she’s thinking about. Since he would become prey to Virgilio’s magic sword if he was attacked in close quarters


「It seems like your next opponent will be someone specialized in using magic tools, do you think you would be troubled by that Toto?」


「Nn, Dunno」


I don’t know what tools are commonly used by adventurers anyway, I don’t know any ways to counter them.


「But, if it’s the same, then will be fine」


When pointing at the place where the explosion occurred and saying that to her, mom only showed me a wry smile, then poking her chin, she asked me while having a bitter look.


「It would have been quite scary if it was poison or paralysis, but have you ever experienced being inflicted with something like that?」


「probably, didn’t」


 Something like that has been useless since monsters even if they were possessing it wasn’t actually able to even scratch me. It was the same thing with paralysis. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered monsters that use powders with such effect.


「Is that so, then you just have to wait for 30 minutes right? For now, want to go shopping」


「Nnn, what we buying?」


「Of course, tools needed for countermeasures」


After saying such, mom grabbed my hand. I wonder if she felt that something might turn out bad, we left the arena and borrowed mom’s wisdom from when she was still an adventurer.