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Chapter 22 A Genius

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



There are people of this world that are known as non-standard ones or S Ranks.

They possess powers and abilities far beyond what an A Rank would be able to achieve, and that Rank not only includes people only connected to adventurers but also those outside the organization.

One of such people is the commander of the Royal Knights of Aries, Vanil Mirth Crown.


「Regarding tomorrow’s opponent, would it be unfair if I ask for information about them?」


「Yes, that’s just how it is…」


Vanil Mirt looks dissatisfied, after closing his mouth, he crosses his arms and lean his head to the side with his eyes closed.


It is said that no one could stand against him not only in swordsmanship but he also possess powerful magic, and to top it off, despite being that strong he doesn’t have much desire in him and is humble enough to stand on even grounds with everyone without being too boastful about his strength.

Well, even if he is like a perfect one, he still has many flaws and strange quirks that even people who knew him wouldn’t even be able to imagine.

Luckily, most of it was not really a disadvantage or such but just mere curious things he would push forward to, but he is stubborn in those cases and would need a lot to persuade him to stop.


(Because he started joining every year since that time, the number of participants in the tournament has started to drop)


While gazing at his superior who was now like a solidified statue, Ornica heaved out a small sigh.


Vanil Mirt would always join the finals every year, and was always saying that knowing his opponent before the match is unfair since that time he started, and he would also stay and guard the eastern district where nobility resides where information that comes in from the arena is scarce at this time of the year. There are also many other things included.


(But, wouldn’t it be better to know who you will be facing up against this time?)


While thinking about his fight with Toto, Ornica couldn’t think of a better way to even explain just what kind of opponent she is.


(If I try to force the information to him, the commander would probably just run away and not appear until tomorrow’s match, and that would be a real problem)


「I understand, then commander let me just give you a single warning, I will hide all the other details」


「Speak, what is it」


「No matter who you will be faced up tomorrow, it will be your enemy and the winner of the semi-finals.」


「Whoever I will be faced up with? Well, that looks like something to look forward to」


He showed a smile filled with excitement, but realizing that Ornica was still there, he returned to a serious face, and after that Ornica confirmed that restricting the information against his opponent only added more excitement to the match.


If that is so, then he was sure that the girl would be what the commander would probably wish for. An opponent that he would need to be serious and go all out to enjoy, not some mere opponents who wouldn’t even be able to stand a few minutes during the match and would only bring more boredom to the already bored expression he would show as the match goes on.


「That’s all for today Ornica, you had a hard time doing your best until you reached the semi-finals. I will listen to the full details of your matches after the tournament ends so you may go and take a well-deserved rest」


「Yes, thank you」


「There are no urgent business at the moment right?」


「Yes, there no problems」


「Then it’s good. Oh, and please do call Ansel to take over my place tomorrow, and the other things included」


「I understand, I will be informing the deputy chief」


After Ornica left to inform the deputy chief, Vanil Mirt recalled Ornica’s words once more and grinned.


「It is unusual for Ornica to react like that, I cannot help but look forward to what surprise my opponent will give me in tomorrow’s match」




When I asked mom about the Knight Commander whom I will be fighting tomorrow, she told me how famous he is and many other various things she heard about him.


Currently he is only 25 years old but he is already at the highest rank as a knight. He is also unbelievably strong, not only in swordsmanship but also possessing great magic prowess.


In adventurer ranks, he would be boasted as one of the world’s few S-Ranks, so as expected, the match this time would be far more difficult than any of my previous matches combined.


Honestly, I haven’t really thought about how our match would go since I don’t really know anything about the opponent this time. Will he also try to fight with tools or something? I don’t know how I will fare, but I can only push everything with what power I possess.


After listening to a variety of informations, I learned that the knight commander wouldn’t be using tools or such, or rely on anything other than his own strength and skills, magic included, and would most likely fight with a sword.
That’s how he fought for the last two years, is what the Innkeeper told me, and that at those times, he didn’t even need to use magic.


But if that’s how they explain about him being a genius, invincible and the strongest, I wonder if I could find any weakness if I asked Lutie about it.

It’s currently passed 5 o’clock when we got back at the Inn, so I don’t want to go to Lutie now and bother her at this time.


「Still only 25 years old is it, then that explains why I haven’t heard of him before」


「Mom here that long ago」


「Yeah, I have been working in the capital for quite some time, there was also that old man Griffit the 《Dragon Slayer》 who was the knight commander at that time」


Hmm, that name sounds familiar, but where have I heard of it before?


「Dragon, defeated?」


「Yeah, he was hailed a Hero who defeated that dragon that appeared close to the capital」


「Dragon, strong?」


「Of course it is. It would depend on the party, but you would need a group of A Ranks to defeat one」


「Was really strong」


I would like to meet a dragon too, and I wonder if there are dragons in this world that are also intelligent.

They probably won’t subjugate a dragon, not unless it becomes an actual threat.


「Then again Toto, do you have any plans for tomorrow fight?」


「Nn, land a hit」


「Ah, as expected, well I didn’t really expect anything……」


「If can do it, will be cool」


「It’s good to be confident, but make sure not to underestimate your opponents. There are battles where experience would be more advantageous than power alone」


「Nn, hai」


There were examples of people who I couldn’t easily defeat in the previous match after all, like Benihana-san using All Sky and Etoile-san who was able to dodge my attacks. Ornica-san was also good at the timing and usage of his tools.


As I was thinking about my previous battles, I noticed. All I did was charge at the very start of the match right?

Like, in the fight with Benihana-san, I had my attack countered and had my arm scratched, and in the fight with Ornica-san, my move was completely read and was effectively countered.


「Now that I think about it, you were sure that you would win if you could deliver a hit to your opponent, right… Then what if your opponent can withstand that power, do you have any plans for it」


「Hit strong, make them fly out the ring」


「Make them fly out huh…」

Then when mom who was wondering about what to do tomorrow thought of something, she stood up.


「Okay then, if you don’t have anything planned before the match, do you want to borrow the Inn’s backyard to do a little training?」


「Nn, what we do?」


「I was thinking that we may be able improve your movement and awkwardness a little」




Then with the permission of the Inn Lady, the backyard was lent to us, but it was still a little dark outside so we also borrowed some lamps to light the place. The light it creates is not from fire but probably something else, it’s not really that bright though.

The rental fee was also added to our rent, well that is quite understandable though.


「I was evaluating how Toto fights from today’s matches, and I thought that the way Toto fights is too straightforward. I will teach you not only maneuvering techniques, but also how to recover in case you failed in your movements」




「Let’s see, first is do you understand how you should move during a fight?」


「How I move?」


「For example」


Unsheathing the sword in her waist, mom points it in front of me.


「At this point, where do you think the attack would come from?」


「Nn, center?」


Certainly if I’m just using brute force, and is aiming to land a full body blow, then I would be aiming for the torso, but I wonder if that’s really the case.


When I lean back to dodge, mom pulls back her attack and moved away from me.


「Okay then, from that point, try and aim an attack to where I escaped to」




It wasn’t much of a distance of only about 15 meters, and if I put my strength to my legs I could easily close in, but as I arrived, mom already shifted her place and like when I was fighting with Benihana-san, she was already outside my attack range and was preparing a counter.


「Did you see it?」


I shook my head silently. Yes, just like in Benihana-san’s case, I was avoided the moment I initiated and attacked, but even with my strong dynamic vision, I wasn’t able to properly ascertain the move.


「Ok, then next is, try focusing on my feet the next time you come closer」




Is it because of the footwork, or maybe something that involves it? Well, for the time being I’ll just observe.




Signaling mom with a wave, I kicked the ground again.

I focus on her feet as I approach, and I was able to certainly read her movements and notice how I was avoided. It certainly was not good, the way I attacked before.


「So, how is it?」


「Awesome, was able to see, was surprised」


「You got it? When you move, you have to properly distribute your senses to many points and pay proper attention. If you are on the offensive, you must see through how it will be avoided or be intercepted. On the other hand, when receiving an attack, you must make sure to avoid or receive, and at the same time counter if possible.」


「I see」


「If you have only fought with monsters, low intelligent ones will only directly attack or charge at you, it would be easier to overpower them, but if you are fighting against people, then you should take proper measures because they should have many ways of fighting」


「How to move, see more?」


「Hmmm, of course, if you want to. I’ll also teach you some moves and feints like what Etoile-san used against you though it’s not really that much」