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Chapter 25 Insanity is my Specialty

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



When I was doing my best at avoiding Vanil Mirth-san’s attacks that have increased in speed, I realized that there is a difference in our reaches, but it isn’t that much.


But due to the difference in our heights, it is quite difficult to dive below him without being blocked by the sword.

I do want to parry the sword but as expected of the Knight Captain, he would also dodge as I do. I couldn’t exactly read his movements would be but I can somehow at least read the trajectory of the sword. I can at least move to




It’s kind of hard fighting straight upfront so I moved back for a bit, I have been assaulting back and forth for a while now.


「Hue, hard to break」




I was just about to take a breather, but my movement was hampered by a high speed light projectile.

It certainly is true that he was good at magic, and it was slower than Vergil-san’s fireballs, but I wonder if I could deflect it.


「Photon Spear」




When Vanil Mirth-san said those lines, five spears of light were flying surrounding him.

I realized that he could also do fast cast or not just cast like that person, how cunning.


The spears of light were probably auto aimed as they have flied one after another straight towards me. It would be easy to avoid this but Vanil Mirth-san was probably trying to only distract me to gain some time.


Err, is this the second form of the Boss now? Even though, that’s what my heart would like to shout, I decided to shift into close combat once more.


I have already gotten accustomed to Vanil Mirth-san’s movements so it was now much easier to avoid compared to before, but there are still times where he would do attacks that are just plain weird.

Not to mention the automatic assault of light bullets and such is making it harder for me to dodge.


Fortunately, the number of balls that assault me is visible so maybe I could launch an attack at the gap where all of it has been sent. But as the number reaches one and I was thinking that it was now an opportunity. That happened.




With only that one word, the numbers again refreshed to how they were.


「That impossible!?」


From the sight of an incoming infinite bullet barrage, my voice came out. All I could do for now is to keep avoiding the barrage and sword attacks but it will probably be a matter of time before I couldn’t keep up with it, and to be honest it’s also starting to become impossible to completely doge everything.


If this continues, then it will be impossible to keep dodging the bullets so I have no choice but to try and deflect it.

Since the assault is automatic, it is much easier to deflect it than closing in to attack Vanil Mirth-san.


Focusing on the timing of the projectile’s movements, it seems like Vanil Mirth-san would also slip in some attacks from the gap, so while waiting for the right bare minimum timing, I tried not approaching and let myself be assaulted by the bullets.


(Three, two, one, NOW!)


I was thinking at first that they were just flying at random all the time, but that apparently isn’t the case, that’s because it would be easier for the caster to slip in attacks if they know the timing.


After avoiding the sword attack and moving away by doing a large leap backwards, and at the last moment’s, there were light projectiles in front of me.


「Please work, sorya~!!」


Since I was in a position where the light projectile was about to hit me, I moved a bit to prepare to dodge if it failed, but I have successfully deflected it.




Vanil Mirth-san was so surprised by his attack being repelled, that he was not able to dodge the deflected attack that flew straight to his shoulders, and a small wound has been successfully inflicted.


「For you to be able to deflect that magic, just how much out of common sense are you」


「Fufun~, should not think of common sense when fighting me」


It wasn’t just a random deflection, nor did I particularly aim for the light bullet to hit. I did try making sure that it flies towards him though.

However, if I did not do that in the middle of a clash, the move would be easy to predict so Vanil Mirth-san would have definitely dodged with minimum movements.


All of the light bullets disappeared, and now I wonder how Vanil Mirth would continue. If he would assault me now with close combat then I would surely be able to read his moves as we continue and that would give me a big opening.


「Photon Spear」


「Hmmm, still the same?」




It was like the same attack as before, but it seems like some kind of effect have been added. It seems like it was somewhat strengthened with a different type of magic.

However, be it strengthened or not, it’s just the same light projectile so I might be able to also deflect it and it may not turn into much of a threat, it will also become an opening for me to attack.


I was thinking that he would also follow up with an attack after sending the light projectiles, but instead he drew back a little. This is somehow making me a little nervous.


Unlike what I have expected, the light bullet the flew towards me were a little slower than earlier, and strangely Vanil Mirth-san was just watching it as it approaches me.


Well anyway, if the projectile reaches me then I just have to deflect it, and return it back to him.

The moment it approached an I was about to deflect it, the light bullet exploded with a bright flash covering my view.




I was quite surprised from the attack, but there was no damage, but the problem was I cannot see where Vanil Mirth-san is.

I was still for a moment to understand the situation, but then I felt something bad heading straight for me. Having a cold sweat I immediately jumped away to dodge.


When I was about 5 meters away, I could see a glimpse of his sword swiping the place where I was before, and when he realized I was already missing, he come chasing me once more while sending beams of light as he approached.




Because of the light projectiles approaching me first, I smashed the bullet with my hand in an attempt to deflect it.

If it’s the type that explodes, then I might get thrown away from the blast, and that couldn’t be helped since I’m just reacting to what is currently happening.




My hand made contact, and when I was thinking that it would explode… it was repelled instead and was sent back to Vanil Mirth-san, but the bullet was easily dodged this time.


Then, I could finally take a breather, and I wondered how am I going to escape this dilemma. There were also light projectiles still aiming at me. Vanil Mirth-san also fixes his position, though he is further away from me at the moment.


「One more time!」


I was thinking if it will still be an explosive one if it’s something that can be deflected then it would have been easier for me to attack.

But as I was thinking about what it would be, the light bullet exploded once more as it approaches.


「Mou, what should I do with this!」


I said out loud as I jumped away from the spot quickly.

Another light projectile was chasing me but it was immediately returned to the approaching Vanil Mirth-san.


「I guess I have no choice if it all comes to this…」


If it is the deflectable projectile then it was useless against me, if it was the exploding type, it doesn’t really do any damage and was only annoying and could be blocked by covering my face.

Because I’m expecting the next one to be an explosive type, I was on guard, I have already prepared ways to deal with it, that was what I expected.


But then then next attack hit my arm and I could hear sizzling sound as if something burned and a small hole appeared on my arm.


「Wha, what was that!?」


What was that really painful attack?!

My field of vision went a bit hazy for a moment and tears started to accumulate in my eyes.

It was really painful at first, but it immediately subsided and now it only hurts a bit.


It is not good to block that type of attack, it is good if it were the normal or exploding ones but that was just bad news. I will faint if I got hit by that many times.


When I was distracted by the damage on my arm, Vanil Mirth-san appeared in front of me.




「This time, I definitely won’t miss!!」


As I shouted in surprise, I was somehow able to barely deflect the attack and tried to deliver a counter, but it was immediately dodged and Vanil Mirth-san moved back with a light back step.




Ah, is he angry, was he regretting not being able to finish me from that attack, and then light projectiles were floating around him again. Was he really that angry from being not able to finish me off from that?

Then an explosion again, but this time there was a black smoke screen.


Ahhh, I wanted to end this already, this bullet hell game is too annoying, but well we are still in the middle of a match.

I take my distance away and another explosion with black smoke covered my vision.




I wasn’t able to understand what he chanted, it was so fast. Is this how he seriously chants?

I didn’t receive projectile assaults this time, and our distance is around 14 meters away. But this time his fist was wrapped in a faint blue light.


「With this it will be over」


As he aimed his fist towards me, a slightly wavy laser like beam was launched at the same speed as the previous light bullets, so I tried to do the same with the previous attacks and attempted to deflect it.

I don’t really know what the difference is, but I was able to deflect or block everything that looks like that and I’m still fine other than the pain in my arm.


Then when it was about to approach me, a voice was suddenly heard from inside my mind.


『Avoid it you fool!!!』



I avoided the laser like attack, after hearing that warning, and at the place where I was at, the laser hit the ground, creating a deep hole in it.

Uwah, if I didn’t dodge I would have been trapped in that place.


『Oh, it’s a magic I have not known of』


I could feel like the voice was coming from behind me so it doesn’t seem to be a hallucination. But you know, I don’t really want you to speak like a haughty princess in this place.


Vanil Mirth-san seems to also be stunned for a moment probably recovering from the magic he used, so the assault would probably stop for now, so I had time to look the other way.




『What a rude of calling thy self, mistress, well that is fine for now— Our link has finally been established』




『It has been 10 years, and finally my hardship has bore fruit. I was able to show myself for several times, but things didn’t work well, I did struggle as much』




I’m not really sure what she was talking about, but Doppel-san seems to have grown more than me, but it seems like she was only like how I will be like in the future.


Right now, she still has the same long black hair, gold eyes, but the clothes she is wearing are different than what I wear. Well, she was wearing a rather frilly dress before, when we first met.

However, it seems like she is matching her clothes with her body size or maybe it just changes when she grow, or maybe this is what she preferred?


The audience was not responding to her presence so it seems like I am the only one who can see her.


『Oi, you’re still in the middle of a match you know? Return your focus on the match and do what you have to do』




When I returned my focus to Vanil Mirth-san, the blue magic in his hand disappeared, and flying projectiles were surrounding him again.


「Wah, again!?」


『It seems like you’re having trouble finding the explosive ones mistress? I can identify it for you』




『Yes, the magical wavelength they contain is different so it would be easy. You only need to avoid the explosive ones and deflect the normal ones right? 』


「Will do my best」


『Un, a good reply』


「Then, we will settle this」