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Chapter 45 Glimmer of Magic

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「 Bettie, do you have any plan? 」


 I asked Helvetia while evading the golem’s sword and occasionally fighting back, and she tilted her head with her arms crossed.


『 Hmmm, yes… wait a minute, I’m trying to recall it now 』


The three girls, Letty and the others, are poised a little farther away from me, watching over me. It’s a good decision, because I don’t want them to be chased since it changes it’s aim quickly. If they were targeted they would be easily overwhelmed and that’s a big problem, because they could hardly take any hit from the golem.


We are currently in plain close combat where this side ensures their attack would not blow the opponent too far away, like the attack that hit us would throw us far compared to our first encounter.


I would like to grab it and try pinning it down with grappling techniques, but it would probably just ignore the attack or would be able to shake me off quickly, and at worst I won’t be able to quickly react if it did something unexpected, which is a little too dangerous.


It’s a rather easy fight, since neither of us is taking any damage and the golem only uses a two-handed sword to attack, and not a beam or any other kind of strange attacks.


But Letty is currently the party leader, so if she gives the order to retreat, we’ll have to retreat. This situation is kind of a stalemate, so I’m fine with retreating, but I am also waiting for Helvetia’s response if possible.


「 Toto-chan, do you still think you can manage? 」

「 It’s okay, I won’t lose 」


Though at the moment I still can’t beat it.


Helvetia said 『 Golem of Sangues 』, but I wonder if Sangues is the name of a place or not, it must be a famous place to build such a strong golem, it kinda reminds me wagyu.


…… Now I’m getting hungry.


『 Hey, what are you thinking about that’s making you drool at this situation 』


「 Haa!? 」 


『 Haah, anyway for now call out to Felicy and tell her to disperse magic power 』


「 Magic Power? 」


『 Well, if there’s a high concentration of magic power, its armor should be softened to some extent, and the steel with that blue pattern is called magical steel, Magicite……. Hmm, right, if you want an an easy-to-understand explanation, think of it like this, iron is forged at high temperature, right?It’s like a magical version of that 』


I know that you can hit the iron to change the shape because I was shown it at the workshop, but do you mean to force it to turn red? I’m fighting now, but I wonder if it’s okay for me to get inside the scattered magical power.


「 Will I be alright Inside the magic power? 」


When I asked, Helvetia answered bme with a nod.


『 There would be no problem, if it’s magic power outside your body then the magic used may be disturbed, but since you are not releasing any outside, it won’t really interfere you, so you can move without any problems 』


「 I see 」


Well I can’t imagine what dispersing magic power is like, and I wonder how it is done. If ask Felicy, she would probably know, and if she didn’t then I could ask for instructions from Helvetia.


「 Felicy~ 」


「 What is it, Toto-chan, do you need some help? 」


「 Magic power, can you spreat it around? 」


「 spread out……Magic Power?」


Felicy tilted her head while staying at a distance, looking at me in inquiry, but she soon understood the meaning of what I asked, so she waved her hand and asked me.


「 Is it okay to get Toto-chan involved? 」


「 Nn, will be fine 」


「 alright, then, here I go! 」


Even though we were still striking at each other, I didn’t know what would happen if the magical power was scattered around us. When I was locked in grip with it, the surrounding scenery suddenly shined.


I don’t know how to express it, but it’s a different feeling from light, it’s not 『 Dazzling 』, it may be closer to gold dust or glitters that seems to be sparkling.


『 Alright, now hit it with all your might, though I don’t know if your superhuman strength would be enough to destroy it 』


「 Nn 」


With a lot of focus in my right hand, I parried the two-handed sword the same as before, and then stepped forward with all my force and sent a powerful blow into its torso.


Then, the armor which was never dented no matter how much I hit it, was now bent out of shape with a hole on its body. To think it didn’t shatter even after hitting it with all my strength, this would have definitely been a nightmare for normal people. But it’s a lot softer now compared to before.




The golem made strange noises as it moved, and once it swung its two-handed sword down from above and penetrated the ground, it stopped moving.


「……is it finally defeated?」


It’s still standing, that’s why I poked the golem that wasn’t moving with the tip of my fist and confirmed that its state, I also secured my escape to Kana as I did so.


「 You did it, just as expected 」


When I tried to say that it might still move, Letty covered it up.




「 Lettie 」


After a while, Felicy hugged me without worrying about it.


In a sense, it was a strong enemy and I don’t know how she feels, but I want her to at least do something like this in a place far away from the Golem.


「 Well then, shall we dismantle the golem and collect its materials? 」


「 But this is a lot, isn’t it? 」


Tilting my head back at Letty’s words, I noticed that even if we try to take it apart, it would be more than my tool bag could carry.


「Well, is Toto-chan’s tool bag not enough?」


「 Un, impossible, can’t carry everything 」


「 This defensive power is splendid, though 」


Kana was running around the golem, knocking it while it was standing still, and then suddenly the golem made a loud noise and spewed something like steam from its back.


「 Wah! 」


All of them jumped away and immediately moved into combat, but the golem did not move any further after that and went silent once again.


「 I wonder if it doesn’t work anymore 」


Lettie watches cautiously, sword and shield at the ready.


「 Want me to break it a little more?」


Although there is a risk that the party that comes after us might take them, I think it would be safer to separate it part by part than to leave them in its current form.


「 Well I guess so, then I’d be taking an arm and a leg. Can you do that? 」


「 Un 」


I nodded my head, but the magic that Felicy had just spread for me seemed to have dissipated already, and the surrounding sparkles disappeared.


Thinking that there would be no problem since the golem’s functions were disabled, I knocked the golem to the ground and punched it as hard as I could in the right shoulder, but the golem only buried itself in the ground and the arm did not come off.


「 ugh, sorry, Felicy 」


「 Yeah, I got it 」


I asked Felicy to spread the magic again, and then I tapped it repeatedly to separate the shoulder and waist, and as I was doing so Helvetia reacted, so I listened to her.


『 That’s a magic stone, isn’t it? Take it if you can, it’ll come in handy some time 』


「 Nn, this one? 」


I didn’t notice it when I was fighting, but this golem seemed to have a single eye under its helmet, and when I took it off, I found a beautiful purple crystal ball that looked like a marble, only one size larger.


『 Yeah, it’s expensive stuff, so I’d say we should probably talk to them about it 』


「 Heee, it sure is beautiful, this 」


Looking at the sky through the crystal ball, I don’t know what it can be used for, but I would like to wear this kind of thing as a pendant.


「 Lettie, can I have this?」


「 Alright 」


I asked, waving the crystal ball in my hand, and Lettie simply replied, probably still too stunned to be worried about it, this must be really expensive.


「 Eh, is it really alright 」


「 There might be more like that down the lower level, so it’s alright for me. Besides, if it weren’t for Toto-chan, we wouldn’t have been able to defeat it in the first place. 」


「 If that’s the case, then what about Felicy 」


「 I was just scattering magic power, you know. Don’t worry, I didn’t even think about that idea of trying to scatter magic, so the three of us couldn’t have defeated it. 」


「 Then, I’ll take it, thank you 」


I shoved the crystal ball into my tool bag and went back to Lettie.


「 Thanks for your hard work, but how did you come up with the idea of directly scattering magic to make it brittle? Did you know what the armor was made of? 」


「 Nn, just a hunch, something like that 」


「 A hunch?」


「 Hey, it’s time to move!」


「 Ah! Kana, you go can ahead again.……」


When I followed Lettie’s gaze, I saw that Kana was about to head towards the building. The building itself was large, but I wondered if there was anything inside. I wonder if the view would change again when we enter the door just like when we came down here from the first layer.


It’s kind of exciting not knowing what we may encounter out there.