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Chapter 48 Pendant

TL: Yuki
ED: Filip

When we reached the restaurant district, Luttie finally calmed down, giving a small cough and muttering to herself.

「……Ehem, I have shown you something unsightly 」

「 Nn, are you okay now?」

「 Yup, I’m fine now.」

In love comedy, they usually ask 『 Are you ok?』 to which the one asked not usually think 『 Eh, do you like me?』and it would usually be a scene where the one asking would do it in a really catchy manner, probably.

The usual reaction would be a blushing scene to which the one asked would react… well that is unless one would get the context wrong.

Haah, I sigh quietly so Luttie wouldn’t notice. Just like with Rikka-chan, and with Helvetia, I’m a bit more sensitive now when it comes to the possibility of strong emotions coming my way, sorry Luttie.

We went from the adventurer’s district in the west ward to the residential district in the south ward. There you will find a street called the restaurant district, and as you would expect from a street called by that name, it is lined up with various restaurants.

In addition to the dishes you see in Aries, there are also a few restaurants that serve local cuisine, so you could say that Eresbell is a big and diverse country.

It could also be a dish from another country, though.

Because of its close to the adventurer’s district, this area is frequented by adventurers, and popular restaurants sometimes turn you away, saying, 『 We can’t let you in because we’re full 』.

Maybe it’s because there are so many adventurers, but basically they don’t wait in line. If it’s full, they go looking for the next store.

「 How about here?」

When I asked her, Luttie also put her finger on her cheek and tilted her head thinking about it.

「 Well, what about that place you were wondering about last time?」

「 Hmm, okay.」

At the restaurant, we sat down at a table for two, and after we finished our meal, I was asked by Luttie to check my records.

「 Okay, so Toto-dono has been to Cainesteria twice and Berger’s Cave this month.」

「 Nn, I went to Cainesteria by myself, and to Berger’s Hole with Letty and the others.」

As soon as the confirmation began, Luttie started to take notes earnestly, as if a switch had been flipped.

By the way, Cainesteria is the name of a town, a rather large town in the opposite direction of Rubiera.

The atmosphere was similar to that of Rubiera, a medieval town with short houses, nicely paved cobblestone streets running from the entrance to the exit, and many stores, which seemed to be a comfortable place to live.

This month, I received two requests in the Cainesteria area, so I decided to use an inn in Cainesteria.

「 Did you exchange any information with the other adventurers in Cainesteria?」

「 No, it was not that hard, so I didn’t need any help at that time.」

I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t feel like going to the tavern. I think it’s good to go to the tavern to exchange information if it’s a tough request, but sometimes it’s faster to ask Helvetia for tools or herbs, so I don’t really exchange information with other adventurers that much.

The requests I received were 『 Delivering orc tusks (D rank) 』 and 『 Collecting the medicinal herbs native to Mount Umul (C rank) 』. If I can’t earn points for killing monsters, I’ll inevitably end up doing a lot of collecting, which is a problem.

In case you’re wondering, you can get points for 《 Delivered》 instead of 《 Defeated 》. Thankfully, Vanil Mirth told me that I should also know how to gather materials from defeated monsters.

We’ll need a part of the monster as proof of completion of the request. I don’t think there’s much of a difference, but I think the important thing is 《 what can be used as material 》.

If you know which part of the body can be used as material, you can sell the material after receiving the request to kill it.

「 Hmm, so you didn’t have any problems in Cainesteria.」

「 Hmm, I think, I’ve only talked to the people at the inn.」

「 Now, let’s move on to Berger’s Cave, did you find anything? 」

「 Nn.」

I close my eyes and think back, I wonder what happened.

「 But Luttie, now that you mention it, is this really necessary?」

As I was recalling, a question popped into my head. I’m convinced that Luttie is my warden, but I wonder if my activities at the guild are not reported to the Order.

Luttie tilted her head once in response to my question, but after thinking about it for a moment, she nodded her head, as if she understood what I was trying to say, and then said.

「 Yes, that’s maybe just me, but I believe that confirmation is also necessary. The general information about the request that Toto-dono received from the Adventurer’s Guild goes to Vanil Mirth-dono, but the details are completely unknown to him.」

「 Un.」

「 That’s why, I am checking the details myself, but Toto-dono is not good at hiding things, so it is enough to ask in this kind of place.」

「 Heee」

I don’t want to hide things from you, but when you tell me face to face that I’m not good at hiding things, I feel a little embarrassed. I don’t know if it’s okay to tell you that, but I’m sure you’re telling me directly because we have a strong relationship of trust.

Well, I’m aware of it because Helvetia says to me, 『 You’re so quick to let your thoughts show on your face.』 every time.

But if that’s the case, I’ll have to report it properly. I think I fought a golem in Berger’s side Cave or some unknown adventurer gave me some information.

「 Um, well, this time, I did talk to some adventurer, and―― 」

At any rate, I told her the whole story of what happened in Berger’s Cave, and that’s when I remembered Helvetia saying, 『 The Golem of Sanguis 』.

At the time I took the liberty of thinking it was a place name, but in the end I didn’t know what it was.

「 Luttie, do you know about Sanguis?」

「 Sanguis, is it?」

Luttie stops writing in her notes and tilts her head to think about it.

「 I’ve never heard of it, what is it? 」

「 You don’t know it? I also don’t know about it 」

When I told her that, Luttie’s eyes lit up, and it seemed as if she had a lot of question marks on her head.

Hmm, maybe I’ll ask Helvetia about this one later. She looked like she knew that golem, and well, I’m pretty sure about Sanguis too, so I could ask her later.

But if you have a problem, you ask Helvetia, right? She is like a Wikivetia.

I’d like to give her something to show my appreciation, but since we share the same body, I can’t give her food or anything like that, so what should I do?

「 Hmm, sorry, it’s nothing.」

Luttie’s eyes remained fixed on me, and I shook my head in denial.

「 Do you want me to look into it for you?」

「 Oh, no, it’s fine. I was just curious. That’s why.」

「 is that so?」

She wasn’t too convinced, but she didn’t seem to pursue it because I said it was nothing, but she casually wrote down a very short word in her notes about it, I think it was 『 Sanguis 』.

Well, if I’m a little curious, I’ll look it up. It’s probably not a big deal.

「 Moreover 」

As I stared blankly at Luttie’s hand, she looked up, but her mood was slightly different from before, and she was smiling softly.

This is the end of work mode. Luttie is very easy to turn on and off.

「 That necklace is the 《 Golem’s Eye 》 that was mentioned earlier?」

「 nn, what do you think?」

「 It looks really good on you.」

If I had to put an onomatopoeia, I’d say it’s she’s showing a smiling face, a smile so good that you can’t help but think, 『 ugh, Luttie is so cute ……』.

「 Th, thank you.」

I was a little embarrassed, so I couldn’t look her in the eye and replied with a downcast look, surprising myself with how tightly I tensed up.

「 So, what are we going to do now?」

「 Ah……Well, we’ll have to use the tools, and we’ll have to take care of the supplies.」

「 Well, let’s go. We’ve been here a little too long.」

「 Nn, I guess so.」

I jumped out of my chair and headed for the exit. The price was in exchange for sampling the food, so all I had to do was leave.

As I was walking, my cheeks relaxed when I caught a glimpse of the pendant in my sight when I looked down slightly.

I’ve rarely been complimented on my appearance in this world, so I was really happy when someone said I looked good.

I also like the pendant, so I have to thank the craftsman for making it so beautiful, even though I gave a very vague request.

After loosely grasping the magic stone on the pendant top to calm my happy feelings, Luttie and I returned to the adventurer’s district.