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Chapter 56 Nominated Request

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



The next day, after having a small party with Luttie, I was rewarded for helping out Virgilio-san and became a B rank.


To be precise, the original request expired and Virgilio-san hadn’t returned, so it was changed to a search in a haunted house (A rank) and I was promoted thanks to the extra points.


Originally, as a C-rank member, I was only allowed to accept B-rank requests and not A-rank requests, but since I left before the rank was changed and the lady at the reception desk told the guild master about my situation, I was able to receive my reward.


A little while later I remembered the condition that I could take any request I wanted as long as I was at a party with a high-ranked adventurer, and we both realized that there was no problem at all if I had just pretended to be at a party with Virgilio-san.


So, another day passed, and when I entered the guild, the lady at the reception desk beckoned to me as usual.


「 Toto-san, Toto-san 」


「 Nn? 」


It was common for this lady to call me, so I gave her a short reply and headed straight for the reception desk.


「 What’s wrong? 」


I hooked my hand on the counter and peeked out, and my eyes met with an older woman with a lowered eyebrow who looked a little distressed.


She handed me a piece of paper with her face on it and explained.


「 Count Revenant has summoned Toto-san by appointment and will be coming to pick you up soon 」


「 What’s that? Do I have a designated commission? 」


「 It’s not really a problem… but since Toto-san is famous, you might have caught his attention. The other party is a nobleman, so I couldn’t just ignore him, and he’s providing some funds to run the guild 」


「 Uweeh 」


Please don’t make me deal with a noble, I’m just a common adventurer and I don’t think I can handle nobles.


It’s probably my adventuring skills that they’re looking for, so I’m sure they’ll be satisfied if I do a good job.


「 When will they come? 」


Tilting my head, the older sister indicated with her hands in the paper she had given me.


「 According to the letter, they are already on their way here, so if nothing happens on the way, they will probably arrive the day after tomorrow. It’s a bit of a distance from here, so Toto-san, please remember to be prepared 」


「 Nn, thank you 」


Helvetia appeared, peering at the paper that had been given to her, and opened her mouth after a quick look over it.


『 Hmm, a letter to the guild. It’s brief, but it includes the location, and it’s written in a style that human nobles like, so it might be a little difficult for you to read. 』


I nodded casually and shoved the letter into my tool bag.


「 When do I come back? 」


When I asked her if they were going to come to my house, she tilted her head slightly and replied.


「 That part wasn’t written down, so I think the guild will probably come to pick you up. That’s why I’m going to lend Toto-san a magic tool, Ta-dah! 」


Making a sound effect on her own, she took out two palm-sized black, square stones from under the counter and placed them on the desk.


There are patterns on the sides you can see, but they’re not dice.


「 Oooh……What’s this 」


I propped myself up on my elbows and picked up the stone. It was so smooth and cold and felt good, I felt like it could be a healing item all by itself and I wanted it.


As I was playing with it in my palm, the older lady was staring at me with a big sweat mark on her forehead.


「 That’s not how it’s supposed to be used. It’s more of a placeholder. 」


「 Eh 」


When she touched the other stone on the counter, the stone I was holding began to glow with a pale rainbow of colors, making a sound like a tuning fork.


「 Ooooh! 」


I like this kind of thing!!


I happily put the rainbow-colored stone on the counter, then grabbed the other one and tried touching it like the older sister/lady did, however it did not glow like before, it only stayed silent.。


「 Am I doing something wrong? 」


「 The trick is not just to touch it, but to also apply magic power to it, because it’s a magical tool. 」


「 Ueeh, impossible 」


When I slumped down, the older sister giggled at me.


This is serious, you know!?I know you’re laughing at me like that, thinking 『 I don’t think it’s impossible 』, but I really can’t handle magic!


「 This is the only tool I can use, but I’ll make it glow when they come for you. This stone is called the Telestone, and when you notice it is glowing, Toto-san, please come to the guild 」


「 I see. Okay. 」


It’s a handy item. With this, all I have to do is get ready to go, and I can rush to from wherever I am.


I took the stone that was still glowing in rainbow colors, but I wonder when it will go away.


「 This… is it alright for me to take it like this? 」


When I showed the stone to the older lady and asked her about it, she smiled and nodded.


「 The glow should last roughly five minutes. 」


「 Okay, then, I’ll take it 」


「 Okay, when that stone glows, you better come back here 」


「 Nn, leave it to me 」


I took one of the stones, jumped down from the counter as usual, turned around and waved to the older lady, and left the Adventurer’s Guild.


It was two days later, in the afternoon, that the stone began to glow with a pale rainbow color, sounding like a tuning fork again.


I was dressed in my adventurer’s gear and had my tool bag on my hip, so I headed straight for the adventurer’s guild, where I found a gorgeous carriage parked in front of the building. It was the type of carriage that has box seats.


As I walked into the guild and headed for the counter, a man in a crisp suit approached me. He was in his early twenties, slender, with slightly long hair and droopy eyes for a man, giving him a quiet impression, but his demeanor was graceful.


「 You must be Toto-san. I’m Idry. Nice to meet you. 」


「 Hmm, nice to meet you. Has it been checked already? 」


「 We have confirmed it, the badge on the chest and the letter belonged to Count Revenant, so we can be sure. 」


「 Haha, I didn’t think they’d check me that carefully. Now, come this way. 」


The lady at the reception answered, and I followed Idry-san out.


The gorgeous carriage seemed to belong to Count Revenant, and Idry-san opened the carriage door and let me in, telling me to come in.


Idry-san went straight to the front of the carriage to ride on the platform, I guess he didn’t notice that I was peeking through the small window of the carriage, so he secretly took out a black stone from his pocket for a moment and quickly hid it.


「 That stone 」


I turned myself around and sat down, muttering in a quiet voice. Perhaps it was because I was the only one in the box seat, but Helvetia was sitting on the opposite side of the seat, with her figure still a bit ghastly.


『 You noticed that thing you’ve been using lately, the telestone, you call it? I’m sure it was mostly used to collect you and convey your departure, but it seemed rather stealthy for that. 』


「 That’s suspicious…… 」


『 It’s unusual for you to be so suspicious of other people’s actions, have you eaten something strange? 』


「 You don’t mind, do you, Betty? 」


『 Hmmm, human aristocrats are often obsessed with the weirdest things. I don’t know, maybe they think that it’s embarrassing to be seen reporting by a client. 』


This is the first time I’ve been invited by a nobleman, after all.


I don’t know if it’s because Idry-san seems shady, or if I’m just nervous because it’s my first time dealing with a nobleman.


「 Well then, we’re off. It’s going to be a little bumpy, so please be careful. 」


「 Nn, got it 」


As I answered I started feeling a slow vibration, and the scenery began to move.


We’ll probably be on the move for a while, but if I close the curtains on the door windows, I won’t be able to see out and will be able to relax, and this carriage should make the trip more comfortable than I expect.