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Chapter 66 Going Through

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



I tried running to the back of the Undead with enough momentum to crush the floor, but it doesn’t allow me behind, turning around while keeping up with my speed.


「 Will……Will be…… 」


「 Haaaah…… 」


This Undead has been moaning like it’s talking since a while ago, it’s moving fast and quite strong, I wonder if it’s an Undead that was made like that Giant Undead.


『 It’s reaction time sure is fast. 』


「 I’m stuck. I can’t get around it. 」


I clenched my fists in response to Undead’s attempt to strike me. It seemed that if I didn’t find an opening, we would have to exchange an endless amount of blows.


Countering is easier than I thought, but with four arms, the chain of attacks is so short that it’s very difficult to find an opening.


I can avoid the punches that are swung with all its might, but I can’t get close enough to it because it sends needles flying with its other hands. The needles are only fast enough to be seen, but I have a feeling that even my defense will be pierced by them.


It’s one of the strongest monsters I’ve ever met, so I’m sure I’m right.


Hmm, pierced?


I pulled out the needle stuck in the ground and went into close combat again. I clenched my fist and aimed to stab the needle as if I were going to slam it into its right shoulder. I flung my fist hard to stagger it, and then I hit it with the needle as hard as I could.


The needle is inserted deep into the bone in one shot, damaging the surrounding area and cracking the bone. Okay, that’s what I will be aiming for.


The cracks are quite large, and the needle is interfering with the movement of Undead’s arm, so I can get behind him regardless of his reaction time.


I rolled to avoid the attack of the slowed right arm, and as soon as I was on the back side, I stood up, turned around, and grabbed Undead’s torso firmly.


「 Oryaaaa, take this! 」


I lifted it straight up and gave it a suplex. It’s not a loose one like the one I did to Zasker last time, but a powerful one that thrusts its head into the ground.


There was a painful gurgling sound and a moment of silence, but the Undead moved its arms and tried to stand up, despite its neck being bent at a strange angle.


「 I’m not done yet! 」


I spun to the side and then turned around again, put my hand under Undead’s armpit while it was getting up, and did a second suplex. Thinking that I probably wouldn’t be able to beat it, I turned around again while it was still silent and threw it right above me with a cone spin.


I tried to immediately follow it with a jump. Yes, and just like what the character in a battle manga does when throwing an opponent, I wanted to smash it to the ground with another suplex which would be fun.


……But well, I’ve also found it’s very difficult to grab it while in the air, and even harder to turn it upside down to smash it in the ground. Not to mention that it also attempted to grab me while I approached it midair.


「 Doryaaaa! 」


I gave up and decided to swing the tail I just grabbed down and just slam it to the ground.


There was a tremendous sound like an explosion, and a hole appeared in the floor. Apparently we were on the second or third floor, the red plush carpet was torn and a huge hole was made in the stone floor, revealing the floor below.


If the Undead that I slammed into the floor started to move, I would have grabbed both of its legs and swung it around even more, but its right arm was ripped off, its body was cracked, its head was shattered, and it was completely silent.


『 It was this one who said it, but what an incredibly powerful move. If you had been in my entourage, you might have been called the King of 《 Power 》. 』


「 Eh, really 」


I was about to take my hand off my foot, thinking this is becoming more of a chore, I noticed a stinger stuck in my hand.


More like a thorn than a stinger. There were several thin stingers extending from where I was holding, piercing my hand and leaving a gaping hole.


I hadn’t noticed it at all because there was no pain, but my hand was sore, and I guess I hadn’t even noticed my own blood because I’d kissed Luttie a while ago and came here covered in blood.


There were only a few small thorns, so there wasn’t a lot of blood coming out, and it wasn’t noticeable.


I’m not sure if it will heal properly later, but I noticed that it is starting to sting, and that’s no good.


As I pulled my hand away from the thorns on the tail, I used all my power and smashed its torso, creating a hole on the wall while its body was crushed by the force. Then I heard Vanil Mirth-san’s voice from a short distance away.


「 Toto-san, Marius is going over there! She’s probably attempting to escape in the passage you created! 」


I looked up and saw that Marius was indeed coming towards me at a very high speed. I guess she thought that this was the only way to get away from me and Vanil Mirth-san now that she was surrounded.


「 I won’t let you 」


「 Red eyes, you’re in my way! 」


The soldiers are also rushing to block the way to the hole, but they’re not fast enough to get past me in an instant, so they’ll probably run away.


I concentrate on Marius’ legs and try to watch her movements.


Will she ignore me after this, or will she attack me before she goes? If she ignores me, will she go left or right?


No, right!


I instantly pulled out an iron ball from my tool bag, placed it in my left palm and flicked it with my right hand, an attack technique that would damage her if it hit and slow her down if she avoided it.


「 Kuh! 」


Marius, who was about to charge at me with her arms crossed to protect her face, her face distorted strongly as her arms were badly damaged.


She was supposed to be a researcher, and running towards my bullets moving faster than her running speed would badly damage her. Still, she forced her way, enduring my attack to break through.


It’s a good thing that I’m not the only one who was planning to stop her, because I’m sure that Vanil Mirth-san, who’s chasing her, is also adjusting to keep me out of the line of fire, so I don’t have to worry even if Marius suddenly takes evasive action, but I have to stop Marius at least once so that Vanil Mirth-san can catch up.


When the distance between us was about five paces, Vanil Mirth-san stopped and started chanting fast, as if he believed in me.


One step, two steps, no sign of movement in either direction.


『 She’s throwing the dagger, look out! 』


「 Awawa 」


I was just barely able to avoid the dagger that she threw in the same manner as a throwing knife – that surprised me!


It seems like she’s also been waiting for the right moment to throw the dagger, which was still in her hand when she was hit by the bullet, and when I avoided, my stance froze for a moment.


Marius must have seen that I was in a hurry to avoid her, so she turned her foot in the opposite direction of where I had dodged, but I had read her moves and punched her in the gap.


「 Kuh! 」


The punch was so clean that Marius was blown away and fell on her shoulder. She quickly jumped up and landed on her feet, but Vanil Mirth-san’s blue whip of light wrapped around her.


「 Oh sh―― 」


「 I told you since the beginning, 『 You don’t stand a chance. 』 」


Marius was wrapped around by the whip and was struggling to get out, but the whip showed no signs of breaking or loosening.


If Helvetia hadn’t told me about this when I was fighting Vanil Mirth-san, I would have been hit by this too.


「 Damn it! Let go of me! 」


「 Normally, I’d have you locked up in a cell, but I think it’s better to just finish you off as a monster here. 」


「 What, you don’t need the information? If you kill me, you’ll be buried in the dark with me. 」


Marius asked provocatively, and Vanil Mirth let out a big sigh.


「 You won’t talk anyway. It’s too dangerous to send you to jail. 」


「 Are you sure you want to do this on your own? No, stop this, let me go! 」


As if there was no point in talking anymore, Vanil Mirth took a few steps away and began to chant.


The large magic circle that we had seen with Helvetia did not appear, only the echoing and reverberating sound of his voice.


『 Spirits, lend me your mighty power, I want to bring about a small annihilation, an annihilation by your light.《 Photon Ignition 》 』


When Vanil Mirth-san finished chanting the spell, the screaming Marius glowed strongly, and when the light subsided, she was no longer there.


Vanil Mirth-san’s magic sounded the same as the last one I’ve heard, but I wonder if the chanting could differ from person to person.


The magic that Helvetia used before entering the city has eliminated most of the Undead outside, and once the remaining Undead in the city are defeated, this mess should be over.


Only Vanil Mirth-san can say whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to kill Marius, but since he made the decision, it must have been a good thing.


「 Toto-san, I’m going to go back and tell His Majesty it’s over, but what about you? 」


「 Hmm, will get rid of remaining undead in the city 」


「 I understand, please do, and I’ll see you later. 」


I waved my hand and jumped to the window where the bony Undead had come in from and went out.


It seems that the only ones left are the weak ones, and Letty and the other adventurers are strong, so I guess there’s no need for me to step in though.