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Chapter 67 Completing the first stage

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Well, a week has passed since then.


As far as I’ve heard, the casualties in the royal capital were less than 10,000, the seriously injured a little over 500, and the dead numbered 43.


It looks like it was a good thing that we used lightning magic to wipe out the Undead that were still in large numbers when we arrived in Aries. The adventurers fighting at the gate said that without that, they might have been defeated by the sheer volume of enemies, so the timing was just right.


Incidentally, it seems that some other towns were destroyed as well. The Revenant territory where Marius was hiding was in such a state that there wasn’t a single living person left, and the towns and villages from there to Aries were destroyed as well.


It seems that Undead have appeared close to various other cities, but the vigilantes, adventurers, and knights stationed in those cities have taken care of them.


The village of Furuka, where I was born and raised, is a long way from the royal capital and from the Revenant territory, so it probably wasn’t affected that much.


I guess I’ll have to drop by there after the current flurry of activity is over. My mom and dad are probably worried about me.


Speaking of Furuka Village, from what I’ve heard, Rikka-chan seems to have run away from home.


I’m sure Helvetia was aware of Rikka-chan’s location when she felt strongly about me, and I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t have the ability to recognize her location when I inherited Helvetia’s ability to give powers through kissing.


That being said, I did give her a few words of advice about running away from home, but she didn’t seem too bothered, so I’ll take her with me next time I show up.


The adventurer’s district in the west district was also a major battleground. The cobblestones were broken and cracked, and the buildings were crumbling, damaged and falling apart.


Virgilio-san and Ars-san left for another city as soon as the raid was over, and the guild gave them a special allowance.


「 Don’t you have any work to do? 」


So I asked Virgilio-san, whom I met before he left the royal capital.


「 I don’t need to help. This kind of extra work is a great source of extra income for low level adventurers, not for high level adventurers like us. 」


To which I replied that it makes sense.


Me? I’m a resident of this city, so I am also helping around.


「 Toto-san, it’s been a long time. 」


「 Nn, it’s been a while. 」


Six days after Virgilio-san and Ars-san left, Etoile-san arrived. I don’t know how she heard about it, but she came to help with the restoration work.


「 I wish I could have participated in the battle, but I heard that there were many A-rank adventurers who were hunting undead with Ars-san, Virgilio-san, and the three girls of Eresbell, so there was no need for me. 」


You’ll be able to find a lot of A-rank adventurers in that situation, but Etoile-san doesn’t encounter many battles like that, and usually just helps with recovery or reconstruction work.


By the way, a week has passed and Luttie is still asleep.


I took off her armor, washed off the blood that was stuck all over her body, and borrowed some pajamas from Luttie’s room and put it on her, feeling sorry for her.


I was quite embarrassed when I washed Luttie’s body. Something must have bothered her, because all of a sudden Rikka-chan started to take off her clothes too, so we had an argument about why she was taking them off.


But Rikka-chan, who was probably feeling a bit on edge because she had been separated from me, came on to me a little too strongly.


My reply to her confession when we fought with the Giant some time ago was…


「 On, On hold……? 」


But Rikka-chan didn’t seem to mind too much, and told me to my face that if I didn’t dislike her, she would make an effort to make me like her.


Rikka-chan has become much more outspoken than she used to be, which is surprising considering how timid she was while sickly.


Also, Vanil Mirth-san recently came over to our house to talk to us, once things calmed down a bit, since we had informed him about Luttie.


We sat at the living room table with Vanil Mirth-san while Rikka-chan made us some tea.


Rikka-chan put tea for the three of us on the table and sat down on a chair.


Vanil Mirth-san was surprised to see Rikka-chan’s eyes as red as mine when he first saw me, but when I told him that I had the Demon Lord in me, that I could give my own characteristics to others through the power of the Demon Lord, and that Rikka-chan was already dead from a natural disease, he nodded his head and agreed.


「 In other words, is it correct to say that Luttie Esta Aries is already dead and has been resurrected as an Undead by your ability, Toto-san? 」


「 Hmm, maybe. But I wonder why she is still asleep after all this time. 」


「 Is there any danger? 」


「 Hmmm…… 」


『 No, I’m pretty sure this is what’s giving you your power, which is very different from a normal Undead.  』


「 『 Absolutely no danger 』That’s what the Demon Lord says. 」


「 I see 」


Rikka-chan is like the secretary of the demon king Helvetia!


『 I don’t know why she hasn’t woken up so far. Her magic is circulating and she’s breathing, so I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe she’s been drained so much that she’s prioritizing recovery. 』


「 She also said that there is a possibility that she may not wake up because she prioritizes recovery. 」


「 I see, but if she wakes up as an Undead, it may be difficult for her to continue as a member of the Order after this incident. 」


「 Eh, why? Luttie has been working so hard! 」


I stood up and Vanil leaned back in his chair. It would be terrible to know once she wakes up that she’s alive but no longer a member of the Order.


Vanil Mirth-san gave a small shake of his head and spoke only one sentence.


「 That is, her eyes will definitely become red, right? 」


He himself seemed to be trying to figure out what to do, staring at his desk with furrowed brows.


「 What about magic? 」


I asked, tilting my head, and he shook his head again.


「 If it’s something that works on even the most astute of people, it’s going to be a burden on Luttie herself, and if it’s something as weak as just changing the color, most people of a certain level of ability will be able to see through it. Even if it’s just some knights, or even an adventurer who noticed, it could cause unnecessary suspicion, and that’s bad. 」


「 I see, hmmmm 」


「 Besides, I’m sure there will be members of the Order who will not look away from something like that. Those who know Toto-san, they will probably know she’s safe, but she looks like an Undead after all. 」


The Order is big, and there are still a lot of people I don’t know, and now that the Undead have attacked, if they see red eyes, they might get defensive.


What should I do?