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Chapter 68 For Adventurers

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「 Then I would like to go on an adventure myself! 」


「 Luttie!? 」


When Luttie appeared from her room in her pajamas, her red eyes were glowing brightly, and her pale skin, which had lost its color, was beginning to regain its color, though it was still pale.


When Rikka-chan appeared, I wasn’t aware that she was dead, so I didn’t mind that her eyes were red, but since Luttie was clearly mortally wounded in front of me, I couldn’t help but think, 『 ah, Undead really do have blood-red eyes 』.


Luttie walked over to the desk and saluted to Vanil Mirth saying 「  Excuse me for looking like this 」,  tilted her head and then took a seat.


「 Oh, I thought there were four voices, or was it three? 」


She asked, looking at us with her head still tilted. It seems she can also hear Helvetia’s voice after receiving my kiss. I know she has a lot of questions, but I’ll explain slowly after the conversation.


「 I’ll explain it to you later. 」


「 Luttie, it may sound strange to ask this, but are you feeling okay? 」


「 Yes, I’m feeling more powerful than before. I heard that Toto-dono, you helped me. I thank you! 」


Seeing Luttie’s usual smiling face makes me feel relieved. To think that even after a week without food or water, Luttie is still as healthy as ever.


I’ve been eating since I was born, and I’m always hungry and thirsty, but I wonder if Undead doesn’t actually need to eat or drink.


「 So, you know, I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind because I thought it would be disrespectful to the Order, to the country, but I’d like to look at what’s outside the city. 」


「 Out of the city, huh? You want to be an adventurer? 」


「 Yes, Captain-dono, if I can’t return to the Order, I want to be an adventurer with Toto-dono. 」


『 Together with Toto-dono 』 In the part, I heard the sound of fist being gripped hard with tremendous force from nearby. Rikka-chan, that’s scary, please stop it.


「 So? Wait, were you listening? 」


I was distracted by the sound of clenched fists, and Vanil Mirth-san is asking me, even though he already knows my answer.


「 It’s ok, we’ll be a party and go 」


When I answered, Rikka-chan stood up vigorously, as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.


「 Toto-chan, me too! 」


「 U, un, but you both have to do your adventure registration first. 」


「 Toto-dono, this is? 」


Surprised by the momentum, Luttie looked at Rikka-chan and then asked me. Rikka-chan has red eyes just like me, and she’s curious about her.


「 This is Rikka-chan, my childhood friend. 」


「 Oh, you are her friend from the village! Toto-dono has told me about you. My name is Luttie, nice to meet you. 」


「 ……nice to meet you too. 」


Luttie smiled and raised her arm for a handshake. Rikka-chan seemed to have been taken aback by Luttie’s smile and shook her hand with a slightly complicated look on her face.


Luttie seemed to be satisfied with that, but Vanil Mirth-san, who had been forgotten, cleared his throat.


「 Awawa, I beg your pardon, sir. 」


「 No, I’m the one who brought it up, so don’t worry about it. But yes, if you want to join a party with Toto-san, you need to be at least C rank! 」


「 Can’t I just ask them to join, or or have them join me? 」


「 There are no specific rules, but I can’t recommend it. There is almost no advantage in forcing your way up the ranks. 」


「 Don’t worry Toto-chan, we’ll be able to form a party soon, just wait! 」


「 Yes, Rikka-dono is right. I got defeated by the Undead, but I will not lose next time! 」


「 Un, got it 」


I don’t think there are many Undead at that level, but if you’re up for it, don’t be afraid to say so.


Rikka-chan and Luttie looked at each other and nodded, they might be more compatible than I thought.


Seeing this, Vanil Mirth-san opened his mouth with a serious look saying, 「 Before that 」.


「 I know this is short notice, but after this incident, I have a good understanding of Toto-san’s personality. As a result, I’ve decided that there is no need for a guard or restraints, and you can now act as an adventurer as you wish. 」


I see. Since we’re worried about the way the residents would look at us after the attack by the Undead, why don’t we go to another country for a while to avoid causing unnecessary conflicts?


I’ve been talking to people in the adventurer’s guild for a long time, and they probably know exactly who I am, but they probably don’t know about Rikka-chan, and Luttie is a member of the Knights, but most people who live in this city know her, so some would be scared if they suddenly see her with red eyes.


And I’ve become an adventurer because I want to go to different places, so I have no objections.


「 Nn, I want to do it properly. 」


「 Thank you for talking to me so soon. I will lend you a countermeasure magic tool until you both rise in rank, and you can use it and register on the Adventurer’s Guild. 」


「 Yes sir! 」


Vanil Mirth smiles at Luttie, who sits up and straightens her posture, looking a little sad.


「 You know, we are not in a boss-subordinate relationship anymore, so there’s no need to be so stiff, thank you for all your hard work. 」


「 Captain-dono…… 」


「 Oh, but if you need help, you can count on me. Also, the people of the Third Squadron were thanking me, saying that Luttie kept them alive. 」


「 Is everyone all right? 」


「 Yeah, they’re all in good condition. 」


「 I’m glad to hear it. 」


「 Toto-san, the third captain wanted to thank Luttie in person, can I tell her that she is awake? I think she will have to come here to visit soon. 」


「 Eh, is that really alright? 」


「 If anything, she’s the type of person who regrets badly that it happened. 」


「 I see…… If Luttie is fine with it, then it’s alright. 」


「 I don’t need the thanks, but I do want to say goodbye if possible. 」


「 All right, I’ll tell her then. 」


Vanil Mirth-san left in a hurry after our conversation, saying that he had other things to do.


I guess it was a good thing that he was able to confirm most of what he wanted to.


Now then, Rikka-chan came to my house, Luttie is finally up, and Vanil Mirth-san will soon bring me the magic tools to register them as adventurers, and then they will work to raise their ranks.


After all, it looks like Count Revenant continued to support Marius. Immediately after that attack, not only my testimony but also information from knights stationed in various places came in, but it seems to be a serious problem because those documents will be collected from the mansion of the collapsed Count Revenant.


Speaking of which, I don’t know what’s going on with Dell-san since he’s been left in the hands of Zambara-san and Hano-san, but I heard he’s been in contact with the king for some time now, and I’m sure he’ll get his title back.


Helvetia learnt that magic stones can be used to create an alter ego, and if we find another high performance magic stone in our future adventures, I wonder if it will be possible for Helvetia to have a body.


I don’t really want to go there, but it might be interesting to stop by Sangues on an adventure. If Rikka-chan and Luttie learn how to fight well, the three of us will do great.


「 Toto-chan, what’s wrong? 」


Rikka-chan asks me, noticing my dazed state, and Luttie tilts her head, curious about it.


「 Nn, no, it was nothing, just thought that you two would be a great help. 」


I smiled at them, and they smiled back at me.


I don’t know why I was reincarnated, and I wonder if the day will ever come when I will get to know.


Now, I’m going to get busy again, but I’ll do my best.