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Chapter 30 I am Toto

Chapter 30 I am Toto


TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



After soothing down Rikka-chan who suddenly started crying, I was finally able to leave their house.

Even if she said that it wasn’t my fault, she started bawling after I talked about becoming an adventurer, so even if it wasn’t really my fault I would still feel sorry about it.


Still, I’m beat. Was it a little too early to say that to her?

After all, if I found out that a good friend of mine would be moving away, I probably won’t know what to say and feel really lonely hearing the news.


『Heartbreak. Mistress sure is dull when it comes to things like this』


「I see」


『Well anyway, are you free now? It’s probably just the right time for us to talk about things』


「Nn, I understand」


I still have a lot of time before sunset, and I also want to know who she is or what I really am. I then moved to a rocky area far away from the village so that no one would see me.


「This place, is it fine here」


『Yup, in the first place, it won’t really matter where we are』


「Don’t read my mind, still preparing myself」


『Fufufu, you as interesting as I have always thought. Then will you also be less secretive towards me now? 』


「……Will allow it, only today」


Doppelganger, I still don’t know if she’s a dangerous existence. While I was having conflicted thoughts about her, Doppelganger lifted the hem of her dress and curtsied like a noble lady.


『Well then, I will first introduce myself. I was known as the 12th generation Demon Lord, Helvetia Eldonis Ruinglach』


「Demon Lord!? 」


『Umu, Feel free to call me Helvetia-sama』


Helvetia then puffs herself up doing a dignified pose with her hair swaying down. Even if she had a different atmosphere, her looks are a complete copy of mine, other than her eyes that are painted gold.


『And so, Who are you? 』




『You do know that what I’m asking is not your current name, right? 』


「……don’t know」


Who am I, such a simple question, yet I don’t know how to answer it. I also don’t really want to think about it.

All I know is that I reincarnated, but I wonder what exactly happened to me in my previous world? At the moment I still don’t have any recollections of it, but I do know that this is not my body, it is different from the past me, and the possibility of me returning to that world is already zero.

Then it might be much easier for me to just forget about it altogether. Also, not knowing anything about myself, it’s okay.


『You don’t know anything is it. I also didn’t know, but they might have done something for me to end up in this vessel, but why can’t you remember your name!』


「Wait, what do you mean, you know the reason?」


『Mu, isn’t this because of your strange power? 』


「Maybe, don’t know, tell me about it」




Helvetia raised her hand and pointed it to me making a pose, then after tapping her cheeks for a bit she began speaking.


『There were several conditions set before I executed my reincarnation. One, is to be born in a safe place with no obstructions, two, to be born as a demon race, and finally, it should be a child without a soul or a living child with its soul taken out』


I can understand why Helvetia said the first and second condition. Though you could consider this village to be out in the frontier, it is still a considerably safe place, but what bothered me was the third condition, about it being a living child.


「Third condition, alive right now」


『Indeed, but at the same time it is strange. Even if I verify it with my magic eyes, you are indeed alive and growing. But those blood red eyes are unmistakably the eyes of an undead. For some unknown reason, you were reincarnated into a stillborn child that was thus revived』


「Eh, this body, dead? 」


『Not really dead, but something like《Living but at the same time Dead》. Normally an undead doesn’t grow, nor does it have the ability to grow. Besides that is your strange soul. Perhaps you will be considerably stronger compared to normal people or even strong people, but right now your soul is in a fragile state and still needs to adapt some more, so be careful or you will die』


「Hmm, Unnn, umm, well, what do you mean?」


『Hmmm…… It’s just a conclusion of mine but, probably because you reincarnated into this stillborn child, you could say that it is bordering death and still doesn’t recognize you as its proper soul. Also because of some unknown reason I was also encased in this body along with you』


「Is it possible to do that? 」


『If it’s me then I can’t do it. I do know the procedures to achieve reincarnation, and as you can see me existing here, that is possible. Another problem is that the flow of power in Mistress’s body is strange. Even I had to train for 10 years, finely tuning my magic power to get to the same level』


Well, in short, because of some unfortunate events, I was reincarnated in a stillborn child reviving it, and as a bonus even Helvetia’s soul got dragged into my reincarnation, so we now share the same body. No, it was more like Helvetia was confined in my body, but it was still fine because she has no intention of taking over my mind and body. But what I’m more concerned about is why I can’t use magic, and if I try studying, will I be able to use it?


「Magic, right! Can I use magic? 」


『You, although you are a reincarnated individual, don’t you know something that obvious? Oh, right, you did say that you can’t remember your name a while ago. Do you also not remember about this? 』


「Uh, Un, right, didn’t know about it」


『……Fumu, now that I think about it, you have a bad memory that you can’t even remember speech or reading letters, right? 』


It is somewhat true, but at the same time a small bit of lie is included. After all I have knowledge that doesn’t belong to this world. I should probably tell Helvetia about this some other time, but I decided that there is no reason for me to reveal it today.


『In the first place, magic is something that all creatures possess. How the way it flows and the amount of power one could hold will vary depending on the individual』


「Then, Magic, can I use it? 」


『Well, in your case…… the magic flow is too strange and unique, so it’s impossible for you to use it』


「What do you mean? 」


『About that you see, for a normal flow of power, magic would usually circulate in and out of the body, the magic that could flow outside could then be converted into create various kinds of effects. But in your case, the magic is only circulating inside your body as if it was blood and doesn’t go outside, because of that you can’t generate any magic phenomena. Even for me, a magic specialist, it’s my first time seeing such a strange flow』


「Umm, I don’t understand」


『I see…… In simple terms, there are two main ways to use magic. First is to let magic power flow outside and create a phenomena, and second is the ability to enhance physical power by making it flow inside the body. Normally, this process is separated into two parts, and the inside or outside would vary on the mastery of the person.』


As Helvetia explained, she drew a human shaped figure with some kind of light magic in the air. I was surprised that you could also do such things with magic. The picture was really cute too.


『The magic power that is flowing outside is what you would need in order to activate Magic. When magic is activated, the magic power that was released outside the body would react with several factors including the magic power in the air to generate the magic, and is replenished when the body naturally absorbs Magic Power from the atmosphere』


This is probably that so called MP that they talk about.


『Also in reverse, magic strengthening requires Magic Power to flow inside the body which will strengthen one’s physical abilities, and since the body doesn’t normally produce magic power when used like this. Although the Magic is not lost, it also doesn’t improve much if the current amount is already fixed. It still needs to flow out at some point』


「I see, my strength, because of Magic Power? 」


『Hmm, in your case, it is slightly different, your Magic Power is constantly flowing inside your whole body, and there is zero amount flowing out』


「Then, this magic power, can I use it? 」


『Oh, it won’t be impossible to manipulate it, but it would still be impossible in your current state. Complex and strange, that is how I would describe your current flow』


Well, I have been living in a world that had nothing to do with magic. But well, it is because of this magic power that I have superhuman abilities. I also want to know how big my magic power is in comparison to that of a normal human is.


「Umm, my Magic Power, is it a lot? 」


『It’s comparable to my own, and at the same time different, because of your soul』


「comparable to Helvetia」


『Haah, isn’t that great. This is also reason your hair inherited your previous characteristics. On the other hand our magic power is almost the same, and the reason for this is probably because you and I reincarnated in the same body, it could also be just a natural effect of such fusion』


「But you see, can’t see Magic Power」


『That huh, that’s because you still can’t completely control your magic power. Well, there are a lot of people who could not detect《Magic Power》 and those who could manipulate it without seeing it. Even strong magic users are included to this group and not being able to see Magic Power didn’t really hinder them.』


「Is that so」


I could only sigh because my path to becoming a magic user seemed harsh, and Helvetia could only sigh looking at my disappointment.


『You know, Mistress don’t really need to be bothered by that. As for me, even if I did successfully reincarnate, I only ended up lurking into your body. I did my best fine-tuning my magic to communicate with you in ten years, and in the end, it only resulted in communicating with a reincarnate that knows nothing about the world or her own self. Even if you start training right now, it would still take a very long time for you to be able to control your magic power.』


「About that, sorry」


『Don’t mind it. Even if you can’t control it at the moment, you are still being strengthened by it. I also am enjoying my time as a bystander watching your daily shenanigans』


「Can’t be helped, a bit unpleasant though」


『You are such a greedy personー! Think about it, even if I want to take over Mistress, I’m not able to. I can’t even get out of this body on my own accord!』


「Wawawa, can’t be helped right. If possible I’ll help, but don’t know how to help」


After getting angry, Helvetia murmured something she thought about. Although it was a really silent murmur, I could clearly hear it because of my reinforced body.


『If I use that method, then maybe I could……』


I waited for her to continue, but Helvetia stopped murmuring and only thought about it, then closed her eyes and shook her head a little.