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Chapter 31 The Village after a While

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



It’s been a week since I came back from the capital, and that would mean 10 days in this world.

I have confirmed a little about my situation by talking to her a bit every day since we returned to the village, and Helvetia would often disappear in order to not bother me that much whenever she could.

Well, she can appear immediately if I call out to her though, so things didn’t really change that much, but this time she is only interfering with my sight to make herself invisible from my point of view.

After that time, we continued talking to each other bit by bit every day, and that made me understand that she is a good person.


「As Demon Lord, are you not going to try conquering us?」


『What the heck are you talking about…… didn’t I tell you, that just like my predecessor, I signed a ceasefire agreement with humans. Don’t compare me to those idiotic warmongers, they are were all a pain to deal with.』


「What about the current one?」


『I don’t know if he is smart enough or worthy enough, but well, they won’t immediately declare war and break the contract that suddenly, although they might be plotting to do so.』


There has been peace for about a hundred years now, and peace really is a good thing to have.

And about Rikka-chan, even though she cried a lot last time, meeting her again after a while, she was smiling and apologized about what happened the previous time.


「I am really sorry about last time, I was just a little upset.」


「Also sorry, that time, didn’t really expect that.」


「Un, and about that, when will you go?」


「Maybe, not right now, maybe soon.」


「Is that so.」


I haven’t talked about it with my parents yet, and the fastest I could think of would be five years from now. That’s what I’ve decided, but there was also the part where I did win the tournament. But, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m just a child. In the first place, there are many things that I can’t handle with just brute force.

Hearing my explanation, Rikka-chan was deep in thought, but then shook her head and sighed, then she look at me with her usual smile as if nothing happened.


「Oh right, I have some errands that mom asked of me today, that’s why I need to return home now.」


「Nn, play again some other time.」




It’s good that Rikka-chan is fine now, I don’t want to stay in that awkward situation we had before, and so I felt relieved.

But I will still feel troubled leaving her behind when I go, and it’s not like I hated staying or living in the village. It’s because I had a taste of what it’s like to live in the city.

Haaah, my heart is in pain.



Also, back at our home, mother boastingly retold father about my exploits in the Battle Arena, and of course, father was shocked.


「Toto, you, you were that strong!」


「Nn, it’s amazing right!」


「It’s not that surprising for your father not to know, even your mother who was stronger in terms of the sword was unable to realise it.」


 Fufun~, dad folded his arms thinking about something. I just found out that mom was way much stronger than dad, and how did they met each other. I’m really curious about how the romance between them started.


「However, if you want to hunt monsters, then you would probably like to be an adventurer as well?」


「Nn, want to be one.」


「I would like to tell that it’s tough, but because I’m comparing to my level which is rank C Adventurer, if you could aim higher then I’m sure that you will definitely be able to earn a lot, and won’t that be great?」


「Wait, aren’t you rushing it a bit much?」


Mom stopped dad from immediately deciding about becoming an adventurer. Maybe mom is against it, me being an adventurer.


「I’m not particularly against it, but you need to prepare a lot of things first. I don’t think that you would have any problems in terms of fighting, but if you really want to be one, then first you need to find a good base, tools and things you would need to properly maintain yourself if necessary, and since the reward is small when you are just starting. It would be impossible to live in an inn with what you can earn from rewards of the basic quests, you know?」


「Prize money?」


「Ah, certainly, if you have 1 million Griss you still won’t be able to rent a house, but staying on an Inn is doable. However you must not rely so much only on your prize money, you need to rank up as quickly as possible, just to be sure.」


「How much earned?」


「Hmm, if you could reach Rank C as soon as possible, then it should be enough to support a stable lifestyle. Even if you don’t work for a month, it will still be possible to live a normal life, at least without many problems for a few weeks.」


If everyone starts at F Rank, then C would be considered as intermediate rank, close to the upper ranks, so one would be considered senior adventurer. I placed my finger on my chin thinking as mom continued explaining.


「There will always be requests in any town or city that has a guild branch, but if you want to do a decent amount of low ranking quests continuously, then going to a city would be much better, and joining parties would also make doing quests much smoother. Also, be sure to remember the faces of the knights and soldiers so you may ask for their assistance in case you are in trouble.」


「I see, as I though, must stay in capital.」


「When do you want to go? As a mother, I still think Toto is too young to do this, so I want for you to stay with us for a while longer.」


「Father also feels the same way.」


I was expecting for them to hold me back or deny it, but this, I was more surprised that they are actually willing to even let me go immediately if I wanted to.

But there are still some things I have to confirm with Rikka-chan, so I guess I’ll put being an adventurer on hold for now? Well, if I really need to, I could still do my best again to get the prize money on the tournament next year.


「Nn, will not go for a while, not now」


「Ah right, I could give you my old stuff from the storage room, and I’ll also teach you how to use them on my spare time.」


「Thank you!」


I excitedly nodded, then made a guts pose with both of my hands.

I’m really glad, I will be receiving lectures from veteran adventurers. There were a lot of tools inside our storage that I have no idea how they are used, and I would really like to know about it.



Then, a little more time has passed, about a month since I came back from the capital. Right now I am deep in a forest sitting in a wood stump which looks like a spot where a legendary sword could be found stabbed in it since the stump resembles a pedestal.


「Betti, listen, listen.」


『What is it so sudden?』


When I called out to her, she immediately appeared in front of me, then with sparkling eyes, I asked her if she could do it. That is, become my training partner, but her eyes swam around while she answered.


『I, I don’t want to, because, well, because I have no body and can’t be touched, right? Besides, you won’t be much of an opponent against a demon lord, that’s why, do it on your own.』


「But, I wanted to try fighting against a demon lord.」


『This muscle brained person!』


Since I never had an opportunity to fight against a demon lord, I would like to know how well I would fair. Because I want to be an adventurer, I want to test out my combat skills, this is also training in order to see the limits of what I can do……。

Helvetia breathed out a deep sigh as she looked at me.


『Although right now, it would be hard for me to do anything without having a body, I would like to create a body substitute someday. Because I am encased inside your magic body, even if I forcefully break out, I won’t be able to use magic and would only be as strong as a regular human.』


「If it was me, if moved out, can’t return?」


『No, though it won’t be impossible but I’m not really very good at this kind of manipulation. For me though, I would need a good catalyst which could receive huge amounts of mana in order to manifest, but because I won’t be able to recover if I’m out of your body, I won’t be able to use my almost inexhaustible magic continuously. Also, even if I’m able to tweak your magic flow to send some to me, it will still be difficult to maintain』


「Magic, really, can’t use?」


『Umu, in the first place, even if I did forcibly move out and use magic, this body won’t even be affected. Also with your current magic status, even if I forcibly possess you and switch our mental state, the body won’t be able to move the same way as I wanted since this body only knows how to fight in your style and doesn’t have any knowledge about magic combat』


「I see」


Either way is no good at the moment it seems, I’m sorry, I thought that it would be a great idea though.

When I was going gunununu and started to form a gloomy atmosphere she looks at my face and pointed her finger at me.

 ……something came out, but nothing happened.


『Though I won’t be able to do anything either physically or by magic, I can still reproduce images of spells, it won’t be much but it would at least let you know their threat levels』


「Let’s do it……」


When we were about to start and I was quite excited, my ears suddenly caught sounds of animals running at high speed. I could also hear something heavy being pulled by them, and in the direction they were heading towards was the village.


Horses two, and that sound, a carriage? Are they competing on who would reach the village first? Hmmm, I could also hear some shouts but the voices was blocked by the noise.


「Need to go back」




I don’t feel like anything bad would happen to the village, but this kind of thing happening is really rare.

Strengthening my legs, I dashed towards the village reaching it earlier than the horses.