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Chapter 32 Is it alright for me to come along?

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



The beginning of what was happening started two hours ago.


Aries Royal Knights, the Knight Commander Vanil Mirth Crown along with three other knights riding on horseback were currently making their way through a prairie heading towards Furuka Village where Toto lives.

It was scenic grassland with a single path for horse drawn carriages to pass, and there were hardly any trees in sight. It was a really peaceful meadow to look at.


「Right now, if we continue following this path, we will be able to arrive at that place in a couple of hours」


「Just a little bit more huh, still, it would be good if we could finish this soon」


 It was just like what the woman who guided them before said, Vanil Mirth nodded in agreement to what everyone else was saying.


 At that time, an adventurer-like woman who was going in the same direction as them caught his attention. Feeling a bit discomforted, Vanil Mirth accelerated a bit and crossed into the woman’s path.


「Excuse me, are you also heading towards Furuka Village? Ah, by the way, we are also heading there because of work, and I think there is nothing wrong with that, but can we ask why you are heading there?」


「You are such a rude person, I don’t even know you, it’s a request」


 After answering him in an annoyed voice, she raised her speed a little more, but Vanil Mirth easily caught up.


「Sorry about that, you don’t have to be hostile against us, it just made me curious as to why you are heading to such a small village」


「It’s a private request so I can’t inform you of it’s contents and I don’t plan to bring any harm. Even if you are known as the Knight Commander of this kingdom I refuse to disclose information about my client」


 Clearing declaring her refusal to talk, she again further increased her speed. He understood the she wanted to arrive faster and was trying to ditch them, that’s why Vanil Mirth commanded his subordinates, 「I will be heading first to the village」 then raised his speed, his aim being to chase after the woman who was heading towards the same destination as them.


「Wait, you said that you won’t be bringing harm! But could you just tell why you are heading towards that village!」


「As I have said before, it’s part of a request! Also, even you people are not saying what purpose your visit to the village has!」


「I can’t really disclose information too, I understand situation but could you please slow down, that girl isn’t undead so we didn’t come here for the, 《Undead Hunt》!」


「Tsk, so you knew about that, or maybe is it a hobby of the knight commander to eavesdrop on what the adventurers are aiming for」


 Having her cloak removed due to riding too fast, a short haired woman with blue hair was revealed. That woman was Zanbara Curie Screeve and she was cursing Vani Mirth, who was riding next to her.


「I know I’ve been a bit playful, but I don’t have such weird hobbies! Hey, could you tell me your relation to that. I promise that I won’t bring you any harm!」


「What nonsense are you spouting now, forcing me to slow down now, won’t that be a way to take hostile action against me?!」


「That’s not what I mean when I said slow down, I’m only trying to ask you what is your task coming to this village!」


「I won’t disclose it, what were the knights aiming to have someone as important as you visit this village!」


「I said I can’t disclose it. Wait you, I remember it now, you are…!」






 I immediately rushed towards the entrance of the village and witnessed two people on horseback side by side, but I wonder why they seem to be approaching the village with everything they’ve got. Both of them were also people I’m familiar with.


It was Zanbara-san and Vanilmirth-san? I wonder why they have a really tense atmosphere. Are they acquainted with each other? I wonder why they came here though.

Knowing that they won’t be able to properly enter the village at that speed, they slowed down as they approached, then they both stopped their horses when I was close, jumped off and asked me something at the same time.


「「Will you (please) come with me (me)!」」




 After suddenly asking me that, Zanbara-san and Vanil Mirth-san stared at each other with sparks scattering around them. What is going on here?


「My parents are the, will come to my house」


 I don’t really know what they want, and it would be better to listen to their stories first. I’ll also be relieved if my parents are there to hear them out.


 And so, three people and two horses entered the village, It was rare for anyone to visit our village so many of the villagers were curiously looking at us, but when they found me along with the strangers, they just said 「What, Toto again」and seems to have lost interest.


 Eh? Have I always been looked strangely by the villagers like that? Well, I did do a lot of strange things before including leaving the village and other stuff.


「am I strange?」


 When I asked myself, Helvetia-san came out and walked next to me. She was teaching me how strange I was as we kept going towards my house.


『Hmm, were you by any chance doing those strange things unconsciously? Like when concentrating, you don’t think about your surroundings. Your consciousness strays away when you are really focused on things you want to do』


 Well, it’s true, there are times when I focus on things and ignore everything else in my surroundings. I really need to be careful about that from now on.


 There are no stables in our village so the two horses were tied to a fence near our house. Fortunately, they were well trained so it’s unlikely they will go wild even if we leave them behind.

Well, if something did happen, either I or Helvetia-san will be able to notice it, and Vanil Mirth-san is also with us.


When we entered the house, mom and dad were free and they were chatting in the living room.


「Mom, Dad, Visitors」


「Ehh!? Toto, why so suddenly」


「Excuse us, I am Aries Knights Commander, Vanil Mirth Crown」


「Sorry for getting in the way of your peaceful time, I am Zanbara Curie Screeve」


 Vanil Mirth-san with an elegant bow greeted my parents, after him Zanbara-san also greeted them with a handshake, and although dad turned pale blue, he was still able to respond to their greetings.


「Hai hai. So Toto, what did you do again this time?」


「Nn, didn’t do anything」


It’s not my fault, really.

Vanil Mirth might have come to discuss about the prize from the tournament, but I don’t remember getting involved in any way with Zanbara-san. They were offered to sit for the time being so they nodded and took a seat.


「The talks will probably end quickly so you don’t need to worry about us」


 Vanil Mirth-san then stared towards Zanbara-san, who did the same thing and now sparks are again flying between them, making it impossible to move on the talks.


「What did you come for」


 Asking that, mom and dad turned their eyes to the two in front of them seemingly worried.


「《Undead Hunting》, can you please explain about that first?」


Vanil Mirth-san was staring provokingly towards Zanbara-san as he said those words, I think I’ve heard about that topic before, before the two started bickering again, mom seems to understand the topic and seems to be more worried now.


It, it should be fine, right? Though I do look like one, I am not an undead after all.

After clicking her tongue, Zanbara-san looked at me before she started speaking.


「Toto, the reason I want you to come with me, is because my master would like to offer his thanks directly to you」


「Your Master?」


「If possible, I would like you to meet directly and listen to him. Asking about age, name, and gender was prohibited」


Nonono, you said they wanted to give their thanks, but you can’t tell me anything about them, I wonder if it’s someone who is interested in my strength. Does it have any relation to undead hunting? But well I haven’t really seen any undead before, also the redness of my eyes makes me seem like an undead but the way I act is different, right?

Well that might be the case, but I feel like I am more inclined towards favoring Vanil Mirth-san. He did open with that topic purposely to keep me on high alert.

If the situation for me is really no good, then I would have to refuse the offer of meeting her master.


「Is that all on your side of the story? Then it will be my turn next」


When I was troubled on what to do, Vanil Mirth-san stepped in the conversation and changed the topic forcibly. Zanbara-san could only frown at Vanil Mirth-san who intruded before hearing my answer.


The atmosphere between the two continued to be hostile, but either way, what I want to know the most is about the prize! Though it doesn’t seem like he would only talk about the prize money, I wonder what the topic will be this time.