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Chapter 1 Happiness of a Mining Slave

TL:    Yuki



「 Hey, Ferris. It’s today’s meal!」


「 Thank you very much!」


After her master tossed the bread on the ground, Ferris jumps over and devoured it greedily.


A pale one piece with tears everywhere.

Walking on the rock bare-footed.

Having long unkempt hair.


Her master looked at the image of the young girl eating the moldy bread from a distance.


Ferris is the slave of a miner, and she turned 10 years old this year.

She has been working as a slave at this mine which produces magic stones ever since she was born.


Ferris’s day starts with her waking up from her make-shift bedding near the entrance of the mine.

She crawls over her tattered and dirty straw mattress and climbs out of the mine. Her master would then angrily order her to dig more magic stones.


After breathing the fresh air outside, she re-enters the mine to dig for magic stones.

Although the tunnel is dark, Ferris possesses the ability to see in the dark after years of working in the mine.


Ferris is the only person mining in this mine.

She would return to the surface after mining the magic stones, load the magic stones onto a cart and push it out.

Her masters and other miners would then take the cart from her and refine the stones in a furnace.


Her masters would neither approach the entrance of the mine nor get too close to Ferris. They would cover themselves with full body suits and even throw the food to her during feeding time.

At some point in time, one of the miners wanted to punish Ferris but vomited blood and fainted after getting too close to her. Her masters then maintained an even further distance when speaking to her.


Ferris learned that she will get more bread if she speaks politely.

The amount of bread she receives will also increase if her masters were in good mood.

Because her masters will feel happy if they feel the other party is respecting them.


Hence, she listened carefully to the words other miners used to talk to her masters and differentiated the different tones and accent they used. She carefully mastered the method to speak to her masters respectfully.

In the past, she did not even receive a single piece of bread if her masters were in a bad mood, but now she is able to get bread regularly.

If her masters were in an even better mood, they might even toss 2 or 3 pieces of bread. Thanks to that, there was a decrease in the number of times when Ferris had to remain hungry while mining.


Ferris is also not stupid. As long as it concerns her survival, she would carefully observe her surroundings, analyze it and devise certain measures.


She is not greedy and only analyzes the necessity needed for her survival.


There are not many people she could interact with and the information she has is also little.


Hence, Ferris did not know why she must enter the mine alone.


She also did not know the reason why she will not die even after entering the magic stone mine.


She did not know the reason why it is fatal for other humans to enter the magic stone mine.


Ferris is satisfied with her current life.

She does not know life outside her current environment.


She remembers that she lives with her family before being brought over to the mine.

However, all the memories of that time was blurry and Ferris did not harbor any feelings or care for that memory.


To Ferris, as long as she has a shelter, able to have something to eat, and nothing threatening her life, she believes this is happiness.


However, she felt a slight ache in her chest sometimes, but did not know that this feeling indicated that she was lonely.


She felt her chest burning up when looking at her masters eating delicious sandwiches and meats. But she does not know that this is the feeling of envy.


Ferris is a happy mining slave.


… Until, she accidentally listened to the conversation of her master.




On that day, Ferris had a hard time sleeping and was in a semi-awake state the whole night.


The sunlight shone brightly into the mine and Ferris opened her eyes and stared blankly while in her bed.

From outside, she could hear the miners talking sleepily as they prepared to start work.


「 That brat, is she still sleeping? We are already so busy in the morning. She is so carefree 」


「 That is the case. If she is slightly more charming, she would be brought to some hotel to do night work 」


「 Hahahaha, stop joking. She will wither instantly if you use her so much 」


A vulgar laughter.


Although she did not know what they were saying, Ferris still understood that the meaning is not good. She hugged her body tightly and curled up.


「 Speaking of which, I feel my mood getting darker working with that monster every day 」


「 Aah. I felt that she is totally an animal after seeing her devouring the food from the floor. I am also a girl, but… Furthermore, I do not feel like she is the same species as me 」


Ferris feels a sharp pain penetrating her small chest.


This matter, she has never heard of it before.


As she was always exhausted after mining, she fell into a deep sleep as soon as it became night time. Hence, she did not know what bad things the miner were talking about her, and she never wanted to know.


Although Ferris does not have common sense or knowledge, she does have feelings.


No, because her knowledge occupied so little of her, she is even more sensitive to bad intentions emitted.


「 Oi, you guys. Stop fooling around 」


At that time, she could hear the voice of her master.


That’s right, her master. He will think of Ferris.


Her master is gentle. He gave her food. He gave her a straw mattress. Although it is muddy, he also gave her water. He gave her all the necessities for survival, so he is a good person.


Everyone will stop bad-mouthing Ferris once her master speaks up for her.

Ferris held such an expectation.


However, such words came out from her master instead.


「 Ferris is a brat that has some use to me. Be it a monster or a wild beast, it does not matter 」


「 But, well, boss…」


Interrupting the miner, her master continues speaking.


「 What, once she is unable to carry on working, you guys can do whatever you like to her. Before that, just bear with it although it makes you feel disgusted. She is such a piece of garbage, feeling so happy just from eating rotten bread 」


「 Hehe, you are the same as us 」


「 You obtained leftover garbage woman 」


「 A–, it stinks, it stinks 」


A ridiculing laugh.


Ferris bites her teeth with all her strength


Her chest, head, body, all of it is burning hot.


Ferris did not know that this is the feeling of anger.


I do not want to work with these people anymore.

I do not want to work here anymore.


She decides that enough is enough.