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Chapter 6 Shopping

TL:    Yuki



「 Uwaaaaaa…a lot of, dress…」


After Alicia brought Ferris into a western-style clothing store, Ferris voiced her admiration.


Ferris was stunned as she flaps both hands on her side like a penguin, and kept blinking her eye in astonishment.


Dresses that were decorated with many frills and laces.

Gowns that look like clouds.

Dresses with multiple colors.

Panniers that seems fluffy to the touch.


She enters into a trace, looking at the many beautiful and never seen before dress lined up in front of her. She does not even know the names of the dress. After all, she had been working with her masters all year long at the magic stone mine, wearing nothing but dirty rags. Ferris’ clothes would only become even more dirty as time passes.


「 Ne~, amazing right!? This store, has all the same stuff as the dress store in the capital! They kept making so much cute clothing, that I felt troubled after spending most of my pocket money!」


Alicia speak extremely fast.

Looking at her behavior that matches a 12-year-old girl, Ferris felt that she must reflect after calling Alicia as 95 years old.


A beautiful dressed lady came out from the interior of the store.


「 Are~, Alicia-chan. Did you come shopping with your friend?」


The lady greeted Alicia.


「 Konichiwa. Yup, I came with a friend. I would like to purchase a dress from this child 」


「 Friend…where? Do you have a friend that I could not see?」


Ferris became frighten and look around.


Alicia smiled looking at her.


「 Really, what do you mean where. My friend is definitely Ferris!」


「 EH, Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!? I, am Alicia-san’s friend!?」


Ferris received a shock.


「 Do you feel… troubled? I, always thought of you as friend…」


Alicia reveals an unease expression.


Looking at such an unexpected reaction, Ferris follows-up in a hurry.


「 No, no such thing desu! I am happy desu! Really!」


「 Thank you!」


And Alicia hugged Ferris tightly.


「 Hiya!?」


A soft sensation.

Comfortable body temperature.

Smell of flower stimulate her nose.


As Ferris never experienced anyone hugging her, she felt trouble over how she should react to Alicia’s hug.

A pleasant feeling, feeling of happiness as well as feeling of trouble.

For some reason, her chest felt tight, and tears came falling from her eyes.


「 Well then, Ferris! The dress you like, go and pick the dress you like! I received permission from otou-sama!」


Alicia held Ferris hand and brought her over to a rack filled with dresses.

However, there are many types, and this makes Ferris’s eye become dizzy. Everything is cute, do not know what to choose.


「 A, ano~… I do not know what I should do…」


Ferris turned and look at Alicia with a face that looks like it’s the end of the world.


However, Alicia’s eye shone instead.


「 Well then, let’s try matching clothes for you, so it is a must to try the clothes out right? I will definitely make you look cute! Ne~! Ne~! It’s fine right?」


「 Y, yes, it’s fine, desu 」


Ferris got overwhelmed by Alicia and could only nod.




「 Fuwaaaaaa…….」


Standing in front of a mirror with the dress that Alicia chose, Ferris felt her body trembling.

She could not help but kept sighing after entering this store. The stimulation is too strong for her.


The dress that Alicia chose, is exceptionally cute.


Pure white blouse suitable for a girl.

Fluffy cream-colored vest.

A refreshing sky blue colored jacket.

A ribbon is tied to the chest area, becoming a highlight of the dress.


Thinking that the skirt is slightly short, she found many frills at the side.

She wore a pair of cute rabbit pattern socks and shining leather shoe.


Alicia then did a simple grooming of her hair, and adding on to wearing the cute dress she just wore… she looks like just any ordinary girl on the street.

Although she felt that her beauty is not at the level of Alicia… even if that’s the case, Ferris could not believe that the girl in the mirror is her.


「 Fuaaaaa….」

(Looking in a mirror, Ferris’s body begun to tremble)


The shop manager eyes also grew wide.


「 This… this is magnificent 」


「 Ferris, so cute! This is great!」


Folding her arms in front of her chest, Alicia voice sounded excited.


「 I, not cu, cute. Nothing as such…」


「 Un, un cute! Ferris is very cute! The world’s cutest girl!」


「 Pl, please don’t say that…」


Ferris felt her cheek becoming hot. After getting praise so much, she wanted to hide herself in a hole. The only thing she is good at is digging.


「 Well then, shop manager-san. I also want this. Could you kindly tabulate the bill?」


「 Thank you very much as always. The total cost is 200,000 coins 」


As the shop manager answer Alicia, there is already a huge pile of dress in her arms.


Alicia took out something round and gold from her wallet, and place them on the counter as she counts them.


Ferris felt curious looking at the unknown object.


「 Ano… the shining thing, what is it…?」


「 This? This is a gold coin? Have you not seen it before?」


Alicia inquired.


「 Gold Coin?」


「 This is the money with the highest value 」


「 Money, what is that…?」


「 So this is your question!?」


Alicia jumped up in shock.


Ferris felt apologetic for making Alicia shock.


The shop manager also opens her mouth wide in surprise.


Alicia then placed a finger over her lips and began thinking hard.


「 That… how should I explain…. This, if someone works, I should say that this is the reward…?」


「 The reward is bread though?」


「 Un, yes, just like what Ferris is saying, However, people usually receive money instead of bread. Then, giving the money to other people, you could obtain some items from the other party. You could also use this to ask someone to work for you 」


「 Money is amazing!」


Ferris open her eyes wide. She though that this is just like magic.


「 In other words…. Gold coin, I can get it if I work a lot, right?」


「 That’s right 」


「 Th, that, buying stuff, could be done! I, did not do any work, but you gave a lot of food…」


Ferris suddenly felt guilty.


Although she is happy looking at the dress, but after thinking, she understood that she receives such beautiful things without doing anything.

In other words, everything that happens so far is thanks to the kindness of the Goudenbert family. Ferris felt that she could not behave like a spoiled child any further.


However, Alicia just held Ferris’s hand, and gently said.


「 Ferris, please. Compare to what I have done for you, you much more for me. If I really did get kidnapped by those men, my life would be plunged into darkness 」


「 B, but…」


「 You are my benefactor. Not matter how little, I would like to thank you and repay you. Do you understand? Ne~, Ferris 」


「 Y, yes…」


Ferris could only nod stiffly after being stared at by her blue eyes.


Deep within her chest, Ferris felt embarrassed and slightly warm… but she does not know what to do. In her entire life, nobody has been so kind to Ferris, not even once.


She felt that she would melt under such a warm feeling, as her tiny chest trembled slightly.




A carriage has been parked in front of the Goudenbert family mansion.


The coachman carried everyone’s luggage into the carriage, and then sit at his seat. There is a capable looking sword-women who sat beside him.


Alicia and Ferris shrank their body due to the icy cold morning breeze, and stood face to face with Robert beside the carriage.


Today is finally the day, where the two will travel to the city with magic school. It will take 1 week of travel before reaching that city.


Robert spoke to her daughter who is wearing an overcoat.


「 Well then, Alicia. Please be careful over various things 」


「 Un, please leave it to me 」


Alicia smiled faintly. Her daughter really resembles his wife.


Ferris also quickly gave her farewell.


「 Thank you, Robert-san. You really took care of me 」


「 Ah, please be careful. Come back with Alicia during your holiday 」


「 Yes!」


Alicia and Ferris board the carriage.


The sound of the coachman whipping could be heard, and the carriage moved.


Looking that the carriage sending her daughter and her benefactor away, Robert eyebrow frown.


After meeting Ferris, he did some investigation into the magic stone mine that she worked in, but there is none within the distance a normal girl could walk away from on her on.

There is also no report of the transaction of large amount of magic stone. However, Ferris does not seem to be a child that would lie.

In other words, the location of the magic stone mine, is cleverly hidden.


Furthermore, there is also the incident of kidnapping Alicia.

He also could not understand the motive of the crime. According to the head guard, there is an increasing incident of magician apprentice being kidnapped.


Both situation, is related to magic.


There is definitely, someone… planning something.


This is a gut feeling.


However, Robert do not have a clue, of everything that occur thus far.


「 Both of you… please be careful 」


As Robert stared into the sky, he prays for the safety of Alicia and Ferris.