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Chapter 8 Magic School

TL:    Yuki



「 Jou-chan, thank you very much! Also, take this bread as a souvenir!」


「 It’s not much but here some pocket money! Please buy yourself a meal!」


「 Uuuu, I will be lonely once Ferris-chan leave… can we meet again?」


As Ferris arrived in the city of 「 Treille 」 where the magic school was located, the passenger that rode the public carriage regretfully part with her.


She was hugging a mountain of souvenirs given by the passenger and was staggering as she could not see anything in front of her.


The swords-woman would also be staying in Treille for a while, so she left after mentioning that she wanted to look for her lodging.


「 Fua… for some reason, it felt like a storm desu…」


Ferris sighed as she was stroked by the passengers so much that her whole head became messy.


Everyone was looking at her with frightening gaze initially, but they became gentle the instant after she used magic. She felt that magic was probably an amazing thing.

Hence, she wanted to become even better with magic, and would learn it diligently in school.


「 Everyone, became so friendly ne~ 」


Alicia smiled back and groomed Ferris’s hair.

Ferris felt that compared to being stroked by the passengers, she felt a higher sense of comfort being touched by Alicia.


「 Alright, you became cute. Let’s go to school!」


Alicia leaded Ferris towards the school.


The magic school could be found after walking straight through the main street of Treille and into the business district.


The school was surrounded by chocolate-colored fence with many white-colored buildings.


The roof was made from red-colored brick, and was extremely beautiful.


And walking to-and-fro on the wide school ground were many children wearing the school uniform of the magic school.


Little boys and girls as young as 5 years old were running around.


Young girls around the age of Alicia were talking happily while walking.


A girl with an aura of onee-san was sitting on a bench and reading a book with a serious expression.


Children could be seen at every corner, giving off an energetic scenery.


However, this was the first time that Ferris seen so many children, so it caused her to feel uneasy.


Unconsciously, she tightly grabbed the coat of Alicia, who was walking beside her.


「…Are you nervous?」


Alicia asked while feeling concerned.


「 Ye, yes…」


Ferris nodded with small movement.


「 After this, I would like to greet the headmaster, but are you alright? Do you feel tired? But I must introduce Ferris to him 」


「 I am alright…but headmaster, who is he?」


「 Well, the most important person in this school 」


「 Scary person…desu?」


「 Not scary at all. Although he is extremely strong, he still gave off the impression of a kind ojii-chan 」


「…I understand. Introducing myself, I will do my best!」


Ferris clenched her fist.


「 It is alright to be yourself… it is just a greeting after all?」


「 I understand. (Good morning, master!), I will greet him energetically!」


「 He is not that kind master! Please remember this!?」


Alicia corrected Ferris in a panic once she noticed her mistake.


The information regarding this royal magic school were all highly classified, so things learned from the school must not be shared outside. Hence, information such as 「 Rumors l heard from the school 」 must also be kept within.

Thus, it was for the best that Robert chose the magic school to accept the irregular existence known as Ferris.


Moreover, there were too many things that Ferris did not know. She must learn all the common sense to survive in this society. She must grow up to be an outstanding magician and not be corrupted by her powers. More than that, she must experience interacting and learning together with all kinds of people.


Although this is what Alicia heard from her father, she shivers when she thought about taking care of Ferris at the magic school that was full of students.


The headmaster’s office was furnished with huge bookshelves and a thick desk.


The walls were decorated with many strange grass and pelt ornaments, while the floor and ceiling had strange patterns.


The person that welcomed Ferris and Alicia into the room was an elderly headmaster, wearing a long robe and a pointy hat.


His beard was so long that it touches the ground, and he squirmed his eye while observing Ferris.


「 Fumu…so this is the girl that Robert mentioned in his letter…I see, I could feel that she is special 」


However, Alicia tilted her head.


「 Is that the case…? She looked just like any normal girl. Although it is a fact that she is special 」


「 That, Alicia, is a difference in experience. This is my observation after seeing so many students. I can grasp the capability and future of each student just by observation 」


「 My future, you know as well…?」


「 Yes. I have a general grasp of it. However…after meeting with this young girl, your future underwent a drastic change…」


After answering Alicia, the headmaster then spoke to Ferris.


「 Speaking of which, Ferris. Why did you keep staring at the hole between my beard since you entered?」


She felt the feeling that she was reprimanded, and swung her hand around in a frenzy.


「 Ah, I, am sorry! My first time seeing such a long beard, so I think it is amazing!」


「 I see. Do you also want a beard like this?」


「 Yes! I also want a long beard! I looked very cool!」


「 If you try your best, you could also grow such a long beard. Since that is the case, I will teach you a magic to make you grow a long beard 」


「 Thank you very much! I will do my best to make it long!」


「 Stop now!」


Alicia made an urgent stop to the conversation after seeing Ferris eyes became sparkling with expectation.


「 Is that a no desu…?」


「 No way! A girl does not need any beard!」


Looking at Alicia expressing her opinion so strongly, the headmaster shook his head in disapproval.


「 This is not good, Alicia. This is a prejudice opinion. If you snatch away the endless possibilities of a youth, you will be labelled as a 95 years old lady 」


「 I am 12 years old desu! Why does even headmaster call me 95 years old!?」


Alicia protested but the headmaster just skillful dodged her question.


「 Well, let’s ignore that for now. Do you have anything you like to do, Ferris?」


「 Eh…me desu?」


Then, a wooden case came flying in from the door leading to the corridor.


「 Eh!?」


Ferris became surprised as the headmaster manipulated the door and the wooden case without even touching it.


The wooden case then landed in front of Ferris, and then opened by itself.


Looking at the content in the case, several books and a wooden wand came rolling out.


「 These are presents for Ferris!」


「 Presents! Although I do not know the use for it, still, thank you very much!! I am happy!!」


Ferris started jumping in joy. Although she did not know why she was given presents, but the word presents sounded wonderful.


「 These are all used for studying. Look, a complete set of textbook and a wand 」


「 Study, book…?」


Ferris attempted to flip the book but was clumsy. There were white pages, pages that were not so white, and pages that were totally not white.


「 There are small patterns on the paper…?」


「 Pattern…?」 「 Pattern…?」


Both the headmaster and Alicia revealed a shocked expression.


Ferris realized that she said something strange, but did not know what was so strange about it.


「 And that wood stick, what is it…?」


「 That is a wand. A magician would be unable to use magic without a wand 」


「 So that is the case! I did not know!」


Ferris smiled faintly and hugged the wand tightly. Being able to obtain such an outstanding tool. She thought that today was a lucky day.


「 Are~…speaking of which, this should be the case…? But, why does Ferris…」


Alicia placed her hand on her lips and started mumbling.


「 The two of you should be exhausted. Please return to your dorm and rest for now, and prepare for the opening ceremony tomorrow 」


Under the gentle gaze of the headmaster, Ferris and Alicia left the room.




「 This is the female dormitory of the magic school. Basically, everyone will leave here during school period. Although many children would return home to see their parents during long holiday, some would still remain in dormitory 」


「 Uwaaaaaa…」


Alicia guided Ferris and walked through the corridor of the female dormitory.


The interior design of the dormitory gave off a calming atmosphere.


The walls were decorated with many painting and cute curtains were hanging on the windows.


There are tables placed everywhere, and many girls were chatting happily around. One of the girl had a serious expression while passing a piece of paper to another girl. Ferris did not understand what she was doing or why she was holding onto the paper so tightly.


There were many doors along the stretch of the corridor.


Alicia then entered one of them and placed the luggage down and onto the carpet.


The room was decorated to suit girls.


Although it was not big by any means, there were still 2 beds, desk and chair. There were two of everything, even for the bookshelves and clothes cabinet.


「 This is Ferris’s room. For things such as cup or mirror, let’s buy them at the business district later 」


「 T, that…」


Ferris started fidgety her fingers.


「 What is it?」


「 Alicia-san…which room are you staying…?」


Ferris would feel uneasy if Alicia stayed too far away.

This was the first time staying near so many girls, so she did not have to confirm to get along with everyone.

In the first place, she was just a small child, so there were many things that she was unfamiliar with.


Alicia started laughing all of a sudden.


「 Of course, I am staying with Ferris. Because, if I took my eyes of you, I would not know where you would fly to 」


「 I, I would not fly! I don’t have any wings!」


「 Is that really the case? Your wing might be hidden here?」


「 Hyaa, yaa, it is itchy, Alicia-san!」


Ferris started laughing and shrunk her neck after her back was tickled by Alicia. However, she felt relieved from the bottom of her heart knowing that Alicia was staying in the same room as her.


As long as Alicia was here, there was nothing to be afraid of.

She would even try her best to get used to the school.






The moonlight was shining onto her bed and Ferris opened her eyes wide.


Could not sleep. Not sleepy at all.


She did not move an inch since covering herself with her blanket, but there was no sign of her falling asleep


Her life in school from tomorrow onward, what she could learn from the school, is there anyone she could be friends with…with all kinds of thoughts, there was no helping it and she was full of expectation.


She could not control herself and wanted to dance to release the emotion she was feeling now.


Ferris then started jumping on her bed.


「…Ferris? What happen?」


Alicia got up from the bed next to her.


「 Ah! I am sorry…for waking you up!」


「 Uun, I have yet to fall asleep 」


「 That’s great desu…」


「 If you do not sleep now, it would be tough getting through tomorrow 」


「 Although I know this, but…I could not sleep! My heart is beating!」


Ferris continued jumping on the spot.


She even felt like running around the dormitory, but it seemed that she would get into trouble.


Looking at Ferris, Alicia started smiling.


「 Its troubling ne~…」


「 Its troubling!」


「 Un…then, do you want to sleep together? By sleeping together, you might calm down a bit 」


「 Is it okay?」


「 Of course 」


Alicia lifted the corner of her blanket and invited Ferris into her bed.


Ferris entered the blanket and leaned her body against Alicia.


Such a sweet smell.


Soft and smooth touch.


Sticking so close to Alicia, even Ferris could not explain the feeling of ease coming from the bottom of her heart.


「…Truthfully, I could not sleep as I was also nervous, just like Ferris 」


Ferris eyelid closed while returning a smile to the mischievous acting Alicia.


The opening ceremony of the magic school was held in the auditorium on the following morning.


The auditorium was so wide and tall that it seemed unreal. Ferris even felt her neck straining when she attempted to look at the ceiling.


The auditorium was illuminated by sunlight entering from the front window. Furthermore, the person talking with his back facing the sunlight was the headmaster that she met yesterday.


Within the students that were standing orderly, Ferris was the only one that was looking left and right during the headmaster speech.


When she looked around her, all the other students were standing still and paying attention to the headmaster.


Realizing that, Ferris did her best and tried to pay attention to the headmaster but still ended up looking around.

It was unexpectedly difficult standing straight and doing nothing. Ferris must concentrate on a level that she had never experienced in her life.


The opening ceremony of the magic school was held in the auditorium on the following morning.


The auditorium was so wide and its ceiling was so tall that it made one believe it to be a lie. Ferris’ neck felt painful after she tried looking at the ceiling.


The auditorium was illuminated by the light entering from the window at the front, as sunlight sapped in naturally. And the person talking with his back facing the sunlight was the headmaster that she met yesterday.


Among the students that were standing in an orderly line, only Ferris was looking left and right during the headmaster’s speech.


When she looked around her, all the other students were not moving around at all and were paying attention to the headmaster.


Realizing that, Ferris did her best and tried to pay attention to the headmaster but still ended up looking around.

It was unexpectedly difficult standing straight and doing nothing. Ferris must concentrate on a level that she had never experienced in her life.


「 Well then, the new school term has just begun. It is a new beginning for building the foundation for your future. For the first class, you must gain an even deeper understanding regarding the knowledge of magic. For the middle class, do work harder to master your skills in magic. As for the final class, it is time for you to decide on your future path. These are mainly…」


The headmaster kept on talking.


However, he was the only one that spoke while not even one student spoke. Moreover, even the adults remained silent.


Ferris felt mysterious at this situation.


Normally, if you are speaking to someone but if the other party did not reply, you would feel sad. Being ignored, was such painful.


Hence, Ferris felt that the headmaster must have been ignored by everyone. Such a terrible thing. She felt pity for the headmaster.


Ferris decided.


「 It is important to have a dream. Without it, humans would not be able to achieve their goal. For magicians, they would not be able to use magic to their full potential. Everyone, have you ever dream of your future?」


「 Not yet desu!」


Responding to the headmaster’s question, Ferris replied energetically.


Many pairs of eyes gathered on Ferris.


A commotion was seen among the students.


Ferris then realized that she made a mistake.


This is an occasion where you did not have to answer. This was common sense.

Embarrassed. Really embarrassed. Ferris felt that her cheek was turning red like tomatoes.


In the end, until the end of the ceremony, Ferris shrunk her body and lowered her head.