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Chapter 9 Unable to Read

TL:    Yuki



Once the ceremony was over, the students returned to their respective classrooms to meet their homeroom teacher.


There were many rows of desks in the classroom and all the students sat on their seats.


Ferris then judged that this was a situation where one must not move around, so she obediently sat while sighing.


It seemed that the teachers showed consideration by allocating Ferris, the seat next to Alicia’s. Although Ferris was relieved being next to Alicia, she still could not calm herself down.


「 Ano… Alicia-san. For some reason, everyone is staring at me…」


Alicia smiled upon hearing Ferris’s question


「 This is something I expect. Ferris is the only student transferring into middle class during this semester. Do not mind it too much 」


「 Un… I do not mind, but…」


At any rate, the miners at the magic stone mine all looked at Ferris like she was a bug on the floor. She was not used to being in the center of attention.


While she was sitting nervously, a fashionable girl skipped and jumped into the classroom.


Wearing a red hat and shoes.

Wearing a pair of earrings and holding onto a sparkling staff.


That girl was now standing at the front of the classroom and tapping the floor with her staff.


「 Hi, hi ~, let’s begin with a good morning ~! It seems that everyone is present ~ ♪ So no one died during the holidays ~ !」


「 Good morning!」


The students returned her greeting.


Ferris then asked Alicia with quietly.


「 That person… who is she…?」


「 She is our homeroom teacher, Lotte-sensei 」


「 Teacher!? She looks like a child?」


「…Ah. Er… there are many powerful female magicians that uses magic to stop aging. They wanted to be young forever 」


「 I see… amazing…」


Lotte-sensei used her staff and pointed at the two that were whispering.


「 Wait a moment ~! Sensei is a genuine 12 years old! Don’t ~ create weird rumors!」


She corrected them cheerfully and everyone started laughing.


Ferris felt a sense of envy when she saw that everyone has a good relationship.


No matter how good the relationship in the classroom was, it was still 「 Excluding Ferris 」. She knew a lot about it as the miners and her masters has good relationship. Ferris was always excluded every time.


「 Well ~, you know ~, although its sudden, but let’s do a test!」


The students shriek upon hearing the announcement.


「 Sensei, it is too sudden!」 「 I was not informed of this!」 「 I don’t want to study!」


Cries of despair could be heard in the classroom but Lotte-sensei just snorted.


「 The reason for the test is for me to understand your current abilities–! Those who complain shall become sacrifices for my magic experiment!」


With a wave of her staff, papers appeared from the air and landed on her desk. She then passed the paper to the students sitting on the front row.


While all students showed a face of disgust, there was however a girl who act arrogantly.


「 All of you start to panic because you did not take study seriously enough desuwa! I am different! I do not have any problem desuwa!」


「 Hoho ~! Jeanette-chan is also energetic today ~!」


Lotte-sensei laughed happily.


The girl named Jeanette looked as beautiful as Alicia-san.


Long hair like wavy water.

Slender and well-proportioned body.

Long legs.


Her lips were firm while her eyes showed her strong sense of pride. Although her expression looked like she harbored some grudge, it instead gave her a beautiful charm that could rival anyone.


Ferris felt that Jeanette is an amazing person.


Jeanette then puffed her chest and pointed towards Alicia.


「 Alicia Goudenbert ! Let’s have a match desuwa! Just who can score the highest point!? I will definitely defeat you!」


「 Just why must we have a match? This is just a test to gauge our abilities, so it doesn’t matter who will get a better score right?」


Alicia simply refuted her.


Jeanette then started stomping on the floor.


「 Why does your face look so calm!? It makes me feel angry! Regardless! If I win this, it will prove that the Rheinzlich family is better than the Goudenbert  family! You better be prepared!」


For some reason, Ferris felt that the two were not on good terms.


It was unfortunate as Ferris wanted to be friends with Jeanette.


「 Alright now, please stop playing around. Test, test ~~! Begin ~~!」


「 I, I am not playing around! This is a serious duel!」


Jeanette face turned red as she sank into silence and sat down. All the students then started to focus on the test paper that was handled out.


Just what are we going to do now? Ferris’ heart beats rapidly as she looked at the paper that appears on her desk… and she tilted her head.


「 Ano~… these pattern, what are they…?」


Lotte-sensei also felt troubled.


「 Nn…? There are no questions regarding magic formation for this exam ~~? Which pattern are you talking about?」


「 The whole paper, is drawn full of small patterns…」


Alicia grasped and covered her mouth upon hearing what Ferris said.


「 It couldn’t be… Ferris, you can’t read letters?」


「 Letters, what is that…?」


Don’t understand. It seemed that those patterns were called letters, but Ferris does not know the significance of it. She does not even know what she needs to do.


Jeanette then cut into the conversation.


「 Ara~ara! Ara~ara~ara~! This is so surprising desuwa! How did you pass the entrance examination without knowing how to read!? I demand an explanation!」


「 Nn~, the headmaster said that it was not necessary, so I thought that there would be no issue~~ 」


Lotte-sensei followed up and explained.


However, this only caused Jeanette to be even more agitated.


「 I understand now! Speaking of which… Alicia-san’s father and the headmaster has been close friends…! In other words, it is connection desu! We could only enter the magic school after passing the difficult entrance examination, but Alicia used her connection and invited her friend into the school!」


「 Well… you could also say it this way 」


Alicia admitted bluntly.


「 I felt shocked! This is clearly unfair! No, not only is it unfair, it is also abuse of power! All our hard work is wasted! Committing such a dishonest act, I feel so regretfully that I wanted to cry!!」


After Jeanette expressed her opinion loudly, a rustle brewed among the students.


「 Is this for real…」 「 This is too cunning…」 「 Its horrible…」 「 Having money is so good…」


Everyone stared at Ferris and Alicia with hostility.


Looking at Alicia biting her lips, Jeanette had an expression of victory.


On the other hand, Ferris felt her face becoming hot.


This situation, was no good.


She did not care if others spoke ill of her, but she could not accept them targeting Alicia. Alicia is gentle, has a kind heart, and a girl that should be loved by everyone.


Ferris then looked straight at Lotte-sensei.


「 Sen, sensei! Please give me the exam!」


「 Eh…? Which kind of exam?」


「 The entrance exam! If, I could properly pass it, there should be no problem!?」


「 Well… there will be no problem if you show you have the talent 」


Lotte-sensei nod and agreed.


「 If that is the case, I, will pass it!」


Jeanette sneered hearing Ferris declaration.


「 Can you even pass when you can’t even read letters?」


「 I can do it!」


「 So what if you fail? Will you take the responsibility and quit school?」


「 Please stop here!」


「 Hey, Ferris! Stop making weird promises!」


Alicia tried to stop her in a panic, but Ferris does not intend to let it go.


「… I, will do my best!」


For the sake of the gentle nature of Alicia, I will do it. It is only an exam, so I will conquer it. Ferris made a vow in her heart.




After class.


「 Sigh… I screwed up again….」


Jeanette reflected upon herself once she returned to her dormitory.


The words that she said in the morning were due to a moment of impulse. She did not know what to do if Ferris really withdraw from the school.


Jeanette did not want that. She did not even have feelings of animosity towards Ferris.

Or rather, she felt that Ferris is cute and wanted to talk with her more.


Alicia was the one she had feelings of animosity to… Wrong, the Goudenbert  family to be exact. The Rheinzlich family that she was born into had such antagonistic opinion.


「 If it seemed that Ferris is going to drop out of school… I will do something to rectify it and then become friends with her. This is good desuwa! Un, let’s go with this solution!」


Jeanette clenched her fist and nodded proudly.




Ferris and Alicia had no way of knowing such a thing.


In the library of the magic school, they were going to start studying seriously.


「 Alicia-san! I, will do my best! Please teach me what is (letters)!」


「 That… it might be easy for you to start reading picture books…?」


Alicia tilted her head.


「 For now, want to sit of my lap…?」


「 Yes!!」


Both of them were full of determination.