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Chapter 13 Fun School

TL:    Yuki



The next morning, Ferris who went to class from the dormitory was surrounded by her classmates.


「 Hei, hei Ferris-chanー」 「 Ferris isー」 「 You areー」 「From whereー 」 「 What areー 」 「 Until nowー」 「 ーthat!?」


Since everyone was talking at the same time, she couldn’t follow all of them.


It couldn’t be called a conversation anymore, it was just noise. The only thing that Ferris barely understood was that she was being asked something.


She doesn’t understand why she’s being asked or why her classmate who paid no attention to her before suddenly came to her.


「 Ee, eh, I… I’m sorry!」


For now, Ferris apologized.


「 Why apologize?」


Alicia laugh seeing Ferris like that.


「 Somehow I felt that I must apologize!」

「 It’s not like that, it’s not that they’re  angry at Ferris, they’re just interested in Ferris. Everyone wants to talk with Ferris.」


With Alicia’s word, her classmate gave a big nod.


Even after confirming that there was no malice, Ferris still shrunk her body.


「 Bu-but I can’t say anything interesting.」

「 As long as Ferris talks, anything is fine.」

「 Is that so? Then, please, I will do my best to answer.」


Ferris hardened her fist.


Fighting pose!


However, the attack power wasn’t  high, rather it looked like a small animal when threatening something. So the classmates asked without restrain.


「 Is Ferris-chan Goudenbert-san’s sister?

「 Tha-that’s wrong.」

「 Then, friend?」


Ferris became nervous with such an innocent question.


Before, Alicia said that she was her friend, but is it fine to say it by herself? She worries that it would be insolent.


There is a chance  that she will trouble  Alicia, and it might be embarrassing for a slave like her to declare herself as a friend… and a lot of things.


But, a sweet smile from Alicia give her the courage to speak.


「 We-we-we-we-we are friend dechu!!」


She faltered.


Even though she did her best.


When her face became unbearably hot, Ferris shrank and trembled from of shyness.


Seeing Ferris like that, all female students were like ‘Sooo cuuteee’ while writhing.


Not wanting to lose with the girls, the boys  also ask.


「 Where was your school before you came here? You must have received personal training from a wonderful teacher right? 」

「 Um… this is my first time going to school… I worked as slave in a mine before…」

「 Slave…!?」


All classmates widened their eyes.


It seems that this is not something usual, Ferris realized.


「 Ah, I’m sorry… because of that I can’t read… and troubled everyone, I’m really sorry!」

「 No, no that’s not it. If it’s like that, of course you can’t read.」 「 Moreover, with only one week you got the  perfect score, you are genius!」 「 You must have worked hard right? Even if I do my best, I couldn’t do that!」


There was no boy who tried to blame Ferris.


They are kind people, Ferris thought.


As if to oppose the boys, the girls who were near  Ferris also started talking.


「 Hei, hei, let’s play in town together later!」 「 Right, I want to have girls talk with girls only as much as I can.」 「 I know a delicious sweet shop!」 「 Its good right? Right?」

「 Ye-yes!」


Ferris gave a big nod.


To play with a lot of girls, in her ten years of life, she has never  experienced it before. Just by thinking of it her heartbeat  sped up. 


Alicia looked at Jeanette and asks.


「 Jeanette-san… You seem to want to ask Ferris some questions from a while. What’s wrong?」

「 Eh!? Me…!? I-i-i-it’s not like I have any question!」 


Jeanette places her hands on her waist and shakes her head. ‘I wonder if she has any questions…’ Ferris thought in a panic.


「 Um… If you don’t ask scary questions, I will answer them.」

「 I won’t ask scary question! And what is a scary question anyway?」

「 Something like, have I ever eat a human?」

「 Have you?」

「 No, never!」

「 I’m relieved 」


Jeanette gave a sigh of relief.


As soon as she raised her face and looked at Ferris, she asks in difficult tone.


「 Ferris! You, do you have any favorite food?」

「 The-there is none.」

「 Do you hate all kind of foods? Does such a living being really exist!?」

「 It’s not like that… everything is fine as long as It’s edible. When my master’s mood worsened I didn’t get any bread, and I ate moss or mushrooms that grew inside the mine.」


Everyone in class had tears flowing.


The ones who don’t have tears in their eyes are biting their lips and shed tears of the heart.


Jeanette was also like that, cried and crumbled.


「 Jeanette-san… do you need handkerchief?

「 I don’t need it.」


Jeanette reject handkerchief given by Alicia.


After rubbing her eyes, she stared at Ferris again.


「 Is there something you want especially eat? This is my question!」 


Ferris’ feelings says it’s an order.


She tried to squeeze her head as hard as possible, is there anything to be considered?


「 Etto, I want to eat bento with a big heart mark drawn on top of it… is there  anyone in class who eats it, since it was so cute I was envious.」


「 Tha… 」


That, should I be the one who make it?


What an embarrassing play.




Ferris who was tilting her head, no matter how it was seen, that face is just an innocent face.


「 I-I understand! So, prepare yourself as best as possible! And don’t regret it later…」


Jeanette was running in the corridor noisily.


「 Wha, what should I be prepared for??」


Ferris trembled in fear.




A few days later, Ferris discovered a bento with heart mark stuffed inside her desk drawer.


Ferris didn’t know who gave it and Jeanette firmly claimed that 「 There is no way I made that!」, so she thankfully ate it. That cooking was the most delicious she has ever had.