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Chapter 19 Queen

TL:  Yuki



「 Hnn… here is…?」


Jeanette opened her eyes while frowning because of a headache.


Her leg is also hurt. Did she break a bone? Or there was muscle sprained? It was hard for her to stand up.


Apparently, she was inside an abandoned castle, with the floor already turned over. Around her were a lot of young people cowering on the floor.


Surrounding everyone, there was a high metal fence stretched around. The fence not only looked strong, but also has a strong magical barrier.


「 Kukukakakaka, welcome to the breeding house. How are you feeling?」


Outside the fence, there was someone smiling. Wearing a long robe and ragged hood covering their face, the gender also uncertain. However, the staff in theory hand could only be controlled by a high level magician.


「 You, you are the culprit behind serial kidnapping incident right? To do something like this, you won’t get away! When the search group come, you will be caught immediately. The punishment is death.」


「 Kukaka, is that so, is that so. I hope they come quickly.」


The hooded magician still calm.


(What is this calmness…)


Jeanette had a bad feeling, she looks at the abandoned castle’s surrounding.


(…! This is…!)


Carefully looking closely, she could see it. It’s hard to understand since it was concealed but, there were magic circles drawn, on the floor, the walls, ceiling, everywhere.


Those were magic circle used for traps. There were full of nasty things like darkness magic, poison magic, absorption magic. Surely, when the search party come, they will immediately fall into those traps, they could be killed, or captured.


「 What is your purpose!? To imprison us in a place like this, what are you trying to do?」


「 Gathering material to open the gate… will you understand if I said like that?」


「 Gate…?」


「 Of course you won’t understand! I said that because you won’t understand! Well, just drop to hell with every question you have. It’s time to collect your lives now.」


The magician gave a crude laugh while smiling. The youths inside the fence shrinking with fear.


「 Then… you first. Since you seem to have good spirit, and have large magical power, let’s make you die.」


「 Hiii….」


Pointing the magician’s staff at her, Jeanette leaked a scream. It was miserable of her. Even though it was miserable, the trembling of her hand couldn’t stop, nor she could clench her fist.


The Magic circle formed at the point of the magician’s staff and a dark-colored miasma started spreading. The form of the darkness changed into a snake, and rushed toward Jeanette.


(No…! I don’t want to die…!)


At the time when Jeanette shut her eyes…


「 I, I won’t let you do such thing!」


The voice that resounded in the abandoned castle is a voice that she used to hear, lovely, but brave.




Jeanette fearfully opened her eyes.


There was a girl stood outside the entrance of the castle.


Ha ha ha ha, her breath was wild, her fist was clenched tightly.


Her figure seemed too fragile but, her eyes were bravely staring at the magician.


「 Fe, Ferris…?」


Jeanette leaks out stupid voice.


For her to came, it was too unexpected. Why? How? What for? Ferris by herself…? She can’t grasp it. She can’t understand it.


The magician was laughed.


「 Oh, wow, this one is a cute customer. Are you here to save your friend? I’ll play with you, if you don’t want everyone to be killed, then come here.」


「 As, as you wish!」


「 Don’t, Ferris! You can’t come!」


Jeanette scream fell into the void.


The unstoppable Ferris, jumps unto the abandoned castle which is full of trap.


The smirking magician started laughing.


The traps in all direction began blinking with crimson color, and then dark-colored miasma rapidly rushed towards Ferris.


The floor that was hit by miasma melted, evaporated, and gave off an unbearable odor.


「 No… Ferris…」


Jeanette felt power leave her whole body.


She can’t stand. Her head became pure white, and vision blurred.


And finally, Jeanette herself began to understand how much affection she had towards Ferris.


Since Ferris transferred to her school, what Jeanette always thought about was Ferris, even though she can’t honestly say that.


She was hoping to have a proper conversation with her, laughing together, pat her head, and hug her.


However, such hopes were never fulfilled. Once the chance, life, is gone, there won’t be a second time.


Jeanette put her hand on the floor, her body was trembled.


The magician mocked Jeanette with claps.


「 Well then, let’s see how ragged the corpse will be! Kukakaka, I’m looking forward to this!」


When the clouds of miasma were thinned, there was….


A corpse, wasn’t there.


There was Ferris, a living Ferris, stood without single wound.


「 E, errr… what happened…? I don’t really understand, but…?」


Such an idiotic impression leaked from her.


After receiving such dreadful attack, she was unscratched.


She should have received that attack, but she didn’t even realize it.


Jeanette’s  jaw dropped in shock.


The magician was also in the same condition, however, the magician prepared his staff in panic when he saw Ferris coming closer.


「 Eiyaaaaaaaa!!」


Ferris shouted a loud voice alone, rushed with tatatata.


It’s unclear what the shout was for.


It was a heartwarming appearance that likely could be seen in physical education class.


However, in there, Ferris’s bizarreness stood up even more.


The magician rapidly chanted an aria.


「 Roaring inferno, scorching hell, burn thy enemy’s body to nothing, destroy and eradicate… Gehenna Blast!!」


From the staff a giant crimson lotus flower burst out, becoming brightly burned big rocks that poured down toward Ferris.


Roaring flame, heat convulsing air.


This person is not an ordinary magician after all. Disaster-class magician, it is said that they can easily destroy a town alone.


However, in the middle of such flame, Ferris is…


Not screaming because of heat, her expression didn’t change either, she ran through the hellfire.


The magician panicked. Chanted next aria and fired multiple magic.


Hail storm, rain of poison, specter attack.


Any magic had no effect, Ferris single-mindedly ran towards the magician.


Numerous terrible spell were shot one after another, it looks like the abandoned castle is the one that will break, shatter, and collapse at any moment, but Ferris had no wounds.


「 Yo-you! What are you! What are you!」


The magician screamed and trembled.


Bubbles were scattered from the mouth, his knee twitching and trembling.


Ferris open her palm toward such magician, and said.


Mysterious aria that Jeanette had never heard… no, that was just command.


「「 Magic Source-san! Please blow off that bad person! 」」


From the air, a shining giant arm appeared and a mountain-like fist struck the magician.


The magician’s body danced in the air and the broken teeth scattered about.


The sound of broken bone could be heard, the scream become far away, as the magician was blown off.


The smashed abandoned castle wall was also blown far away.


Ferris didn’t slow down on her run, she kept like that until she arrived at the fence, drawing her fist towards the magic barrier.


Only with a single light hit, she broke the magic barrier.


「「 Magic Source-san! Destroy the fence! 」」


When Ferris give order, a dark-colored scythe grew from her hand and destroyed the metal fence with high speed.


The captured youth escaped from the abandoned castle with shouts of joy.


There were debris fallen from the ceiling, so it was just a matter of time before this abandoned castle collapses.


「 Now then! Jeanette-san let’s go too.」


「 Eeeh!」


Urged by Ferris, Jeanette tried to stand up. But, when she felt sharp pain from her leg, and she slumped.


「 What’s wrong?」


「 I can’t… my leg won’t move… it seems I hurt it when I was abducted.」


Looking down, her leg was swollen, and her tight were tainted with blood.


「 Hold on to me please.」


Ferris lend her shoulder to Jeanette and drag her along with everything she had. However, it was already difficult for her powerless body to support Jeanette’s weight.


「 Hyaa!?」


Ferris screamed because a big debris fell near her.


If Ferris hit such a thing directly, her body can’t bear it. At this rate Ferris will die too.


Jeanette absolutely didn’t want such a thing to happen. She didn’t understand why but Ferris came and saved her, she didn’t want such kind and cute Ferris to be hurt because of her.


Jeanette said with her trembling voice.


「 It’s, already, it’s fine… just leave me alone. Please escape by yourself…」


「 That’s not good. There is no meaning if I don’t save Jeanette-san!」


Ferris insisted stubbornly, she tried to drag Jeanette with all she had.


「 Why is that!? Someone like me didn’t deserve to be saved by you.」


「 Deserve…」


「 That’s right! Since we met for the first time, I only did cruel things, only said cruel things, I only made you suffer! Why, why do you go this far?」


「 Because… I like Jeanette-san very much.」


Ferris spread her sun-like smile.


「 Like…? Me…?」


Jeanette didn’t understand what Ferris said. She wondered that Ferris was talking with the same language.


「 Yes! I think I always wanted to be your friend, to have friendly conversation, and to go shopping together with Jeanette-san.」


「 Fe, Ferris…」


Jeanette could feel her cheek become hot.


She was happy, extremely happy. In this situation, even though she was about to die, her heart was beating fast for a different reason.


「 Errr, I’m sorry for saying selfish things… of course I understand that Jeanette-san hates me but…」


Ferris made a sad face. A lonely expression just like an abandoned puppy.


「 It’s not like that! I like you very much!」


「 Hue…?」


「 Ahh…. Wha wha wha wha wha what am I doing….」


Jeanette couldn’t bear embarrassment because she said it.


Even though she just went with the flow, that was too bold of her. If she was in her usual state, she absolutely will never say those words.


When she becomes afraid whether she will be drawn toward Ferris,


「 Haaaa… I’m glad….」


Ferris murmured with a relieved face.


Her small lips and her flushed cheek, were definitely lovely.


Jeanette spontaneously started to speak, what was in her heart.


「 If, if it’s like that then, we absolutely can’t die here! We must escape from here at any cost, and go shopping together.」


「 Yes!」


After receiving Ferris’ answer, she mustered all of her power to stand up.


「 We also have to eat our lunch together!」


「 Yes!」


Ignoring intense pain in her legs, she dragged her own body.


「 Of course we also have to take bath together! Because I know a great open air bath!」




For the sake to enjoy every day with Ferris, for the sake of the future, Jeanette desperately escaped from the castle.


Behind them, the abandoned castle crumbled down with very loud sound.


「 Hueee…. I’m so scared…」


Ferris, who was had been very active, sat down on the ground with a plop.


Jeanette was laughing in amazement and forget her pain.


「 Why are you like that? You are the hero you know.」


「 But… but…」


Ferris was sobbing to tears.


Her appearance was destructively lovely, and Jeanette jump to such Ferris.


「 There there, there there, you are very cute! Ferris is very cute! Very very very cute!」


「 Wait, Jeanette-san!?」


「 Your cheek also so smooth, you smell so sweet like milk… rub rub, rub rub, rub rub, rub rub!」


「 That’s hurts! If you rub it too much it will catch fire!」


「 Trying to escape is futile! I won’t let you run away!」 


Jeanette bursting out and rubbing her cheek together with Ferris’


There was Alicia running to that place with long staff from afar.


「 Ferris…!? Are you fine… huh, what happened!? Also, what happens to you, Jeanette-san!?」


「 A, Alicia-san! Please help me!」


Likely to be killed by cheek-rubbing-hell while her arms being bound by Jeanette, Ferris’ miserable scream was reverberating.