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Chapter 21 Goudenbert and Rheinzlich

TL: Yuki



The dining room in the magic school was modeled like a cafeteria.


The students order their meals at the counter and brought the tray by themselves to their tables. The Menu were pretty gorgeous with food items such as pancakes and crêpes.


Jeanette who brought her order from the counter was very excited because she can enjoy lunch with Ferris. However, when she arrived at the table, she almost dropped her food tray.


「 Wha-wha-why is Alicia Goudenbert  here!?」


「 Because I’m also student here…」


「 We always eat together…」


Alicia and Ferris answered with blank face.


「 What…!? What about lunch with just two of us? After that we would drive a carriage, and keep going until forever!?」


「 I never heard you say such thing.」


「 I said it, in my heart!」


「 In your heart!?」


Ferris could only stay bewildered when she heard Jeanette’s desperate answer and flustered when she compared Jeanette’s face to Alicia’s.


(How much until this Goudenbert person is satisfied with standing in Rheinzlich’s way…?)


Jeanette grasp her tray tightly to the point that it could be break at any moment, and smiled.


「 Goudenbert-san? I have a request for you, could you leave this place…?」


「 Err… but I haven’t even started eating my food yet…」


「 Then, I will leave … I and Ferris.」


「 Wait, where will you take Ferris?」


「 Hurry! Let her go! At this rate, it will become awful.」


「 What was that? I won’t let Ferris get abducted.」


Ferris’ right and left arms were pulled by the two beautiful girls. It might look like a good thing, to be pulled by two beautiful girls, but the force was too strong.


「 I’m gonna breaaaaakkkk!!!」


The two of them immediately let Ferris’ hands go after she screamed.


Jeanette holding her mouth with pale face.


「 I-I am sorry…. That’s… that’s not what I mean…. I, I am going to wash my heart and start oveeeeerrrrrr….」


「 Jeanette-san! You can’t bring the tray out from dining roooommm….!」


Jeanette tried to escape with her fluttering skirt, but Ferris jumped out and clung onto Jeanette’s arm, stopping her in her tracks.


「 Fe-Ferris, you… You are to bold…!」


Ferris earnestly asked Jeanette who was flustered.


「 Ano, ano, fighting is no good! Why can’t Jeanette and Alicia be good friend?」


「 Because Rheinzlich and Goudenbert family have been competing for key positions since long time ago.」


「 Bu, but, that’s the circumstance of the house right? There’s no need for Jeanette and Alicia to be on bad terms….」


「 It’s mine too, she always shoves things down my throat you know! It had always been this way since the time we’ve entered the school we’ve always competed over the top position!」


「 Eh? Is that so?」


「 However, no matter what kind of test it is, I always get second! I always get second no matter how desperate I studied. It’s Goudenbert fault that I am eternally in second place!」


Jeanette punches the wall.


「 Then, then, Jeanette and Alicia are good friend after all.」


「 Ha, hah….? What are you talking about…? Didn’t you hear….」


「 Because, you two are always watching each other to that degree! I’m sure you two are good rivals! A friendly rivalry!」


Ferris put her hand together and smiled with a 「 Grinning Face 」.


That was the smile of an angel that should be able to purify Jeanette, but.


「 I, impossible!」


「 It’s possible! I, I don’t want two people I love fighting each other.」


「 Lo, love… love… love… we, well, if Ferris hope so, I will be careful to not have to  fight…」


Jeanette was having steam blowing out from her hot cheek.


「 How about three of us make a team at expedition training this time? If it’s like that, we can absolutely get along.」


Ferris said that while looking at Alicia.


「 Well… as for me, I have no objection…」


Alicia gives a quick glance to Jeanette, but Jeanette shook her head sideways.


「 To cooperate with Goudenbert is impossible!」


「 Also, staying together with Jeanette-san seems very fun.」 Ferris shyly added.


「 I will do my best to go together!」


Jeanette reply immediately.