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Chapter 23 In the Woods

TL: Yuki



With sunlight filtered through the trees coloring her skin, Ferris heart was throbbing so fast.


At any rate, it was her first time going on a picnic with her friends. It was unbelievable that she who was just a mining slave who was forced to work in solitude would get the opportunity. The old her would never have dreamt of it.


Because she was too excited, the fact that this wasn’t a picnic, but thoughts about the expedition training was already disappeared in head. But there is something that Ferris was worried about. It’s the relationship between Alicia and Jeanette.


Both of them were beautiful, kind and lovely girls, but why can’t they get along? Ferris thought, if only they could get along, every day’s fun will be doubled.


Clenching her fist, Ferris skipped around eagerly.


「 I must do something!」


「 Watch out!」 「 That is dangerous!」


At the moment when Ferris was likely will fall off the cliff, Alicia and Jeanette grab her hands.


「 Wawawawawawa…. I, I’m sorry. Thank you Alicia-san, Jeanette-san.」


Ferris’ heart was beating fast. Let alone making two of them get along, on the contrary, she was saved by them. She was useless after all. Such thoughts were floating inside her head.


「 Hey, Goudenbert-san! Just now, even with me alone I can save her! There is no need for your excessive meddling, is there?」


「 I don’t think there is a problem with two people saving her…」


「 Of course there is! Because of that Ferris ‘thank you’ is shared between two of us!」


「 Wait, wait! Don’t fight please!」


Ferris stopped them in a hurry.


 Jeanette made a sharp 「 Hn!」 while folding her hands. Ferris could only make a small sigh when she realized it would not be so easy.


When she saw Ferris in such state, a gentle smile floated on Alicia face. She understood what Ferris thought, but Ferris who was looking troubled like that is somehow very lovely.


「 Am I bullying her?」


「 He? What’s wrong Alicia-san?」


「 Hn? It’s nothing.」


Alicia shook her head while smiling.




Walking through the forest, they came across a place where monsters were jumping around.


Alicia stopped her steps and tightly grasp her staff and prepare for battle.


「… that is. Lily Bell. Certainly it was listed in the guidance book as level 1 rarity monster. We could get 1 point if we defeat them.」


「 Eh, Goudenbert-san, you remember the points for each monster?」


「 Well, yes. If not, we can’t efficiently earn points right?」


「 Bu, but, there should be more than 300 type of monsters listed for this area…」


「 Of course I remember it. Jeanette-san also remember right?」


「 Eh, eh, of course! Something like that is just a child’s play! It’s not like I thought looking at the guide would be easier!」


Ferris laughed when she saw Jeanette hid a guide book in her back.


「 Alicia-san is someone who likes to work veeeerrrry hard! She woke up early in the morning and memorized the list as hard as she can every day.」


「 Heeh… like that huh…」


 Jeanette fixed her gaze on Alicia. She thought Alicia just had good head or was superior like her father. That’s why Jeanette couldn’t be helped but be annoyed when Alicia took the first place… but unexpectedly there was such effort being done in the background.


「 Jeez, Ferris, you shouldn’t be talking about that. It won’t be cool if the other person know about it.」 Alicia said with blushed cheek.


Seeing Alicia like that, somehow Jeanette thought it was cute, but when she remembered that she was her rival, she shook her head.


「 You are my enemy after all! My archenemy!」


「 What is it all of a sudden?」


Alicia could only be bewildered when Jeanette pointed her finger at her. Even though they were together since entering magic school, she couldn’t understand what Jeanette was thinking about.


「 Anyway, first let’s defeat that monster! We are not used to defeating living being yet, so we must get some points even if only small amount.」


「 Ye, yeah… but, it’s hard to defeat them…」 Jeanette was hesitant.


Which isn’t surprising since Lily Bells are small fluffy animals that look like pets.


However, its ferocity was quite well known. It is said they attack in groups and suck their prey’s blood dry.


「 Yosh! Let’s defeat them! Ice Arrow!」


Ferris quickly raised her hands and launched ice arrows, slaughtering the Lily Bells.


 Jeanette was taken aback.


「 Wa, wait Ferris!? Why can you attack without hesitation?」


Ferris’ angelic smile expanded.


「 If its about hunting experience, I have a lot of it! Because when I felt like dying of starvation, I always hunted down animals that wandered in the mine!」


「 What kind of wild child are you!?」


「 Come on, let’s dismantle it and get defeating proof! It’s going to be quick.」


「 So, so, so wild! But such Ferris is also cute desu waaaaaaaaa!!」


 Jeanette was already blinded.


「 Hei…」


「 Hyaan!?」


Because Alicia poked Jeanette’s lower back, she raised an unladylike scream.


「 Wha, what is it? That’s sexual harassment you know!」


「 That’s not it. We can do dismantling later, look at your surrounding!」


When Jeanette looked around there were a lot of Lily Bells at each branch of the trees and also on the rocks. Showing their fang, the Lily Bells roared with glittering eyes.


「 Waaii…! Time to earn as much point as we like.」


「 Lily Bell’s are carnivores that attack in large groups! In order to do that there are also cases when they use their own comrade as decoy.」


「 It’s already too late to give such information!」


The flock of Lily Bells started to rush toward Ferris, Alicia, and Jeanette who were screaming.


While Alicia and Jeanette tightly holding onto their staffs, Ferris raised her hand.


Fight, start!