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Chapter 24 Slumber Party (Sleeping Outdoors)

TL: Yuki



There were tens of Lily Bell flocks rushing towards Ferris and the others while showing their fang. 


They no longer looked like small cute animals like before. 


They could only be seen as predator with murderous intent driven by carnivorous instinct. 


Facing such threat, the girls’ hesitation to fight was blown away from their heart.


 Jeanette pointed her staff toward flock of Lily Bell and chanted aria as fast as she can.


「 Oh soaring wind, silencing transparent blade, become my power and cut my enemies! — Slash Edge!」


From the tip of her staff some wind blades appeared flying straight towards the flock of Lily Bell. Two of them were cut by the kamaitachi, and fell down as a corpse.


However, there were still tens of Lily Bell swarming toward them.


In there, Alicia chanted.


「 Oh, fire, the burning power… follow my feelings, destroy my enemies! — Bullet Flame!」


From her staff a huge flame was burst out burning the Lily Bells in front of them.


Jeanette opened her eyes wide when she saw that.


(What…!? Compared last time, didn’t her power increase!? Even though only at practical skill I always surpass Goudenbert-san but….)


Learning of the unexpected growth of her rival, Jeanette glared at Alicia.


「 I’m going to beat you…! Certainly…」


「 Why me!? What you should beat are the Lily Bells!」


「 First is you!」


「 What do you mean? I don’t understand!」


While the two of them were exchanging words like that, Ferris was raising hands like doing banzai and then chanting aria.


「 Please make the Lily Bells freeze,*kachin *kochin!!」


It was an aria that neither Alicia nor Jeanette have seen in any magic literature. Even calling such words aria didn’t seem right.


Even so, the power is tremendous.


Every single Lily Bells which was jumping toward them were wrapped inside ice in the middle of the air froze and dropped to the ground.


「 Fiuh… that was so intense…」


Ferris held her small chest while taking breath.


When they saw that, Alicia and Jeanette felt that their antagonism to each other was a bit absurd. Compared to Ferris’ out-of-norm magic, the best magic that Alicia or Jeanette can use was like nothing. Alicia was smiling when she looked at Jeanette.


「 It’s good that no one got hurt. Let’s gather the defeating proof.」


「 Eeeh, yeah.」


Jeanette nodded awkward and then headed to the frozen Lily Bells.




After gathering all defeated Lily Bells and counting them, they only got 32 of them, in other words, 32 points. Although it was the lowest rarity demon, it was too little. Each one will only get 10 points if distributed to 3 people. Far from the target of 1000 points.


「 This… how many days will we need to achieve the target?」 Jeanette sighed.


「 Maybe we need about one week if we are going at this pace.」 Alicia smile bitterly.


On the other hand, Ferris’ smile widened up.


「 I’m very happy that I can have a picnic with everyone for a week!」


「 Ferris… you’re right! Even though I no longer think of this as picnic, but I am also happy to be with you!」


「 And we can’t shower during that time, well, it can’t be helped.」


「 Ah….」 Jeanette’s at a loss for words.


She was very happy to spend a long time together with Ferris, but because they were together, that time itself will be troublesome. Even though she was born as a noble, Jeanette was just human. Surely it will be somewhat awful for her to not take a bath for several days.


「 At least… I’d like to return in three days. I wonder if there is a way to efficiently earn points…?」


「 In that case, isn’t it fine to defeat the rarest monster? Monster that give 1000 points for each of them.」


「 That! What monster is that?」


「 Gazulla: at least 50 knights from the order are needed to defeat this monster. It was written if the students see it then they must immediately escape.」


「 It seems impossible.」 Jeanette shivering.


「 That’s scary… I’ll honor anyone who can defeat such thing, it’s impossible for us…」 Ferris clasped her hands in fear.


「 You will honor them?」


「 Ye, yes.」


「 In other words, if I defeat that Gazulla…」


「 Of course I will honor you…」


「 If, if you say so, then it can’t be helped! Let’s go get that Gazulla!」


「 Eeeee!? Is, isn’t that dangerous monster?」


「 For me, they just a piece of cake! Don’t worry, just follow me.」


Jeanette clapped her fist to her own chest. It was so hard that she likely broke her ribs and made her leaked a scream.




To arrive at their destination, the hill where Gazulla live, Ferris and the other needed to walk for two days. They were following the animal trail in the forest, and when night came, and they were getting tired, they camped in the cave nearby.


Joining forces, three of them made a barricade at the entrance and set up a magic square to detect enemies. When they become soldier or adventurer, this kind of technique is something necessary. This times expedition too, is also held to train their survival technique.


Leaning to the wall of the cave, the three of them put on a blanket up to their shoulder. They were seated with Ferris in the middle, then Jeanette and Alicia beside her. Sleeping in the cavern like this, Ferris remembered the day when she worked in the magic stone mine. She was all alone that time, but this time she with her two friends. It was different from her bed at magic stone mine, even though under her butts were only rugged pebbles, she was very happy.


「 Thank you, Alicia-san, Jeanette-san.」


「 Eh? What is it? So sudden?」 Jeanette asked in puzzlement.


「 I’m not doing anything that worth thanking for, you know.」 Alicia inclined her head.


「 I’m happy that we are together. Thank you for being with me. I’m just useless slave, but, but, but thank you very much!」


Alicia was smiling when see Ferris bowed.


「 Ferris is not useless. You taught me how to use magic better, and always heal me. Your existence is very valuable for me.」


「 Me too. You saved me when I was kidnapped! I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if you didn’t come….」 Jeanette also didn’t want to lose.


「 Come to think of it, Jeanette-san and I, our lives were saved by Ferris right? We have something in common, huh?」


Alicia seems to be having fun putting her hand together.


「 That, that’s not the same! To, to have something in common… not even in my mind do I ever want to have something like that!」


Jeanette pouted while folding her hands.


However, Alicia and Jeanette were gazing each other with a warm look. That made fluffy feelings in Ferris’ heart.


Such feeling, let alone imagining, she didn’t even know its existence when she was in the magic stone mine. It was dazzling, feeling like a precious treasure.


「 Hachi!」


「 Ah, Ferris, are you cold? If, if, if you don’t mind, we could cuddle each other and warm you up!」


Jeanette opened her blanked and invite Ferris nervously.


「 O, o, of course it’s fine if you don’t want to. Bu, bu, but if you catch a cold, we can’t do our plan tomorrow, so as teammate, I…」


Ferris immediately slipped into Jeanette’s blanket while she still nervously talked.


Clinging to a comfortable body, Ferris buried her face into Jeanette’s plentiful chest. It was warm and gave her a sense of relief.


「 Nice smell… somehow, it feels like mother…」


「 Fe, Ferris!? I’m not a mother you know!? Bu, but if that was Ferris’ wish then you can think of me as your mother as much as you wish.」


Jeanette answered in fluster. Her violent heartbeat sound was transferred to Ferris.


「 Hey… to not include me in there, are you bullying me?」


Alicia joined into the same blanket while inflating her cheek.


「 Goudenbert-san? It’s cramped! It’s weird for rivals to get too close like this! It’s weird!」


Somehow, with the bewildered Jeanette, the three of them lied down under one blanket. Wrapped by sweet smell and gentle body heat from both of her side, Ferris gradually felt sleepy.


「 Alicia-san, Jeanette-san, good night.」


「 Yeah, good night.」


「 Good…. Night…」


The three of them fell asleep almost simultaneously. Unknown to them, there were some summoned beast appear and watch over their lovely sleeping face under the moonlight.