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Chapter 26 Team

TL: Yuki



Ferris and the others killed three Gazulla, collected enough points for three people, and walked for two days back to the entrance of the forest.


By the time we returned to the starting point, exhausted, many of the students had already gathered. They were showing their demon parts to their teachers and receiving confirmation of their points.


As soon as she saw the three of us, Lotte-sensei came running up to us.


「 Good work, Ferris-chan, Alicia-chan, Jeanette-chan! You’re looking pretty worn out~. Are you hurt?」


「 I’m fine……I’m just a little tired from all the walking.……」


Jeanette is standing, hanging on to her battle staff. Her knees are shaking, but she doesn’t want to sit down.


「 Jeanette, why don’t you sit down and take a break? You’ve already crossed the finish line. 」


 Alicia recommends.


No, thank you! I feel like I’m losing if I’m the only one sitting down while my rival, Alicia, is standing! 」


「 Mou, You’re so stubborn……」


 Alicia looked at Jeanette with a dumbfounded smile on her face.


 Seeing them together, Ferris feels that it’s kind of nice.


Although they are still rivals, she could feel that the distance between them is definitely getting shorter. Before she knew it, they were calling each other names, and Jeanette was not as hostile as she before.


 Ferris clasped her hands and smiled.


「 Ehehe……I’m glad you two have become such good friends.  」


「 No, we’re not getting along! We two are rivals!」


 Jeanette folded her arms with a bright red face and turned away.


 Lotte-sensei looked at the three of them and nodded in agreement.


「 Fumufumu……I don’t know what happened, but I get it! So, can you show us the 『 Proof 』  of the monsters you have defeated? 」


「 Yes! Here!」


 Ferris took three bones from the Gazulla’s head out of the leather bag and gave them to Lotte-sensei.


「 Oh, Oooh……It’s heavy!? I mean…… isn’t this…… Gazulla’s bones! Not to mention, there’s three!? What did you guys do!?」


 Lotte-sensei was wide eye shocked.


「 Of course, we’re the ones who defeated them!」


 Jeanette is very proud of herself.


「 Well, it was mostly Ferris who defeated it though. 」


Corrected Alicia as she giggled.


「 That’s not true! The three of us worked together to defeat them! 」


 Says Ferris with a pumped up pose.


 The eyes of the students and teachers were all gathered at once.


「 Gazulla!?」「 Isn’t that a monster that even the Knights have to fight with all their might to defeat!?」「 Lies…… those little guys did that!?」「 How in the world……」「 That’s too good to be true……」「 Seriously……」


 A murmur of upset people could be heard.


 Other’s were gazes of envy.


「 Fufun, the Gazulla was nothing but small fry to us!」


 Jeanette is very proud of herself of course.


「 I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration…… Ferris was swallowed whole you know. 」


Says Alicia.


「 It was quite a challenge, wasn’t it? It took me three hours to kill three of them 」


Ferris nodded, and Lotte-sensei’s eyes widened even more.


「 In only Three hours!? Normally, it takes an order of knights a day to kill just one of these monster!? Didn’t it say in the manual that students should avoid them at all cost……」


「 Ah, um, I’m sorry! I will be avoiding them from now on!」


 Ferris hurriedly bowed her head in apology.


「 No……I just hoped that you defeated them safely…… Well, I didn’t know it was that bad……」


 Lotte-sensei pinched her chin and muttered.


「 Now, go to the temporary tent, get a towel, get cleaned up, and get some food. The next carriage will be leaving soon, so you can get on it and go back to school. 」


「 Yes!」


 Ferris and the other three replied cheerfully.




In the outer yard of the magic school, students lined up after returning from their expedition.


Many of the students were tired and wearing dirty clothes, but all of them had a look of pride on their faces.


In front of a large crowd of students, the principal is making a speech about the completion of the expedition.


「……everyone, you did well and worked very hard.Through this expedition, I’m sure that you all have gained valuable experience and confidence that will lead to your futures after graduating 」


 The students nodded, and the principal smiled.


「 Teams will be needed in various classes in the future. The teams that fit well in this expedition should continue to do so in the future. I’m sure it will be an irreplaceable relationship, even after you have become an adventurer or a soldier 」


The principal then spread his arms wide.


「 Well then, that concludes your expedition training. Tomorrow, we’re going to reward everyone a well deserved vacation! Now get yourselves some rest!」


With a flick of his wand, the principal’s figure twisted and distorted, and then he disappeared from the yard.


 The students went back to their dormitories in a flurry of activity.


Some of them remained in the garden, chatting.


「 Well then……Shall we go back? I can’t wait to take a bath and refresh myself. 」


「 Yeah. Everyone is already feeling sluggish 」


 After saying so, Jeanette and Alicia walks away.


「 Ah, Umm! I have a favor to ask you two!」


But before they go, Ferris speaks up. 


The two responded and stopped to look at Ferris.


「 Hm, what is it?」


「 Id it’s Ferris’ request, I’ll do it if I can! Please don’t hesitate to ask!」


 Jeanette patted her chest reliably as she declared.


「 Well, you see…… umm, from now on, can the three of us form a team? 」


「 Eh……Ferris, me, and Alicia, you mean?」


 Ferris nodded her head.


「 Because we’re a perfect match! I think it would be really fun to be a team forever! 」


「 But……It’s not like I’m going to keep getting along with my rivals……」


 Jeanette hesitated.


「 But……um, is it no good……?」


 But because of Ferris, whose eyes were moistening, made her flinch.


 Alicia laughed.


「 I don’t mind. We seem like a pretty well-balanced team. 」


「 Yey! Alicia-san, I love you!」


 As Ferris jumps onto Alicia’s response, Jeanette also answers in panic.


「 I, I don’t have a choice! If Ferris asks, I have no choice but to accept.! 」


「 I love you too Jeanette!」


「 That……to say, you love me……that is……」


 Jeanette’s cheeks became stained with tears.


「 Ehehe! From now on, the three of us are a team!」


Ferris, who was overjoyed, clung to Alicia and Jeanette’s arms.


「 Whoa, Fe, Ferris! You are too bold! No matter how much of a team we are, you must be more orderly! 」


Jeanette was so upset that she said something strange.


 Alicia, on the other hand, put her hands to her lips and giggled.


「 Then it might be a good idea to spend the next vacation with the team. I’d like to see what Jeanette is like in her private life. 」


「 I’m just as noble at school as I am in my private life! You’re more than welcome to spend the vacations with me, Ferris!」


 Jeanette looks smug for some reason.


「 Ferris, where do you want to go? We could go back to the villa, but…… I’d rather stretch my wings anyway and go somewhere 」


「 Where I want to go……? Where I want to go……Where I want to go……」


Ferris was troubled.


She’s been living in the magic stone mines for a long time, so there are many places she’d like to visit. But the choices were so many for her that it’s hard to choose just one.


More than anything, she would feel bad that she’d be forcing them to do something they don’t want to do if she says, 「Here!」. And because Alicia and Jeanette are both two years older than her, they tend to treat Ferris like a child and indulge her.


「 Uu……I don’t know, but…


 Ferris looked up at Alicia with sullen eyes.


 Alicia show her a smile.


「 How about the ocean?  There are sandy beaches and relatives’ cottages nearby, where you can relax and enjoy yourself. I think it’s a great way to have a vacation. Ferris, have you ever been to the beach?」


「 The ocean is a place full of water, isn’t it!? It’s blue and sparkling, and there are crabs, right! ? I’ve never seen it! I want to go there!」


「 Fufu, that’s good, what about Jeanette?」


「 Blue ocean, white clouds, white sandy beach……Ferris who can’t swim……teaching her how to swim.……Two people drifting through the waves, hand in hand……Aah……It’s the ocean.……」


 Jeanette was already having a trip to her imaginary world.


 Alicia nodded, confirming this.


「 I guess we should be okay with that. Now that its decided, we need to buy a new swimsuit. I’m looking forward to it. 」


「Yes, I’m looking forward to it!」


Ferris and the others went back to the dormitory, all three of them were excited in anticipation.