Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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The Strongest Ten Year Old Magician


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A ten year old girl named Ferris was working at a magic stone mine as a s*ave.

However, she was found to have an astonishing amount of magical power which almost seemed unlimited, and will enroll into a magic academy.

She is watched over by different kinds of people and her talent increases with tremendous speed.

Every political power was moving in order to obtain her power.

Ferris was the only person who did not know she was an amazing magician.

Ferris was satisfied as long as she could eat plenty of food everyday.


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Chapter 1 Happiness of a Mining Slave
Chapter 2 The taste of freedom
Chapter 3 First Time
Chapter 4 A Girl Without Limits
Chapter 5 Wanting to know a lot more
Chapter 6 Shopping
Chapter 7 The road towards School
Chapter 8 Magic School
Chapter 9 Unable to Read
Chapter 10 Unable to Read
Chapter 11 Result Announcement
Chapter 12 Practical Exam
Chapter 13 Fun School
Chapter 14 Composite Magic
Chapter 15 The Palace of Truth
Chapter 16 The Girl Named Alicia
Chapter 17 Secret of the Two
Chapter 18 Disappearance
Chapter 19 Queen
Chapter 20 A Little Unusual
Chapter 21 Goudenbert and Rheinzlich
Chapter 22 Expedition Start!
Chapter 23 In the Woods
Chapter 24 Slumber Party (Sleeping Outdoors)
Chapter 25 The Monster Gazulla
Chapter 26 Team
Chapter 27 First Time at Sea
Chapter 28 Closing In
Chapter 29 Relaxation