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Chapter 61 The Wizard Kingdom part 6

TL: Yuki


◆ Wizard Kingdom East Gate ◆


Diamond shaped eyes placed on a block shaped head. It was those inorganic eyes that caught us in its view.

I couldn’t tell just how much blood was spilled on that blood soaked spherical hand and if it was directed towards us, it might also be the end of our lives.

There were a very small number of fighters in the Wizard Kingdom, and all of those warriors who faced that monster have fallen victim to that arm that pierced and crushed its victims turning them into a lump of crushed.

No matter how sharp their blades were, it was not able to pierce it and even the attack of the thunder brigade and other B Rank wizards were easily deflected. It was an unstoppable monster, and the monster has now half turned its head towards us.


「Nnnn, there were still leftovers around there. How many of you people are still out there, I wonder」


Thousands of troops were crippled by a single monster. They were easily dealt with without even giving them the time to release the magic that they have prepared as if it was already decided for them to perish. There’s no way that I would be able to fight against such a monster that even B Rank Wizards and the Elite Lightning Brigade couldn’t beat.

I hugged Lars as I try to stop myself from trembling, then the small golem called Boland turned towards us and aimed his hand.


「Nnnnnnn! I guess I’ll take those two curled up over there! 」


【??? Chanted Cold Prison!

Boland was damaged by 451! Boland HP 3249/3700】


At the same moment that we were targeted, half of Boland’s body was suddenly covered in ice. What was used was a top tier ice magic known as Cold Prison. Not only does it confine its target in ice, the strength of the ice itself is greatly amplified by the caster’s magic power. The ice that have frozen half of Boland’s body was also seamlessly connected to the ground.


「Fuuh, I don’t know how long I would be able to hold him down, but you two should escape now」


The person who casted that spell in order to help us was Kaye, an A rank wizard. He is a Wizard Adventurer who is really good at ice magic and is usually based in Wizard Kingdom. When he was around D Rank, he taught me a lot of various things.


「Ga, Gigi! Nnnn! Impudent! Something like this!」

「It’s useless to struggle, that ice is especially made to hold you down」


Boland was completely stuck on the ice. Moreover, the ice is slowly creeping up gradually covering up Boland’s upper body. A part of the hand was also frozen, sealing off Boland’s commonly used attack.


「T, thank you……」

「Tolppo-chan should immediately escape now. If something happens to you, Hust-sama will definitely grieve」

「But, but he’s still……」

「I will handle this on my own. There are two other A Rankers fighting this monster’s commander」


I noticed two other silhouettes engaged with the golem master in the distance. As expected of A Rankers aiming for the commander, they were able to directly confront the Golem Master. Still, it’s hard to say as to who have the advantage.

Even if they are fighting desperately the two people was still able to survive while confronting that golem master, however I should assume that the golem master is the one on the advantageous side. Even if it’s a little, there’s still hope and I need to survive. I won’t hesitate anymore, then with everything I’ve got I pulled up Lars and run away.


I ran, as much as I can, as far as my legs would allow me to.


Even if my legs felt like they were going to break, I struggle to escape with all the power that was left in me.


Even if my speed have slowed down because I’m running out of breath, I still forced myself to continue without stopping.


It was painful, why did things like this have to happen. What have we done to them?


The New Demon King’s Army,

I didn’t know about anything that happened 30 years ago. However I could only imagine that it was too unreasonable and was definitely a miserable past.


「Grandpa…… am I a bad girl……」


My tear glands loosened, and tears flow down my eyes without stopping.


「Tolppo-onee-chan, I can’t run anymore……」

「Sorry……I’m really sorry……」


I don’t know why I’m apologizing. But no other words would come out. There was definitely a reason why children like us were made to encounter such a terrible sceneHowever, I can’t do anything about it. The only way for us to survive is for me to encourage Lars to keep on going, even if it’s painful and if we are running out of breath, we have to continue moving.

But I probably should force it too much. We should have escaped quite far, and if we reach the end of this rubble mountain, then it’s the part of the town haven’t been reached by the attack yet. The first thing I need to go to the King. I need to tell the King to let Ryua out. She would be the only one who has the power to change this situation.

If there is any hope of overturning this, then would only be that. I grabbed Lars by the hand and tried to run again.


「Nnn~, It’s no good to run away from your enemy, you know?」


Even if I don’t turn around, I already understand that the monster is just right behind us as I hear that creepy voice. And I also understood the fact that another precious life was lost.

At this point, even if we try to run away, we would either be crushed or pierced mercilessly. To survive for even just a moment, I need find a way to distract that monster. I don’t what to do but I need to think of something, I don’t want to die just yet. Something, anything,


「Nnnnn, so there were still some people with a bit of backbones besides the sage. It took this Boland a little longer than usual to get rid of.」


Kaye’s corpse was thrown away which was dangling from Boland’s rounded hand. It was really a strange thing to see his arm piercing through his stomach without a pointed edge, and half of Kaye’s had was also crushed. There were still small fragments of ice from all over Boland’s body making it feel like an actual fight did happen.

After Boland rotated his arms, the ice fragments attached to it were completely removed. After that action, the arm was then stretched towards me without notice. It was moving at a completely imperceptible speed, and only realized that the arm approached me because it stopped right in front of me.

The rounded arm looked like it was blocked by an invisible force and was not able to reach me. Still, Boland tried to force through it by spinning it like a screw. This is, Reflection, a physical type magic barrier and the magic that saved my life. The Reflect barriers that were supposed to be protection from the Golems were easily shattered when the battle started, after that not even the thunder brigade nor adventurers were able to stop them.

And also, there’s only one person who could create a barrier strong enough to stop that Boland.


「Oh, it seems like I’ve just made it in time……」


「my bad, because of my old age I just wasn’t able to do anything in time」


With his bent back Hast-sama, no, grandpa came waving while supporting himself with a wand he uses as a cane. He looks like he was going to fall down at any moment, and the bags under his eyes were almost blue. Grandpa then coughed off blood. Just using that powerful Reflection just now, the burden to his body was definitely considerable. Even so, Grandpa stared at Boland as if it was nothing.


「Nnnn? Nn?」

「As long as I’m still around, I won’t let my granddaughter……Guho, kuho……」

「Grandpa, please don’t overdo it……If you were to use magic right now, then grandpa will……」

「You see, if there’s something an old man like me would like to do, that is to protect future seeds like you so that you would be able to bloom. I was really glad when you were happily talking about your journey, you know」


Seeing grandpa doing his best to support me, my tears flowed out without me noticing it. He was definitely forcing himself to do this. If not for this event happening, then we would be having fun today too.


「Also, Tolppo, I know that you have the talent. Someday, you will definitely surpass me……

You need to be confident about that. I’m sure you will reach it」


Talent you say, to this me. Now is not the right time for you to say things like this right now, Grandpa.

Boland’s arm that was hindered by the barrier was now able to move. Although it’s not that noticeable, the barrier was now gradually showing signs of weakening and even if it could still slow down the attacks, it would only be a matter of time before the barrier breaks.


「Guhoguhoguho! Its…… it’s okay, Tolppo. A little more, just a little more……

We will are definitely going to be saved, just a little bit more…… For that reason, even if I have to force this old bones of mine, even if I end up giving my life I will make it happen……」

「What do you mean by a little more?! It’s enough already……Please…… please stop it already……」


「Hmmm? Are you not finished yet? 」


It was the golem master who arrived behind Boland seeing that he was still struggling to break the reflection barrier. No, more than that what happened to the two who was fighting him. Looking around I saw one of the two A-Rank Wizards pinched like an insect in the golem master’s massive rock-like hand.

There should be another person, but judging by the situation I could only expect for the worst. Soon after, his head was crushed like a soft fruit. Blood splashed around as the headless body fell to the ground.


「Boland-chaan. Could you finish that already, I want you to catch a certain woman you see?

It’s also another reason why I was assigned to invade this country after all.

The famed wizard is already like that, I think it should be about time to finish it, right? 」

「Ha, haha! Well you see, this old man, he has done something like this……」


Looking at the golem master, Boland scratches his head showing how troubled he was. Then an echoing impact hits the ground. It was the sound proof of the golem master standing behind him moving. Seeing that power, it was no wonder why the adventurers and lightning brigade were not able to stop him, but then his movements paused.

The Golem Master then stared at me who was lready trembling in despair.


「You, you’re quite the cutie. What’s your name?」

「To, Tollpo……」

「What a nice name. It’s already the end for this country, you know, so why don’t you do something interesting for me before that happens?」

「As if I’d let you touch my granddaughter that easily!」


The Golem Master, who doesn’t want to listen to the old man, picks his ears with his finger ignoring his voice. In contrast to his rock-like hand, the other one was just like that of a normal human arm. His half-naked outfit and primitive-like clothes makes him look more like a fool.


「You know, it seems like you are doing your best right now, but let me tell you one thing. This country had gates in the east, west, north and south right? And this here is the eastern side.

You do know that the other areas are also being attacked right now right. Heck, they might have already been devastated by now」


A really cruel reality was just spouted by the man in front of me right now, and then just half-heartedly laughed about it. North, west and south, if every part of this country ended up like this place, then it would be total devastation.

Right now Grandpa couldn’t do anything and was continuously coughing out blood, along with that is Lars and me. The thunder brigade did their best, even the adventurers tried to do their best to help trying to take down this Golem Master. After that entire struggle, will there only be despair.


「Everyone, Protect Hast-sama!」


Bolts of Fire, Water, and Lightning came. That amount of power that could originally even kill a floor master, so that sudden rain of attacks was thought to have managed to finish him. However, those combined attacks were easily absorbed by his rock-like hand. Fire couldn’t burn it, Water can’t even wet it, and lightning that was supposed to crush it didn’t have any effect. Eventually the attack weakened and all disappeared.


「Wha, how…… did our attacks get absorbed by that hand……」

「Well this thing is quite handy in cases like this after all, but well with this hand, I it makes my sleep uncomfortable, I can’t hold utensils, I rub my butt and most of all I can’t hold a woman」


The thick fingers with rock-like exterior begin to move, and then he tried moving it quite dexterously. The twelve remaining people from the lightning brigade and 5 adventurers who came to assist us thought that their end was also about to come and turned pale. I then remembered the A Rank wizard who was now nothing more than just a corpse.


「Now then, how should I clean up this mess」

「Zeeeeh, Jiichi!」

「Shin? Why are you here, what happened to you」

「haaah, a, annihilated……」



Right then, the figure of a small girl came falling down from the distant sky. It was a child who was dressed like a clown in a painted red dress.

Is that someone from the Demon King’s Army? Whoever that was didn’t matter, I and Lars were too busy crying and telling grandpa to stop the Reflection Barrier already.


「The Annihilator is coming! She annihilated all the golems! She is   !」

「Oi, are trying to make a joke…… are you sure you about that」


「Haah, haaah, I, I somehow made it in time……」


After Hast finished saying those words, fell down and fainted. We were to immediately support him holding both of his arms.

Right then I closed my eyes and was prepared to die.


「N, nnnnn! You, you are in the way! Who are you! 」


Hearing those words, I opened my eyes. What immediately captured my sigh was the blue short-cut hair waving from the breeze. After that, the atmosphere she exudes was something so brilliant that you wouldn’t normally see from a girl who was almost similar to my age.

With her feet standing firmly on the ground, she shows her ability to easily fend off Boland’s massive power with only one hand.


「We managed to make it in time……

Hast-sama, Tolppo and Lars, you were all safe」


Contrary to the weak voice of a girl like me, her voice was filled with confidence backed by the power she shows to hold off Boaran that a more than a thousand people can’t stop. The monster who slaughtered thousands so easily was currently baffled by the unknown opponent facing him. He tried using brute force to push the kid away, but it didn’t even budge.


「Ryua……! You came……」

「Sorry for arriving really late…… but this situation is really terrible. Roel, please help Hast-san」

「Un, I will do my best」


I can’t speak the same as usual because my voice right now is really faint. The truth is, I also would like to have a fun chat with everyone, but now is not the right time. Looking over the wreckage, Ryua’s face squinted for a moment then she looks away.


「Awawawawa! Jiichi! We must run away」

「……I see, so that’s the so call Ryua-chan. This one is also definitely cute. More than that, Boland, how long have you been playing around?」


The little girl named shin was flying around like an insect. Boland who have been struggling to take off his hand from Ryua’s grip responds to the words of Jiichi as he turned around.


「Hahahaー! I, I will immediately end this!」


Boland then raised his other arm that he didn’t use.