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Chapter 62 The Wizard Kingdom part 7


ED: Yuki


◆ The wizard kingdom, East Gate ◆


【Boland uses his hold arm!】


The toy apparition’s arms grew in size and stretched, surrounding me. It then started constricting, probably with the intent to kill me off.

This arm is pretty interesting though, it wasn’t this long yet it’s stretched out even further when it’s around me. I wonder if it is elastic, well, no matter.


「Ohh! Would you look at that! This is what happens when you get captured by Boland’s hold arm which breaks even zircon apart! 」



Just after putting in a little bit of strength, the arm, which was coiled up around me, was scattered about into little pieces. Upon losing his right arm, Boland stopped talking, turning only his head to face me.

This arm which has been around me for a while was about to be crushed as well. The remaining fragments of the arm were flipped up and scattered, and the round arm had started to shrink considerably in size as well.


「Howahhhh! N, Not bad! But! 」

「You’re in the way!」


【Ryua’s attack! That’s 8219 damage to Boland! And he’s down! HP 0/3700】

「Hogyeh… did… something… happen…?」


I don’t have time to waste on these small fries. While picking up that small toy, I headed towards the man with a stone arm. When I did, the soldiers

And adventurers turned to look at me, as if time had stopped.

Upon closer inspection, there was still some wreckage of the apparition left. It was in the way so I tried shaking it off but that ended up ruining it. It was a really lousy one after all, the boss seemed to be the guy with the stone arm. He’s been looking at me the entire time, grinning to himself.

Above him was a small girl flying around, shouting.


「Jeech, you should leave this to me!」

「Shut up. Do you actually think that I’ll lose here? 」

「Dori Dori lost in the underwater match! That makes it 4 of the demon commanders who have been beaten by this guy! 」

「Dori Dori? Wow, ok.」


Jeech seemed somewhat threatened yet at the same time not.

And not only that but that girl seems pretty familiar. In fact, it was much more recently than he would’ve thought.


「Th-There are golems headed this way!」


As someone shouted that, several big shadows started walking towards us.

I see. It seems like It seems like the golems are attacking here too huh. In that case, I should head over to finish them up soon.

I decided to first ignore Jeech who was before me and focus on defeating all the golems before me. I’m quite thankful that they’d round them all up for me to deal with. While making sure that I do not injure the ones who are our allies, I did a small leap and swung my sword horizontally.

With a flash from the side, the slash had cut into the golems, and they were instantly severed. The top and bottom halves which were separated begin cracking and were turned into nothing but dust which scattered away.

【Ryua used Sonic Ripper!

The Mithril Golems took 419892 damage! HP 0/3080

The Wild Titans took 462831 damage! HP 0/2340

The Crystal Rusks took 385749 damage! HP 0/4200

The Giant Gnucklers took 436100 damage! HP 0/1880

The golems have been cleared in a clean sweep!】


Without leaving a single trace of the golems, all that was left was a cloud of dust. In order to make sure that the debris would not hit his allies, a Sonic Ripper that was 3 times stronger than usual was released. Even though the sand and dust still flying around, he couldn’t really get a proper grasp of the situation.

To be frank, it took them much longer to travel than it did for them to exterminate the golems. It was inevitable that one would be parched after running across the country. He wanted to quickly finish this up to get back to Hast-san’s house to drink some juice.


「Is… Is this a dream?」

「This is incredible… was she the one who did it?」

「I think so, as she swung her sword, the golems were all defeated, at least, I think…」


The Sonic Ripper is a very powerful move, but it also has considerable speed as well. After completing all that training in the cave, if the opponent isn’t one of at least the Vandalsia class, they wouldn’t even be able to see the attack.

But just like the time at the tournament, others have various skills as well. But this is all I have. Did Tiferia have multiple skills too? Must be nice, maybe I should get her to teach me some sometime.


「Hmmm, with this everyone’s pretty much lost.」


As he cracked his neck, Jeech looked around at the defeated golems. In other words, since he’s turning his back on me, it means that he’s looking down on me. If I charge and strike him down now, it’ll be the end of him.


「Has Doridon ended? 」

【【【TL note: The actual translation here is end, but I feel something like complete or finish would sound nicer. Regardless, I’ll leave it as end for now and leave the rest to your jurisdiction. 】】】


I wasn’t sure if were those words meant for the little girl who was floating around, or for me. 「End」, what is it about. As I remained silent, Jeech faced towards me, brandishing his stone arm.


「I’ve not ended yet. Look, this arm is still in this condition. If I were to go all out, I’ll become an actual monster.」

「…If it’s that, then I’ve done it」

「Is that so. Well, I’m going to end now, but first, what kind of form do you think I’ll take? 」

「A Golem?」


Why am I still talking to this guy? Since the enemies we fought against so far were all golems, I just answered with the first thing that came to my mind.


「Be it Vit’s shell or Balt’s flight capabilities, Chiruchiru’s breath or Doridon’s abilities in the sea, I’ll be able to surpass every one of them, making every fight I have a decisive one. However, this is how I feel. There’s only one thing I need. And it’s simpler that way too.」


As Jeech raised his stone arm towards the sky, their surroundings quaked, and a thunderous roar was immediately heard. The surrounding rubble began to float upwards and right when it seemed as if it were flying up towards the sky, it all got sucked to Jeech’s arm. The soldier and adventurers all fled from Jeech in panic.


And even the remnants of the golems which I had destroyed that were scattered all about the place travelled over to him, disappearing into his arm. At this rate everyone who’s here’s gonna get hurt. I had realized this way too late. Loriel, Trooper and the soldiers, all of them were getting pinned down by Jeech.


「Everyone! Get away! Hurry! 」

「I won’t let you」


The rubble and rocks, remains of the golems and even minerals all compounded onto Jeech, creating a giant. Compared to a castle, this is definitely bigger. You could only see all the way up till its torso. The head was much higher above. Originally it was only his arm which was made of rock but now it’s the whole body.

Right now, a giant who could seemingly squeeze and crush a castle was standing right before them. During the transformation, everyone had run away leaving no one to be potentially crushed here. However, with this size, all it would need to do is walk to destroy this country.

I remember fighting a giant similar to this in the caves of hell. In the biggest floors where even the ceiling couldn’t be seen, giants would appear from the darkness, accompanied by tremors. I had originally thought that those tremors were some sort of attack coming from the giants, but I was mistaken.

That was just them walking. They could display such a high level of threat just by simply walking.

Jeech was about the same size as those. Out of the 12 demon generals, I had thought that the biggest was probably the dragon, but this is way bigger than that.


【A Sky-High Giant Fighter Jeech has appeared! HP 42150】


「In a fight what’s most important isn’t just quality or quantity, it’s both. Are you afraid little Ryua? 」


He said, facing me, who was still on the ground. The situation right now was probably like how a person would talk to an ant. I was like an insignificant existence to him right now, one which could be squished, and nothing would be different.


「This is my completed form. You know, this country’s actually pretty impressive. If it wasn’t for me, we may have given up on attacking.」


I’m not sure how many people were able to hear that. But one thing’s for sure, if I could hear him from that height, it must be impressively loud. Wait, now’s not the time to applaud him for his volume.

If this guy were to step out now, just with that the country’s buildings will probably crumble. He’s just that dangerous. However, the adventurers and soldiers who didn’t really have a firm grasp of the situation just stood aside and looked on, shocked by what they were seeing.

As further proof of that, it was only after Jeech started talking that shrieks could be heard.


「One strike. One strike and this country will be demolished.」


The cold words uttered by Jeech were followed not by a trampling motion. Bending his knees and springing off with his feet, the mountain like man jumped, disappearing into the skies.

As everyone had realized, imagining the catastrophe which was about to happen next had made everyone flee. The commanding people tried shouting loudly to abet the others, but there was already no one in sight.

Those people were pushing each other aside, escaping through the broken east gate. There are probably families in the town too and there should be people heading there.

But I didn’t see any.



「Towards the town! E-Evacuation orders! 」

「Scram! Even if it’s just a little, we need to go further! 」

「You idiot! Our duty is to protect our majesty! 」

「What is that monster! What in the world is it! 」


Jeech is probably the first person who I’ve had to properly use my Sonic Ripper on ever since going out into the outside world. Even that time with Vandalsia, I didn’t use it at full power while considering the casualties at that time.

Even I myself am uncertain of how much power will I unleash if I were to let it out at full power. I only know that, if I were to not do it, that gigantic monster is going to fall down unto the country.

While I’m attacking, I cannot afford to be halfhearted either. If the fragments of stone were to rain down, the number of casualties would be immeasurable.


「Ryua… please…」

「Big sis Ryua, do you think you can do it?」


Trooper and Raashu were both anxious but did not run away. They believed in me and were not able to abandon Hast-san. They had many thoughts, and it seemed like I was the only one who could answer them.


【 Sky-high giant fighter Jeech uses Meteor Strike!】


The match is on, Jeech.


【Ryua uses Sonic Ripper!】


Timing it with the falling Jeech, I jumped up into the air as well. And the Sonic Ripper which I had released in the shape of a fan was far bigger than I had imagined it would be.

It was about from the Avenguard castle till where you can see the Wizard kingdom’s castle, though it was probably more than that. That was how big it was. Even if Jeech was a giant, my Sonic Ripper was not about to lose. That was my reply to Jeech.

Somewhere high up in the skies, Jeech who was the size of a speck in the sky came into contact with it. I targeted first his feet, then his waist, torso, and lastly, his head. One by one, they were cut down, and the giant was obliterated.

The sound which reverberated throughout was loud. So loud, that it was able to make the people who were running away stop. As if something impossible had happened once again, the reality was that as one would look up, it was clear that Jeech had been completely defeated.


【Sky-high giant fighter Jeech took 1006102 damage! Sky-high giant fighter Jeech has been defeated! HP 0/42150】

「It isn’t over, the rubble…」


As if to confirm it with myself, I muttered those words. I then once again shot my Sonic Ripper towards the incoming rubble. This time, the debris was magnificently scattered out, and disappeared into fine sand throughout the sky.

What were left were numerous flabbergasted people, and a gentle breeze which blew through the abandoned town near the east gates.

Around us, we could hear the sounds of weapons being dropped one by one. Perhaps due to the excessive shock from such an unbelievable sight, they had lost the strength of their grips. And it wasn’t just the soldiers and adventurers, but even Trooper and Rashu were still looking up into the sky, as if Jeech was still there,


「U,Ugh… mmn, am I alive…」

「Ah, Hast-san, you’re awake?」


The only person whose eyes were not snatched away by my display was Loriel. Even those who were supposedly happy from Hast-san being awake, at least, for now, could not notice what had happened.