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Chapter 63 Wizard Kingdom End

TL: Yuki

TL Notes: Due to some liberties done by the previous translators, some names may not match to the ones I use, however so do understand. Well since the are is ending, those names might be forgotten anyway unless they are referenced in the future, and depending on how many times it will be referenced will I only take action to fix the names throughout the series.



◆ Wizard Kingdom, Castle King’s Room ◆


 The air was tense. First, the king, the prime minister, and their guards lined up to protect them. We were sandwiched between the soldiers standing in line along the aisle. The king looks as stern as ever, and it was the first time for me to see the Queen. What was also included were the captain of the Fire Magic Team and the captains of the other teams, so it’s quite a large group.


 One of them, Tekker, the captain of the lightning squad, seemed to have witnessed my battle and was the first to thank me after the night was over. He said that he hadn’t slept much since then, recovering what was left of the wreckage from the Golems, which was were pretty not worth it, and figuring out the number of wounded and dead. It seems that there are about 1,400 soldiers left, and more than half of the dead people were from the lightning squad alone. The only adventurers who survived were a few B-rank people, and the rest were wiped out.


 Even so, the majority of the injured were saved thanks to Roel and the remaining healers and priests. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s not simply that he was surprised, he seemed troubled.


「 Ehem…… First, we would like to thank you for saving our country from a crisis. 」


I was afraid that I would being berated for escaping, or worse, be thrown back into jail, but I was relieved that it didn’t happen. For that matter though, I should also apologize for blowing up the door of that place with all my might and leaving it full of debris, even though it was only a bit of destruction. But I didn’t attack the guards. I ignored the warning and rushed at them, and they threw magic at me, but it was no problem at all, and it was like they missed us, which didn’t work at all, and eventually cleared the way for us.


After that, I carried Roel on my back and went around the gates of the country to kill the Golems. I was worried because Hast-sama said he was going to the east gate first and then disappeared. I didn’t expect it to be like that.


「 But that’s not what this is about. I can’t let the jailbreak thing slide.」


「 You… you still haven’t gotten over that……」


「 Hast-sama, please shut up. Aren’t you supposed to still be in the middle of recuperating? 」


He really is a cheapskate. Even Hast-sama, who had was still recuperating, was given a hard time by him, what kind of king is this? Roel, who was standing next to me, was clearly annoyed, even though Roel had hardly slept at all and was concentrating on the recovery of the injured.


 We didn’t do it because we wanted to do something, but that doesn’t mean we deserve it. We just couldn’t standard wait to see Tolppo and Rash’s hometown and so many people be put in danger.


「 Your Majesty, I, Tekker, have witnessed these people in action.


I hope you something like this aside. 」


「 It was I, the captain of the Fire Team, who used Fire Rain at them as a test. Which also making me the one responsible directly for their illegal entry. 」


The captains of the fire and thunder squads gave me a mouthful of support. The captain of the earth and water team followed suit. I wonder if it was because I saved their troops when they were being pushed back by Golem. Even so, the king was not intimidated, and everyone bowed their heads. The queen sitting next to the king was looking at the scene without moving an eyebrow. But unlike the king, she had a kind look on her face.


「 Zazir, no, Your Majesty. Do you seriously think you can put up a punishment for these girls? 」


「 What’s with the sudden changes…」


「 She is capable of wiping out a group of Golems with a single swing of her sword, something that even a single nation could not handle on their own.


What kind of punishment could you even inflict on such an opponent? 」


「 Well, that is, but…… you, you aren’t going to try to resist, won’t you?」


Suddenly, the king looked at me with a worried look on his face and asked me this question. Do you really have to ask that of me now of all time?


「 I have things I need to do 」


As soon as I said that, everyone stopped and stared at me.


「 I won’t let myself stay here any longer  」


「 Kh! Y, You!」


 I released a little of intimidation, but that seemed to be more than enough to shake the place. The soldiers who had been neatly lined up suddenly fell back and broke in a cold sweat. The captains staggered, and the soldiers escorting the king leapt in front of the throne, poised. But their hands were trembling slightly. Even the guards, who were barely hit that, end up looking like the world was about to end. The Prime Minister had fallen on his butt and was backing up against the wall. And even though he knew that there was no way for him to move back, he was still kicking the floor with his feet as if trying to stick to the wall.


I slowly walked over towards the king, but Roel grabbed my hand and tried to stop me.


「 No, don’t come any closer!」


「 King, I don’t want any kind of reward from you or anything. But I do want you to stop trying to fault me of something I didn’t do. 」


Two of the guards tried to restrain me, but I didn’t care about them. If you’re going to use magic, try it. I’m angry.


「 That’s enough, Your Majesty. Can’t we just call it a night here?


Or are you so determined that you’re really going to wage an impossible war against this girl? 」


「 You, you stay out of this! What has happened to you Hast-sama?」


「 I’m not really planning on doing anything. I’m just stating the facts as they are. 」


「 But, however, We can’t afford to miss anything here……」


「 So it’s war, then? 」


「 uh, Kuuh! Eei! I don’t know anymore!」


The king stood up from his throne vigorously, pushed aside the two guards, and walked away. Then I heard the door close roughly. He’s gone, but what is the meaning of all this.


「 We’re done 」


The queen opened her mouth for the first time. She may be about the same age as the king, but she is more beautiful and looks much younger than him. I wonder if she can use magic too.


「 I’m sorry. When things don’t go his way, he would always lock himself up in his room.


It’s probably because he inherited the throne at an early age after the death of his predecessor, but he just can’t seem to shake off his childish side. 」


「 I’m sorry, Ryua and Roel. I’m also part to blame for this. 


I was very strict with that person when he inherited the throne as a child. He possessed magical power that was incomparable to that of his predecessors, so I knew that I should not indulge him any further.


As a result, it seems that only his sense of responsibility has taken precedence inside him and only his body has grown while his spirit has not been nurtured properly…….


Well, that’s not important to you guys, is it? For now, let’s get out of here. 」


 Even if you say that it doesn’t matter, it does, but the only thing that stuck out to me was the fact that the king had lost his parents too. My parents are also gone. Most children are raised by their parents until they grow up, but there are people like me and that king. I wonder if the king and I would have been acting differently if we had been raised normally.


「 Ryua-chan, let’s go?」


Before I realized it, Roel was already holding my hand and urging me to go. That’s right. I have Roel now. I should be happy with that.


◆ Wizard Kingdom, House of Hast ◆


「 Zazir…… I mean, I thank you on behalf of His Majesty. You guys are our saviors.


It’s amazing that you were able to heal so many wounded people, not only regarding Ryua but Roel also. 」


「 Th, thank you very much.」


「 Hmmm, and also. I know I said I’d help with the case, but it was not enough it seems.


Are you guys leaving soon? 」


「 Yes, I have an A rank promotion exam to attend……」


「 Ah, alright, and you don’t have to worry about the matter here. As usual, it will probably be another three months if you miss it. So it’s better get over there soon. 」


At Hast-sama’s urging, I went outside and found a large crowd of people gathered at the bottom of the step over the fence. They were looking up at the house as if the whole street was covered with people. When we peeked out, they all cheered at the same time. Then a strange, bright music came from an instrument I had never seen before, echoing deep into my ears.


「 Our Saviors!」


「 Thank you for saving this country!」


「 Come and join us for a welcome festival!」


 I don’t know how many thousands or tens of thousands of people are here, but they’re all praising us. I don’t know how many thousands or tens of thousands of people are out there, but they’re all praising us, but I know that they’re thanking us for defeating Golems, but how did they know it was me? I’ve defeated all of them outside the gates except for that one at the east gate, so I’m sure the town wasn’t harmed and nobody should have witnessed it.


I was applauded, and countless people were praising me. Saviors, heroes, those words make me itch.


「 I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable with Zazir, but there are a lot of people who have been watching. 」


Hast-sama came out of the house quietly and looked at the people spread out below.


「 O~~i! We’re going to have a welcome party for the girls! Come on down!」


Rash, downstairs, is waving at me. I wonder if they’re having a festival now, something like the Avangard Festival. I’ve never been thanked so much by so many people in my life. I didn’t know what to do, and for a while all I could do was watch the tens of thousands of people. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my cheeks.


「 Ryua-chan, what happened, why are you crying?」


「 Eh? Eh, that’s weird. I don’t know what’s going on with me either. 」


I wondered if it was because I was crying with happiness or because I was frustrated by that king. There have been times when I’ve been thanked for a guild request, but this time it’s on a much different scale. Maybe it’s because I didn’t even realize it. These tears are because there are so many people who was helped by me. That’s what I’ve decided not to think about it.


「 There’s a lot of food over there! Quickly! Let’s go!」


With unbelievable strength, Roel took my hand and started running. Hast-sama laughed when he saw me almost falling down after being dragged.


◆ Wizard Kingdom, Castle Town Square ◆


 Food was laid out on large tables, people drunk and dancing even though it was still early in the afternoon. It was so different from the Avangard Festival that I was confused. If I had to give an example, I would say that Pablo’s restaurant had this kind of atmosphere. There was a cooking demonstration show with flame magic, and other things you can only see in this country.


The fight between Rash and some adult wizards and fighters were amazing. Even the audience couldn’t tell where the real Rash had gone to and were confused by the large number of imposters. The wizard, who was trying to settle the score with a wide range of magic, was knocked down by Rash, who appeared right behind him.


The crowd roared before they noticed what happened, but I was able to see clearly how Rash approached his opponent who was at the mercy of his illusion magic. If it were just normal magic, He’d be around C in the adventurer rankings. But could be appraised higher by combining it with his specialty, that is illusions, which was many times more powerful compared to that of what an ordinary wizard could use. That was my impression. I know how he felt when he was in tears because he couldn’t use his magic against the Golems.


He’s probably stronger than Baste that I fought in the fighting tournament. It was at this point that I was convinced that it would be boring to go to school.


「 Baste-san? No way! I admire that person!


I often rely on attack magic. But that person rarely uses it.


I wish I had the strength to continue fighting with the use of only illusions. 」


I was surprised to find out that he knew him. I’ve heard that a large percentage of wizards come from this country, and that some of them, like Tolppo, go on training trips and rise through the ranks as adventurers.


「 That was a cool leap from roof to roof! 」


「 Hey, how’d you take out that Golem from a distance? I didn’t know what was going on when you swung your sword, and they all started falling apart. 」


「 It, It’s called a sonic ripper. When you swing it like this, a slash will hit you with a bang!」


Men, women, and children of all ages, as well as soldiers who survived the battle and have been given a break, gathered around me. The rest of the people are still busy with the recovery work. I and Roel wanted to help, but we were swept away by the crowd and had to take a stop at this festival.


「 Ryua-chan, get over here! 」


「 Uwah! Ro, Roel!Why do you smell like alcohol already?!」


「 Yummy 」


I was completely embraced. I wondered if it was okay to drink alcohol at our age. I remember when I was a kid, I tried to get my hands on some alcohol my father was drinking, but he stopped me. I had a vague idea that children shouldn’t drink, but I wondered how old I should be to actually be able to drink.


「 Ryua……」


「 What is it, Tolppo?」


「 That……」


「 Hmm?」


「 I’ll be stronger……and then someday……I too……」


Tolppo used to be so energetic in front of Hast-sama, I wonder why she is like this. I’d like to ask Hast-sama, who is dancing around naked over there, but I don’t want to go near that thing. He was so excited around the girls that he didn’t even show the presence of what a Wiseman should be.


「 nn, why not come over! Gehehehe!」


「 Mou, Hast-sama, stop it! Your grandchildren and Ryua-chan are watching you! 」


「 Nah, I’m not interested in anyone under 20 anyway. Well, the material isn’t bad, so maybe another 5 years or so? 」


The conversation is not even engaging, and I am not asking you to accept me in the first place. What’s with the material, I’m under 20 years old. I’ve been aware of this since I came to the outside world, but I don’t know why men think like that all the time. Compared to that, this Roel is so pure, but she won’t let me go. I guess she’s satisfied with all the food on that table, and now she’s looking sleepy. But she won’t leave me.


「 Ryua-chan 」


And so the festival went on, not just through the day, but through the night. When I woke up at dawn, there were people sleeping all over the place. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the alcohol or something else, the place was soaked with various stuff, and it would probably take another day to clean it all up. I could only think that.


◆ Wizard Kingdom, Castle Town Square ◆


 All the townspeople and wizards gathered and began to draw a sort of magic circle in the square, with Hast-sama in charge, it surrounded the two of us, and now we are hand in hand within the teleporter similar to the one that had instantly transported us to Hast-sama’s house.


「 Ryua, are you leaving already?」


「 Yeah, good luck with Rash and Tolppo. 」


「 Will be lonely……」


Rash and Tolppo came to see us off, and Hast-sama suggested that they could instantly transport us from here to the kingdom of Avangard. It is possible to travel as far as the kingdom of Avangard depending on the number of people and how you do it.


I don’t dare ask the principle about it because I’m sure I’d fall asleep in less than a minute if it was explained. It seems that everything is ready, and now it’s time to activate it.


「 I’ve given you all the money I can get, but it’s definitely not not enough. There’s not much else I can do. It’ll save us a lot of time and money this way too. 」


「 You, you didn’t have to do this! Your thanks should have been more than enough.」


「 Hmm, Roel is a good child, but do accept it. And so let’s get started.」


He gave us 150,000 gold, an amount that would take us months to obtain if we worked for the guild. It was a combination of the money given to us by the guilds in this country as a reward, and some money given to us by the townspeople and adventurers. The amount was so high that I desperately refused to accept it, but I persevered and accepted it.


 And so Rash, Tolppo and the others started the send off. They all muttered something like a chant, and then the whole magic circle started to glow.


「 You remember the last thing I taught you, don’t you? Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear my voice in your head.


What, I won’t talk to you when you’re asleep. 」


That’s right, before this, Hast-sama has taught me about word magic. It is said to be a very high level magic that allows your voice to reach a specific person. But it seems that it can only be used by those who have made a contract with that person, so it’s not universal. He casually boasted that there were only a handful of people in the world, including Hast-sama, who could use it. He also threatened me that I had to think carefully about making a contract with the right person, or else I would be harassed by voices being sent into my head all the time.


He laughed jokingly, saying that the only person who could use it would be the master of the new Demon King’s army, but he might not be wrong. He is the boss of those monsters, so it is not surprising that he has that kind of power.


Of course, the reason why we signed the contract was to deliver to us the information that Hast-sama had obtained about the one-winged demon. I still don’t know how Hast-sama, who was too old to move much, had so much information being handled, but I don’t think too much about it.


「 Good luck! Do your best to pass the A Rank promotion test!」


With those last words, we were enveloped in light. It was only a moment, no more than a second or two. The next thing I saw was the familiar castle town of Avangard.


「 Ufufu, I’m also a Priest now, so my strength has doubled!」


It seems that before the festival, Roel was recommended to take the Priest promotion test. She passed it without problem, and is now a Priest. It seems that she can handle more magic than a healer now, and her magic power is much higher.


【 Ryua Lv:999 Class: Fighter B Rank 】


【 Roel Lv:63 Class: Priest B Rank 】


「 Ufufu, Ufufufu 」


I was a little scared of Roel reactions because she was in such a good mood.


◆ Shin Report ◆


trembling with fear


I’ve been attacked by a giant


It was strong enough  to crush a mountain. But giant’s been killed.


The girl cut down the giant with her sword


The giant was defeated by the little girl


I knew it


He said he didn’t need to fight


He was saved by his wisdom


It was just that


He was seen by the little girl, and while she was being attacked, he was killed


He was quick to disappear


He still can’t get his body up, so he’ll have to take a break


I mean, there’s no other truth to it


Book of Demons


【 Drildon, the angry lord of the ocean HP 31000 】


One of the twelve generals of the new Demon Lord Army.


She has a lower body like a dolphin and her fingers are tentacles.


She is so powerful that she can sink a large ship with a single blow using only her fingers and tentacles.


She has the power to manipulate ocean currents at will.


She specializes in the water attribute, but the monstrous power that comes from her huge body is second to none in terms of coldness


【 Bolan HP 3700】


One of the twelve generals of the new Demon King’s Army, Golem Master’s confidant.


It may look small enough to be called a Golem, but its power is incomparable.


It has high resistance to both magic and physical attacks, that even the blade of a skilled warrior is completely impervious to it.


Its flexible arms can break through even a zircon, and its strength alone is equal to the total power of a country.


【 Jeech, the Heaven-Piercing Giant, HP 42150 】


One of the twelve generals of the new Demon Lord Army.


He has no special skills, but is one of the largest demon compared to all of them.


If he really gets out of control, an entire continent could collapse.


However, in order to take this form, he had to gather a certain amount of material with his rock arms that absorbs even magic.


The rock arm cannot absorb living things before it is completed, so you need to prepare golems for absorption in advance.