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Chapter 65 What we are looking for

TL: Yuki




◆ Avangard City Grand Plaza ◆


It took us about an hour to get here from the Avangard castle gate. We were part of a long line, waiting for our turn. People in front of us and behind us, people, people, people. Adults, children, adventurers, and everyone in between.


A sword that is said to have been used by a hero in the past. It is now on display at the castle. It is said that it is a sword that can only be wielded by a select few, and that ordinary people cannot even wield it. It’s hard to believe, but it seems that there are many such things, weapons that only men can carry and armor that only women can wear.。


Siegel explained to me in detail that the principle behind this is still unknown and remains a problem for some researchers. This is one of the Seven Wonders of Adventurers.


Incidentally, Siegel once tried to wear an armor that only women could wear, but it became so heavy that he almost got crushed. I guess that doesn’t exactly make it unwearable, but I’m more interested in the fact that he stubbornly refused to tell me when I asked him what kind of armor it was. When Roel asked me why I wanted to wear it, I just said I was curious.


「 That person, he’s walking towards here, looking disappointed.」


「 And the guy behind him, too. I don’t know why he’ that shocked. If it were me, I wouldn’t be so sure. 」


 All the people who walked in front of us were people who were trying to see if they could equip the weapon. They all walked past the line one after another, sighing and swearing when they were not satisfied.


 I think that if the sword was used by a hero, only that hero can handle it. I don’t know where he is, and I don’t know why he has such a thing in the castle in the first place. If he could handle the weapon, he would have 10 million gold. 10 million gold is a tremendous amount of money, especially if we are too cautious about how we spend it, even 150,000 gold would have been more than enough.


「 Sir, please keep your order! Don’t interrupt the line there!」


Ritta, who was the one checking the line, noticed a problem. It hadn’t been that long since we parted, but she looked so strong. When I first saw her, she was unreliable, but now she was a soldier. Well, there was someone who was threatening another person and was interrupted by her. correcting his behavior.


「 Ah! Ryua-san, Roel-san! You’re back already!」


「 Keep private conversations to yourself and do it later!」


「 I, I’m sorry, Tom-san!」


When Ritta noticed us, she waved cheerfully, but was immediately chastised by someone who seemed to be a senior member of the group, and she shrank back. Once again, it looks like a tough job. If Ritta is here, maybe Kirkton is also around. But after checking the surroundings, he’s nowhere to be found.


Anyway, why is the line so long when we’re just trying to see if one can swing a sword. I’ve never been good at waiting like this, but I’m already starting to get impatient.


「 Roel, I’m bored……」


「 Me too, I can put up with lines at good food restaurants, but not this……」


「 Yahoo, are you guys alright?」


Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard. However, the owner of the voice is not supposed to be here. There were people in front of me and behind me, and because of my excessive reaction, they were looking at me quite oddly.


「 Are you surprised? Oh, this voice is only reaching you guys, so don’t react aloud. You would be seen weirdly by normal people if you do.」


It’s Hast-sama. I’ve been told that this is the magic I signed up for. I’ve been told about it, but even I’d be surprised if it came out of nowhere, and Roel, for some reason, is clutching her fire rod, ready to go into battle. For the time being, I’d like to calm her down and then listen to what she has to say.


「 You can talk to me from there. Just whisper it in your mind, and it will reach me.」


「 You startled me……」


「 Oh, that’s good. Well, this is also sort of a test of my communication magic.」


「 You, you only did it for that?」


「 Indeed so. Am I interrupting something? 」


「 Ah, n, no. In fact, it might have been a good thing since I was getting sleepy from having so much free time.


I heard that they’re looking for someone who can handle the sword that the heroes used in Avangard Castle. We were going to try to see if we could wield it, but there were too many people…… 」


「 A hero’s sword that chooses its wielder? Hmmm……The only thing I know about it is that the sword was used by a hero 30 years ago. It’s in Avangard Castle? 」


The Sword of the Hero, I hadn’t thought of that. Now it’s out in the open at Avangard Castle. In other words, does this mean that they are looking for a hero? Come to think of it, I wonder where the hero who defeated the Demon King 30 years ago is now. I hadn’t thought about it at all.


 If the Demon King’s army has attacked, it is certainly natural to look for a hero to confront the threat. But will this really work? I don’t know where the hero is, and I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I’m sure he will stand up to the Demon King’s army if they appear again. I wonder if I have to go to the trouble of making such a big deal out of it.


「 Hmm, I see. I’m curious about something, so I’ll proceed with my research here. Well then…」


「 eh, ummm, Hast-sama?!」


When Roel exclaimed loudly, there was no response from Hast-sama, only strange stares piercing the surrounding air. How one-sided is this magic? It’s certainly possible to harass someone with this. Even if the other party was Hast-sama, I regretted making this contract possible a bit.


◆ Avangard City Grand Plaza Central  ◆


「 Daaaaa! Fuuuuuunnnn!」


A muscular person who looked like a stuffed animal was red-faced and trying to raise his sword. But no matter how hard he tries, he can’t lift the sword at all. We had been skeptical of the idea of a weapon that could choose its user, until we saw it with our own eyes. 


It was as if the sword itself had a will of its own and was rejecting the big man who tried to take a strike with it. The hilt was raised, but the blade never left the floor, as if it was heavier.


「 That’s enough. Next!」


「 Hey, wait! I’m almost there!」


「 No, no, no! It’s because of people like you that this line is never going to be cleared!」


 I see, there was a reason why the line was so slow. After the big man who was pushed out, there were ordinary men, old men, and families. Everyone’s result was the same as the big man.


Some of them seemed to have come here as part of their sightseeing, and they were excited even if they couldn’t hold it. I almost laughed as I thought about where to look next, which was too loose compared to the seriousness of the big guy earlier.


The next challenge is a green-haired, broom-headed adventurer with a spear on his back. I’m sure I know him, but that’s my assumption. Yeah, that’s him.


「 They don’t understand why they’re not chosen.


I’ve been told that my “B” rank is a sure thing, so I’ll show you what a good example I am.


You know what? This guy doesn’t want just any power idiot. The heart, the love of justice, that’s what qualifies.」


Aude, you’re still in Avangard. Well then, let me see you treat that justice with a loving heart. If you really have such a heart, that is.


「 Here I go……Fuuuuuh……」


「 Just get it over with.」


The soldier was probably annoyed with Aude, who took a deep breath while holding the handle, and warned him about it. I do not think this is something that should be criticized that much, but it is not hard to understand.


While he was going Haaaa, The soldier warned Aude again. It didn’t take long for people to say, Just do it!


「……guh! Tsuuuh! Seyaaaaa!」


「 Alright, that’s enough. Next!」


「 Wa, wait! This time I’ll really be serious about it?!」


「 It’s not even making a nudge! Next!」


Aude was so insistent that the two soldiers finally restrained him and dragged him away. He was screaming something at that time, but I couldn’t hear it anymore.


「 I guess we’re next.」


「 Yeah, you can go ahead, Ryua.」


「 Ryua-san! Good luck!」


「 Don’t talk too much!」


「 Yes!」


Now, it was my turn. All the people who had been enjoying each other’s company quieted down for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m the champion of the tournament, and everyone is paying attention to me, or maybe it’s because Ritta is the only one looking at me expectantly. I wonder if there is even one person who thinks that I am a hero.


I don’t think that’s possible, and I don’t want to be like that either. This sword has a rightful owner, and it should be returned properly. I’m not nervous about this, but I wonder what these people are paying attention to.


「 Yosh……」


Grasping the handle, I finally




It was just a moment before I could grab it and hold it properly.


A pain like an electric current that travels from my fingertips to the palms of my hands, from my arms to my entire body.


Just as I thought my eyes were going to turn white, there was a flash of light that blinded me.


A little later, the surrounding area screams.


 When was the last time I experienced something like this, being knocked away by something? My body slammed down hard on the floor of the hall. I don’t know how long I flew through the air. The people who were supposed to be standing in line scattered and looked at me. It took a few seconds for Roel, who was the first to notice the situation, to run over here, so I must have been knocked around a lot.


If I had been a little off, I would have hit that pillar. I’m glad I was the only one who was damaged.


「 Are you alright, Ryua-chan!? Hey, are you hurt anywhere?」


「 Thanks, but I don’t think I need healing, so don’t worry about it.」


「 I mean, you know, you were blown from there to here.……」


The soldiers who rushed after me were worried about me, but I was not injured. I just don’t know when the last time I was blown up this far since I was in the Cave of the Abyss. Anyway, it was my first time in the outside world, so I was completely caught off guard.


No, I don’t think it’s about simple power or anything like that. I don’t know why at all, but I have one thought.


「 That now, it’s as if the sword rejected me like crazy……」


Ritta’s casual comment, that was it. Even if that were true, it wouldn’t make sense. That big guy, the family, Aude, they all touched it. What’s wrong with just me not being able to touch it.


「 Ugh……uu……」


「 Ryua-chan, don’t cry……Hey, let’s go home, okay?」


Roel helped me stand up, and I couldn’t look at anyone around me. I didn’t want them to see how pathetic I looked. But everyone was looking at me. That’s all I could tell.


「 Tom-san!」


「 Wha, what was that just now……」


「 That sword is dangerous! It should be banned from the public immediately!」


「 Don’t be ridiculous. You’re right, this is an unprecedented situation, but it’s not up to us to decide.」


「 Then I don’t care if it’s Captain Kirkton, Master Belmund, or His Majesty!


It would be too late to stop this kind of thing if it happened to ordinary people who have no power!」


「 No, but……」


I could tell that Ritta was concerned about me behind my back. I don’t know if the girl before me could have said that much. I’m not in a position to speak so highly of her, but I think Ritta has become a great person in just a short time.


I wonder if the Black Spear incident was the trigger. In the meantime, there’s nothing I can do about it. As long as I don’t know the reason why that sword rejected me, what can I possibly do?


After that, I don’t know if the release of the sword was really canceled. We had no choice but to disappear into the castle town at a slow pace. It was Roel who suggested that we take the day off.