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Chapter 67 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 1

TL: Yuki




On the day of the exam, the Adventurer’s Guild was overflowing with examinees. It’s not unusual for a large room to be filled with rowdy people, but the atmosphere was different today. After all, it was the A rank promotion exam, which only happens once a year. At the moment, the room is reserved for the exam, and we can’t take on any ordinary requests.


There are people who are taking the test for the first time, and some who haven’t passed it in years. Indeed, there was a wide range of ages, from middle-aged to elderly. A month and a half ago, the man who had analyzed the dragon slayer’s poison was also a test taker.


【 Balm Lv: 38 Class: Alchemist B Rank 】 


「 If I don’t pass this year, I’m going to retire soon.


I don’t want to use my age as an excuse, but the world is not that easy to challenge. 」


The man who told me this sadly said that this was his tenth time taking the exam. The content of the exam changes every year, and depending on the year, sometimes it’s so dangerous that it could kill you. The theory is to organize a party to participate, but Balm has been alone ever since he was betrayed once.


「 Not yet? I’d like to get started already.」


「 So long 」


【 Marilyn Lv: 39 Class: Magic Fighter B Rank 】


【 Kank Lv: 40 Class: Archer B Rank 】


The man with the short blond hair was sitting on a chair with his feet on the table in a pompous manner. The woman with the puffed up red hair was sitting cross-legged, chewing on something. Bad attitude, filthy, that’s the image I had of those two. I’m not sure what to make of that.


「 The hell are ya doin punk! You just tried to steal my wallet!」


「 I’m kidding, Jordan. I was just messing with you. You were just so vulnerable. I don’t know if you’re gonna survive the test. 」


【 Bobs Lv: 27 Class: Knuckle Fighter B Rank 】


【 Josh Lv: 24 Class: Thief B Rank 】


Some people are making some kind of commotion. The one who is angry has a weird look with only the middle part of his hair left behind, and the rest looks like bald patches. The one who was being accused was so small that I thought he was a child, and he had a bandana wrapped around his head.


They were fighting noisily, trying to get his wallet. When the strange looking person raises his fist, his hand was stopped by a person in silver armor.


「 Both sides, mind your place. If you cause a scene here, you know what will happen.」


【 Gilbert Lv: 31 Class: Knight B Rank 】


「 Oh, I’ve seen your face before. Are you a Royal Knights by any chance?」


「 Yes, but……」


「 Ah, I knew it. I’m pretty sure one of you people died at the attack of the mysterious army, right?」


Just as anger was about to rise on his calm face under his helmet, someone clapped his hands loudly at the counter. The person who slapped me as if to say, “Look at me,” was someone I recognized. He had long blond hair and a kind expression that made me think he wouldn’t even kill an insect.


The person with the helmet and the strange haircut, who had been in a tense situation, suddenly became quiet as soon as they saw the person. It seems that there is more to it than that, and the fact that he’s here means that it’s about to start.


「 Hai, hai, everyone, please be quiet. Well, well, well. So many of you have gathered here.…… The time has come, so we will now begin the A rank promotion exam. My name is Yuyu, and I’ll be your first examiner.」


This person with the strange way of speaking is, I believe, one of the A rank 5th place high priests, Yuyu, who is also someone that Roel secretly admires. It was a little surprising that such a person was the examiner.


The bustling and noisy room became completely quiet after Yuyu’s appearance. More than a few hundred people were all looking at Yuyu. After all, the exam was about to start. Even I’m nervous.


「 Don’t be so stiff. As you all know, the first test is a written test. The venue is outside. Follow me. 」


Outside. I wondered why, but we had no choice but to follow him.


◆ Avangard Grasslands ◆


A short distance away from Avangard Castle Town, there are beautiful grasslands. Of course, there is the danger of encountering demons. But for those who are already about to take this test, they are nothing to worry about.


The question is, why did they choose this place to do the written test? Yuyu is still smiling, and I don’t know what she is thinking.


I’m sure everyone is thinking the same thing, but Yuyu doesn’t care and starts handing out test papers to everyone. At the same time, a kind of writing board came along to make it easier to write. I was secretly wondering how we were going to write without desks, but he was very kind.


「 I will now explain the first exam. The only requirement to pass the exam is to answer at least 60% of the questions correctly. Oh, and please leave the paper still on the other side. 」


Sixty percent is a little more than half. Siegel said it was 90%, but I wonder if he was being kind this year. It seems that Yuyu is called the Angel of Mercy, and since this is his first exam, she must have been lenient. I didn’t know what she was thinking behind her kind smile, but I felt relieved. The other test takers were also relieved.


「 The time limit is 2 hours. You can solve it cooperatively or alone, it is up to you how to solve it. The party will be given one question paper, and if they reach the passing score on it, they will all pass the first round. When you have written your answers, please bring them to me. I will decide whether you pass or fail at that point. 」


 For a moment, I thought I heard wrong. He said it would be good if we worked together to solve it. This could be a possibility, could it not? To put it another way, even if I didn’t understand it at all, if Roel solved it, we would both automatically pass. I felt like striking a gut pose.


 I’ve spent the last three months in hell, but today I feel like I’ve been saved. As expected of the Angel of Mercy or so they called, a kindness that lives up to its name.


「 But before that 」


Just as I was thinking I was saved, one of the adventurers raised his hand.


「 The current explanation seems to favor those who are taking the exam in parties. With the majority of people coming to take the test solo, isn’t this a clearly unfair test content?」


【 Saber Lv: 26 Class: Sword Fighter B Rank 】


「 I can only say that it is the responsibility of the person who came to take the test if they are alone or in a group. 」


「 It is true that there is no prohibition on taking the exam with a party. But if that’s the case, it would make sense to make the exam fair for both solo and party. 」


「 Eh? It’s not like that is my responsibility. I don’t intend to change the content of the test, so if you don’t like it, you can withdraw. 」


I can understand what he’s saying. I was lucky because I took the exam in a party with Roel, but if I had taken it alone, I don’t know. What if I had been alone? I might have thought the same way she did.


I could see the protestor’s expression clearly turning sour. In contrast, Yuyu was already trying to proceed with the test as if the person did not exist.


「 Then you may begin. You have two hours from now. 」


「 I haven’t finished my conversation, have I?」


「 If you continue this distraction. I will consider it an interference with the exam.」


The swordsman’s head was struck with her staff. The muffled sound did not give away the power of the blow, but the tip of the cane struck him firmly on the side of his head, and he fell to the grass without even shouting. For a while, the examiners who had been watching the process of his fall so quietly did not even recognize the fact that he had collapsed.


「 Well, you see. I maybe a support personnel, and I’m not confident in my arm strength. Even so, I could still kill a goblin instantly. Of course, the same can be said for everyone in this room.」


No talking back was allowed, the sequence of events showed that. The examiner was Yuyu, and she was the rule here. If you disobey her, you will be effectively disqualified, just like the person just now. Yuyu is still smiling as usual, but I even think she’s an angel in disguise.


「 Okay, let’s start. Please turn over the test paper.」


「 Well, then, Ryua-chan, I’ll help you out!」


「 Un! 」


Q1.Of all the monsters that live in the Aphikal Strait, which one is the most actively traded in the Paraland region?


「……Roel, what’s the answer?」


「 I don’t know, but let’s start with the questions we know for now.」


Q2.Answer the name of the floor boss in Giginga Volcano. Also, write down the method you think is effective against the monster.


「 Roel, how about this one.」


「 Next, next!」


Q3.What is the highest freezing point on Blizzard Mountain?


「 Ro-e-el 」


「 I don’t know about this! Don’t leave it to others, Ryua-chan! What is this! It’s not the same as the questions we’ve been reviewing, and I thought Giginga Volcano and Blizzard Mountain were supposed to be off-limits to B ranks!」


Roel got angry at the third question. Ah, but didn’t someone say that the floor monster in Giginga Volcano was defeated before? I think it was someone pretty close to me, but I can’t remember. Someone said something about Blizzard Mountain, too.


I also looked at the earlier problems, but there are so many I don’t understand. The names of places I’ve never heard of appear without discretion, and according to Roel, the questions are aimed at places that have no connection to the B rank. It’s true that you need to know these things in order to get an A rank. But you can learn that stuff after you get A rank. That’s why you get A-levels, isn’t it?


The other test takers around me couldn’t hide their frustration. No one can say anything to Yuyu because if they protest, they might get rolled there like the person who just said that. Yuyu was still watching over us with a smile on her face.


「 The time limit is two hours. Please write down your answers and bring them to me by then.」


Yes, it’s done!


「 Oh, you’re early. You must be Josh. Oh? Well, well, well…… All questions are answered correctly.」


All the questions were answered correctly, and everyone reacted to that word. It hadn’t been that long since the test had started, and this guy Josh had gotten through it without any trouble. He didn’t look that knowledgeable, but I guess appearances can be deceiving.


Josh lay down on the grass, humming to himself with pride.


「 Everyone is worried like an idiot. Well, if you’re an idiot, just be an idiot and worry about it for the rest of your life. This, Josh is going to take a nice long nap. 」


 Then Josh started to fall asleep. I wonder if he plans to stay asleep until the exam is over. There are monsters around here, but he’s too defenseless.  I wonder what class he’s in, he’s dressed so lightly. I don’t think he has that much knowledge. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t help but think that he did something sneaky.


But even if that were the case, I doubt that Yuyu would let it go. He’s surprisingly perceptive. She looks like she’s smiling like that, but she’s looking over all the examinees. You can’t compare who’s better, Josh or Yuyu, and if you do something wrong, you’ll get beaten up like the guy from earlier.


「 Roel, what should we do?」


「 Hmmm, I don’t agree with the person who just said that. I think he’s definitely doing something.」


「 Do you think so, Roel? I was wondering the same thing.」


「 Wait? Could it be Roel?」


Roel shivered at the sound of a voice from behind us, and there were three adventurers. I didn’t have to check to see if they were examiners too, but they were Roel’s acquaintances. One was an all-back sword-fighter-looking man with a sword, and the other was a wizard woman with short, close-cropped brown hair. The other was dressed as if she were naked, exposing her dark skin. They were wearing what could not even be called underwear, with the front cover hanging down, and they did not look like adventurers.


 The rest of them looked like ordinary adventurers, except for the naked woman who caught my attention. These people are calling out to Roel.


「 You’re Roel, right?」


Roel didn’t turn her head to look at the man who was talking so loudly. He was more concerned about Roel’s reaction than he was about what other people were doing walking around during the exam. He had a hint of fear in his eyes.