Arc 1

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Prologue – What Awaited Me On The Lowest Floor

Finally, I reached the 100th floor.
I wonder how long it has been since then?
When I was a kid, I couldn’t even win against an animal that resembled a monster.
On the contrary, I was nearly killed a lot of times.
I missed the time where I used a wooden stick that was laying around to practice my swings.
When the village still existed, what I used to wear was frowned upon.
Far from fighting against demons, we didn’t even go out of the village.
At that time I’d been a child and it certainly was dangerous outside, so that was natural.
Right now, I couldn’t think about the the good old days.

Ever since the day the village was burned down, I continued to walk mindlessly until I noticed that I was in front of a cave.
If you think about it, normally I should have died already.
I wonder why I was able to get this far, I don’t understand.
Maybe I was still determined to survive.

There is something waiting at the bottom of the stairs
I wonder what it is? At the 90th floor, I was fighting against a huge snake with terrifying speed.
It was going around in circles with high speed, drawing a spiral and surrounding the entire area.
As if it was shaving the ground, everything on its way was swallowed.
Next, it used paralysis and poison, I wonder if that was its specialty.
Strangely I’m not scared, but such things won’t work on me anyways.
Even I, who doesn’t know how to read the alphabet, knows that this situation was abnormal from the start.
I don’t remember how I was able to understand my circumstances.

When I descended the stairs, there was white bearded old man.

“No way, someone came…”

I was surprised for a moment, but the old man squinted his eyes and showed a gentle smile.
Someone, someone is here.
For a long time, for some reason I haven’t been able to talk to someone else so I’m not sure If I was able to talk properly.

“I’m talking to you, do you understand me?
I don’t know how much time has passed
for Humans can only live for about 100 years”

I wonder what I should say?
Apart from that, I wonder where the floor boss is?
Usually when I go down to a certain extent, a boss monster would appear.
This time I expected something, ….possibly.

“Now now, those annoying humans probably won’t be able to drive me away to the bottom of the earth again, so now would be a good time, I should consider that.
If I appropriately spend another several hundred years…soon the lifespan of that hero clan will reach its limit. They should have died out by then.”

Suddenly, the old man’s body grew big.
From the corner of its shoulder and from the corner of its head, the color of its skin changed to black.
His thin and slender arms began to expand two fold of its original size and blood vessels began to rise. The color of his eyes changed to dark red.
Just like that, its demon-like body grew twice as big as me.
Its roar was able to destroy the surrounding walls and the pillars just by its wind pressure.
I thought I was going to be blown away, but somehow I was able to withstand it.

“I am the King of Destruction. Once, I destroyed the world and ruled all living things. There was an era where I instilled terror.
Some time ago before I became senile, I had the figure of a king ruling over the humans. I ruled over the humans and raised despair.”

<King of Destruction> he says, something like that is just a step forward on my way.and I have no idea what he had been saying at all.

“Did you think that there was a treasure? If that’s the case too bad!”
“No, its something else”
“There is only despair and death here. However, be relieved, I’ll put effort in giving you as little pain as possible………KAAAAA!!”

【I call upon the King of Destruction Vanda Lucia the Catastrophe!】

One by one orbs of light appeared in the air. If I think about it, it seems that one by one they will start to enlarge and then explode.
Though instead of causing an explosion, erasing is closer to the result.
The orbs began to swallow the floors and the pillars, annihilating and gouging any obstacles leaving a sphere shape.
While I was running, the orbs began to appear one after another behind me in a line as if giving chase.
Without change, I aimed at the King of Destruction. Suddenly at that time an orb appeared, cutting off my attack.
I tried my best to roll down to escape from the explosion of the orb, but I suddenly got chill when I saw the King of Destruction’s fearless smile.

[A foolish choice]

The King of Destruction pointed his finger to me, and simultaneously the orb exploded.
I was almost too late too realize it, and the explosion happened.
I roll away from the orb that exploded which took a part of the meat on my shoulder, it was swallowed.

【Ryua received 9321 damage!】
【Ryua HP 31129 / 40450】

Although I had trained a considerable amount, being unmindful of that orb which is able to do such thing…even though it hurt I’m not afraid. Though certainly if more than one orb appears like that my method of escaping will disappear.

“Sonic Ripper!!”

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper!】

I swing my attack towards the King of Destruction which destroyed the ground as it passed through.
It’s a long range attack, therefore its power is somewhat low, however it is useful in a one way defensive battle.

“Hou. . . “

It was somewhat admirable to do in this state, however the King of Destruction slowly held out his hands towards me and then a orb appeared before my attack.
My attack disappeared along with the explosion of the orb.
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia received no damage!】
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 320000/320000 】

Its no good, I have no choice other than close combat.
I was thinking of using some magic but, its probably useless since it will end the same way as before.
That orb’s power is immensely strong however, the King of Destruction won’t be safe if he gets involve in the explosion. Therefore, in close combat he won’t easily be able to make the orb.
But this situation is more serious than i thought.
Because of the damage on my shoulder from before, my dominant hand is unusable.
As expected from the the lowest floor boss, even though I was able to instant kill the 95th floor boss this one is incomparably strong.
I glanced to the left,
and just as i thought, The King of Destruction’s orb appears in that direction.
Without changing my view, in an instant, I recklessly ran with all my might to the opposite direction cutting a thousand times.
I assume that even the King of Destruction won’t be able to react to my speed.
Before I attacked with my sword, I kick the ground just to close a little more distance.
I avoided the attack of the King of Destruction by gouging out his flank.
Dodging by hair’s breadth, I wasn’t able to move any further.


【Ryua charged attack! damaged 128455 to The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia】
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 191545/320000】

“Gu , gufa”

The King of Destruction was on his knees, breathing heavily.
Then, something was released from his huge arm towards me and I moved to intercept it.

【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia release a countless number of blades from his hand】

The situation will be the same as earlier if I evade this, I don’t have any time to hesitate. Even though it will be able to kill me, I have the resolution to rush forward even if i get damaged.
The released blades hits my body

【Ryua receive 3292 damage!】
【Ryua receive 2010 damage!】
【Ryua receive 850 damage!】
【Ryua receive 1241 damage!】
【Ryua HP 23736/40450]】


The sword i got from the 95th floor cut the protruding hand of the King of Destruction and he was cut into two.

【Ryua’s attack damaged 191546 to The King of Destruction!】
【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 0/32000】

“I was careless . . . .su-such as myself. . . .. not something like a hero . . . . . . . but a little girl . . . . . . uboaaaaaaaaa!!”

An explosion of light was released from the cut I left on The King of Destruction’s arm and torso.
It seems like my weapon’s added effect did this.

【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia was defeated】

Nothing was left after the explosion.
If I hadn’t stepped back, it probably would have gotten dangerous for me.

“I-I won . . . “

【Ryua receive 999999 experience value!】
【Ryua level went up to 2216!】

“Ah, so that’s it”

100th floor cleared.
I didn’t believe it myself.
I didn’t know how dangerous this dungeon was, but I was able to finally conquer a dungeon.
When I was a kid, something like a dungeon was something I knew from picture books.
Finally . . . . . .

“I-I did it. . . .I did it~~!!”

I’m so happy that I want to jump up and down, No, I am already jumping up and down.
My body hurts so much that i want to cry, but
I didn’t notice that there was a treasure box enshrined nearby, I hurriedly ran toward it
I want to show this to Dad and Mom, and Kurinka.
However, I understand that i won’t be able to.

Chapter 1 – Now to the Outside World!

“Ryua-chan what do you want to become when you grow up?”
“An adventurer!”
“Eh, it’s dangerous. There are a lot of demons that have killed many humans, papa said so.”
“But it’s more boring staying in the village, you know.”

I stood up from where i was sitting and threw a stone horizontally, then it sank in the river.I had tried to let it skip over the water surface, but failed.
Kurinka-chan sitting next to me didn’t seem to notice, she continued speaking to me without caring about it.  Her blonde, silken hair fluttered in the wind.

“Really? If that’s the case I wonder if me and Ryua-chan can be adventurers together”
“Didn’t you yourself just say it’s dangerous?”
“I think you’ll be fine if I go with you.”

The sunset was shining upon the center of the water’s surface. We would talk with each other before dinner like this every day.
Afterwards we would respectively return home to eat a meal and sleep on a warm bed.

The houses in the village were being dyed with red.
The wooden walls crumbling from the flames.
The heat from the fires scorching the earth.
The skewered villagers who had fought with clubs or sickles.
The monsters I had never seen before.
I cried and screamed.
Father, Mother, Kurinka.
I did nothing but run to escape.
An extremely ugly monster showed up and stood in my way.
When the monster was about to brandish his weapon, its arm suddenly went flying.

“Hurry!! Run!!”

A travelling swordsman that has stopped by the village a short while ago saved me in the end.
While I was cowering, I was urged many times by the swordsman to run away.

“There is no need to worry! I will save them all!”

Thinking back, I believed his words so I was determined to escape.
When I was running, at that moment I looked back and saw that spectacle.

A one winged demon and the swordsman were. . . . . .


I woke up when I heard the sound of the stream.
I wiped off the tears that were on my face and gradually I came to my senses.
At the moment I left the cave, the fatigue that was plaguing me dissipated.
Thanks to an item at the lowest floor, I was able to return instantly so I was not tired.
When I defeated the King of Destruction, a treasure box appeared with an unusual ribbon inside it.
That demon, protecting something like this? It makes me laugh a little thinking about it.
Who knows what kind of effect it has but for now I don’t know.

“I finally get to depart from this place?”

It is very hard for a human to reach this dungeon which is surrounded by many tall mountains, and it also has 100 underground floors.
After approaching it I felt a mysterious, peculiar atmosphere.
I wonder how I was able to bear going to such place when I was a child, the more I think about it the less I understand.

“First of all I have to get out of this place, let’s start moving.”

I started with a light jog, running past the trees.
On the way i jumped off a cliff, and landing on a slope I earnestly run forward.
At that moment, something black jumped out from the bushes.

【Hellbear appeared!】

As I thought, there are monsters all over the outside world.
But it’s not scary at all, such a thing is probably from around the 10th floor that I already fought through.

【Hellbear swung its big arm!】

I stopped it with one hand. At this level a weapon is not necessary.
As I made my left hand into a fist, I expressed my sympathy to the bear monster.

【Ryua attacked! Hellbear received 3022 damage!】

【Hellbear HP 0/1430】

The bear fell from where it stood with a loud thud.
Still, I wonder if it was a weak monster.

【Hellbear was defeated!】
【Ryua received 2096 experience!】

“I’m in good condition. . . . I think?”

I tried cracking my fingers and my neck.
After this lets go somewhere, perhaps I can try searching for a place where people live.
For now I need to cross over this mountain.
Along the way, no matter how many monsters attacked I ignored them and ran away.
While there were some that chased after me, none were able to catch up with my pace.

“I wonder if I became stronger since the monsters in this area are not a big deal… Now which way to go?”

I’ve been running continuously for 2 hours.
When I originally crossed the mountain I passed through a forest, and under a cliff was a wide grassland with a town in the distance.
I was covered in a pleasant breeze blowing towards me, it was like I was being blessed by it.
I ran down the cliff at once, I can see a town in sight.
What should I do first when I arrive at the town?
First of all I should return to the village.
I don’t even want to remember what happened, but I want to make a grave for father and mother.
And, if possible, it would be good if there are any clues regarding the one-winged demon.

The town has houses made of brick in a line, it was more developed than the village where I lived.
I see an old woman carrying fruits over her head, a man and a woman having an enjoyable chat while walking.
There’s an old guy carrying a really massive axe and an old man with a walking stick.
The town is overflowing with many, many people.

I haven’t seen such a thing before.
Now that I have grown, I didn’t know what I should do and I was puzzled.
Because I haven’t spoken in a long time, I don’t know what to say or how to properly speak.
While I was busy being flustered, someone bumped against my back.

“You’ll be a hindrance if you just stand there, can you get out of the way?”
“eh. . .ah . . . so-sorry”

I haven’t talked for a very long time, and now I feel overwhelmed.
However, no matter how long I wait I won’t reach a conclusion by myself.
I gave up thinking and tried asking the person walking by about the location of the village.

“Um, do you know which way Ikana village is?”

I saw a man with white eyes carrying a wood on his shoulder.
He said he was too busy to talk and then he continued walking.
On the contrary, somehow I felt like I was being stared at.

“I wonder if i said anything weird?”

The next person I asked did not know.
And another, I still received the same response.

“Wh-what should i do?”

While I was standing there worried, I overheard someone else.

“First of all we should go to the adventurers guild”
“I wonder if there are any good quests, the dungeons here were conquered a long time ago”

Adventurer, dungeon.
After hearing those interesting words, I went after them.

Chapter 2 – Dream and Reality

The 2 guys I followed went inside a building. Going inside myself, I see people with various appearances. First I noticed the old guy with the massive axe from earlier, then a magician-like person wearing a thick hat mumbling something, and 3 guys having a friendly chat.
Though for some reason a fight is happening inside right now.

“That’s why! Didn’t you say that escorting would be perfectly safe?”
“The client got injured. I didn’t say that it was safe, and so I will receive my half of the payment.”
“Do you think that he got out with minor injuries? Isn’t it good that he was able to arrive alive!”
“I didn’t say it was that safe.”

A man carrying a spear and a person wearing glasses were sitting at the counter.
As I was watching the situation they became surrounded by people.
Among the crowd a big old guy came out and approached the guy with the spear.

“Oi oi, that’s unsightly. Try and read the details of the request again, it’s written here that “I want you to safely escort me and my baggage to the Aganbalt Kingdom”. that. Means. No matter what, nothing must happen to the client.”

The old guy carrying the axe broke in to enter, appearing to say something reprimanding to the guy with the spear.

“Don’t you worry about the safety of the person’s life?”

The spearguy glared at the axeguy.
The old guy continued to talk to Speardude without being scared.

“Hey you, it hasn’t been long since you have become an adventurer. Your armor and even your boots, on top of it being brand new all of it is just cheap If you are already a veteran you should have better equipment.”
“Even so, what of it?”
“I wonder if you understand, despite paying the quest fees. Complaining won’t change the rewards.”
“Old geezer pretending to be a veteran . . . . . . . .”

Speardude is fiddling with the spear on his back.
The surrounding crowd began to make a stir, the old guy sighed in disappointment at the situation and posed as if giving up on stopping the situation.

“Fighting is strictly forbidden here. We should talk outside, I’ll listen to whatever what you want to say.”
“Bring it on!”

Then Speardude and Axeman went outside. Should I watch the fight?
It’s somehow different from what I imagined.
Although both of them are adventurers, I wonder why they look so dangerous.
I cocked my head to think. I should go the counter they were sitting earlier and ask about Ikana village.

“Excuse me, do you happen to know where Ikana village is?”
“Please show me your adventurer’s card. A guild card is good too.”
“Eh, whats that?
“Ah, do you happen to be a beginner?”

I don’t really know what’s going on, so I should reply with a nod.

“To utilize the guild, adventurers should first register. It’s a simple procedure, would you like to do it now?”

Some paper was placed in front of me, it seems I need to write some information on it.

First my name. . . . . .um?
This is a serious matter.
Really. . . . . .

“Is there something wrong?”

I became rigid when the guild person curiously asked me that.

“Um… I…”
“It’s just that, I don’t know how to write.”
“Eh?… EEH?”

After I escaped from the village, I didn’t meet anyone but went straight to the dungeon.
Normally children will be taught but due to the circumstances I don’t how to do it at all.
The adventurers in the area overheard and looked towards me.
And then they laughed.

“Seriously, how have you been living until now?”
“That’s just impossible.”
“Well, at least it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.”

I hear contempt and scorn from my surroundings.
I didn’t know what to do, so I looked towards the guild person as if complaining.

“Then, there wasn’t anyone that you received directions from on how to write, right?”
There is no one like that. I searched around the area to look for someone that can write for me.

“Hey, write for me.”
“No way~, I don’t want to get a monkey brain from you.”

Everyone began to silently whisper to each other, all while looking at me.
No wants seem to want to write for me.

“H-how about you?”
“I’m not allowed to write due to our policies.”
“C-can’t anyone here write for me?”

No one answered.
It’s sad and regrettable, I’m surprised at how cold the adventurers are as my tears began to fall.
I began to tremble and shake as I hold the pen, I don’t know what or how to write.
My tears began to fall on the paper, leaving a stain on it.
At that time, the entrance door opened.

“Fu~ , that was tiring. . . . .n?”

A blonde-haired girl entered.
I wonder if we are of the same age. Her hair is bit long, reaching beyond her shoulder, divided into 2 with ties. In contrast to my short hair.

The girl has a strange atmosphere that I can sympathize with. I then noticed that she was walking towards me.

“What happened here?”
I shook my head to the side.
“Even if you shake your head. . . . .”
“Then I’ll make you wobble wobble.”

The guild members skillfully followed up and explained the situation.
As I thought, this person, I wonder if she will also laugh at me who can’t write by myself.

“Is that so, then would you be fine if I write?”
“A-are you fine with that?”
“We should help each other when we are in trouble.”

I wiped off the tears that had gathered with my arm, and I sniffled a few times to clear my nose.

“First the name, then the place where you live, and then after that .. . . . ”

One by one I received instructions from the girl on what to write.

“Current address, Ikana village?”

The guild members continued to glare at the paper.
After finishing, I have to make the card.
According to the explanation from the guild person, this card is an important thing in the Adventurer’s Guild. You have to present your card all the time.
Raising your rank provides many various advantages in regards to what you can do.
Low ranking adventurers are not allowed to enter any dungeon facilities, and there are also quests you can’t take.
The Adventurer’s Card is a very important thing because it’s packed with information.

The guild person took the paper with his hand and then put his glasses on.

“I apologize but I have a question about your current residence. Are you perhaps talking about the lost village? As of right now, where are you currently living? If you are currently wandering, the name of the inn you are staying at will be fine.”
“Well, until very recently I was underground in a dungeon, in the <Caves of Hell>.”
“It, huh. . . . . . ?”

Once more, the progress stopped as the blonde-haired girl interrupted.

“Err , Ryua-chan. About the location of the lost village of where you lived?”
“I was living in the dungeon.”

Laughter leaked out from my surroundings.
They said I was crazy. That’s cruel…

“Hey you, I haven’t heard anything about the dungeon <Caves of Hell>.”
“I don’t think you know, but around here there is a place called Bear Forest at Strange plains? Especially since the bear forest has a danger level of 30 it’s hard to cross over you know.”
“<Caves of Hell> you know, there’s no such dungeon.”

Why do they always make me sound like a fool…
I almost cried again.

“You’re in trouble, so since that’s the case why not come to my house?”
“After this we have to go back to place we are currently living.”

“Eeh, that would work.”
It has become troublesome, the guild person quickly consented to it.

If this girl hadn’t shown up I wonder what would’ve happened.
Now I’m just determined, I still don’t now the name of the girl I am nothing but grateful to.

“Yes, you’ve completed everything. Afterwards please wait for a while for the card to be given to you.”

Finally I can take a rest. I ask the girl for her name on the spot.

“I am Roel, I live in this place.”
“Thank you, Roel. If you weren’t there I would have been in trouble.”
“That’s good. Also, Ryua-chan, you’re originally from Ikana village . . . . . ..”
“That’s right, I intended to go to my village to see what happened to it, but, I wonder if Roel knows where it is?”
“Eh! I-I wonder what happened to it?”
Roel shut her mouth. I wonder why, earlier the guild person also said something that made me feel uneasy.
There is something regarding the ruined village, maybe it’s something bad to talk about.

“I think Ikana village was destroyed about 10 years ago? Of course the guild person would be very troubled about it.”

What did she say?

10 years?


Chapter 3 – The Days That I Lived In The Past

10 years, I definitely heard that.
There’s no way!
Did I live underground in that dungeon for 10 years?
Though I do remember taking off the clothes I wore once they became too small.
I think my body size has grown according to my ever increasing age.
I continued to use whatever monster pelts were available to cover my body.
That’s what I’m wearing now.
That’s right, weren’t there curious gazes toward me because of my appearance when I arrived in this town?

“Roel, do I look weird?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter you know?”

She immediately replied as if paying no heed to it. She might not mean that but,
What a good girl.
If I think about it, Kurinka was also a kind person.
Now that I take a better look, this girl also somehow resembles her.

“Ryua-san, your card has been delivered.”

I received the card from the guild person who called me.
Amazing, it even has a picture of me.

“Good for you. So first of all your rank is D and your level is. . . . .. . .it still hasn’t been determined.


“It represents the numerical value of how strong you are. It’s also the same with the dungeon’s danger level. Basically the standard for comparison.

Danger level. When I was a kid, I heard it from the swordsman that saved me.
It was something like: A level 1 adventurer should go to an appropriate dungeon with a danger level of 1.
That’s right, If I remember correctly didn’t that person also teach me about strange conditions?

“Ryua-chan, want to try measuring your level? Once it’s measured, the card will record it you know.”

“Yeah, I went through a lot of trouble so I want to try”

Roel walked towards what looked like a black iron box as soon as a person came out from it.
I wonder how many other of these boxes there are here?

“Eh~, are you lying? I’m still at level 4! Isn’t this thing broken?”
A man came out scratching his head, staring strongly at the iron box.

“Fufun~ just as I expected from myself. My level is already 18.”
Next a female magician with a flashy appearance came out.
She is waving her adventurer’s card as if showing it off.
【Iraza Lv: 18 Class: Wizard B rank】

“Isn’t she amazing, that person. B rank is already a veteran you know.”


“Now Ryua-chan try entering it.”

“Eh, wait a minute my heart is not ready yet.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. It isn’t going to eat you.”

I was pushed from behind and right into the iron box.
I felt something like a vibration and then a ring of light passed through my body starting from the top and moving to the bottom.
When it finished scanning me, something like a screen was projected before my eyes.
I wonder what is written on it?
The door opened. Maybe I should try asking Roel.

“Roel, how do you read this? 9998 level?”

I understand the numbers before my eyes, I don’t understand the rest of it though.

I feel like something went wrong. No way this was my level.

“Well that is… uuumm?”

After she had stared at the screen for a while, Roel called out to the guild person to ask why.

“Error 9998? This series of numbers? What in the…”
The guild person flipped and turned over the pages of a massive book with one hand, looking flustered.
Roel silently stared at this situation.

“Overflow? Well, but, the largest that this thing should measure is 100. Sorry, but it seems like it’s broken. Please try one of the other machines.”

“Understood. Ryua-chan, let’s try a that one instead.”

It was another iron box similar to before. But just like the other machine, it showed something weird.

“Ah, hmmm? Is this also broken?”

When the level 4 person saw this happening, he cried out.

“See! Look at that! As I thought that’s broken isn’t it! I thought it was weird too, you know. My real strength should have already passed over level 20. Properly do the maintenance next time! Ha! I’m outta here!”

He was a happily humming a song while trotting out the door.
The female mage from earlier, Iraza, was walking our way in a hurry.
“Wait a minute, what does that mean? Are you saying that the information this card recorded is incorrect?”

“That one is OK, it probably broke afterwards.”

“Then that’s good.”

Then she stopped tapping her foot on the floor and the clicking noise that her peculiar shoes were making stopped.

“I’m sorry, it seems like I was in a bad mood.”

“That’s fine. . . ah, that’s right”

I remembered my original goal.
Lets try asking the guild person.

“Is it fine to go to Ikana village?”

“Currently that place is in a blockade. As of now only a few people are able to go in.”


“Since the village was destroyed, dangerous monsters have started to live around the area. Every adventurer that entered never returned. Afterward, the Aganbarde Kingdom established a restriction. At the present if you are not an A rank adventurer you won’t be able to go in you know.”

“A rank?! Isn’t that too much?”

“Hou~” Roel leaked out a breath. A rank seems to be very amazing.

“What should I do?”

I didn’t really know what to do and then Roel grasped my hand.

“Then, if it’s fine do you want to see my house? Or should I say our house, since I made it so your card showed that location as your address as well.”

I wonder why she’s so kind.
The other adventures are cold, while this girl is different.
Even though I look like this, why?
Once again my tears naturally overflowed.
For 10 years, that whole time, I never noticed this was missing because I focused on my aims when I was underground, but.
For human warmth to be like this.
No, I should’ve known this.
Its just that the last time i felt this was 10 years ago.


Chapter 4 – Forming the Beginner Party

Roel was living alone.
I wonder how many rooms there are in one building, it’s said each and every person living here is different. As for me it was the first time I’ve seen this kind of place.
The room is reasonably wide with a bed and a kitchen connected to the bath.
On the bed, a lovely plush toy was there.

“Sorry that it’s quite small.”

“So, you live alone?”


Just like that I felt that Roel’s facial expression turned gloomy.
I don’t understand why, but let’s not pursue it any further.

“Is it fine for me to stay here? We just met today…”

“It’s lonely by myself.”

Roel turned her face away a little.
That gesture somehow resembles the moment whenever Kurinka was lying.
Just as I thought, I should change the topic.

“Roel, you are an adventurer right? Do you have a card?”

“Of course I have one.”

【Roel | Lv: 2 | Class: Healer | Rank: D】

Then she quickly gave me an explanation.

“I can only take simple quests and I can’t even complete some of them. I was only able to finish one quest today.”

Somehow it seems that I’ll start living like this.
Healer is a class that’s good with healing magic and originally a class that all kinds of adventurers want to form a party with.
However, I think it only became a hindrance to anybody who partied with her.

“Hey, Ryua-chan. . . . . . .”

Roel pleaded with teary eyes. I see, I understand the situation.

“It’s not that I’m shameless and taking advantage of you, but….umm…that….I wonder if it’s fine with you, would you like to form a party with me? Is it a no?”

Roel must have been right at her wits’ end, I think that must’ve been why she was kind to a stranger like me.
…That can’t be it though, she is not that kind of girl. I don’t really know why, but I’m sure of that fact.

“I don’t mind, since I probably don’t know anything at all.”

“Thank you!”

A smile appeared on her face, both of my hands were grasped and were swung up and down.
I became happy that I was thanked.
Though, it should actually be me who should be showing gratitude.
Today, if Roel didn’t show up at that time I wonder how things would have turned out.

【Ryua | Lv: Unknown | Class: Sword Fighter | Rank: D】
【Roel | Lv: 2 | Class: Healer | Rank: D】

And thus a new party was formed.
Just now, my stomach growled.

“Ahaha, my stomach is also empty. I wonder what I should make.”

Roel walked quickly to the kitchen.
I want to ask, I want to know about a lot of things.
10 years, it’s because I lived not knowing anything about the outside world.
I wonder what’s happening at the village, and about that one-winged demon.
I’ll try talking to Roel about it while eating.

“Here~, sorry I wasn’t able to make that much.”

There was a very nice smell.
I’ve only been eating monster meat. That being the case, a feast I haven’t seen before was placed on the table.
There’s egg with rice inside. I wonder what kind of food this is?

“It’s omurice, do you not like it?”

“It’s delicious!”

When I opened my mouth, the chance to ask slipped away. My whole body was enveloped in a pleasurable feeling.
The soft-boiled egg intertwined with enough rice, the ketchup’s sourness was skillfully neutralized leaving it with a tender flavor.
I unintentionally cried again. I never thought I would eat a mother’s cooking again, it was just as delicious. I almost forgot about this sensation.

“What should I do after this?”

“You wanted to know about your village?”

“Yeah but I can’t enter it, right?”

“You have to at least be A rank, only a few exceptional people can go into the village.”

“How can I become an A rank?”

“As adventurers, if we can easily handle quests naturally I think our value will rise. However to become an A rank adventurer, we have to do something HUGE. It may be very difficult.”

“HUGE”, Roel spread out both of her arms when she said that.

“There are only 100 A rank adventurers in the world. For example, they can exterminate a dragon that can destroy an entire army. Or they discover unknown dungeons. Moreover, I’m sure there will be an examination.”

“Then, all I need to do is defeat a strong monster.”

“Did you even understand a little bit of what I said……..”

Roel put her finger on her forehead and sighed.
She was completely surprised. But in short, ‘If you work hard your rank will rise’ is what I understood.
Now since that’s decided, starting right at the crack of dawn tomorrow, let’s kill a strong dragon.
I was able to fight a dragon at the 60th floor.
It was such a dreadful guy, it was able to stop my movement with just its roar.

“Thanks for the food, it was delicious.”

“Thank you, go take a bath first while I take care of the dishes.”

“A bath…..”

It was such a refreshing thing to hear.
When I was still in the cave there was a spring on the way which I used to wash my body.
Though I wasn’t able perfectly clean myself, since while I was bathing there was a monster that came and attacked me.

“Don’t worry I can properly wash myself.”


Roel looked at me with a blank expression.
That day there was only one bed and it wasn’t made for 2. I fell asleep quickly to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Chapter 5 – First Mission

When the 30 meter long <Poison Salamander> swung its long neck, the adventurers fighting it on the front row easily got blown away.

“Hey, hold on!”

“It’s useless, I already can’t breathe…….”

The corpse of the swordfighter twisted in an unnatural way and was covered in blood.
Seeing this, the priest guy was discouraged.
The <Poison Salamander> was merciless. Behind the priest there was an archer which was targeted by the beast.

“You think I’d allow that!? Double Shot!”

【Keitz|Lv: 13|Class: Archer|Rank: C】

【Keitz fired Double Shot!】

A pair of arrows were fired and consecutively hit the head of the lizard.
However, it looked like the arrows were stuck. The monster shook its head and then at that moment the arrows harmlessly fell to the ground.

【Poison Salamander received 11 damage!】
【Poison Salamander|HP:1509/1520】

The Poison Salamander glared at Keitz and Gilori.

“Tsk! What’s with this monster!?”

“Retreat! It’s literally taking no damage! If this goes on we will be annihilated!”

Keitz and Gilori ran away from the <Strange Plains> to survive.


It was in a noisy morning. Roel and I moved quickly to the guild.
Inside the guild, it was filled with the people I saw yesterday.

“It’s an emergency mission! Apparently living at the <Bear Forest> it lost its way and ended up at the <Strange Plains>! Subjugation members should at least be B rank! First-aid members are below C rank, but don’t worry!”

The Glasses wearing guild person from yesterday was loudly announcing the details.
A major uproar was happening inside the guild.
Normally, the ferocious monsters of <Bear Forest> don’t come out.
It seems for some reason that one appeared at the <Strange Plains> which has a danger level of 6.

“Roel, let’s join them!”

“B-but it’s subjugation! It’s useless. After all we are D rank”

“Anything is OK so let’s take it!”

I pulled the arm of the indecisive Roel, trying to volunteer as a First-aid member.
According to the explanation, the first-aid members are to give medicine to the injured adventurers at the <Strange Plains>.
Our role is to take care of them.
However, we were warned about fighting against the <Poison Salamander>.
The reward is 2000G. Ok, let’s do it!

“Roel, these short pants you gave me are very easy to move in.”

“There a was the time when I wanted to become a fighter but I didn’t. I’m glad that they didn’t go to waste.”

As for my upper half, I’m wearing a tank top and a thin jacket over it.
Thanks to the tattered and dusty appearance, it made me look like the adventurers that I got used to seeing.
Since I also received some underwear from Roel, I wonder if I look weird.
No, the underwear won’t affect that.
I wonder if it’s because our age is the same, but it perfectly fit me.
Although I say our age is the same, I don’t know what my true age is since I can’t remember much from before 10 years ago.

“Well then, it looks like you’re all gathered up.”

An old guy who was the leader clapped his hand to quiet the group.
It was the person that Speardude troubled the other day.
That man who was bothered by Speardude and who he went out with yesterday.

“I’m sorry if I sound insolent but on this occasion I, Gantetsu, have accepted the role of leader! You guys that I don’t know nice to meet you!”

【Gantetsu|Lv: 31|Class: Warrior|Rank: A】

“Gantetsu-san, it’s reassuring that there is an A ranking adventurer, however I think at your level you could do it alone. With this number of people are we even necessary?”

Keitz, the archer, asked that question while looking at the ten adventurers here.
“The B-rank priest Etolam and I will fight. After I receive Etolam’s support I will attack!”
(TL: 後は救護に当たってもらう)
“I’ll be the rear-guard doing the supporting, I think that will increase the chance of winning. It’s not that we are doubting your strength, but I just feel concerned about our flank.”

【Etolam|Lv:22|Class: Priest|Rank: B】

The relief team that Roel and I are in contains 8 people.
It was explained that no matter how many people you rescued in a hurry it won’t change the reward money.
I wonder if it means that all I have to do is live and return to receive the 2000G.
Gantetsu will distract the <Poison Salamander>, at that moment we will rescue the injured. It’s as simple as that.
<Poison Salamander>, I wonder how strong it is.
I’m interested, but why is it that I must not fight it?

We went outside of the town towards the <Strange Plains>.
At the gate to the plains there was a small cabin. A person who seemed like they were management was going in and out, checking the place.
From the cabin a tall weir was spread out, making it something hard to get across to.
(ED: a weir is pretty much a human made dam, pooling and altering water flow)
We set foot on the plains as Gantetsu lead us.

“It sure is wide…”

Roel seems to be curious about it. The green landscape stretched out as far as the eye could see. There were slightly elevated grounds here and there, and sometimes it stretched out to make a narrow path.
I asked about the plains and the hills. As far I’m concerned, that narrow paths and the hills can be used to our advantage.
If you are cornered by a monster somewhere with a tall wall such as a cliff or a hill, it will become a blind spot where no one will notice that you are in a pinch.
I thought that if the <Poison Salamander> were to attack there, you won’t be saved.
But from this place you won’t be noticed by the <Poison Salamander>.
So that means, it’s possible to hide in this type of blind spot.

“I’ll be going first, so we should put some distance between us until we arrive. As soon as the <Poison Salamander> appears, I will bait it.”

Gantetsu-san separated from us, and then he began walking normally again.
(TL: ガンテツはノシノシと大またで歩き出す。)
We walked about 10 meters behind Gantetsu-san.

“Roel, I noticed that earlier you were curiously looking around, is this your first time coming here?”

“Yeah, because I think it would be dangerous for a level 2 like me to be in a place with a danger level of 6.”

“Keh, why do I have to come along with these people to pick up some garbage.”

It was Speardude from yesterday who fought with Gantetsu-san that was talking like that.

“Yesterday I was drunk because of the alcohol, today this Aude will show his power”

【Aude|Lv: 3|Class: Lancer|Rank: D】

“The weak point of the <Poison Salamander> is ice. . . .ice. . . . .ice. . . .*mumbling*”

【Tolppo|Lv: 13|Class: Magician|Rank: C】

This guy seems somehow scary. Because of that we should put some distance between us as we walk.
We ended up walking a long while. It was really tedious doing the same thing for so long.

“Hey! Gantetsu-san, it’s the signal! It seems that the <Poison Salamander> has been discovered! Fall back!”

Keitz encouraged everyone in a low voice.
All the members simultaneously fell back, and then started to search for injured people.
We quickly found a person in the shadow of a boulder, he was crudely breathing and blood was pouring out.
Roel quickly used recovery magic on him.

“Thank you…..”

“This is only first-aid, you know. Ryua-chan, what should I do?”

“I only have to bring this person to the town right? Just wait a minute. I’ll go.”


Leaving Roel wearing a confused look, I carried the man while running and jumped over the the hill.
It took me 3 minutes to return to Roel who was dumbfounded.

“Ryua-chan. . . .”

“That person has been safely delivered to town. Now, let’s go find the rest.”

Disregarding Roel who was unable to understand what happened, we found injured people in rapid succession.
Among them there was a person who had already become a corpse.
It’s skull was pulverized and the brain was poking out.
The armor that was worn wasn’t able to accomplish its purpose, the whole body was splendidly broken.


Roel covered her mouth with her hands.

“A-are you alright?”

I lightly rubbed Roel’s back.
Roel looked like she was about to cry. I decided I should nod my head and try talking.

“Now that I think about it I’m not seeing any monsters around here.”

To calm Roel down I changed the subject.

“Probably, I think the <Poison Salamander> got scared and completely ran away”

I thought it couldn’t be that easy.
But monsters from the underground 30th floor were escaping one by one and running this way. At that moment, an enormous 4-headed dog came out from inside.
To anyone looking on, they would think I couldn’t win and run away.
Its because of this odd monster that the ecosystem of this place went mad. I want to exterminate it by all means.

Before I realized it, Aude was behind me.

Chapter 6 – Courage and Recklessness

“Aude . . . . . .-san? Did you find anyone injured?”

I asked a couple of questions to Aude and he denied it with a shake of his hand.
“Hey, I saw you, you know. You’re amazing. What’s with your body strength?”

“L-leaving that aside we need to really need to help them!”

We tried to leave, but Aude stood on our way.

“Aren’t you gonna pass over me? You can even defeat that <Poison Salamander> right?”
(TL: おまえとならあのポイズンサラマンダーをやれそうだ)
(ED: This is referencing that Aude saw Ryua move the injured from last chapter)

“Didn’t they say that we must avoid fighting it?”

“What? As long as it’s defeated it’ll be alright. If you defeat it the guild will be sure to recognize you. Are you sure you want that old guy taking all the credit? That guy, compared to our rewards he will get more.”

“You really shouldn’t disrupt the order of the team you know……”

Roel refused with a small voice while looking down.

“Shut up, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to that kid with short blue hair.”

“Roel formed a party with me you know. Don’t be stupid.”

“Aaaaa~, I understand. I don’t need your help anyways.”

Looking sour like a child, Aude suddenly changed direction and rapidly walked away.
If I’m not mistaken, that direction is where the <Poison Salamander> is.

“That guy…couldn’t be?”

“Yeah, isn’t that dangerous……?”


“Mighty Force!”

【Etolam chanted Mighty Force! Gantetsu’s attack power raised!】

Gantetsu jumped high up into the sky, and aiming at the <Poison Salamander> he brought his axe down.

【Gantetsu used [大切斬]Taisetuki!】

Entrusting his body to gravity, Gantetsu’s strike pushed the head of the <Poison Salamander> to the ground.
The <Poison Salamander> raised a cry while its head was gushing green blood.

【Poison Salamander received 462 damage!】
【Poison Salamander HP 622/1520】

“It sure is tough……but that hit should have given it a good rattling.”

The <Poison Salamander> raised its head that was gushing blood, and seized Gantetsu. following that moment, it released a shower of violet liquid from its mouth.

【Poison Salamander used Poison Splash!】

At that instant, Gantetsu tried to dodge to the right, but half of his body was completely bathed in it.

【Gantetsu was poisoned!】
【Poison Damage! Gantetsu received 80 damage! Gantetsu HP 214/440】

“Uhhg! So it has come to this, but I’ll rely on you Etolam-san!”

“Angel Cure!”

【Etolam chanted Angel Cure! Gantetsu’s poison vanished】

The damage Gantetsu received from the <Poison Salamander> seems to be taking a toll on him.
His feet began to stagger, and he wasn’t able to skillfully avoid the <Poison Salamander>’s pursuit.

“Now, it’s time to put the pressure on!”
(TL: 「さぁて、一気にたたみかけるぜ!」)

“So that’s the <Poison Salamander>! It sure is big…”

Behind Etolam, Aude was fiddling with his spear.

“W-why are you here! Didn’t you listen to the strategy?!”

Etolam was surprised, and while distracted Aude started running towards the <Poison Salamander>.

“Hey, old man! I know what I’m doing! I will show you my true strength!!

“You fool!”

Gantetsu’s roar was useless, Aude was already above the <Poison Salamander>’s legs.


Aude freely fell from the sky striking the <Poison Salamander>’s legs, at least, he should have.
Gantetsu jumped toward Aude and hit his body, causing Aude to fly away. Without a moment of hesitation Gantetsu raised his axe in the air.

Gantetsu might be able to take the hit, he wasn’t doing this for pride.
(TL: 慢心してなかった。)

However, if things continue he will get crushed. I chose this moment to land the final strike.

“So this is where I die……”

A shockwave hit the <Poison Salamander>.
(TL:  えぐり込むような衝撃がポイズンサラマンダーを襲った。)

From the forelimb to the tail, in a straight line the <Poison Salamander> was cut.
Understanding that the large body might fall onto them, Aude and Gantetsu evaded it.

【The Attack of Ryua damaged the Poison Salamander by 302701!】
【The Poison Salamander HP 0/1520】
【The Poison Salamander was defeated!】

Still in the pose of holding his axe overhead, Gantetsu noticed the girl way in the back.
I also was also standing still in a pose of holding my sword overhead.

Good thing that <Sonic Ripper> was barely in time.
Nevertheless, the added effect from my sword, I wonder why it didn’t activate this time?
Because I attacked in the heat of the moment I didn’t really think about it; but if it was activated then those 2 would have been hit as well…
I shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things.

“Haa, haa, Ryu-Ryua-chan wait for me…”

Roel caught up with me while panting for air.
When I was wearing a robe I hated walking, so her fatigue is easily understandable.

“A-amazing! Gantetsu-san if you had that technique you should’ve used it right a the start! We could have finish much faster!”

Etolam rushed over to Gantetsu.
I wonder if Aude doesn’t have any energy, he’s just sitting on the ground looking stunned.

Thank God, It’s good that the extermination was safely done.”

Roel also thought that Gantetsu defeated the <Poison Salamander>.
Even though it was my achievement.

“……..the mission is done. Let’s return.”

Etolam was in high spirits as he went, I quickly followed suit.
Suddenly I got the feeling someone was staring at me, I immediately turned around.
I saw Gantetsu and Aude, they were talking behind me.

“O-old man. . . .I-I am…”

“Certainly my life was on the line as well.”

He laughed like making fun of himself, then Gantetsu walked off.
Etolam went back to chase after Gantetsu.

“Oi, you’re Ryua right? Cut off the whiskers of the <Poison Salamander> and bring it. That’s the proof that it was defeated and it just so happens to also sell for a high price. But be careful when cutting, it’s the source of the poison after all.”

“Eh, ah, aa, yeah…”

It was a sudden instruction, but I followed it and cut the whiskers of the <Poison Salamander>.
I was nervous about the activation of the added effect of my sword, but nothing happened.
In that case I wonder what the condition was for it to activate.

“Gantetsu-san, why is that kid doing that? Since you were the one that defeated it, you should be the one carrying it.”

“I’m tired.”


Etolam wasn’t fully satisfied with the reply.

“Ryua-chan, lets go back.”

Roel pulled my arm.
Roel, Etolam, Aude and everyone else thinks that Gantetsu defeated it.
I wonder if the old guy will boast about it when he returns.

Chapter 7 – As Adventurers

We went back to the town’s Guild to settle our completed quest.
Because Roel and I are in a party, the 2000G reward was divided between us.
That Aude, he isn’t content on receiving just the 2000G reward.
Even though he was only following us.
Gantetsu and Etolam received 3500G as the reward for the Subjugation.
Since the 2 of them were in a party as well, they also split their 3500G reward.

Gantetsu looked towards the faces of all members.

“Gantetsu-san brought down the <Poison Salamander>, I’m glad I saw it. As expected of a person at A rank”
Saying that, Keitz compared his own bow to Gantetsu’s Axe. However, Gantetsu didn’t react to the words of praise.

“Yeah, I probably wasn’t any use back there.”

“That isn’t true, Etolam-san.”

“The truth is I was the one that defeated it.”

The peaceful mood turned into silence.
And then everyone looked at me.
Gantetsu had been staring at me before I even opened my mouth.

“If I hadn’t fired my <Sonic Ripper>, you would’ve been done in. Yet you’re hiding it?”

“Ryu-Ryua-chan . . . . . .”

Roel was nervously pulling me back.
Gantetsu didn’t say anything. He didn’t even show an unpleasant face.
All he did was stare at me.

“Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?”
(TL: 「それじゃ、オレから一つ話がある。それは」)

“Don’t ignore me!”

I yelled at Gantetsu.
Nevertheless he was still staring at me.

“Why? It was supposed to be my achievement! You coward!”

“Let’s stop it, Ryua-chan…….”

I brushed aside Roel who was trying to pull me hard, then I grabbed Gantetsu.
Taken back, the Adventurers quickly started to criticize me.

“You, what the heck are you saying? Stop saying irresponsible things.”
Etolam tried to restrain me with his angry, heavy voice.

“Answer me! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

My vexation started to rise while Gantetsu continued staring at me.
Stopping the silence Gantetsu opened his mouth.

“Sorry, I’ll hear you out later. Can we not speak about this matter right now? If you raise a commotion here, your Adventurer Registry will be deleted and your reward will be reduced to 0″


“No…please stop…..Ryua-chan”

When I tried to grab Gantetsu, Roel stopped me with me her feeble strength.
Tears started to flow from her face while talking to me.

“Let’s stop……I, because I believe you…..Ryua-chan attacking…..”

Then I looked around the area.
Angry, amazed, ridiculing, various glares were pouring onto me.
I turned around and stepped back, dejected.

“Aren’t I an idiot?”

I was told that it was a Boss around here.
I don’t even have any more energy to talk back.
All I did was stay silent, I didn’t even understand what Gantetsu was saying.
Gantetsu coughed to clear his throat and continued to talk.

“Anyways, moving on, about the <Poison Salamander>. That guy is a very tenacious monster. That creature will never forget a grudge it received.
He must have fought with an adventurer that escaped, and chased him all the way here to town. So, basically what I’m trying to say is that somebody entered the <Bear Forest> without informing anyone and provoked that guy.”

“Well that means……in the <Bear Forest> there are scary monsters besides the Hellbear. Rather, I heard that the <Poison Salamander> is more troublesome.
Its strength is not as strong as a Hellbear’s, but I’m afraid they weren’t able to kill the tenacious <Poison Salamander> at that time.”

Etolam supported his chin with his thumb and index finger while nodding, and muttered “Uh-huh”.

“That’s all. I don’t want to start pointing fingers.”

Gantetsu was implying that someone provoked the <Poison Salamander> and pointed that out for the other adventurers to understand.

“Wa-wasn’t it you!?”

“I wouldn’t go to the <Bear Forest>……that place is for A ranked members, and by no means would I try to fight it.”

The Adventurers in the room caused a commotion. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what they do.
Earlier, I can’t say I was calm but even so, I still wasn’t okay with talking later.
After the group dispersed, Gantetsu called us out.
We went to talk at a bar near the guild.
Nighttime at a bar, it was already filled with adventurers who just finished their jobs.
There were already people drinking alcohol and drunk people singing.
We sip the melon soda with a straw that Gantetsu treated us to.
I wonder how long it’s been since I was able to experience a powerful stimulus of a carbonated drink, I was totally choked by the bubbles.

“Yo, about earlier, it was my bad. but first of all thank you for saving me. Please accept this.”

He handed over looked like it was the reward from earlier, part of the 3500G.
Though now that T think of it, he had shared half of it with Etolam.

“Umm, I can’t accept this…”

Roel was indifferent about it and shoved the gold on top of the table back to Gantetsu.
However, Gantetsu blocked it with his arm.

“Well, my life was saved. Something like that, at least to me, isn’t nothing. Please, I beg of you to take it.”

Placing his hands on the table, Gantetsu lowered his head.
I thought it was no longer productive to try and fight it, so Roel took the money.

“There are 2 reasons why I wasn’t able to fess up in front of everyone:
First of all they would have checked your rank. You wouldn’t have been recognized as the quest clearer and no reward would have been given.
And second, no matter how many you guys kill, the quest details are absolute.
There are ways to resolve these kinds of things, like what I did, but other methods are more troublesome.”

After have a drink of cold water, Gantetsu continued.

“There is a meaning why adventurers are divided into ranks.”

“What do you mean?”

There are still a lot of things that I want to ask.

“I’m not good at explaining. Let me say it like this:
There is a job for low ranks in itself.
Some adventurers will take a higher ranked quest than they should.
Afterwards, the client will panic when seeing the adventurer is a lower rank than expected.
There are people that can be saved depending on the reliability of the adventurer.
It may be searching for a pet, or guarding, or escorting, but it’s necessary to understand worries like that.”

We just stayed quiet, listening to Gantetsu talk.
We tuned out the commotion from the drunk guys.

“About that, the upper ranks do things that you don’t get to see. As in, you won’t know if they reported the right thing.
Towards those people who are thickheaded I have nothing but disdain.
For example even if they ranked up to a higher rank, those type of guys will do something completely irresponsible in their jobs.
It only gets as good as that, I’m afraid. I wonder if just taking a part of the reward is good enough compensation.”
(TL: このくらいでいいだろう、報酬分だけやればいいかなんてな)

“Fuuu~”, Gantetsu took a breath and downed another glass of water.

“After all, there are some serious cases that leads to accidents.
Even you should’ve seen that from Aude, what an example.
I don’t think he learned his lesson, to be honest. It may not end well for him the next time.
That’s why I brought Aude to this bar earlier, to thoroughly speak to him.
Even though he was picking his nose, he was probably listening…”

“Is that so. . . . ”

Gantetsu’s word deeply resounded in my chest.
We need to raise up our rank, but the fact about the client didn’t completely get through to me.

“There may be those of the lower status and the so called ‘unrefined’ that you have heard of, but I want you guys to learn about this.
For example, you defeated a <Poison Salamander> in one hit. A rank, D rank, does it matter? Each and every person that gives their all is great.”

“Gantetsu-san, I’m sorry. . . . ”

I apologized from the bottom of my heart.

“Well, I didn’t plan to do a lecture but you guys just listened to me speak.”

Gantetsu was laughing.

I’ll do what I can do. I’m still at D rank.
For a novice beginner, what can I do? Let’s think about that.

“And, let’s end this talk here. I’m sure you guys haven’t had dinner right? Today will be my treat so go and order lots!”

Considering the mood we had earlier, it’s totally the opposite now. Gantetsu excitedly ordered a beer.

“You already gave us the reward money…and to go as far as treat us…this is obviously too much!”

Roel panicked as she refused to receive the treat but it was already too late.
Gantetsu’s head was already filled with alcohol.
Proof of this was that he was firmly looking at the menu.
With writings and pictures of beer.
And just now, he even ordered another beer.

“Of course, since you guys are underage, no beers ok?”

Suddenly Gantetsu took his beer and chugged it in seconds.
Roel and I also received the food that we ordered.

“If you feel like it, come to the Avangard Kingdom <Castle Town> whenever you like. I’ll always welcome you.”

Gantetsu’s face was already red with alcohol. Not wanting to lose, I drank the melon soda directly.
For 10 years, I haven’t drank any carbonated drinks. It popped and fizzed inside my throat as if scolding me for being conceited and drinking too fast.

Chapter 8 – My First Dungeon Delving

“Certainly this is the requested item that the client is seeking for. As I thought he died.. . . . . . ”

“Yes. . . . . .”

The quest Roel and I took today was enough to make us feel dejected.
We were to search for a comrade of an Adventurer that failed escape here in this town but at the end what we found was a corpse that was cruelly eaten and scattered around.
It looked like a marriage ring, and hearing the cries from the person’s family made my chest tighten.
I understand how they feel, seeing their reaction to this.
We can’t give up being adventurers.

“We received 300G as a reward, Ryua-chan. . . . .”

“Wasn’t it supposed to be 200G?”

Along the way in our quest Roel leveled up by 1 but she wasn’t happy.
Once we completed our quest, we checked our levels at the iron box. But like before my level didn’t show itself.

Yesterday, I had tried asking Gantetsu about the one-winged demon when we were parting.

“I have been doing this job for years but I haven’t heard anything about it. Regarding the attack on Ikana Village, the truth is we don’t completely understand what happened. Probably since it sort of happened in the blink of an eye.”

While scratching his beard, Gantetsu continued.

“I don’t understand the nature of that one-winged guy. Is there some sort of reason why he has only one wing? I think knowing that would be relatively important.”

I didn’t consider that, it sounds helpful.
(TL: そんなのどうだっていいと思いかけたけど、確かにそうだ。)
Let’s remember it.

While I was being absent minded and recalling things, Roel was tugging my arm to get my attention.

“Something like this, this quest is perfect for us.”

[I want you to gather some of the gushing water in <Avangard Cave> 2nd floor. There is no particular amount needed, but the more you bring more rewards will be added.]
[Client: Shopkeeper of Zenbei Bar, Pablo]

Roel read it out loud, I agreed while looking at the paper she was pointing to.

“The <Avangard Cave> is not that far from here. Danger level 3, exactly the same level as me.”

“OK, that means that we won’t be hesitating over taking the quest, right?”

We immediately went to take the quest.
It’s fortunate for us that it hasn’t been taken yet.
Afterwards we went to the shop where Pablo was to hear the quest details.
It was Bar Zenbei, it was the place where Gantetsu treated us yesterday.

“Oh, you guys took that quest right?”

A plump man with a round face welcomed us.
It seems to be Pablo.

“Just so you are aware, this quest is known and performed by many adventurers on a regular basis. The water there is nutritional, so it’s most suitable for cooking and making cocktails. We sell merchandise that uses it and we need a lot. For example . . . . .”

“Um, setting that aside, how much will be a good amount to bring here?”

The conversation was getting long so Roel stopped it.

“Oops! Sorry, sorry, I want you to use that push cart for transport.”

There was a moderate sized push cart and empty container set beside it.

“Before you two, there was a really strong guy and he was able to carry more. But for you, this is a good amount.”

“I want more.”


A round face and a round eyes, Pablo made an interested face.
Thus I put 10 containers in a sack. I had to carry all of this towards the dungeon.
I looked like a burglar carrying a big sack on his back which is not very cool.
The fountain we’re looking for that gushes out water is underground on the 2nd floor. Beginner adventurers should not go any farther, but the dungeon goes deeper. You just needed to follow the road.
However, after that the danger level is higher and there are monsters lurking within. That’s why you absolutely must not proceed any further. Pablo was really determined to get that idea ingrained within us.

Before long we arrived at the cave.
Roel was tightly holding on her staff while having a tense expression.

“Th-then should we g-go?”

“You don’t need to be that tense . . . . . . .”

Roel was slowly and timidly entering the cave while looking around the area for affirmation.
From behind I place my hand on her shoulder, “Hiiii!” she jumped and her staff rolled on the ground.

“S-stop that~! You!”

She actually got very mad.
I understand why, since so far it was the fault of this tension that I haven’t been able to feel.
There are monsters you’ll encounter and you can easily get into a panic when it happens.
It seems that the monsters here are not that strong. I will use all my strength to support her so that her confidence can grow. That can be considered a way for me to repay her.

The interior of the cave was pretty wide. Though the entrance was quite small, from there it was connected to a hall in which there were many cylindrical holes on way as you progressed.
There were rocks on the wall haphazardly piled over one another. I was really worried that the rocks might collapse on top of us from moving around in this cave.
If a monster shows up I have to avoid doing anything flashy and be careful.

“I wonder which way would be good to go?”

Roel asked that question nervously, she was still tightly holding her staff with both of her hands and looking around restlessly.

“When a monster comes out I will somehow deal with it.”

While saying that I took her hand.
I wonder if that lessened her tension. Roel was finally holding her staff with one hand.

“Sorry, Ryua-chan, I seem to be a burden to you.”

“You’re not, I won’t call you something like that!”

I smiled.
Although if I enter a battle, I’ve been fighting alone up till now so I’m worried I won’t be able to support her properly.
Recovery magic is the specialty of a Healer, which is helpful. I can use some magic, but I can’t use recovery magic at all. Thanks to that, during my time in the <Caves of Hell>, somewhere around 50th floor I ended up returning to the resting point quite often.

Right at that moment, from inside the cave 2 small rabbits jumped out.
At first glance it looked cute, but it had an unsuitable sharp fangs and claws.
With one glance, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look friendly.
In the blink of an eye, it shortened the distance from us with its natural walking ability.

【Cave Rabbits appeared】

“Hiiiiiiii!! Let’s calm down Ryua-chan! No need to panic!”

Just as I thought, Roel panicked. I can hear her staff clanging as it fell onto the ground.
I fought these guys when I just entered the <Caves of Hell>.
I experienced a lot of pain from these guys. That’s why I found it profoundly memorable.
At the start it was hard to fight them, but once you get accustomed to it these guys are nothing as an opponent.
This place was said to be for beginner adventurers, it seems like the truth.

One of the Cave Rabbits leaped to shorten the distance.

【Cave Rabbit A attacked!】

I briefly thought about putting down these containers to attack but reconsidered.
For Roel’s sake lets receive one attack. Then i will receive a heal from her.
I purposely let the Cave Rabbit bite me.

【Ryua received no damage!】

Its fangs were stuck on my arm, but still the rabbit continued to try and bite me while flopping around.
I understood that it was frantically trying to eat me, but it was really a fruitless effort.
And at my back there was Roel.


For some reason she was casting Heal.
Not understanding what she’s doing, once again I held her hand to calm her down.
<Cave Rabbit A> was still biting my left hand. As one would expect it started to hurt a little.

“Calm down, look it’s fine since I’m right here.”

I showed a smile.
The rabbit still wasn’t stopping.
I saw Roel brandish her staff and swing it.
Rather than the rabbit it hit me.
She attacked my back with all her might.

【Roel was Confused! Ryua received 2 Damage!】

“That hurt! But I’ll be fine if you use your recovery magic on me.”

It totally hurt more than the monster’s attack.
Meanwhile, the other rabbit attacked aiming at Roel this time.
This would be dangerous, so I assaulted the rabbit with a light kick.

【Cave Rabbit B received 1284 damage!】
【Cave Rabbit B was defeated!】
【Cave Rabbit HP 0/17】

I was just planning to brush it off lightly, but only the scattered meat was left.
It was not my plan to do that.
Then I saw Roel who already fainted.

I don’t really know what to do with the rabbit on my hand, so I threw it away.

【Cave Rabbit A was defeated!】
【Cave Rabbit HP 0/17】

“Roel, The monster are already defeated you know.”


I supported Roel who was dizzily walking.

“Ryua-chan. . . . .as I thought, I . . . . .may be no good.”

She started to cry while I was supporting her back, looking at her.
For a little while I thought about the outcome, I decided to let Roel have peace of mind.

“From what you’ve seen I think you already know, but it’s fine for you to not worry. I won’t let something like a monster attack Roel who is behind me.”


“You believed in me when I said the I was the one who defeated the Poison Salamander, right? The monsters here are far weaker, for now you need to calm down and practice, okay?”

I’ve been fighting alone so I don’t know what I should teach her, but I thought that there wouldn’t be any meaning if I just defeat the monsters alone.
When I started to feel a little insecure, I noticed Roel’s existence behind me.

“Let’s go, the fountain is on the 2nd floor, right?”

I stretched out my hand and Roel took it, then we started to walk.
I had dropped the containers earlier, so I made sure I had them all before continuing on.

“Thank you, Ryua-chan……”

Silently saying her thanks she started walking with a happy expression.
We haven’t known each other for long, but I want to be with her all the time.
(TL:  会って間もないけど、ずっとこの子といたい。)
For some reason I was thinking like that.

Chapter 9 – One Dungeon After the Another, and Then…

We ended up hitting a lot of dead ends on our way, so we ended up getting our hands on lots of items from inside the treasure boxes.
But most of it was recovery medicine.

“Isn’t it mysterious? I wonder who left those behind…”

It seems to be one of the 7 wonders of the Adventurers.
Inside a dungeon there are treasure boxes. Some adventurers get nothing from it, some adventurers find weapons, and another adventurer finding the same treasure box in the same place gets something random.
I wonder who established this system and when they placed these boxes.
I wonder why the contents are different for each adventurer…
Thing is, it’s only a profit for adventurers to get items like this, so some are pursuing the mystery.

【Ghost Bat appeared! HP 13】
【Killer Mole appeared! HP 21】

On our way we were attacked by monsters here and there.
I wonder if my encouragement from earlier was effective, it seems like Roel was properly able to heal me.
I haven’t really received any major injuries but I won’t say something cruel like ‘the healing is not needed’.
I’m not sorry for slaughtering the monsters, but it’s bothersome to draw my sword out every time. That’s why I’ve been using my bare hands to finish them.

“I-Is that it?”

The narrow path opened into a large circular area, and in the middle of it clean water was gushing out.
We were following the path to the left and went past here before, somehow we didn’t notice it.

“Isn’t this such clean and pure water?”

Roel drank the water with her hand.

“It’s so refreshing and it tastes good! I wonder why it’s cold~?”

“Let me see…….”

I tried drinking it, the cold water was really pleasant and delicious.
Let’s immediately start drawing the water.
Right then,
I heard a hissing cry of a monster to our left.
I see 2 lights glaring from the darkness, then after a moment it started to crawl on the ground, with a long body that can freely bend and slither it came towards us.

【A Large Ravenous Cobra appeared! HP212】

“Wa-wah! Ryua-chan, what should we do?!”

Roel who was in a daze drinking the water quickly spat it out and shakily wielded her staff.
I understood that this monster was different from the monsters we had encountered here up till now.
I don’t really know how strong beginner adventurers are, but most likely they would have a hard time against this.
The <Cobra> seemed to want to intimidate us. It started to stretch upwards, showing its large body.
It was taller than me.

“Roel don’t move from there.”

The <Cobra> was moving smoothly along the ground. It decided to aim at my neck and bite it.
Not happening. Let’s counter attack it by seizing it.
However, the <Cobra>’s true aim was the one behind me, Roel.
While I was thinking, it was wiggling its body back and forth. Suddenly it dashed straight towards Roel.
I wonder if it instinctively understood that it couldn’t win against me. It successfully used feint on me.
But, I won’t allow this.
Because I promised Roel that I would protect her.

【Ryua attacked!】

I cut the the <Cobra> from behind.
Its neck sprung up, and then its large body twisted as it fell on the ground.

【Large Ravenous Cobra HP 0/212】
【Large Ravenous Cobra received 312297 damage!】
【Large Ravenous Cobra was defeated!】


She was shaken because of what happened, but Roel quickly gained her composure.
For some reason she mistakenly hit the <Cobra>’s head that happened to roll to her feet.

“Thank you, Ryua-chan.”

“That surprised me a bit, I didn’t think it was that smart.”

“That monster, It may have been this floor’s boss. Being a boss monster, it’s terribly strong and has high intelligence. Furthermore, for some reason when it’s defeated it will reappear in the dungeon after a while. This is also one of the Adventurer’s 7 Wonders.”

Then it’s possible that this monster was defeated before.
Perhaps it was learning…? No way, that’s impossible.
Nevertheless, I wonder if this <Cobra> possesses poison.
If that’s the case, the spring water might be hazardous.

“Let me see, I wonder which part of this monster will sell for a high price…”

Just like the <Poison Salamander>, one part of the monster can be sold for a high price.
Last time, I didn’t know the true price of the whiskers because the Guild raised its price.
But now I wonder how much this would sell for?

“For now lets take its fangs and scales.”

Roel seemed familiar with doing things like this.
While I was admiring her, she started talking to me.
(TL: 感心しているとロエルがボクの疑問を汲み取った。)

“You know, I, because I’m not that usually helpful in the party I can only be so when I do this. That’s why I’m good at this, ehehe……..even though I’m a healer.”

While looking embarrassed, Roel continued working.
I took a glimpse at her after she was done, she was wearing a gloomy expression on her face.

“Sorry, I was a burden……..that’s why next time I will do my best.”

“It’s because Roel is still level 3, don’t worry about such things.”

When starting something, no one can do it well.
Even I, at the <Caves of Hell>, wasn’t able to win against the rabbits we fought earlier.
At that time my body was ragged and the blood wouldn’t stop leaking…….hmmm, I can’t remember what I did after that.

“I will certainly do my best to get strong to give Ryua-chan peace of mind.”

She rubbed her face, and then her left hand was raised high and struck a guts pose.
I’m really curious, what’s my level?
I wonder if the machine is fixed yet. Let’s try it out when we get back.


When the 2 adventurers left, a shadow came out from a hole somewhere to the left of the cave.

“Oi oi, there’s no way right? What’s with that?”

While taking the cap that was covered in dirt, that ‘shadow’ was praising Ryua.
On its left hand was the <Cobra>. It turned into light and it was sucked in its arm.

“It should be impossible to react to that feint……they may be a hindrance to us. Should I kill them right now before its too late?”

The shadow stayed there as pondered for a short while, but it reconsidered its choices. The shadow slowly melted in to the background  and then vanished without a trace.


Monster Book Entries

【Hell Bear】
The reigning tyrant of the Bear Forest with a danger level of 30.
Many confident veteran adventurers whose first encounter with it got their corpses torn apart.
It has a strong pelt, that’s why it’s a priceless material of a good robe.

【Poison Salamander】
An enormous Lizard with an overall length of 30 meters.
It lives in <Bear Forest>, once it’s injured
where ever you go it will chase you tenaciously.
Its brutality is second only to the Hellbear.
Its size is to be feared more than its poison.

【Cave Rabbit】
It has a feral personality and is rather quick, but it can be easily defeated by a beginner adventurer.
Even so, be cautious when they appear in a group.
When a group of these eat you, you will suffer from being devoured slowly, piece by piece.
It may also die from shock.