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Chapter 27 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon Part 1

“Avangard Tougi Taikai?”

“Yes! You’ll participate, right?”

Avangard Tougi Taikai seems to be an event that is held once every year.
Several days have passed since Siegel woke up and he’s completely recovered, It seems he’s gotten over his depression was well since he’s calling out to every girl he sees in the area…
By chance we were passing through and he saw us.

“It’s the first time I heard about it, how about you Roel?”

“Yeah I have, but if I remember right it’s not a normal festival.”

“Oh? What kind of festival is it?”

“Hmm…how to explain it…”

“A lot of people gather from all over, it’s really fun! And there are a lot of girls! Anyways, the festival has a main event. All the adventurers gathered there can participate in a tournament to decide who is on top. The champion receives 1 million gold! How about that? You drooling for that reward? Want me to escort you there?

“The Imperial capital is a little far, but Ryua-chan wanted to go there. Should we?”

“Well, considering it’s only once a year, if I don’t go now I’ll have to wait a whole year to see it again. Let’s go.”

We had been confirming quest details up until now, but since we’re going to the festival we won’t be able to complete any of them. We quickly returned the documents to their original locations.

“Wait a minute, how do you plan on getting to the Imperial Capital? There’s only way way to get there, through the <Kizel Canyon>. It’s danger level is 10, you know? Ryua won’t have any problems, but lack of preparation is one’s greatest enemy so I will assi-”

“Oh! I overheard you’re going to the Imperial Capital? Perfect timing.”

Cynthia from the item shop came and interrupted Seigel.

“I also have some business at the Capital and I was thinking of making an escort quest. Would it be possible for you two to take it? When we reach the Capital I’ll pay you the reward. Your rank should also raise to B, no?”

“The road to becoming a B rank is rather harsh, you know. It’s one of the obstacles that an adventurer must eventually face. There are a lot of people that have become frustrated while trying to reach that rank. At any rate, it’s a totally different world from being a D rank adventurer. The guild will only recognize you after you’ve done a lot of dangerous quests such as escorting and getting materials from a floor monster, even this upcoming event has merit to them.

“Ryua-chan, how about it?”

“Yeah, the timing couldn’t have been better.”

“Then it’s decided. Rintei-san, please do what you need to do.”

While the procedures were being completed, Siegel wasn’t giving up and kept talking and talking. Nobody responded to him.

[Please escort me to the Imperial Capital!]
[Client: Item Shop’s Cyntha]
[Reward: 1400G]

“S-so messy…”

It was a pretty sketchy looking quest document, it even caught Siegel’s attention.

“It’s fine~. This much will suffice. I would write the details but it would end up being skipped over anyways.”

“No, isn’t something like that…adventurers like it when you write the details.”

“Well, since you’re not taking the quest it’ll be fine.”

“Eh? I’m being left behind?”

We decided to leave for the Capital tomorrow after some deliberation.

/ / /

It took us one day to get from Kwimill to the <Kizel Canyon> by coach.
There’s some fencing here and there along the road.
I thought it was going to be a more harsh journey but I ended up being disappointed.
However, even if you look over the fence you can’t see the bottom of the Canyon.
If someone slipped and fell off the cliff I’m not confident that I could save them in time.
The pebbles and stones on the road made it rugged, but the coach just kept moving on.

“Ryua-chan, looking down isn’t a good idea~?”

Cynthia was eating some kind of sweet while waving her hand at me. The coach was unexpectedly large on the inside, even with the 4 of us sitting inside there was space left. Why did I say 4 people? Siegel ended up coming along but he was frantically trying to lead the coach.

“That guy…I’ll be honest for a second: he isn’t that helpful. He’s just controlling the horses pulling the coach.

“He is a famous A rank, you know…”

Roel was perplexed at Cynthia’s ability to go at her own pace.
At any rate, is an escort really needed? There doesn’t seem to be many monsters.
I usually don’t need to take a break, but this shaking coach is making me drowsy…


“Oh, are you sleepy? Since you’re an escort you have to stay awake. Here you go.”

Cynthia gave me something red. Without hesitation I instantly put it in my mouth and swallowed it. Suddenly my throat and mouth were assaulted with an extremely painful and spicy burning.

“NNN! Wa-water! Water!”

“Ryua-chan, get a grip! Here, water!”

Thanks to Roel giving me water I was able to stop the pain.
Cynthia was laughing merrily at my reaction.

“That only happened because you’re so careless. Just because monsters haven’t appeared in this place yet doesn’t mean they won’t. That yawn that you just did now, during that brief moment your escort target might get injured and cause the quest to fail, right?”

“I’ll do my best…though what was that just now?”

“Spark Chili Pepper.”

I wonder why she would be carrying something like that?
She’s been giving a lot of affection to Roel and myself…probably because she’s a little older than us.
Though if I had to choose between Cynthia or Ai as a sister, it would be Ai.

“You know, if the floor monster appears I can do something about my boredom.”

“Aww~ I’m sooo sorry~”

Seigel seemed to be looking forward to fighting while Cynthia was just joking with him.
Quite contrary to what they had been talking about, we were attacked by normal monsters.

【<Raging Monkey> x2 appeared! HP:73】

From above us on a cliff there were large monkeys descending.

“Oh! These guys are actually kind of tough due to a higher physical strength than you’d expect. I saw some beginner adventurers crying because of these things. The floor monster is the chief of these guys.”

“Okay, wake yourself up and get ready.”

“Don’t be so carefree!” is what I wanted to say, but that’s just how those two are it seems.
But these monsters are so slow it might make me fall asleep regardless.
I pulverized one of them, and saw Roel was in high spirits as she grilled one with her <Fire Rod>.

【Roel used <Fire Rod>! <Raging Monkey> received 301 damage!】
【<Raging Monkey> was defeated! HP:0/73】

I noticed that she’s been doing more damage than before.
‘She has outrageous talent’ is what I’ve been thinking about Roel lately.

“Wow, neither of you are lacking…especially Ryua-chin, just what was that?”


“How improper!”

Even though I had responded to that nickname Roel still spoke her mind.

“Hahahahaha! Both of you are really strong! You don’t need me it seems!”

“Yeah, really.”

“Ah, please don’t say it like that…”

Siegel has become pretty pitiful lately.
I don’t think he’s a bad person, but he’s quite vain.
We kept advancing until the sun had completely set.

“It’s really dark, as expected of a canyon at nightfall. We should sleep out here tonight.”

“We should light a fire in that case. I’ll use my <Fire Rod>…”

“In this canyon there are no monsters afraid of fire. Just the opposite, actually. It’ll just give away our position. Also there’s no need to use your staff for small things like this.

“We’ll need someone to be a lookout while the others are sleeping.”

I don’t know if we trusted each other yet but being with Cynthia and Siegel seems to be really fun.

“Sure, I’ll do it. I’m good at noticing presences since I’m used to situations like this.

“So you’re like a cat? You can sleep but if something approaches you’ll quickly get up? Like that?”

“Y-yeah. pretty much.”

Cynthia used a weird reference for comparison but it was like that in the <Caves of Hell> pretty much all the time.
No matter where or when I slept I was always attacked.
Suddenly I felt Siegel look at me.
It was different than when he was kidding around, he seems serious this time.
Instantly he went back to normal.

“Making a lady be the lookout is something I can’t agree with. Rely on me for a while and let me do it.”

“Siegel watching over us is reassuring but…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. We should get some sleep.”

“You really don’t have any worries, huh?”

“If you assault any of us I will kill you.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Why would Siegel assault Cynthia? I wonder why she said that?

Roel and Cynthia fell asleep quickly.
Silence fell upon the inside of the coach. It was truly nighttime now.

“Ryua, are you by any chance awake?”

“…How did you know?”

“Your fighting skills are top notch but you’re rather bad at pretending to sleep.”


“…hey, Ryua, just how high is your level?”

“It says <Overflow> so it seems like it’s over 100.”

“It sure is……over level 100 huh? With your strength alone you’re on par with S rank adventurers…”

“S rank?”

A, B, C , D…going by that order S should be way lower than D.
I’m the same as those guys?

“There are only 10 of them in the world. Each nation has their own elite adventurer…no, they aren’t adventurers anymore. All of them are over level 100, a group of monsters. Most humans end up hitting their level cap and retire at that point.”

I recalled Grundom and what he told me. I understood my limit at that time, and when someone reaches that it seems they end up breaking. I don’t want to end up like Grundom who was dragging others down with him.

“Well, I’m still happy that I haven’t reached my level cap yet. Ryua, just what kind of guy did you defeat at the <Caves of Hell>?”

“Hmm well…<King of Destruction>, Ba…no, Va…Van-something.”

“<King of Destruction>?”

“Yeah, he made a lot of circular orbs of light that evaporated whatever they touched. There was also that large snake and dog, they sure were strong…”

I kept advancing inside of that dark cave, relying on the fire I lit.
No matter how much I think about it, I can’t recall why I worked so hard at that place.
Really, I just can’t remember.

“<Caves of Hell> huh…”

After mumbling that he fell silent for a while.

“Ryua, why don’t you have a match with me?”

Siegel suddenly suggested that, smiling at me.

Chapter 28 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! Part 2

“A-a match?”

“Yeah~, I want to have a duel.”

“But, if you die…”

“You can do that to me?”

The smile disappeared from Seigel’s face.

“We don’t have to be serious, we can use these.”

Saying that, Seigel picked up two branches that fell down from a nearby tree.

“Just stop before you make contact and it should be fine. First person to say “I give up” loses the match.”

Seigel was dangling the branch towards me, gesturing for me to take it. I want to sleep already and this is just bothersome…but he has a pretty serious expression and atmosphere. I don’t think he’ll let me sleep until I do what he wants.

“If it’s just a little then it should be fine.”

“Okay~, so then how about going over there?”

We moved away from where Roel and Cynthia were sleeping, readied our stances, and faced each other.

“You can come at me whenever you want.”

Seigel provoked me with his arm. I could try to stop just before I hit him, but what if the wind pressure does something?
While I was contemplating that, Seigel ran out of patience and attacked first.
He thrust his branch at my chest. I can’t think of his weapon as just a wood branch with this much intensity.
I evaded the thrust from Seigel’s stick by pulling back, and as the distance closed I thrust my stick at him.
I didn’t plan on putting much strength into it but the wind pressure still ended up crushing his windpipe.


“I-I’m very sorry!”

“*cough*…don’t apologize, it’s fine. I give up.”

Seigel brought up both of his arms signalling his surrender.

“That katana-bastard also defeated me.”

Seigel was scratching his head when he said that. We looked at the cliff and spoke to each other, shrouded by the darkness of the night.

“Ryua, that was really amazing. With that much strength you can do anything you want. But I have a warning for you.”

Seigel paused for a while and took a deep breath.

“Losing at least once is something you should experience. There are some people that never know that frustration and when they finally experience it, they break. This world is wide, and you should experience all it has to offer. Take a journey, observe things.”

“It didn’t only happen once, you know.”

Even I was surprised about the anger welling up in me. I wasn’t about to forgive Seigel’s insensitive speech. I quickly faced him and saw him looking at me, fear in his eyes.

“The <Cave Rabbit> in the <Caves of Hell> beat me over and over and I cried many times. Just when I thought I finally won against it I was attacked by a bat and lost. I was defeated over and over and over until I could win, and then I was ambushed by a large spider who spun his web around me and I barely escaped only to run into a large dog with 4 heads. I can’t even remember how many times I lost. It was mortifying and I cried a lot of times without anyone to comfort me. I was alone that whole time. Fighting and fighting even though I was constantly beaten. I never want to lose anymore. This power that I have, I will keep using it to win. Are you still going to say, after hearing all of that, that I should lose to experience it?”

Seigel said nothing for a short while.
What was he thinking? He avoided my gaze and looked at where the sun was rising.

“Please, forgive me.”

Seigel was prostrating himself.
I didn’t think he would end up going that far to apologize.

“Please forgive my thoughtless speech. I said it because I wanted you to understand anguish. I won’t do something like hurting your pride again.”

“N-no you don’t have to go that far…”

“This is how it should be.”

Seigel maintained his position, unmoving.
I faced towards the the coach, even I feel bad like this.
Turning back to him, he was still preserving his position.

“Uh that…I forgive you, so…”


He raised his head to me and confirmed it twice. After it was all sorted he went to bed.
If a monster shows up I will deal with it.
It seems he believes in me, I can hear him snoring from here.
He was noisy and pushing with his leg, but I noticed a small smile float onto his face.
Roel and Cynthia were still sleeping soundly, their breathing was deep.
‘What am I supposed to do if Seigel’s snoring interferes with me sensing a monster…’, I was thinking this with a few expletives mixed in.
I forced myself to sleep.


“Roel, can this be eaten?”

“Eat, eat! *munch* *munch*”

Cynthia seems to enjoy giving us food, almost like she was feeding pets,
No matter what we ate it looked like it was interesting for her.
The confections she had been holding were already reduced to about half.

“Here, aa~~hn!”

“*munch* *munch*”

“Please do “aa~~hn” for me too!”

“Pay attention to where we’re going.”

The give and take continued with monsters sometimes appearing. They weren’t a big deal so I found myself dozing off here and there.

【<Raging Monkey> appeared! HP:73】
【<Pecking Bird> appeared! HP:49】
【<Slash Cat> appeared! HP:42】

The <Pecking Bird> kept escaping into the sky where the <Fire Rod>’s flame couldn’t reach. Roel was clearly mad about this since she was shaking and waving her staff at it.
I jumped into the air to defeat it, but Roel was just glaring with bulging cheeks.
Seigel enthusiastically dealt with the other two monsters, even using a technique to attack them.”Concentrate on the Coach!” you could hear Cynthia scolding Seigel.

“Ryua-chin, you really are strong!”

“Really…?  mugya!”

She had been embracing me like this a lot during our journey.
Roel saw this, and not wanting to lose hugged me tighter.

“I used <Heal> on you so you should be fine, right?

Even though I wasn’t injured, Roel had used <Heal> on me.
The bird meat keeps being snatched, but no one knows who’s been stealing it.
Is the <Fire Rod> why the bird meat always ends up being like that?

“It seems like we’ll be able to reach the canyon’s midway point today, so we’ll be stopping at the Kizel Lodge tonight.”

“Oh right! I forgot something like that existed here. It’s pretty expensive though.”

“Kizel Lodging, is it? Does such a place exist here?”

“For sure. There’s also a hot spring! The manager is a reitred A rank adventurer so you can rest easy knowing there’s no problems even if a floor monster appears!”

“Even though some adventurers retire…being one is too fun for me. I don’t want to stop.”

I don’t know of anything fun to do besides being an adventurer. I don’t know how others feel about it, but going with Roel to the inn sounds a little tempting. Okay, really tempting.

“Kizel Lodge is just out of the danger zone at the midway point, but due to that the price is higher than usual.”

“It’s another one of the [Adventurer’s 7 Mysteries], for some reason most monsters won’t attack towns. Isn’t that convenient? Ryua-chin, what do you think?”

It seems Cynthia is ok with that reasoning.
She was shaking me to get an answer but I can’t really give her one since I don’t know much about those ‘mysteries’.
Most monsters don’t attack towns? Then why did my village get destroyed? Just thinking about it makes me boil with anger.

“The way to the Imperial Capital sure is harsh…travellers must be pretty serious about getting there.”

It seems Roel was able to guess what I had been thinking and changed the subject,

“If the floor monster wasn’t here then even a C rank adventurer’s party would be able to get through. They’d be able to escort people across this canyon.”

Gantetsu aside, how did Tolppo cross the canyon?
I’m not saying she is unskilled, but 2-3 opponents should be difficult for her.

“You can put the monsters here to sleep but there are a lot of other ways to deal with them”

Seigel’s explanation makes sense. I didn’t think of using magic in this area at all.

“Thing is, the big monkey floor monster is really dangerous. If a C rank party met up with it they would need to retreat at full speed. It’s a reckless thing to challenge, but many have still done so and lost their lives to it.

Seigel’s voice lowered at the last part, regarding the adventurers dying.

“Ri~ght Ri~ght, we weak citizens need the help of you Adventurers to pass through here.”

“When the times comes I’ll ride in like a prince on a white horse. Er, brown horse in this case.”

“Pay attention to the front.”


Seigel had turned around to show us his white smile but ended up being scolded again by Cynthia.
She seems to be really strict with Seigel but gentle towards Roel and myself.


We let the coach run for the day, the scenery around us didn’t change much until a signboard appeared.

“Oh, we finally reached Kizel Lodging!”

Beside the signboard was a stone path leading somewhere.
There was a building made out of wood with a triangle roof, it seems there will be enough space for the coach to fit.
We stopped our coach in the building and noticed all the other coaches there. It seems there are others who arrived before us.

“We’re finally~ here! The food they have is delicous you know! For example, the <Pecking Bird> with teriyaki sauce! Ah~ I can’t take it, I’m drooling just thinking about it!”

Is it by chance the same kind of bird we defeated on the way here?
It didn’t look appetizing, but seeing Cynthia like this makes me think otherwise.

“I’m tired after all that. I’ll do the check-in so you girls should enjoy the hot springs to your heart’s content.”


Cynthia and Roel quickly entered the lodging without hesitation.

“They sure are lively…looking at them reminds me of when I was young and spry like them.”

“If you’re that envious of them why not just go back to active duty, Owner?”

Looking at him, you wouldn’t have been able to tell he was a military type of man in his prime.
He may have been amazing when he was still active as an adventurer, just like Kozow.

“All I can manage to do on my own now is drive away monsters. It’s quite lonely as of recent since they’re avoiding me.”

“Just as one would expect from the <Steam-Powered Fortress> Bloom. Still going as strong as before.”

“I think you’re the only young’un that knows that name. In reality I’m just running a lodging house, and nobody knows that I was an adventurer before this, you know?”

“Isn’t that sad though? The ignorance of the innocent and the sin of illiteracy…not even knowing the greatness of their predecessors or how splendid they were as adventurers.”

“Is that girl there also an adventurer? Aren’t you a little young to become an escort partner?”

Bloom looked at me and laughed peacefully. I wonder if this person is still strong? <Steam-Powered Fortress>…I wonder what that means?

“Don’t take out the fruit from before, ok?”

“Sure, sure. The room you’re expecting for 3 people is this one here.”

“Ah~, if I’m in the same room as them my life would be in danger. Also, Ryua, you don’t have to be here you know. How about going to to the hot springs?”

I’ve been doing nothing but watching their exchange, but it doesn’t seem like I’m needed here. I chased after the other two who were going to the hot spring.

“Ah! Your room is number 013!”

I, no, we were saved from any embarassing moments by Seigel.
On the way there I saw a break room where a bunch of adventurers were relaxing. They were happily chatting with each other and showing off their adventurer cards to each other.
I stopped for a moment and took a peek.
It may have just been me, but one of the adventurers looks rather suspicious…
I decided to leave before I said anything.


“Haaa~, this is paradise…”

“Bathing in an open air bath is so refreshing…”

“Other than the one in Roel’s room, this is the first time I entered an open-air bath.”

It’s a bathtub with rocks around it and you can see a superb view while seated.
The canyons and mountains streched into the distance. It was my first time seeing nature in such a grand way.
With the steam rising up into the open air, there was a very unique atmosphere.

“Are Ryua-chin and Roel-chin living together?”

“Yeah, it’s because I don’t have a home.”

“Is~ that~ so~? Suspicious~”

She had impish smile on her face…I wonder what she meant by suspicous?
Cynthia glanced between Roel and I.

“Roel-chin’s growth is great whereas Ryua-chin’s nourishment seems to have gone to her battle strength instead of her chest, am I right?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“It’s this! This object!”

Cynthia poked Roel’s chest with her finger.


“Ooh, such a nice reaction~”

This time she grabbed Roel’s breast. It have been because Roel has been in the bath for so long, but her face was turning red.

“Just what good are they being big? When you fight they’re just a hindrance.”

“Ah, yeah, Ryua-chin you can stay as you are, they’re perfect.”

It seems like both of theirs are bigger than mine.
I’m not jealous of that though. I don’t know why Cynthia is so enamored by chests.

“Also I forgot to thank you for the jelly. Because of you guys I was able to sell a lot of <Royal Jelly>.”

“Is that so? I wanted to try some…”

“It’s not a sweet you know? It’s a recovery item that costs around 400G each.”

“Four hundred?!”

I’m not Roel but this time I slipped that line.
Saying that one cost 400G…it’s more expensive than my iron sword. I wonder just what its effects are?

“Just one is enough to fully restore your stamina and magical power. I also wanted to try some but it’s just too expensive.”

“If it’s you two, I don’t mind giving each of your one after we reach the Imperial Capital~”

“Really? I’ll do my best!”

“Hey hey! Work hard anyways! The escort reward is completely separate you know!”

Cynthia looked like she was waving her finger as she approached me.
I had expected it to happen, but blood was already rushing to my head. ‘We should get out soon’ is what I was going to say, but…

【<Raging Monkey> appeared! HP:73】

“Geeh~?! This guy is a peeping tom! A pervert! Both of you, kill it! Kill it!”

“B-b-but I didn’t bring my fire rod…”

“Fight naked~!”


“No! That’s indecent!”

Just as I was about to stand on the rock Roel pulled me by my arm.


“Ryua-chan, you are also a girl you know!”

“Fine! I understand! <Plasma Shot>!”

【Ryua cast <Plasma Shot>! 】
【<Raging Monkey> received 123742 damage!】
【<Raging Monkey> was defeated! HP:0/73】

The monkey was swallowed by a ball of lightning and not even a speck of dust was left behind.

“So Ryua-chin can also use magic…you’re way too strong to be a C rank.”

“Roel, don’t hinder me again, I needed to deal with that monster, you know that.”

“Please at least be a little embarassed…you…”

Roel can carelessly say words like that, but back in the caves this kind of thing was a daily occurence. If I hesistated I would be killed.


“A f-floor monster attacked and then my…my comrades are…!”

As Seigel was walking to the onsen to cure his fatigue, he overheard that tidbit of information and his eyebrows twitched. An injured person had rushed into the lodging and Bloom quickly administered emergency treatement to him.
A guest at the lodge was a priest and followed up by healing his injuries. After that, the man was in a good enough condition to talk.

“Calm down, I’ll be going.”

“Are you the Dragon Hunter Seigel-san?! Why are you in such a place?….”

The gallery inside the lodging was surprised and unable to react to this news. Seigel rapidly left the lodging to avoid answering any questions.

“What can I do…? My comrades are…going to be killed…please, save them! I beg of you!”

“Seigel can do it. His strength and reputation as an A rank is no joke, you know? He doesn’t even need to form a party to defeat the floor monster. People like that are considered the elite of the A ranked adventurers.”

They were eventually able to ease the man’s worries. He had been shaking from fright, but Bloom managed to calm him down. Even so, the adventurer was still grinding his teeth.

Chapter 29 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! Part 3

“Rick! Rick is…!”

“Rex already ran to the lodging for help! Endure until he returns!”

Its upper body had developed in a strange way, and it’s unbalanced lower body somehow supported it. More than just a big monkey, this thing had an appearance closer to a gorilla.
Its hand was stained with blood from mortally wounding the adventurer Rick who was gasping for air.
The blood on the big gorilla’s hand was spilling onto the ground and making a puddle.
Scowling faces from the adventurers were locked onto the gorilla. They felt powerless in front of this beast, unable to fight back.
The gorilla already had one of the adventurers on the ground, crushing him along with the earth.

【The <Raging Boss> attacked!】
【Era received 193 damage!】
【Era has fallen! HP:0/75】

Haruto, one of the adventurers, lost his will when he saw Era get reduced into lumps of meat.
They had been confident about being able to deal with the canyon’s monsters.
Unfortunately they had run into the floor monster. They should have retreated but they made a grave mistake and challenged it. The result was devastating.
Haruto couldn’t comprehend this massacre.

【The <Raging Boss> used <Voltage Rage>!】
【The <Raging Boss>’ attack power increased!】

The beast became excited by the situation and jumped up and down as if dancing in joy.
It threw the corpse of Rick into the canyon.
There was no need to say who the next target of the ape was.
It struck the ground with its fist, making a small quake and toppling Haruto.
The strike seemed to be a way for the <Raging Boss> to mock and scare Haruto. He could only watch as it jumped and fell towards him.

“I’m sorry you guys…this was my fault…”

“Get away from him!”

He heard a yell from an unknown voice, it seemed to come from above the large monkey.
The <Raging Boss> roared as it fell.
Seigel landed in front of Haruto, and without looking back he got into a stance to face the monster.

【Seigel attacked the <Raging Boss>! 】
【The <Raging Boss> recieved 377 damage! HP:1566/1943】

“Ah, are you…by chance the Dragon Hunter Seigel?”

“I’ll sign something for you later, right now escape to the lodge.”

Haruto felt that he could rely on Seigel due to his powerful aura and retreated to the lodge.

“Now then, you’ve rampaged long enough. Time to deliver your requiem. Here I come!”

The <Raging Boss> lost its temper at Seigel’s provocation and raised its arm.

“I also don’t want to lose to Ryua.”

Evading the monster’s fist, Seigel plunged into its chest.

“Zero-range <Burst Braver>!”

【Seigel used <Burst Braver>!】
【The <Raging Boss> received 1436 damage! HP:130/1943】

The <Raging Boss> received a direct hit from point blank, collapsing to the ground while raising a loud yell.
Its chest hair had been burnt and as it vanished it revealed burnt bones and innards.
The <Raging Boss> was unable to stand due to pain and without hesitation Seigel impaled its head with his large sword.
Taking one last breath, the <Raging Boss> stopped moving. Its death was quick.

【The <Raging Boss> was defeated! HP:0/1943】

“Now that its dead, I wonder if that guy made it to the lodge? Though I should gather the materials from this guy first since I came all the way out here…”

Seigel skillfully collected the materials from the corpse and casually walked towards the lodging.


Both Haruto and Rex were seated in the lobby with dejected expressions.
I really regret hearing about what happened.
We had been submerged in the hot springs, carefree and having fun while others were suffering nearby.
If Seigel hadn’t gone, Haruto would have died.
I don’t want to see anybody else die.
Seeing the scene in front of me was painful.

“It’s my…my fault…because I challenged that monster…”

Haruto was also deeply regretting what had happened. He was grasping his hair with his weary hand, using all of what little strength he had left to hold it.
We could only watch from the side.

“Bloom-san, is there anything we can say to them?”

“Roel-chan, they may look pitiful but they are adventurers. If you mess up judging a situation, even just a little, it could prove fatal and expose your comrades to danger. This world isn’t forgiving.”

He said that in a harsh tone with an unpleasant expression on his face.

“Yosh, I’m back.”

Returning full of energy, Seigel had come back after defeating the floor monster.
I wonder if the luggage he was carrying was the material from it?

“So you made it back safely. I defeated that monster, just so you know.”

“…thank you.”

“That’s that then. What you do from now on is your decision. It may not be my place to say this, but there was probably a reason behind you surviving.”

“Ha? Reason…?”

With a glazed expression he looked at Seigel’s face.
Rex just prostrated on the table without saying anything.

“What if I had died long ago? If that had happened the the great ‘Dragon Hunter’ wouldn’t exist. The life I saved today would have been lost.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“No matter where or when, if someone avoids an unforeseen accident and lives on then things may end up differently. Leaving behind great achievements…’What did I achieve’ is something that only survivors can think about.”

His speech suddenly stopped there and Seigel headed towards the hot spring.

“I may not be able to truly understand things, but live out your life for those that have died. Even I formed a party in the past only to see my comrades die before my eyes. It wasn’t something that only happened once or twice. But I lived on and made this lodging. If I was able to save someone, that is enough reason for me to have survived until now.

As if he was continuing Seigel’s speech, Bloom talked to the two quiet adventurers.
Both of them silently listened, but in the end something had struck  a nerve and they started sobbing.

“I-I will…retire as an adventurer…”

You could see the manifestation of Haruto’s decision by his tears of regret.
A comrade dying…it would be really hard for me to bear.
That’s why I will absolutely protect Roel.
I won’t allow a monster to lay even one finger on her from now on.
I don’t want to think of parting.
Seeing the two adventurers in despair and grief is enough to make those words in my mind weigh heavily on my heart.

“Tonight’s dinner will be a <Pecking Bird> hot pot. At a time like this you should warm your body and your mind. I’ve already finished the preparations, so gather up at the dining hall.”

Bloom slowly walked towards the dining hall.
It was almost like the sorrow has taken over my legs, I had to urge them to walk.

/ / /

“That hot pot was delicious! I was able to eat 4 servings…though now I’m totally full.”

“Roel, don’t you think one is normally enough?”

“Bloom may have given a discount for it, but that’s just a way to make you pay extra fees you know?”

“Yeah…I didn’t think about that part.”

The three of us were sitting in our room and chatting, though sometimes we would lay down.
But regardless of how much fun we’re having while talking I can’t get the incident from earlier off my mind.

“Those people…it’s kind of sad. I wonder what they’ll do from now on? If I was in their shoes I wouldn’t be able to bear it…”

“Who knows? But since they’re adventurers wouldn’t they go on adventures? They go hand in hand. Those people should have the resolution to tackle this problem head on. I may sound strict, but you are your own responsibility. Only you can choose your own path.”

“Even if you say that…”

Cynthia was comfortably sprawled out on the bed, you can even see a little bit of her belly.
She wasn’t an adventurer, but to go so far and say that much…

“Sorry, I said too much.”

She might have been able to guess what I was thinking. Cynthia honestly apologized.
She seemed to have changed her posture from facing up. It seems like she’s trying to pretend that verbal slip never happened.

“But, Ryua-chin, you don’t need to worry. That kind of thing happening is too uncommon, we don’t have to worry.”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

Roel, who had dozing off, suddenly got up and entered the conversation.

“You don’t even need my healing powers.”

“That’s not true! The <Fire Rod> is really helpful!”

“Ryua-chin, that didn’t exactly follow up~”

The three of us laughed at the same time.
Roel, whether she’s helpful or not, I just want her beside me.
That’s why I don’t want her to worry about it.
I want to tell her that but I’m afraid she’ll take it the wrong way.

“Now we need to wake up early so we should sleep soon.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the Imperial Capital. I’m also curious about the <Avangard Tougi Taikai> that Seigel-san was talking about as well as the festival.”

I hugged a pillow.
I might be able to forget the incident that happened today.
Even if I don’t, I’m sure that the festival will be fun.

“If it’s Ryua-chin you can win it for sure~!…ah, but last time I think it was Tifelia-san who was the champion. If that person is there then I’m not sure…no, for sure you’ll lose.”

“Tifelia? Stronger than me?”

“Avangard’s prided S rank, <Master Knight> Tifelia! All of the S ranks have unique classes, but <Master Knight> is an exclusive class just for her. She only works for the Kingdom, she can’t go to another country. I heard that the cost of her swinging her sword just once is equal to more than the salary of all the Kingdom’s soldiers.”

“S-so there was such an amazing person…”

“I wonder if she’ll appear this time? She doesn’t really show herself in public, the last event was the first time she appeared in it. What a mystery. Maybe there was a reason for her showing up last time? If that’s the case then you can be at ease!”

Cynthia jumped from her bed and moved towards me to strike my back with all her strength.

“I’ll be cheering for you, so good luck!”

For some reason Roel was stirring.
That’s right, in this world there is such a strong person.
<Master Knight> Tifelia…I wonder what kind of person she is?
I don’t know if I can win but I want to at least try fighting her.
Why do I feel so full of energy?
I felt fear in the <Caves of Hell> whenever I fought a formidable opponent.
I’m sure this feeling was mixed in there as well.
Even though I might have died, I wonder why I felt like this back then?
I don’t understand myself sometimes.

Before I had realized it I was the only one awake.
Cynthia had gone back to sleep on her bed in the shape of “大” with her blanket on top of her.
Roel was in a more reserved sleeping position.
I should sleep as well.

I wonder how many more days we’ll need to get through the Canyon?
This lodge was just the halfway point.
Yesterday I wouldn’t have thought I would witness adventurers losing a comrade, but each day brings something different and unknown.
I’ve only been thinking about stuff like that…before I knew it was in a deep sleep.

Chapter 30 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! Part 4

“Thank you very much for the delicious food and boarding.”

“Be sure to visit again soon. Today was also an exception, that hot pot was a special service.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Roel had a sheepish and apologetic look on her face. Once she started eating she wouldn’t stop.
She had eaten about half of the hot pot on her own.

“Now since that’s done, let’s start the day with high spirits! If we keep up the pace we had before getting to the lodge, we should be out of the canyon by tomorrow around noon.”

“Isn’t this place the halfway point? There’s at least half of the journey left to go.”

“You’re not wrong, it is considered the halfway point, but it’s really a big slowdown for people going to the Capital. The nice owner is one thing but the hot springs on top of that tend to make you want to stop there for a while, right?”

“Aaah my plan was exposed.”

Bloom was laughing with his wrinkled face.
No matter how hard I look at this person, just like Kozow, he doesn’t seem to be a former adventurer.

“Well then, lets depart! See you Bloom-sa~n!”

Cynthia was waving her arms in a wide arc and Bloom responded with the same action.
Bloom kept waving his hands from the lodge entrance as we walked away.

“The bird meat hot pot sure was delicious! Let’s visit them again.”

“That’s really the only thing you like in this entire canyon, isn’t it?”

“Hahahah…” Cynthia laughed in a reserved tone.
‘You’re not wrong’ was in my heart, agreeing with her.

The running coach suddenly stopped.
In front of the coach was a group of people in a line, as if stopping us.

“You guys, are you Bandits?”

Seigel talked to them in a familiar tone, and then one approached us.

“I’ll overlook you guys this time, our business is with that worn-out lodge.”

With those words, all of the men behind him brandished their weapons.
A spear, an axe, a bow, there were a variety of weapons. The armor they had on wasn’t that different from what I wore before I met Roel.
Their looks could use a bit…no, a lot of work.

“Such dangerous looking guys aiming at the lodge, huh? I suggest you rethink that idea, if you’re injured it’s not my fault.”

“Bastard! Don’t interfere!”

Showing off his axe, he violently thrust it into the ground.
“Oooh, sca~ry” Seigel grumbled as he pointed his big sword towards him.

“This is my last warning, don’t do it.”

“If you’re going to be a hindrance-”

Artillery had been fired into the sky…no, it was a single arrow.
It crushed the ground as it landed. Ground zero looked like a meteor had hit, impact crater and all.

“W-what just happened…?”

The bandits peered into the crater.
I immediately understood who the owner of the arrow was.
Looking behind me I saw Bloom.

“If this was set to rapid fire it’s able to sweep up a lot of monsters. Didn’t you name it <Vulcan Rain>, Seigel?”

“Who knows…”

Even Seigel drew back from <Steam Powered Fortress> Bloom’s true strength.
The bandits seemed to finally understand their situation. Some swallowed saliva in fear and others ran away screaming.
Firing a bow into the skies and hitting the ground with such impact…how did he do it?
More than just raw firepower, the bizarre technique surprised me.

“Since it’s like that, it seems we don’t have to worry about the lodging.”

The old soldier with the bow did a thumbs up to Seigel.
I think I’m more concerned about the safety of possible attackers than the lodging…
Most people would die just from being hit by one of those arrows.

“These bandits are nothing to you guys so I don’t need to worry, right? Take care.”

“Ah! Just injure the bandits!”

With such a dangerous farewell we departed for real this time.

“Bloom-san sure is strong.”

“That exchange was rather stressful and bad for my stomach, I should really be more careful…”

“Even if it wasn’t like that I would still suggest stopping.”

Both Seigel and Cynthia were surprised at how their image of Bloom had been shattered.
Now that I think about it, Mai also used a bow.
If she became Bloom’s disciple she might become a remarkable bow user.


“However, for someone to become a bandit in these parts…if the Capital decided to be a little serious about things the bandits would be exterminated.”

“Those people didn’t recognize Seigel-san, even though you’re famous…”

“That’s rude. It’s because they’re bandits.”

“Yeah yeah.”

I didn’t really follow their conversation, let alone what Roel and Seigel agreed upon. Beside Roel was Cynthia, performing maintenance on her tools. I don’t recognize most of the tools, nor am I interested in them, but Cynthia mistook my glance as curiosity. “Wait a minute” she said, and then started explaining them to me.

“This is one of the materials for a potion, a diluted liquid.”

I got sleepy.
I started to fall asleep peacefully on the spot and Cynthia punched my head with all her might.

“Ow! What was that for!?”

“Oh my. Just as I thought, that hurt.”

“Of course it hurts!”

“Even though you’re calm and collected when a monster strikes you…strange.”

“Cynthia-chan, Ryua-chan feels pain too you know! There was this one time Ryua-chan was careless and a weighing stone fell on her little toe. She really cried out!”

“I’d be shocked if Ryua-chin didn’t cry out from something like that…”

It’s not like monster attacks don’t hurt, but as long as it isn’t a serious injury or a fatal wound then it isn’t a problem.
Unexpected attacks, like the one just now, hurt a lot.

The canyon road had started to slant but the horse didn’t change how it walked.
We stopped for lunch and ate the box lunch Bloom had given us. ‘I wonder if this smell is from a fish?’ I thought, suddenly a monster attacked.
Before I could make a move Seigel was already on top of things.
He defeated the floor monster here so he should be really strong but I wonder where I got that impression from?
It was only for a brief moment, but I felt it.
I had taken a quick glance at him as he massacred the monster in an instant.
Wasn’t Seigel an elite A rank?
What does elite A rank even mean, though?
When the sun had set and we set up camp, I asked him that question.

“Ah, when you become an A rank there is a ranking within the division regarding how strong you are compared to the rest. Did you know my standing as an A rank out of 102 others is 16th?”

“That’s amazing.”

“I don’t consider it to be that amazing…”

I thought about it.
I’m still at C rank, I haven’t gotten close to A rank yet.
Even getting to B rank is still far away.
Just what do we need to do to become a B rank?

“What kind of benefits are there to having a high rank?”

“The King is happy to see high ranked adventurers!”

“Is that all?”

“That’s all.”

“Then it’s useless…”

“Ryua, there’s more to it than that. You can receive many things from generous people. Being able to wander as I wish is also thanks to my rank. There will also be an important task entrusted to you.”

“So I guess you ended up choosing to receive a girl? You’re really the worst.”

“Just how did you come to that conclusion…regarding girls,  I’ll have you know I’m a gentleman towards them.”

I felt worried about something he said.
Even though they’re adventurers, for the King to be happy is strange.
It’s like they’re the King’s servants.

“Fuua~ today sure was tiring. I guess we should sleep soon, so good night.”

Cynthia retreated into the coach and quickly fell asleep.
Roel who had been dozing off beside me was now leaning on me.

“Properly carry her to the coach. Make sure to be careful.”

Seigel winked at me from where he was sitting while closing his eyes.
I didn’t know how long we had stayed up but I wasn’t sleepy at all.

“Then I guess I should also try to sleep.”

i carried Roel to the coach to sleep, and I followed soon after.


Seigel and I woke up at about the same time.
A group of men had surrounded the coach.
We didn’t know their exact number but there had to be more than 50.
Many of them fired arrows towards the coach, and at the same time I drew my swords to produce wind pressure and blew the arrows away.
I put enough force behind my attack to even cut the trees. A sizable amount of the attackers panicked.


“Ku! Who are you? Who is the one responsible for this attack!”

“That would be me.”


A slender man with long hair who looked out of place alongside the bandits stepped forward.
He appears to be a good looking guy. I can’t imagine him actually being able to manage these stern looking men.
The man who was called boss continued to talk to us in a strangely calm way.

“Haha, a man and a…kid. According to the information my underling gave me there should be two women but I guess they’re sleeping inside the carriage?”

“Are you…Davitz?”

Seigel asked the man a question with a confused expression on his face.
The man brushed his bangs aside and seemed irritated.

“Siegel, I didn’t expect you to be here out of all places.”

“I had been thinking that I haven’t seen you in a while. So, you became the head of bandits in this place. You’ve really fallen.”

“I’m peerless around here you know? Monsters and adventurers are nothing to me. If there is a woman then this hand will embrace them with love.”

Davitz was in a hugging pose with both of his hands.
I feel rather uneasy seeing that gesture.


Seigel approached him with his large sword drawn.

“No matter your reason, it seems this situation is pretty straight forward huh?”

“Ha! I was hoping to avoid fighting you.”

While saying that Davitz drew his rapier.
The men surrounding us had finished their preparations to attack the coach.

“That’s right. Seigel, weren’t you recently gravely injured and nearly passed away?”

“…how did you know?”


He was smiling like a fool with his index finger over his mouth in a ‘ssshh’ gesture. Bandits are pretty cold hearted.

“Do it.”

The bandits let the blood rush to their head an all attacked at once.
I sighed at the situation.
They’re just too slow.
So many wasted movements…do they think they can win this way?
In the <Caves of Hell> any wasted movement usually meant death.
I trained myself to never overlook an opening.
If these bandits entered that place they would last mere seconds before getting annihilated.
A bandit’s livelihood is from stealing, but like this they couldn’t steal a life.
But regardless of the amount of enemies, I can’t kill them. Instead I ran around hitting their heads lightly.
They collapsed to the ground one by one.
Even though I just need to make contact with them it seems I accidentally added in some force.
Their faces were crashing into the ground, unable to move in the growing pile of bodies.
I didn’t want to kill anyone, but my worries were quickly eased once I saw them twitching. They’ll live.

【Ryua-chan attacked!】
【All the bandits fainted!】

We had been encircled by bandits the whole time, but they suddenly all collapsed.
Davitz looked around to figure out what happened. His mouth was wide open, shocked at the scene in front of him.

“What the hell just happened!?”

I don’t think he included me in his calculations.
His plan seemed to be overpowering us with sheer numbers, clearly he didn’t expect it to fail.

“Are you sure it’s not just a trick?”

Even though Seigel didn’t subdue the bandits he had a boastful expression.
He had kept his stance with his sword the whole time.
I wonder if he plans on fighting Davitz in the end?

“Give up. If you do it right now I’ll plead your case to make your punishment as light as possible.”

“No matter what I do, there isn’t a way for me to live…!”

His hair became disheveled and he unleashed consecutive strikes against Seigel.
His attacks weren’t even able to graze.

“Davitz, why are you doing such things?”

“Are you an idiot!? No matter what we achieve we are just the King’s property! We, as adventurers, should have more pride! We should have freedom!”

“You have pride as a thief?”

Davitz was desperately hitting Seigel persistently with high speed attacks. As he pulled back to ready his next attack, it instantly flew at Seigel again, almost like a spring. The speed that this attack had was incomparable to the previous ones.

“<Spring Thrust>!”

As the rapier clashed with Seigel’s large sword it shattered.
Davitz’s special attack was easily blocked. Seigel’s sword was stabbed into the ground while he had a humble pose behind it.
In reaction to this, Davitz brought up his arms in a fist fighting stance.

“Are you not done yet?”

“Even if my sword is broken I just need to use my hands and adapt myself to the situation. That’s how I am.”

“That’s right, you always were a sore loser.”

I walked between the two of them.
I wonder if Davitz was wary about me, he moved back as if scared.

“Just stop it already.”

“Move out of the way, girl!”

“If you stop now then I won’t have to fight you.”

“Shut up! <Blaze Shot!>!”

He suddenly cast an intermediate magic. Even though he isn’t a wizard, nor is his specialty magic, the power of this spell was incomparable to Tolppo’s version.
Coming from an A rank, it was dreadfully hot.
But these flames won’t burn me.
Just before the flames touched me they were extinguished.

【Davitz cast <Blaze Shot>!】
【Ryua received no damage!】

“Are you an A rank!?”

“She’s C rank, actually. I don’t stand a chance against her either.”

“For the Dragon Hunter to fall like that… to this kid…<Sleep Hold>!”

He tried to cast a sleeping magic, but it has no effect on me so his shout only echoed into the distance. Such things won’t affect me.

“Are you done yet?”

“There is still much more I can do! I will show you the fruit of my training!”

“Just give up already…”

I struck Davitz’s head.
A light sound was heard and his body jolted. He collapsed as if crumbling to the floor.

“Seigel-san, what are we doing with these guys?”

“It’s troublesome but we’ll have to hand them over to the Kingdom. We can’t just leave them here either.”

Seigel looked troubled while glancing over the fallen men. He let out a long sigh.

“Don’t try to run you guys. We’re almost at the Imperial Capital.”

“Shit…to end up attacking the famous Dragon Hunter of all people…”

Walking together in a group, every member of the bandits could be heard cursing and complaining.
Since we don’t have a way to restrain this many people, Seigel and I are just keeping an eye on them as we walk.
If one of them does something odd then I will immediately subdue them, but watching them is more tiring than I thought.

“If any of you try and escape, we will practice the fainting course together again. Ok?”

*Clap clap* Seigel was clapping.
Even though I defeated them, I’m pretty sure they think Seigel did it.
They didn’t understand what happened since it was all over so quickly, but they assumed Seigel had subdued them all since he was a famous adventurer. I tried to explain it to them but I was ignored.

“Since my name is so famous it’s not surprising that they would come to that kind of conclusion, so please be understanding of that.”

I won’t get mad about something like this since I’m an adult.

“The weak guys are the only ones that don’t know Ryua-chin beat them.”

“It would’ve been dangerous if the two of you weren’t here…”

Cynthia and Roel had both slept through the uproar last night so they had no idea what had happened.

“Just relax, Ryua. I will make sure to put in a good word for you. With that your value as an adventurer will increase.”

“I’m really not bothered by it.”

I planned to say that calmly but it seems some of my anger towards Seigel leaked out. “Kuku”, Seigel chuckled softly.
Next to Seigel was someone dragging their feet.

“Your name is Ryua, right? I can’t believe a kid like you has that much strength.”

“It’d be better for you to train and get strong like her.”

I was offended that Davitz called me a kid and retorted.

“Davitz, I still don’t understand why you’d become a bandit.”

“Oh, looks like someone has come to meet us.”

A group of people wearing armor approached us.
There were a lot of them, compared to the bandits this number was overwhelming.
They were marching in formation, and upon reaching us they stopped.

“Oya, oya, thanks for the effort! Are you perhaps going to subjugate bandits? It’s admirable for the Kingdom to be moving already.”

“It’s as you say, Dragon Hunter Seigel-dono. I didn’t expect you to have already captured that man…”

“Ah, omitting the details, I know it’s sudden but can you take charge of this guy?”


I got to see their prowess immediately. They tied up the bandits quickly to the point where they couldn’t move anything but their head and neck, all in less than a few minutes. Each bandit had an iron ring placed on their neck, and once those were connected they were formed into a long line.

“Now, walk quickly!”

The bandits were treated roughly while the soldiers were yelling, keeping them in line as they all walked.

“Thank you very much, Seigel-dono. Oh, that’s right, how about taking this chance to ride with us to the Capital?”

“It’s fine. I’ll pass. I feel at ease riding on that coach.”

“Is that so? Then we’ll be on our way. I will make sure I report this matter quickly as possible.”

“Ah, take care.”

The soldiers left with the captured bandits and quickly disappeared from sight.
While I had been lying down on the cliff I saw a large horse pulling a huge wooden carriage into the distance.
It was 10 times as big as our carriage, I wonder if the soldiers rode in that?

“W-what’s that!? I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“That is a carriage owned by the Avangard Kingdom. It’s pulled by a <Gigas Horse>, a gentle and obedient creature, but its true strength is incomparable to the floor monster here.”

“Hmmm~…never heard anything about that before.”

“It’s also my first time seeing one.”

Roel and I were both staring at the rare animal as it disappeared. Seigel started running the coach again, as if chasing them.

“It’s considered priceless to have when going on an expedition. The carriage has everything you could possibly need to survive, and the supply it can hold could sustain someone for many months.”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t have accepting their offer been fine!”

“Just relax, you won’t grow otherwise.”

“Those aren’t related at all!”

Cynthia was cursing Seigel behind his back as he did a sidelong glance towards me.
He isn’t wrong though, as adventurers we need to pass through this canyon on our own. No exceptions.

After meeting with the soldiers the monster attacks slowed down. Before long we arrived at the ridge before our last stop.
Passing through the deep valleys, a steep slope was spread before us. We could see a large flowing river going through the canyon.
There was a bridge spanning the river, and just beyond it was a carpet of green. It was the grasslands leading to the Avangard Kingdom.

“Ya~ we finally made it. Ladies, that there is the Avangard Imperial Capital!”

“So big~…I wonder how much larger it is than Kwimill?”

“Ryua-chin, over there is the sea you know?”

Cynthia pointed to the coast where many ships were anchored. I wonder if you need to go to the Capital to ride the boats? The world on the other side of the sea…I wonder what it’s like.

“Seigel-san, how are we getting down from here?”

“Well, the slope is really steep so we will have to take a detour.”

We travelled to the left and moved out of the canyon, avoiding the slope altogether.
We haven’t seen the carriage that the soldiers left on yet.
I thought it would be slower since it was such a large coach.

“Once we arrive at the Capital the escort quest will be complete. I suggest we go straight to the guild to complete the paperwork.”

“We’ve only been together for a short while so we’ll part ways there okay?”

“Cynthia-san, it was fun.”

“I’ll be sad as well…at any rate we are still-”

“Just shut up, you.”

Seigel was treated harshly right up to the end. As we reached the base of the slope we saw something flying at us from the sky.

【A swarm of <Vulture Beetle> appeared! HP:88】

It was a very strange monster that attacked us this time. It had the body of an insect but also the wings of a bird.
We hadn’t seen a creature like this in the canyon, but it most likely is one that appears here.

“Since it’s so different from the other monsters in the canyon, many beginners tend to be confused.”

Seigel fired off a <Blast Braver> without hesitation and obliterated the swarm. He still had a firm grip on the reins.
One could hear the sound of hoofbeats and wheels turning as we travelled. We still had a little ways to go to reach the Capital.

As we passed over the bridge we saw many people with varied appearances going back and forth. From what Seigel told us, this bridge has always been called the Avangard Bridge.

“Hora! You bumped into someone and that’s all you do?!”

“Haa…but I have already apologized…how annoying.”

“Did I hear you mutter something at the end there!?”

As we approached the middle of the bridge we saw a young woman, a man with a physique similar to Grundom, and a thin man with  a mouse like face picking a fight.

“Oh boy. What a common sight.”

“Don’t just say that, let’s help them!”

“I suggest you don’t. Calm down.”

“What are you saying? If Seigel won’t do it, I will!”

Ignoring Seigel who was staying still, I covered the woman and stood in the way of the two men. Both were surprised at how fast I appeared in front of them.
Neither are going to be trouble, it seems.

“W-what are you doing, making me flinch like that huhhhh!?”

“Hey bro, it seems that this kid is eager.”

“Eager, huh!? A KID is? Are you?!”

They were really noisy. Their voices are too loud, I could hear them just fine without them shouting.

“I would forgive you if you apologized.”

“Soooo! You’re saying you can do something to ME!?”

“Bro, isn’t just nice timing? A warm up just before the Tougi Taikai.”

“Hey kid! Have you heard of the C rank <Metal Rod> Konbo-sama?”

Nope. Never. He’s also just a C rank like myself.
Why is he doing this even though he’s an adventurer…?

“Ryua-chan, you need to do it peacefully and get it over with…”

I hadn’t realized that Roel had come running to my side.
And suddenly, that man came flying at me with his metal rod.

“Don’t just ignore MEEEEEE!”

He swing his metal rod downwards at me.
It was like styrofoam. I did an upper towards the rod and pulverized the top part.

“Aaan? AAAAAAAN?!”

“U-um, Ryua-chan didn’t have any ill intent. If we did any more than this you would be injured, so could you please leave?”

*Bows*  Roel bowed, it seemed sarcastic.
No, she didn’t mean ill at all.
Just bowing, believing that it’s the right thing to do right now.

“B-b-bro, this girl is a monster…hiiiiiiii!”

The mouse-faced guy ran away at full speed, leaving his Bro behind.

“Y-y-you! Join the Tougi Taikai! I’ll show you my real power there!”

He ran away with those parting words.

“So those people are also joining the Tougi Taikai…”

“Will you join in as well?”

The woman came to me and asked.

“Yeah…ah, you are not injured right?”

The woman hadn’t moved a single step during the encounter. She just stood behind me.

“Is that so…you’re also participating…what should I do?…how annoying. *sigh*”

She held her cheek with her hand and did nothing but sigh.
She had straight white hair and a mysterious atmosphere about her.
She looked older than us and had the image of an adult woman.

“Thank you very much for helping me. Well then, see you…”

Her long white hair fluttered along with the wind as she walked towards the Capital.

“She sure was a peculiar person.”

“Even though I said it would be fine…don’t just meddle with people. Anyway, let’s hurry and get to the Capital.”

“Unnecessary…what do you mean?”

“Aaah I’m already tired…but once we get there I want to sell Royal Jelly! Ah, I forgot! Here you go, you two!”

A glittering gold jelly was handed to us.
It doesn’t seem like a recovery item, just looking a this jelly is stimulating my appetite.
Though I’ll hang on to it in case of an emergency.

“*Slurp*…Ryua-chan, what should I do?”

“I’ll hang onto this.”

She was really drooling over it. I wonder if she can endure the temptation…
I don’t mind if she eats it, but if we end up needing it later…
Since I can’t use recovery magic I wouldn’t be able to heal Roel by myself.

“Hey, don’t just stand there. Let’s go!”

Cynthia tapped me and I came back to reality. Right, we still need to make it to the Capital. What should I do first when I get there?
Has the Festival started yet?

“After we finish our business at the guild we need to find an inn, right?”

Right, the guild and then an inn. Roel hasn’t looked away from the jelly yet.


“Only now…*sigh*…”

“Thank you very much for returning.”

“Ritta-chan, you really exaggerate that greeting every time…just an ordinary ‘welcome back’ is fine, you know. *sigh*…saying something like that, how annoying.”

“I-I’m very sorry.”

“Your usage of those words is odd…*sigh*”

Ritta was a novice soldier, but she’s too loud and too dazzling a person. She had been yearning to become a soldier of the Avangard Kingdom, so she volunteered to become one. It was praiseworthy that she wasn’t defeated by the harsh enlistment exam, and after passing she trained with all her might. She still hasn’t lost her vigor.
As a female colleague all I can do is stay relaxed, but I’m pretty miserable right now.
Ritta only admires a single person, a woman standing at the top of the Kingdom.

“It’s Ritta-chan’s day off, it would have been fine for you to go and have fun…”

“No. If I don’t spend my time training I feel like I’ll be left behind and defeated…”

“Even so, swinging your spear in the castle courtyard…someone will get mad you know…*sigh* talking is annoying…”

“You’ve got a point…I’ll do it in my room from now on.”

“It’s too annoying to reply to that…*sigh*”

Ritta saw off the sluggish person and carried her spear to her room.
With the pay of a novice soldier she was somehow able to pay rent for the room.
There was a bed, desk, and drawers, but the best part was the shower.

“Tifelia-san sure was cool today…”

Inside her room holding a spear, she was dripping with water and in a world of delusion.
She ended up being able to practice by shadowboxing in her room.

“Master Knight Tifelia…someday I would like to be like her.”

Ritta was so absorbed into her shadowboxing that she failed to remember she was in her room. Her favorite plate had been placed on a shelf located above her desk, and while she was brandishing her weapon she knocked it over and it shattered upon hitting the ground.
Negative thoughts pervaded her mind at that moment, rapidly destroying the mood she had earlier.

“Aaaah…am I useless after all?”

Monster Book

【Raging Monkey HP:73】
A ferocious monkey that lives in <Kizel Canyon>.
Due to its strength and physique, many beginners end up being buried by it.
It also likes to steal luggage so be careful.

【Pecking Bird HP:49】
A hyena bird of the <Kizel Canyon>.
There weren’t many of them that attacked humans in the beginning, but they adored the taste of flesh and began to attack everyone who passed through the canyon.
Its beak is strong enough to pluck the meat out of a human.

【Slash Cat HP:42】
An abandoned cat that changed form due to living in a severe environment for so long.
It’s much larger than a normal cat, and its claws can easily rend cheap armor.

【<Vulture Beetle> HP:88】
Its appearance is something like a fusion of an insect and a bird.
Due to its strength is violently attacks from the sky.

【<Raging Boss> HP:1943】
It leads the <Raging Monkeys>, the boss of the <Kizel Canyon>.
It crushes the dreams of adventurers with its fist.
As it gets excited its destructive power increases.
You can call it the Untouchable of the <Kizel Canyon>.
Adventurers that encounter it run away at full speed until they’re exhausted.