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Chapter 42 – Union Part 1

“Protect his Majesty while retreating! Don’t let your guard falter against the attacks from the sky!”

The soldiers surrounded the King, mimicking the castle walls.
If it wasn’t for the A-ranked adventurers around, Amane and the others would have been annihilated a long time ago. The opponents were quite powerful.
If the flying monsters were given a danger level, it would easily surpass 30.

“I don’t know who the hell these people are, but they’re clearly malicious!”

[Amane used «Souhana Randbu» -Twin Petal War Dance-!]
[Red Scissors received 644 damage!]
[Red Scissors was defeated! HP: 0/1755]

This would be a difficult task to do alone, but by forming a party it seems like they’ll manage.
Those who lost during the prelims were doing their best to help, but they were being overwhelmed.

“Benkei and Baste! Don’t advance too much! Leave the dragons to that guy!”

“I know. It’s reassuring to have the Dragon Hunter here, talk about the right person in the right place. This Baste will work hard to support until the end!”

“He” alone stood against the encroaching dragon army.

[Seigel used «Dragon Buster Blade»!]
[Wind Dragon Army received 2688 damage! HP: 1651/4339]

His blade easily tore through the scales of the giant dragons.
The dragon’s death throes rent the air as they collapsed one by one.

“Good grief, what’s with these guys? Each and every one of them aren’t from around here. Oy, the important looking Mohawk-san, could you explain this?”

Mohawk, who was straddling a wind dragon, smiled as if delighted from Seigel’s provocation.
His hairstyle was a mohawk, he wore spunky tights, and in his hand was a thorny whip. He really fit the bill for a pervert.

“Ara~n, I finally received a name from Seigel-chan! You know, for a very long time I’ve wanted to meet you.”

“Unfortunately for you, I avoid escorting men.”

“You actually figured out I was a guy?”

“It’s because my nose is working.”

The clearly obvious male in front of Seigel had a delicate, female-like aura about him.
Even with the lack of information, there was no point in getting agitated at how he acted.
Now, to begin with, who were these people? There were no clues to their identities.

“Are these guys pets? Well, even if they are, that won’t stop me.”

“Nnn…I wonder about that.”

He swung his whip in the air, and suddenly a total of 10 Wind and Blaze dragons attacked Seigel at the same time.

[Seigel used «Charge»! Attack power raised!]
[Seigel quickly used «Burst Braver»!]

An explosion rang out as if signalling the final moments of the dragons, and their lifeless husks fell to the ground.
Attacking so openly without any support, charging and releasing so quickly, this risky method was his way of drawing out Mohawk.

“How half-assed. Can any of your attacks even reach your opponents? I’m tired of these small fries. You can do better can’t you…uh…wait, what was your name?”

“You may call me Churchill, the «Dragon Master».”

He started bending his waist back and forth, and Seigel was immediately reminded of Xinbu. He didn’t let his shock show on his face.
“One person with that type of character is enough,” but he kept it to himself. Seigel wanted to get more information before riling up his opponent.

“So, a «Dragon Master»? Among monsters, dragons are a superior species. For you to have the skill to raise so many dragons to this level…Where did you learn how to do this? Is this kind of ability even learnable?”

“About that, you see, I’m also a dragon.”

“Hoh, you’re quite amusing.”


[Ryua attacked! Red Scissors received 3915 damage!]
[Red Scissors was defeated! HP: 0/1755]

Only using her fist, her attack power was naturally weaker than normal.
However, since this was more than enough, she wasn’t bothered.
Aiming at the spectator seats, Ryua lanced through the Red Scissors, smashing them to bits.
Ryua was immediately worried about Roel’s safety once she realized the situation.
Any monster that hindered her path was instantly crushed by her fist. When she finally reached her important Roel, her heart calmed down.

“Ryua-chan, I’m happy that you’re safe…”

“Sorry, I was slow in getting to you…”

“Don’t apologize for that. How did things end up like this?”

Ryua did one quick lap around the coliseum, dealing with the monsters in the spectator seats to the best of her fisting ability.
Even so, people were still running about chaotically.
Ritta’s figure couldn’t be seen amongst the masses, and Nikka was still at the clinic.

“Roel, what about Ritta and the others?”

“Cynthia was able to retreat, she ran away saying she was already gone…Ritta was also gone before I noticed…Ryua-chan, what should we do?”

“Just what the heck is it with these monsters…?”

[A swarm of Red Scissors appeared! HP: 1755]
[A swarm of Blood Flies appeared! HP: 2384]

A large, unified swarm of red insects came to attack the spectators again. Thanks to Ryua, there were miraculously no deaths, but many were still injured.


[Ryua rushed the swarm!]
[The swarm received 17231 damage!]
[The swarm dissipated!]

The swarm left no traces and disappeared. Suddenly, a large insect came up behind her. A shadow could be seen on top.
The shadow had filthy, wavy hair and wore casual clothes totally unbefitting of a battlefield.

“The buzzing feels so good…please get closer, right, right, yes….aaah~….haa~…so good…~” (9: wtf did i just TL) (ED: wtf did I just edit)

His body was trembling as if in agony. Ryua and Roel took several steps back from him.
On both sides of him there were Red Scissors.
His appearance made the girls feel disgusted.

“W-what’s with that…it feels so wrong…”

“Ryua-chan…I’m scared…”

Roel retreated behind Ryua.
From the safety of her new location, Roel poked out half of her body and tried to understand the situation in front of her.
“Honestly, I don’t want to fight this guy,” that thought stayed unspoken inside of Ryua’s mind.
Buzzman slowly opened his eyes and saw the two girls.

“You, you’re the one that’s been slaughtering my bugs. Good grief, an insect not knowing its place is rather unpleasant.”

“Insects, you say? Aren’t they your underlings?”

“Ha! That is what makes you an insect! In this world, surpassing all life forms are bugs! You’ll never understand the greatness of these bugs and…aa~…this buzzing is so good…”

While in the middle of talking, his body shivered again from the buzzing.
“Ew” escaped Ryua’s lips, exposing her feelings from looking at this man.
Buzzman laughed scornfully at her.

“Well then, I should erase this woman who is lower than an insect. No reason to hesitate, go!”

Signalling with both his hands at the same time, Red Scissors along with other large insects faced Ryua and Roel.
Before long, dozens of bugs attacked at once.

Ryua was furious. She had become the champion, and then for no reason and completely unannounced, these unknown bastards spoiled everything.
Worst of all, unrelated and innocent people were dragged into it.
Just like her village…why…

–You are an insect.

Buzzman’s miscalculation was Ryua.
Even without her sword, she could easily end his life.
By no means was she a small fry, rather she was the sole lion.
Because he is Buzzman, he should have understood her ability for sure.
The bloodlust she emitted was so strong that even the bugs could feel it.
Those bugs just became stagnant, ignoring Buzzman’s orders.

“…Oi, do it already. What happened?”

Regardless of whether they fought or ran, they knew the outcome was the same.
“My life is precious” was their only thought.
Ryua was scowling at Buzzman while clenching her fist.

“Just who are you guys?”

“I am «Insect Master», Vit. Yes, we are…”

As if he was at a concert, the man straddling the mysterious bird shouted with a voice loud enough to reach across the whole coliseum.

“I guess it’s time to introduce ourselves! We are the Reborn Demon Lord army! I am one of the 12 generals! «Bird Master» Barts! As of today, this country is terminated!”

“De-Demon Lord…army..!?”

Gantetsu’s face did a complete change.
Even though he was in the middle of combat, his hand was shaking and trembling. His axe was no longer up, and he left himself open.
Amane was able to cover him, but Gantetsu didn’t even notice.

“Demonlord Army…as if such a thing is even real!”

“I agree with you, but right now, do you want to die!?”

Amane’s rebuke didn’t reach him, and the cold sweat running down his face increased even more.
There were more people than just Gantetsu in shock over that declaration. “I can’t believe this” was matched with surprised expressions plastered on their faces.
Bart was enjoying the reactions, he was watching with amusement.

“I’m sure you’re all surprised, but I don’t have any reason to explain the details, ok? I just wanted to announce that we have come back, no more and no less!”

He wore tea-colored full body tights, with feathers on his back.
His fashion sense was out of place for the battlefield, but nobody said anything.
Ryua was especially bothered by Vit’s attitude, and she decided to take the attitude of “Who cares anymore?”
Even with that mindset, she still had the manners to announce her attack, but no more than that.

“…Here I come.”

“Ho-ho-hou, that’s some great vigor. But you can’t defeat me, as to why-”

[Ryua attacked! Vit received 4821 damage! HP: 4512/9333]

When Ryua jumped onto the bug Vit had occupied, she dealt him a blow to his stomach.
He opened his mouth to the point where it seemed his jaw would come off, and he raised his voice into something you couldn’t call a scream.
He fell off his bug and onto the ground.

“A…agaa-….d-dying…I’m dying…”

Vit was squirming on the ground, face up.
Reacting to its master being in a pinch, the bug tried to shake off Ryua and flew about.

“Shut up.”

It received a strike, piercing its body. Then, all it could see was the sky as it fell down next to Ryua.

[Feather Mantis was defeated! HP: 0/5967]

The huge prey mantis that grew wings fell aside the squirming Vit.
Overcome by disgrace and fear, Vit showed his seriously hardened determination as the Girl was looking down on him.

“Do-do you think that you’ve won? Look properly, at the true form of Vit of the 12 Demon Generals…!”

From Vit’s back grew bug-like wings, around the same size as the Feather Mantis’.
On his hands and feet grew a carapace, but it looked more like he was equipping it.
Head, body, hands, feet. Each part had the feature of an insect, making him look like a legitimate monster. Every trace of Vit’s humanity was gone.

–A human has become a monster.

Ryua caught those words from who knows where, but, she immediately didn’t care.

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, appeared! HP: 15300]

“Do you think that I am ugly? Do you think that I’m a monster? It’s come to my understanding that there are those that love this.”

“What are you talking about? You’re just a monster, you know?”

“‘Just a monster’…well, that’s not wrong!”

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, used «Vital Slash -Taisetsuki-»]
[Ryua didn’t receive any damage!]

A human wearing armor would have been sliced like ham.
Ryua took it with her palm.
As if it was a rubber knife, the blade was pressed into Ryua’s hand.

“Wh…what the hell…”

“It’s my turn next, right?”

The blade in his hand broke, and the hilt was swatted away with one hand. A fist rushed into his body, shattering it and leaving no trace.

[Ryua attacked! «The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, received 14266 damage! HP: 1034/15300]


Vit was still alive with only his head remaining.
Vit had always boasted “Among the 12 Demon Generals, my vitality is superior!”, but now he regretted having that ability.

“F-for me to be done in by such a kid! Impossible! Just what the hell are you!?”

“Y-you’re still alive…”

Vit was talking with only his head, causing Ryua to take a step back.
She hadn’t held back with her punch this time, unlike before when he was in his human form.
If Ryua had known what Vit really was, he probably would have ended up in worse shape. For Ryua, Vit becoming a monster was lucky.

“Gigi…damn it…don’t think that this is the end…!”

His head flew forward and stuck to the back of a little girl trying to run away from the spectator seats. It may have been the most disgusting feeling in the girl’s short life; she let out a scream with all her might.

“Kuha! That’s too bad…if you think this kid’s life is precious, yo-”

This time, the head blew apart.
Vit severely underestimated Ryua’s speed. She rushed forward and blew him away with a single slap.

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, was defeated! HP: 0/15300]

“Are you alright? Where is your mother?”


Ryua spoke to the crying girl.
With Ryua’s lack of social skills, the way ahead was dark.
However, Roel rushed over and they were able to have her take refuge.

“That child, I wonder if she’ll be fine.”

“Since the soldier was leading her, it should be fine, probably…”

The kingdom may have dealt with the situation properly, with most of the people in the Colosseum already gone, but you can see the corpses here and there of the people who didn’t make it out. Ones who only have their upper body left, those who were burned so bad that they can no longer be identified. It’s hard to find anyone with a body still intact.

“Damn, damn damn! Just what the hell are you guuuuuuuuuuuyyyys!!”


The skies are still occupied by the monster army, and she shouted to the master of the mysterious bird.
Barts may have noticed this, an exalted smile floated.

“If you’re talking to me, call me Birdman! Get it? I’m a Bird man you know? Hahahahahahaha!”

“Shut uuuuuuuuuuuup!”

Ryua jumped towards the sky.

When the monster army attacked, Ritta immediately went below to her brother.
Even if it’s an off-day, it’s her duty to guide each person trying to escape, but she abandoned that.
With her breath already faint, she sprinted through the corridor.


“Oops, there’s such a cute girl in this place.”

Just before reaching the clinic where Nikka was, a middle-aged man wearing a hat with an unshaven face, stood in her way.
The man smiled nihilistically and, with a wave of his hand, released a boar monster 3 times his size.

[Great Boar appeared! HP: 933]

“Well, you see this is a secret mission. I don’t know what you’re in such a hurry for, but I’ll have you die here.”

“P-please don’t get in the way…”

Ritta grasped her spear tightly, she prepared to intercept the heavily breathing monster boar.

“Reborn Demon Lord army, one of the 12 demon generals. «Beast Master» Pansardo.
Since you are going to die, you should at least name yourself.”

“C-«Castle Soldier» Ritta.”

That voice was very feeble and frail.

Chapter 43 – Union Part 2

I jumped towards the guy in tights who was on his bird.
As expected, he was shocked. Even so, he leisurely rotated to evade my attack.

“That was…surprising. Just what kind of body do you have? Enjoy your landing, by the way.”

“I have defeated one of your comrades! Next will be youuuuu…

I’m pretty sure he heard those last words of mine, though my voice must have gotten quite quiet as I fell.
Though, Barts was right, I had to land.
In front of me, I saw Seigel being trampled by what looked like a human mixed with a dragon.
His armor was in tatters and a large amount of fresh blood flowed onto the ground. He might die like this.

“You, what did you just say? Who’s next? I can’t see Vit-chan’s figure anymore, now that you mention it….”

“I defeated him! Remove your feet from that guy right now!”

The one in the sky, Barts, and the half-dragon man had tight expressions on their faces as they looked around.
After confirming the lack of that nasty bug guy, they both attacked in a rage.

“That’s a lie! For Vit-chan do be done in by someone like you!”

“Seriously!? Did you kill Vit? Impossible, he must have been careless, no doubt about it! There’s no other way!”

The half-dragon and Barts encircled me, trying to cut off my escape route.
Too bad for them, I don’t plan on escaping.
I noticed the half-dragon’s face had tears pouring down his scaly face.

“Sorry, Vit-chan…This Churchill kept being careless, so just wait a bit. I’ll crush this impudent brat right now!”

He went from half-covered to fully covered by scales; it seems this is closer to his true nature.
He grew the wings of a dragon, and his body doubled, almost tripled in size.
Taking up almost a third of the colosseum, the soldiers and A-ranked adventurers dodged his talons in a hurry.

“W-what is that!? Where in the world did that dragon come from!?”

A soldier was shouting out, not aware of the circumstances.
Though to survive so far, he’s pretty amazing.
It seems that captain, Kirkton, was a good leader.
The King had already been hidden away, and it seems Kirkton was commanding his unit.

“Oi, Churchill! Don’t rage around in that form! Don’t get me caught up in your attacks!”

“It’s too late; I have decided to destroy her. Besides, with your flexible body you can avoid this pretty easily, right?”

His way of speaking hadn’t changed much, even after turning into this dragon.
Churchill…no, Churchill-dragon’s black scales were glittering, and his tail was large enough to blow away most of the surrounding people in a single swing.
He was much more powerful than Vit, but other than that, I didn’t get much of a feeling from him.

“Ufufufufu, even among the 12 demon generals, I am considered pretty accommodating and benevolent. Making me get serious is an atrocity, so I’ll have this country purged as payment, okay~?”

“Oi, Ryua…use this.”

While on the verge of death, Seigel passed his sword to me.
He needs to be treated quickly or he’ll die…
However, I can’t use my recovery magic for this, I’ll have to find someone else… but for now, I need to get rid of this dragon.
I took the sword from Seigel’s hand.

“It’s a sword with the innate ability to slay dragons. I dealt some grazing wounds on that homosexual bastard, but that’s with the strongest swings I could muster…the results depend on the wielder. If it’s you, it’ll definitely be done…”

This greatsword I received from Seigel will take this dragon down.
As I turned to the dragon, he craned his long neck and sneered down at us.

“Oh my~ what’s this? Perhaps you got Seigel-chan’s weapon? No, no, no! What audacity!”

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» appeared! HP: 28200]

“Your comrade died, and you lot are indifferent about it, not even mourning. Instead, you kill more people.”

“Oh my, I wonder who you’re talking about? Clearly you don’t know anything…”

Churchill sighed and then took in a large, deep breath. It seems he doesn’t want to explain anything.
It seems he’s going to do a breath attack, so the people around here are in danger.
Opponents like this always do it this way.
Just like when I charged Barts, I jumped at Churchill and trampled his head.
He couldn’t release the breath and it exploded in his mouth instead.

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» received 412 damage! HP: 27788/28200]

“Nn, nnnn, fuuuuu…”

A small flame flickered out of the nose of the miserable dragon, who was clearly in agony.
Nonetheless , if it only took damage from its own breath, it couldn’t have been that bad.
Yeah, this sword is the only thing that can deal a fatal injury.


The dragon released a breath attack towards me while I was still in the air.
Something started coming out near his mouth and it released a scorching hot blaze.
If this had been released into the colosseum and not into the air, many people would have been sacrificed.
Though with the immense heat this is giving off, it probably would have melted the nearby houses.
The dragon glared at me taking the attack head-on, thinking I was burnt to a crisp.
He seemed relieved; he lowered his head and aimed at the people running around.

“I’m still here you know?”

“W-what!? Why!?”

Hearing my voice, he once again raised his head but it was too late. I brought Seigel’s blade down with me as I fell from the sky, cutting the dragon into 2 instantly.

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» received 347332 damage!]
[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» was defeated! HP: 0/28200]


He managed to get those words out even while being slashed into 2 pieces.
I immediately notice things were about to get dire.
If I did nothing, those two large chunks of his body would fall and result in casualties.
This is bad. In a panic, I threw my fire magic at the corpse and turned it into little cinders.
Magic isn’t my strong point, but if it’s just a dragon corpse, I can easily make it into ashes.

“Hehe…Ryua, good job.”

Seigel managed to get those words out, even on the verge of death.
Barts was shaking and trembling as he watched this all unfold.

“Impossible…Churchill is superior even within the 12 demon generals…I heard nothing about a kid like this being here! What was that «Necromancer» bastard even investigating!? Did he just mess around during the tournament?”

“The bug and dragon are gone, you’re next.”

“Damn! What about the others?”

Barts looked around the colosseum to find the others.
The monster count had dropped considerably, and since the death of the dragon and bug bosses, the smaller ones were less ferocious. The A-rankers had dealt with them pretty quickly it seems.
There were, unfortunately, many fallen soldiers.
In a small, hidden away area, many were receiving treatment, but it may have been too late for many of them since there were many people covered in cloth.
Once again, emotions surged up inside me.
The bird guy seems to think he got away, he laughed out loud and had his birds attack the ground.

“Looks like it ends here! Since it has come to this, I’ll chip off as much of the kingdom’s fighting potential as I can. I’ll let you take care of the aftermath ok? Hahahahahahahahahaha!”

He flew away, leaving behind his bird underlings.

–who said you could escape?

I ran to the highest wall in the Colosseum by the spectator seats and jumped with all my strength. Barts thought he got away on his mysterious bird, but I landed on it. Unable to hide his surprise, he let out a weak groan.

“A-are you a monster, brat…?”

“The monsters are you guys.”

“T-that’s right, I thought of something good! Why not enter the Reborn Demon Army? You probably don’t know anything or why we’re doing this, I know you’ll change your mind if you learn the truth!”

“The people who died won’t return!”

“You really won’t join us…?”


“I don’t care about that” is my decision, and in the next instant, Barts’ tights were torn through with feathers bursting out. It was not like the fake feather on the tights, but actual, genuine feathers.
Barts became a Birdman. From atop the mysterious creature he was on, he flew up with his wings into the sky, leaving it behind.

“Thinking about it, a person who can’t fly won’t win an aerial battle, riiiiiiiiiight?”

[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» appeared! HP: 17900]

[«Demon Garuda» appeared! HP: 5700]

“«Demon Garuda»! First things first, shake off that brat!”

The «Demon Garuda» that I was on started to act violently.
Shaking, turning, and spinning to try and make me fall.
I held tight to the fur obstinately. Barts, who was watching me while feeling full of supremacy, sneered.

“You may be strong, but this is the sky!
You can’t fly! If you fall, you die!
It feels good to fly in the sky, right?
It’s what every child yearns for!
If you get lost in the mountains and see the birds floating freely in the sky, you will always think ‘If only I could fly…’”

Certainly, if this goes on, I won’t be able to get that guy. More than that, I’ll be shaken off.
It’s a thrill that I didn’t experience at the «Caves of Hell» and something that I haven’t digested yet.
This guy is laughing wildly, thinking he’s won.
I can’t think of him as the guy earlier who was leaking out miserable voices.

“Awawawaa! F-falling falling! Waa!”

“I, Barts, own the sky! It’s fine to call me Bird Man you know! Call me! Hahahahahahahaha!”

If this guy would fight fairly, he would be nothing.
There isn’t much difference between him and that bug guy from earlier.
Yeah, I don’t plan to admit to losing.

“Now then, I don’t plan to go easy on you! Eat this!”

[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» released «Mega Sonic Wave»!]

I, who can only just cling onto the «Demon Garuda», have no way of evading it. Nay, it’s not that there is no way. It’s…somehow it’s making me want to challenge it and let it hit.

[Ryua received 86 damage! HP: 40936/41022]

“Ow…that was dangerous. The hand-me-downs from Roel nearly got torn up…”

It was really dangerous. There was a thin line of blood flowing from the wound.
Let’s have Roel heal it later.
Barts trembled as he saw me only getting worried about the scratch and the clothes.
Was he really serious about not going easy on me?

“E-even an A rank would be cut into pieces if they took that directly…Me-«Mega Sonic Wave» was…
It shouldn’t be like this…the Avangard Kingdom should have been finished today…
Even though we went through great pains to seal the «Master Knight», this is…”

“If you still don’t plan to give up, then it’s my turn!”

“Like hell it is! In this sky, what can you do!?”

I grip my sword while concentrating.
Then, when I thought “There!” I swing the sword with one hand.

[Ryua fired «Sonic Ripper»!]
[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» received 359913 damage!
[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» was defeated! HP: 0/17900]

It looks like he tried to avoid the attack hitting his vitals, but it still caused a fatal wound.
Looks like that was enough.
His wings stopped flapping and the birdman started falling to the ground.

“Our…dearest wish…is…”

He should’ve fallen towards the colosseum.
It would be bad if he landed on someone.
I look down——

The mysterious bird raised a strange cry and once again started to get violent.
Even if the master is gone, it still abides by its order to shake me off.
Distracted by Barts, who had fallen, I was easily thrown off.

“Waaaaaaaaaa! Wa-wa-wa-wa-what should I do!?…That’s right!”

Seeing the ground approaching, I faced downwards and fired magic with all my might.
Making sure it doesn’t reach the ground; otherwise, I’ll cause some damage.

[«Lightning Bolt»]!

As I expected, just before I crashed into the ground, the recoil of the magic made my body gently float.
My rate of acceleration should have decreased, and I should have started falling slower.


I was able to land skillfully.
But, I didn’t have any spare time to be relieved.
To the side was Barts, who should’ve split into 2, still moving.
I approached him as he spoke in a frail voice.

“Help…me please…let me go…”

His form was exactly that of a human bird. Half of his body returned to its human form.
It was not a direct hit, but the majority of the strike should’ve hit him.
I wonder how he is still alive. What amazing vitality.


I wonder if it’s better if I don’t finish him off.
In my head, I understand, but my hands won’t move.
I just stare at him silently.

“I…promise…I won’t…do…anything…like…this anymore.”

I understand that this bug is saying something good.
But, I can’t.
No matter what I do, I can’t kill this guy.

–Is it because he turned back into a human?
–Is it because I’m naive?

The answer came out.
But, I still can’t do anything.
My hands start to tremble.

“I beg of you…”

Hearing the voice that is about to vanish, I unconsciously let him drink a recovery potion.
I even let go of the sword I was holding.


“You promise that won’t do anything like this anymore, right?”

“You are…kind…strong…and naive…”

He can flap his wings now, but he didn’t seem like he would.
To the point that I can’t think of him as the guy who wanted to kill me. I can’t feel anything from him.

“Maybe if it is you, you can-…”

Barts’ throat was slashed and a fountain of blood gushed out.
In a state where he couldn’t even scream, Barts’ life ended.
Out of nowhere, something pink came to the surface and molded into a form of a man, it formed into the shape of Xinbu.

“Then, with this, most of the bosses are dead. Nicely done, nicely done.”

He pointed down at me, and his other hand was fluttering.
Before I noticed, it was too late.
Although it may just be that I didn’t have the heart to help Barts.
This is the same as the time when I couldn’t save Grundom.
No, I didn’t help him.
Just as I thought, that was right.
Although I helped him, inside me, I couldn’t forgive Barts.
The point is only up until there, but somehow, it’s unbearable.
As I thought, the reason was that I hate this guy.

“N, what’s wrong-ssho, dazing around.
My? This guy, there is a recovery potion in his mouth-ssho.
I didn’t see any guys carrying this around but…let me see now?”

He was forcefully flickering his eyes towards me, while giving a pretense that I don’t understand.

“What do you want…?”

“Well, let’s ignore that-ssho. More than that, I will be ending this soon, so can you move back for a bit-ssho.”

“End it? You?”

He was smiling at me as if mocking me.
But I ignored Xinbu and looked around.

“It was mostly the feat of the A ranks…The kingdom soldiers are hopeless-ssho.
Half of them didn’t put up a good fight and are either dead or injured.
So this is what they call ‘protecting the country’-ssho.”

He pointed both of his fingers underhandedly towards the sides and moved them together.
From Xinbu’s body, another Xinbu came out.
And another and another.

“[«Hundred Clones» -Hyaku Bunshin-]”

Xinbu, who multiplied by 1 hundred, chased the remaining monsters inside the colosseum and attacked them all at once.
It’s not that it’s an eerie scene for someone to split into a hundred, but it’s more like it’s because it was Xinbu that it makes you want to close your eyes.

But that activity is something that I can’t make fun of.


TL: Pansardo -> Panthard

Chapter 44 Union part 3

«Hundred Clones» -Hyaku Bunshin-

The 10 Xinbus instantly mince every large dragon and birds into lumps of meat
Compared to the time it took the A rank parties to fight them, it was many more times more efficient. In quick succession, the monsters inside the Colosseum were defeated.
Seigel, who received treatment, was somehow able to stand next to me and watch the scene in awe.

“Isn’t it amazing? This is one of the Top Five A ranks.”

“Top Five?”

“The leading 1st to 5th A rankers are called that.
There are small changes in the orders, but from the 1st to the 5th, they don’t really change.
Below that their difference is like heaven and earth.”


“Even though I’m saying that, you’ve already defeated the 3 leaders…
I can’t really get this across because of it. Really…what a feat.
You’ll probably directly summoned by the King afterwards.”

“Ah, that’s right! Roel!”

I’m not in the situation to leisurely chat with Seigel.

Thanks to Xinbu, there wasn’t any more damage, but I’m still worried about Roel.
Since you said “Top Five”, the thought, ‘Where are the other 4 right now?’ came up, but I couldn’t care less right now.

/ / /

“Mogamoga! Moga!”(TL: sounds of mouth being blocked) (ED: Really??? Sure……..)

While Ryua was fighting in the skies, Roel was kidnapped behind the scenes, her hands bound behind her back.
Slowly, Roel lost her consciousness for no apparent reason.
Her body lost strength as she was put to sleep; Inoro gazed over her figure.

“Really~ those 3 getting done in… even that is something I hadn’t predicted.
The Beastmaster is here, however. I wonder what he is doing. Somewhere━━
Oh well, at this rate, even he won’t win against that monster girl. If that’s that case━━”

He turned his gaze to Roel, whom he had put to sleep.
In his hand, he was grasping a sharp knife.

“Ah~ , I want to touch her directly…….but I won’t forgive it.
If so, then this is much more–“

“What the hell do you think you are doing!”

By the time the shout had reached Inoro, the knife he was holding was kicked away.
The knife flew far away, and the girl who just appeared didn’t seem like she’d forgive anyone who’d pick it up.
Her speed was so fast, he hadn’t even noticed when she approached him. (ED: She shoulda just punched him in the balls…) (ED 2: does he even have balls? We’re talking about a demon right?)

That girl, Ryua, has come.

/ / /

“…..wasn’t that really fast…..”

“I trained after all.”

For some reason, Roel had fainted, so I stood in Inoro’s way to protect her.
Inoro backed off vigilantly, weary of me.
Stroking the hand that I had kicked, he looked mortified.

“Just now, you went easy on me, right?…

…even though you could’ve scattered it away if you felt like it…”

“If you promise to never lay a hand on Roel again, then there will be nothing more than that.”

Did he just see through my real ability, or was it from the fight earlier? I don’t really get it.
This guy just now…clearly told me that I went easy. As if he could see through the depths of my heart, Inoro composedly took a step towards me.

“I fell in love with that child. Please give her to me.” (ED: Wow. That on the spot BS excuse. He has no shame.)

“Don’t mess with me!”

“Am I hated by that girl? What is that girl to you anyway?”

“Says the person who put her to sleep.If you take one more step, I won’t show you mercy!”

“You won’t be able to kill me.Didn’t you hesitate before and stop when dealing with Barts?You probably won’t be able to kill a human.On the other hand, you won’t hesitate when it comes to Vit or Churchill who are not in human form.Am I wrong?”

I kept silent. Was this guy watching the entire time?How was he unaffected watching his comrades get done in?The 3 that I defeated had, at least, thought of their comrades.But this guy is somehow different.Cold eyes and ashen skin.He wore a robe, as if trying to hide those traits.Is this guy possibly also one of the 12 Demon Generals?

Now that I think about it, this guy was also the one who had spread his blood on Tifelia.And because of that, Tifelia collapsed.Just what in the world is this guy…

“Hey, Hey, I’m approaching you; is that fine?”

Inoro drew near me rudely.It sent me shivers. I held Roel and drew back.Just now, the guy stopped walking.

“…..You sure have good instincts. Was it possibly exposed?”

“What was?”

“The kick earlier: it was good that you had your shoes on.”

“Then what is it?!”

“Relax~that girl is all right.”

I got irritated because I couldn’t understand what they meant, but I knew that I shouldn’t ignore that guyIf I look closely, I can see he’s still a kid.It’s hard to tell because of his sinister robe, but he is shorter than I am.If that is the case, he might even be younger than I am. (ED 2: never judge a book by its cover ryua.)

“Well then, maybe I should make my move soon.”

Saying that, Inoro drew out both of his hands and began chanting some spell.By the time I thought I should stop him, it was already done.

“Those of the fallen who still have the will,once more, I call you to rise from the depths of hell!”

As if a shadow world had encroached on the earth, the skies went dark. (ED: Inoro wants to duel in the Shadow Realm. Do you accept? {Y/N})(9: *presses Y*)

Then, inside the colosseum, a corpse twitched and began moving.First bugs, then dragons, then birds, then humans.The soldiers who were covered in cloths stood on their feet again.The dragons once again rose and flapped their wings.The bugs staggered around as they started to move.Ignoring to the blood still flowing from their wounds, they, the dead, started coming back to life.A soldier who was treating the wounded panicked.

“T-the co-co-corpses….revived…..”

The blades on the zombie’s waist was suddenly swung down on his former comrade.The soldier, being suddenly pierced tried resisting, but before long had fallen to the ground, lifeless. One by one the corpse started to rise again, and standing before them, Inoro chuckled.

【Dragon Zombie appeared! HP 3500】

【Scissor Dead appeared! HP 1300】

【Living Hawk appeared! HP 1650】(9: Yeah, it’s “Living” Hawk, maji de?!?) (ED: The Living Dead…)

I felt that they were slower than they were when they were alive.However, a moving, attacking corpse was already enough as a force.Even if you skewer them, they won’t even feel it. No matter where you hit ‘em, the monster will keep moving forward, not even faltering for a step. Well, it’s not the time be absent-minded–I have to do something immediately.But even after saying that, I can’t just leaving Roel in this place.

“U~n, Ryua-chan…..gewdmorning….eh?” (ED: did anyone else read lewdmorning the first time?)

When she grasped the situation, she released a small “kya” while I was holding her. We headed towards the place in the Colosseum where the zombies were gathering in order to exterminated them.

“I-it’s impossible~! No matter what we do, we can’t! Uwaaaaaaaaa!”

I saved a soldier who was on the verge of being smashed by a dragon’s foot.I slashed off the foot, causing the dragon to squirm around, not even being able to walk. At this place, I put Roel down, but since she had no idea what to do, she stuck close to me. (ED 2: Ryua you have some of the worst safety assessment ever. You save her then leave her right in the middle of a fight)

“Youuuuuuu!” (ED 2: Ryua super sayian mode or not yet)
【Ryua Attacked! Dragon Zombie received 331983!】
【Dragon Zombie was defeated! HP 0/3500】

After finely chopping it to pieces, I burned it to ashes.Since the enemy is a corpse, I didn’t have any other ideas on dealing with them.Inoro was relaxing in the spectator seats while looking over the disaster.

“Kukukuku! It sure is amazing……..if it’s like this, then the 12 Demon Generals are ruined.

But with this number of zombies, you should pick up the pace, or else more victims will emerge.”

“Inoro! It won’t end with just an injury, you know!”

“Inoro? Aaah, that was my assumed name, wasn’t it? There wasn’t much too meaning to it–that’s right. I am [Necromancer] Juo, a 12 Demon General of the Revived demonlord army.By the way, how is Tifelia doing?”

“Huh?” My mind quickly turned to Tifelia.The living soldiers had made a protecting wall between the dead soldiers and the seriously wounded people who are laying on the ground. Among the injured are audience members. Tifelia is also bedridden. I can’t see properly from here, but I can tell that she’s in a lot of pain.

“Ryua-chan, I’ll look over Tifelia-san!”

Roel jogged towards where Tifelia-san is.

While watching her go, Juo laughed, as if he was enjoying the scene from the bottom of his heart.

“Ahahahahahahaha, it looks like it’s going well. I was prepared when I arrived here, but I never thought for it to happen so quickly in the tournament.For the lowest  possible thing to happen was right on the money.” (ED: This guys laughs annoy me.)

“What the hell did you do to Tifelia!”

“This is the end for her, you know. After all, my blood which was shed on her contains an incurable disease.What [Master Knight]. It was so disappointing.”

Tifelia had forgot to stay vigilant. She said so when she was fighting with me: that it had already been so long that she had an opponent she had to be cautious against.That’s why she ended up like this now. She is strong–no, that’s not just all.Amane-san and everyone else: they put great effort just to become strong.I understood it in this tournament.That’s why, this guy has no right to laugh over it.

I gathered a lot of power in my sword hand–

“Someone like you–!”

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper!】

The slash that I release soared towards Juo, and the black robe was torn to pieces.The body was horizontally split in 2, and he collapsed where he sat.Killed. I killed him. I put too much force in it. Coming back to my senses, I run towards where Juo was, but at that place was just a black robe and completely unknown corpse. Avangard kingdom’s armor……….this guy is a soldier.A soldier dressed in the black robe lay in 2 pieces on the ground.Did I mistake my opponent?!?That should be–It’s a lie———I killed a person?!?!?!?!?

“Ahahaha! To be caught so easily with this move! I sincerely apologize for not having an earnest match with you.  If possible, I would really like to have Roel, but with you, stealing her somehow seems hard to accomplish. Whenever a chance presents itself once again, I will get her next time. See ya!”

Juo was at the diagonal of the spectator seats.With the black robe removed, tattooed on his ashen body was a crawling, black, worm-like pattern.

“Bye-Bye,” he said while waving his hand at me with a childish appearance.

“Ah right, right. The one you cut up just now was already a corpse.I was manipulating it, OK? So don’t worry about it! Haha.”

And then he vanished.In that instant, the dark clouds started to brighten up.The zombies still left inside the Colosseum appeared to be in immense pain, but still didn’t abandon their will to attack.

“They are pitiful, but………..tooryah!”

Gantetsu brought down his axe towards the soldiers–rather, to that thing which was once a soldier.Beinkei and Baste, the A ranks, without any hesitation, eliminated the zombies in every direction.Looking at that spectacle, I felt like running away. I turned my sight away and went towards Roel.

“Roel, how is Tifelia?”

“She has a really terrible fever…….I said that I know about it, but I can’t do anything.”

“We tried the best of our skills, but……….we understand one thing: this is a disease with a viral nature. Right now that is all that we know about it.”

The medics were holding their heads in their hands.It seemed that every measure from their scope of magic and medicinal knowledge had completely no effect at all. (ED: All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…)

Before long, all the monsters inside the Colosseum were dealt with; the injured were brought in one after the other.

“It hurtsss….it hurts…please……kill me please…..I beg of you…”

It was so much that I couldn’t keep looking. Their entire bodies were burned; no matter how you look at it, they couldn’t be saved.Some among them even groaned for death. I can’t do anything for them.I wonder why can’t I use recovery magic?Before me, the medics and Roel were working desperately to treat the injured, and I can’t even do anything.The experience I had in the Caves of Hell doesn’t have any use.The more I think about it, the more tears seem to overflow.

“Don’t think too much about it. It’s because of your actions we were saved.It’s better if there are more living.”

Gantetsu-san put over his hand on my shoulder as he encourages me.Seigel, who was at death’s door, was healed by recovery magic and had his body wrapped in bandages.He groaned “owowow” while trying to stand up, and then headed towards me.

“It sure was a struggle.I hadn’t really thought that I would be saved a second time.Can’t you just get saved occasionally by this great Seigel!”

“But still, a lot of people died…”

“After something like this, you will have a lot of thoughts and regrets, right?

It’s fine to stop for a moment, but to stop moving forward is not good.Keep on moving forward without fail.” (ED: Good life advice.)

Gantetsu only said those words and nothing else.

“Oo~~~i! So you guys were safe~?!”

From far away, Cynthia was waving her hands while running towards us.So she was safe. Relieved, I approached her.Running out of breath, Cynthia seems to have already absorbed the situation. She doesn’t really look that surprised.

“Aaa, just as I thought, Ryua-chin was alright. And above all, Roelun too….”

“You too Cynthia-san. You sure did well staying safe…….though, I’m surprised about that.”

“Yeah, after all, it’s because those people came.Thanks to them, the monsters that were rampaging around the castle town were thoroughly swept clean, you know!”

“Those people? The ones other than us–”

“T-they are?! Did they come back already?!”

Right behind Cynthia, a number of people can be seen walking towards us.Gantetsu was awestruck by the people that were quietly looking at this place.


Turning back time a little—

The spear which was used as a weapon is now being used in a place of a walking stick.Even though her whole body was already screaming in pain, Ritta wasn’t able to run away from the ferocious wild boar.The Beastmaster Panthard was boredly observing her situation.
This great boar isn’t that much of a strong monster.And despite this, just what the heck is with this country’s soldiers?!? To think that they are this meager….
His face indicated it as he approached the girl.

“You sure are miserable. Aren’t you a soldier of this country?And yet you can’t even do anything against this monster. Aren’t you ashamed?”

As Panthard said this, Ritta received a body blow.At last, her hand had let go of her spear and she fell on her knees while clutching her stomach.


“Have you ever once thought that shedding tears was mortifying?But, I can see that this country has a very serious problem of lacking capable people. If it’s like this, then that child at the Avangard Cave is much more of a person to look out for.A girl with blue, short-cut hair and a bit boyish–“

The hand that was about to pick the spear that had fallen over faltered.Ritta has already lost her will to fight. Returning that spear to her grip didn’t mean she was going to fight.
It’s impossible. Scary. Help me.
Ritta was overcome by fear and disgrace. As if adding onto her shame, Panthard’s next words came out.

“About this time, there should about three–no, four of them there.Avangard kingdom–which has no means against us, the revived demonlord army–will be destroyed.”

“You people……why are you doing such things………”

“Nnn, I wonder. If I had to say it…….because it’s irritating?”

“What is with……that……”

Having the same line of sight as Ritta, Panthard, who was crouching, stood up and started patting the great boar.

“Right now, you are going to your death. What would you gain from my explanation?Though, at least if you have defeated this one and stab me once,I would’ve been glad to say a few words.”

The Great Boar was still breathing from its nose roughly as if really unsatisfied.If Panthard hadn’t had it wait, without a doubt, Ritta would’ve been killed.He was manipulating such a ferocious monster as if it were his own limbs.
“Beast Master”, that is his class.However, he was different from those 3 outside rampaging:he can summon a monster at will.With that fact, it showed how different they are from him.

“*cough* *cough*…….*vomit*…” (ED: Sorry, no sound effects.)

Ritta vomited blood, and the pain increased to her whole body. Not being able to bear it, she couldn’t even get on her knees from the place where she lay.

“Do you not want to die? Then, try begging for your life a bit.”


“More. A larger voice.”


“Your voice is too low!”

Panthard wanted to kick the fallen Ritta.Suddenly however, he sensed danger and moved away from that place.Having instantly avoided a spear of meteor, Panthard turned towards the direction the spear came from, and confirmed who threw it.

“Get away from Ritta. The next one will seriously hit.”

“Ha! Nicely said. That just now was serious, wasn’t it?”

Panthard joked back. He turned and faced toward Nikka, who was covered all over with bandages, with a rugged expression.Anyone would know from his appearance that he had not yet recovered from the injuries he got during the fight with Hekaton.

“An injured person appeared to save another injured person! You, what is this girl to you? A lover?”

“A sister; if you lay a hand on her, I will kill you”

“Fuun, so a sister. A set of siblings, what a surprise……”

“Kukukukuku,” Panthard leaked a small laugh.At the snap of his fingers, the great boar rushed towards Nikka.The spear’s thrust became like a meteor, going straight ahead. It clashed with the wild boar face to face.Without slowing down, it went through the wild boar.

【Nikka used -flowing spear thrust-!】
【Great Boar received 951 damaged!】
【Great Boar was defeated! HP 0/933】

“It’s as if its training is not enough. And then it was also not that disciplined.” (ED: I think he is talking about the boar.)

“Sorry. You are feeling so great right now, but just now, that wasn’t even a trial.”

“So have you already thought of your next excuse?”

Panthard, taking Nikka’s provocation, took off the cap he was wearing. Once again, Nikka faced his spear towards Panthard. Panthard whistled, as if trying to prove he was taking this easy.

“If I show the sister this guy’s head, I wonder what kind of face she will show~?” (ED: Ugh. Sadist.) (ED 2: a bit of sadism is sometimes appreciated. brings out a character’s colors)

—play time is over.

In the inner part of the corridor,  a person wearing black armor and a helmet appeared without a sound.The person stood right beside Ritta. Panthard called out to him.

“Huuh? Why the heck did you also come here?”

“A withdrawal order was handed down. Insect Master, Bird Master, and Dragon Master were all done in.”

“Wha! Oi! What did you just say?!?”

“It’s a withdrawal order. Don’t make me repeat it twice.”

Overpowered by the armoured person, Panthard stop inquiring.
NItta stood there trembling and holding on to his spear. He didn’t want to check the person behind him. Feeling as if his whole body was frozen, Nikka couldn’t help but pray that the person would just go away.It’s not that they only differed in mere statuses.

—the difference was by entire dimensions.

As if stopping himself from breathing too much out of fear, Nikka’s tears started to flow.In his fear, he did not even notice that he was prioritizing his own safety over his own blood-related sister’s.Their natural bond only brought them to that level. (ED: This ending is pretty depressing.)

“That girl—I see, very interesting,” the armoured person muttered, and without even looking at Nikka and Ritta, he silently disappeared from the place without even a sound from the clunky armor, as if he were a ghost.

Nikka, who left behind, dropped with bottom to the ground, still trembling. He finally leaked out some words.

“H-Help me…….”

After a while, he went to his injured sister and began nursing over her wounds. (ED 2: when I read nursing, I thought of puppies licking each other’s wounds)


changes: Top Five -> Big Five


Chapter 45 Union part 4

“The rampaging corpses around the castle town have been put to rest . Please, be relieved.”

“We thank you for your cooperation.”

The Commanding Officer, Kirkton, gave his thanks to those people.The surviving soldier also did likewise and saluted.The people that had appeared before us were adventurers.They were 3 of the Big Five, the superior people Seigel was talking about earlier. Wait a minute–including Xinbu, aren’t there 4 of them here?

“My~, this sure is surprising~, and the damage is really a big deal~. Even I can’t revived a dead person~, you know~?”

Light brown hair with the ends coiling around down to her shoulder and well-defined features, she is a beautiful woman, but has a peculiar way of talking.She wears a robe similar to the one Roel has, However, hers is much more beautiful.

“It’s not about that, Yuyu-dono. There is something else that we need you to inspect as quickly as possible.”

“Is it something that only a High Priestess like me can handle?” (IcedTea: She’s asking if the situation is that bad that only she can do it. She’s not trying to sound condescending.)

【”Angel of Charity” Yuyu, LV:88, Class: High Priestess, Rank: A】

With an air of calmness and pleasing grace, Yuyu went over to where Tifelia lay.As the adventurers saw Tifelia, their eyes widened in shock at seeing her painfully gasping. They all unintentionally leaked out a small gasp.

“This is… can such a master like Tifelia-dono be in such state….”

【”Monk of Salvation” Mugen, LV:94, Class: Super Monk, Rank: A】(IcedTea: Something about Super Monk is really funny….)

One of the three, a man with a necklace of round beads around his neck, looked over Tifelia.Roel told me secretly that she heard that the necklace was known as prayer beads. He had a head without a single hair, shining with the reflection of the sun’s rays. (ZeRenMi: Eromanga Flash anyone? Just me? Ok *-*)It’s sort of like Grundom’s head. Sorry, I know this is not the situation for these kind of thoughts.

“Mugen-dono, would a person of your Class know anything about this condition?”

“Umu, if it was my specialty, I could become your strength, but……it’s not a kind of curse. I’m certain of that.” (IcedTea: A manly man has appeared….what’s with the cliched line….)

Kirkton drooped his shoulders, discouraged by Mugen’s answer.That person Mugen, I wonder what kind of fighter  he is? (ZeRenMi: I thought Ryua was bashing him until I read the next line…) Does he fight with a weapon, or with magic? I can’t even begin to guess.

“As little help as I am, my music could lessen the pain a little, but….I wonder how much it’ll help….”

【”Battlefield Poet” Laurel, LV:90, Class: Bard, Rank: A】 (9: His class is simpler than I thought.) (IcedTea: I agree. Bard?!? That’s it?)

He had long, blond hair that went past his shoulder–I thought he was a woman, but he turned out to be a man. (9: Ryua definitely thought “damn, it was a trap!”) (IcedTea: “It’s a trap!” -Wise words from Admiral Ackbar.) (ZeRenMi: Heres my edit of this line – With his long blonde hair going past his shoulders, I mistakened him for a woman but he was a man – Don’t know if it’s better or worse than this version
But still, if you said that he was a woman, I would be completely deceived by feature like that.

“Please proceed, Laurel-dono. I request it of you.”

After Kirkton bows his head in assent, music began to flow. The timbre of the harp invited drowsiness and tranquility–I, who was still tense from fighting despite the fact that the battle had already ended, felt all my strength drain out of my body and sat down on the spot.

All the others also fell one by one to the ground, listening in ecstasy. (9: eargasm) (IcedTea: Lol)
At the same time, I noticed that Tifelia-san’s expression seemingly softened.

“Ah, amazing! Her face really did soften up!”

As I shouted, the three noticed me for the first time. It seems that Kirkton also remembered my existence, and walked towards me. (ZeRenMi: this feels like a class bullying with the wording) (IcedTea: now that you mention it….)

“Ah, it’s you–I still haven’t given you my thanks.For what happened, I am truly grateful to you. Even though you are still young, it was a splendid deed, you know.”

Kirkton smiled as he thanked and praised me.Mugen asked about the circumstances, and Kirkton started to explain it to them.

“……for such person to exist. It’s hard to believe that information out of the blue, but with Kirkton-dono saying so, it should be the truth.”

As he said that, light flashed off his glittering head when he turned his face towards me.From his strict looking face, he seems to be a really stiff person.With his heavy, black robe, his appearance also made him seem that way.

“I also have quite an interest in that girl~, you know~, but right now, situation we have is much more important~.” (IcedTea: Oh. Another person who is interested in the MC. How many is that now?)

Just as I thought, she is weird manner of speaking.Yuyu held out her hand, which began to give off a pale light. The light shined on Tifelia-san, and coupled with Laurel’s music, Tifelia’s facial expression relaxed even more.

“Ooooh!!…….Just as I expected from Yuyu-dono and Laurel-dono!”

“However, with just this much, it’s not enough to resolve the main problem.We can’t entirely grasp the nature of the disease that’s eating into Tifelia-san…”

” -My blood contains an incurable disease-………..Inoro, no, Juo said that.”

Everyone reacted to my words and faced me. Now that I think about it, I am the only one who knew the name Juo. That Inoro, Juo now, being one of the 12 Demon Generals is something only Roel and I knew about.I was quite embarrassed because I didn’t expect to be the center of attention, but I tried my best to explain. Almost everybody who was listening reacted to me mentioning Juo.

“Necromancer you say?…… to stain your hands with such a forbidden technique….inexcusable!!!”

*Pashi* Mugen smacked his palm with his fist.Yuyu, Laurel, and the others who weren’t there when it happened all wore gloomy expressions.Roel and I were the only ones left out (who didn’t understand).

“What is “forbidden”?” (9: Ryua doesn’t know the word.) (IcedTea: As in she has never even heard the word “forbidden”. She has no idea what it means.)

“Skipping the difficult stuff, it means a prohibited magic. (ZeRenMi: Seigel-san, you didn’t define ‘‘forbidden’ but ‘forbidden magic’.) (IcedTea: Tru…)If you use it, no matter what country, you will lose the right to enter their territory.”

Seigel gave a simple explanation.Forbidden. That is how much everyone here hates Juo’s magic. Certainly, when I saw him raise the dead and forcibly compelled them to fight their comrades, I too felt anger.
A person that uses magic to toy with other humans–I thought of Juo as such a person.

“Those guys claimed that they were from the Revived Demonlord army…I wonder what that is?”

“All that information will be gathered and reported to His Highness.”

Kirkton declared it such a cold way that it gave me shivers.I wonder what was it; did I say something strange?Nearby, Yuyu was chanting something at Tifelia-san.It seems like Tifelia-san received some more recovery-like magic, since once again, her breathing became a bit less erratic. Seeing this, Roel grew increasingly interested while watching Yuyu-san work.

“A-amazing. Yuyu-san, what was that just now? What was it?”

“My~, you are~…..~?”

“Pardon me, I’m adventurer Roel. That one is Ryua-chan.”

“I see~, young ones~. I want a taste~……..” (9: Ero onee-chan.) (IcedTea: Oh? This interest is a different type? I like this?) (ZeRenMi: More yuri? :D) (IcedTea: I knew everyone couldn’t resist commenting…)


“Are you still just a healer~? If that’s the case~, then you won’t understand a fully detailed explanation~. Let’s make it simple~: It’s like a magic that neutralizes pain~, ok~?” (IcedTea: Healer seems to be a lower class than Priest.)


Understanding or not, Roel ambiguously nodded her head. Just I was feeling relieved that a magic like that existed, Yuyu continued to speak, as if she had seen through me.

“But still, it won’t remove the main source of the problem~. Even to the bitter end~, it can only lessen the pain~.

If it stays like this~, I don’t know what will happen…….~” (ZeRenMi: I’m just imagining a long drawling speech from her.)

“Anyhow, let’s report the details we have up ‘til now to His Majesty. I would like request everyone here to vacate the area for now.”

There were no one who refused Kirkton’s request. Now that I think about, was the king safe? I wonder where he is?


“Well done.”

After the report was finished, it wasn’t the king that replied, but rather the old guy close by. I couldn’t properly understand Roel’s difficult explanation, but it seems that he is called a Prime Minister, someone who helps the King. The place Kirkton had guided the king to was an underground room below the Colosseum floor. The simple, plain floor opens and leads you toward what seems to be a shelter. If I didn’t know about it beforehand, i wouldn’t noticed it at all.

“Everyone of you, I see that you are all tired today.There more things to reward you with, but for today, take a rest inside our castle.  About the reward, at this time will be tomorrow, we will pass on to you.” (Prime Minister)

“The girl right there……wait.” (King)

In that moment, I thought it was someone else, but it seems I was named by the King.Why the king? Not understanding the situation, I approach him.

“Ever since the contest, I have been curious. Looking at the documents, you are still C rank….”

“Y-yeah. It’s because I just recently became an adventurer…..”

“Ryua-chan! Keigo! Keigo!” (9: keigo is like a way of speaking with respect or something like that) (IcedTea: Basically, “Ryua-chan. Respect. Speak in a more respectful tone.”)

Roel is pinching me–it hurts. I wonder what “keigo” is. Roel noticing that I don’t know what it is, covered her mouth with her palm while gasping “no way!”

“Your Majesty, let us converse about all of it, including her case, tomorrow.”

“From what I have heard, your actions rise above the rest. It is truly magnificent.”

The King, ignoring the Prime Minister, looked at me and continued talking. The Prime minister, now irritated with the King’s behavior, turned on the King as if obstructing me.

“Your Majesty!! Right now, that is not really important, isn’t it?! Do you understand the state of affairs in the Country?!?”

The Prime Minister’s thundering voice shook the King, who stepped back dejectedly.Even though the King should be even more of a big-shot than the Prime minister, the old guy’s scolding made him silent.

“Ahem”–The king cleared his throat and started to speak.

“In any case, those with serious injuries which need immediate treatment and those that have lost their homes will be prioritized and given temporary dwellings. Is that fine, Bermund?”

“As you command.”

Due to the need to house the injured, the rooms became full. Roel and I were delegated to sleep in the female soldiers’ rooms. On the way back, I saw the corpses of the soldiers, adventurers, and audience members who had fallen victim in the action  being lined up in the Colosseum. As I watched the scene, I felt something crack on the inside, so I immediately turned away and left that place.


“Fuu~, I’m worn out~……..
Ah, Ryua-chan, so you were at this place…”

Above the ramparts, I, who was immersed deep in thought, was found by Roel.It seems like up until now, Roel has been treating the wounded. And that person, Yuyu, took more time than I thought she would to carefully teach Roel.  Roel was thoroughly pleased with it. (9: Fumu, I wonder what was “taught”?) (IcedTea: Hehe)

“Roel…….I wasn’t able to protect them…….”

The pleasant evening breeze felt even colder than usual. There were several buildings that were destroyed. The surviving people that lived in those places are either taking refuge in the castle or in the large buildings that weren’t damage right now. It’s dark and you can’t see everything, but it’s like the scene just floated before my eyes.

“Even though I had planned to never see this kind of scene again……..
Even though I went to the trouble of training in the Caves of Hell…..”

“If Ryua-chan wasn’t here, the situation would be much worse.
Everyone is saying that, you know. That’s why: don’t blame yourself, OK?”

Roel gently snuggled up to me and encouraged me. I understand what she is saying, but inside me, there is something that I just can’t put to rest.Roel stared at my silhouette.

“I-if I hadn’t met Ryua-chan,I wouldn’t have met so many different people, and I wouldn’t have as much confidence in myself. If I told you “thank you”… that bad?” (9: Roel being cuter than usual.)

I became confused.Her snuggled-up body started to tremble. That’s right–today, in only one day, Roel had experience many terrifying things. That time when Juo was about to do something to her, and then there’s also the Revived Demonlord army’s massacre. I was not the only one who had seen those horrific scenes. It was exactly the opposite–they also fought. Seigel, Gantetsu–everyone was fighting, then and now. There are people who were nearly killed and also the injured who still haven’t woken up. And despite that, saying that “I wasn’t able to save them” might have been self-centered.

“Ryua-chan, no matter what happens, I will forever be with you, ok? Forever and ever, I want to continue saying my thanks to you” (9: Ba-baka na! Ore no yuri sensor ga bousou suru datto?!) (IcedTea: Aaaaawhhhh.)


I took Roel’s cold hand, and after holding it tightly for a moment, I started feel its warmth.I don’t know what the cause was, but Roel suddenly embraced me, as if she were jumping at me.

“Wha-what’s the matter?”

Like a tiny animal, she was shaking and, for a bit, her hair fluttered in the wind.Her slender arm circled around my back, firmly clutching me, refusing to let go. How was this soft body able to persist up until now? Though I don’t know whether this could calm her anxiety, I embrace Roel back.


“Roel, I’m sorry. I only kept complaining…….. That’s right–everyone, too, bears their own big problems and scars. I need to stand a little bit more firm, right?”

Roel didn’t say anything–she just trembled in my arms.However, the shaking gradually started to settle, and I felt like she had been given peace of mind.I don’t know why, but my heart has been throbbing faster and faster.I raised Roel’s face–for some reason, I believed that she was probably making the same face I had on.Her feverish cheek revealed the speeding sounds in my chest. Suddenly getting embarrassed without realizing it, we separated. (9 and everyone else: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!)
Roel wasn’t particularly surprised, but she had a somewhat feverish facial expression on.

“T-that was s-somewhat weird, wasn’t it….”

Roel finally moved and scratched her cheek, looking really embarrassed.Not knowing how I should react, I was only able to mirror the same gesture.

“It sure has gotten colder….so let’s go back to our room….”

To drive away the embarrassment, I took Roel’s hand and started to walk. From the lights here and there on the castle walls, and from the darkness of the skies–in the gapes between those lights, I felt the end of the day. After the end of this tragedy and fierce fighting, looking from this place towards the empty skies that seemed that it could swallow everything, the evening seemed lonelier than usual.



Hasto → Hust (from the 2nd arc)

Changed Churchill’s monster name

Chapter 46 Union End


◆-Side- Demonlord Castle◆

In a vast land covered in freezing cold weather, ice grains are blown violently eternally towards the distant horizon. Within this hinterland environment which does not have any mercy for ordinary men, there was one monster returning to a towering castle.  A tiny clown pixie spotted the incoming Demon Garuda, and believing that the monster came from far away, she immediately reported it to her master.

“Ma-Maou-sama! Maou-sama! The Demon Garuda came back!”

“Just what are you screaming about? Is Maou-sama here?”

“Gegeh! Panthard! Just when did you came back?!?”

“Just now,” Panthard replied slovenly. He held the visor of his cap, fixed it back in place and started to walk again.

Despite receiving a withdrawal order and having returned to the Demonlord Castle, Panthard still received a shock after learning that the three other Demon Generals had been defeated.(IcedTea: Perspective will randomly shift from 1st person Panthard to 3rd person narrator….)

Even after taking into account the presence of the Master Knight, I thought that we could destroy the Avangard Kingdom.I don’t plan to admit defeat yet, but we ourselves should have had enough strength in store. The magic beasts we use to attack the castle town were entirely defeated by the Big Five; the greatest miscalculation, however, was that girl from Avangard Caves.Under the pretext of eliminating a dangerous element through summoning a monster, it was no more than half-serious, half-play at that time.I didn’t think that she was a beast to that degree.If at that time, I had put more effort into crushing her—

“no, I would’ve just ended the same as those three”

“Panthard, although I’ve felt for a long time that you are disgusting, I shall be adding “talking to yourself” to the list, m‘kay?” (9: Congratulations! Panthard earns the title “talking to oneself”.)

“Shaddup, you floaty thing, you are getting in the way, you know?”

“Pffft, after this incident, you will get a scolding from Maou-sama: that’s why my laughter cannot be contained! Pfffft *giggles*”

He shoved the small mischievous clown that had been flying around him, as if trying to obstruct him, away with his hand.  After that, it didn’t bother him at all.He walked through the long, cooled corridor, and at the end lied a wooden door.As it opened with a peculiar sound, everyone else was already seated in the chamber beyond.No, it was not all of them. Those who taken their seats were the 8 Demon Generals, the Demonlord, and his 2 close aides.

“Really…that guy isn’t here,” is what I thought, but immediately, I realized.

[That guy] is still shuffling around somewhere. (IcedTea: Everyday, he’s shufflen’…) That bastard lacked any cooperativeness, even to the point of resenting everyone. So nothing ever gets done.Only glancing at the vacant seat, Panthard didn’t let his thoughts out of his mouth.The news that the other 3 died in battle had already spread; everyone here had already grasped the situation. In the wide room, a long table was arranged, with candles are lined up here and there. The monster that was making fun of Panthard not long ago was heading to where the Demonlord sat.

“…….Before this, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry.”

Panthard apologized while seated.The atmosphere became silent, but no one condemned Panthard, instead looking at the 2 close aides which was on both side of the Demonlord.Of those two, the armored person was the one who announced the Withdrawal Order.And the other was a middle-aged grey haired man wearing a Tuxedo.Even if the two are separated from the rest, the two of them are the only ones who are allowed to converse with the Demonlord.
If you compare the 12 demon generals and the two of them, the difference will make you a little bit unhappy. (9: It didn’t state what kind of comparison it is….) (IcedTea: I’m guessing the aides have it better, you know, better clothes, status, etc….Panthard is feeling jealous of their hierarchical position after all…..)(9: i think its the sense of trust)
Panthard was feeling jealous to the 2 close aides to the point of self-deprecation.
Even though from the start, we didn’t have any things such as hierarchy–

“Now that everyone has already gathered, let us begin. Well, having said that, I guess that all of you should have already caught onto the agenda.” (Batram)

“don’t have any plans to criticize those who participated in the Avangard capture operation. It’s just that various questions remain unanswered/unexplored.” (Scaly dude)

The speech which came from the aide in the tuxedo, Batram, was interrupted by a man whose face was covered in scales.He put his feet on the table and had his eyes closed; he appeared to have really bad manners.

“Especially that part: Why wasn’t the master knight killed off?”

“…….Are doubting me?”

Juo glared at the scaled man with a dissatisfied face.The scaled man ignored it, and looking over everyone else, continued his words.

“If it was me, I would’ve directed all my attention towards targeting the Master Knight and killing her.That way, they would’ve despaired when she died—ain’t my way better?

And ’cause of that, the enemy’s morale would plummet on its own. Starting a war with a surprise attack, if you cut of the head, then it’s PERFECT!!!”

“I see…..Doridon has a qualities of a demon….”

The man who approved of it was demon-like himself. He had slanted eyes and fangs that protruded of out his mouth, and was scratching his long nails across the top of the table. No one looked into his eyes.

“Stop joking around, Ganaws. There are certainly many factors to reconsider, as well as the loss of 3 Demon Generals. There is also what Doridon said….but isn’t there an even greater issue?”

Panthard retorted Ganaws while he talked composedly. Even after having faced the criticism of the demon-man, Ganaws was, as usual, still scratching the table. As for the greatest factor, all of them had already recognized it.

“It’s that girl called Ryua, isn’t it….,” muttered an old humpbacked man.

The silence around the table answered his question. Raising his incredibly wrinkled face, the old man pointed his finger upwards and started drawing circles in the air.

“Even if we went with Doridon’s plan, the result would stay the same. To bring down a demon general in one hit….? HA! Even if I saw it with these old eyes, I probably wouldn’t believe it.” (IcedTea: I’m a huge fan of this old dude. Xin is awesome too, of course.)

“Considering what will happen in the future, that girl will probably be an obstacle.”

The armoured aide opened his mouth on that point first. If you went to the trouble to actually go there, wouldn’t it have been good if he had fought the person…someone probably thought. (IcedTea: I assume this means that the aide was there. Just to make it clear….)But of course, not a single one of the demon generals objected to that person’s point.

“Fumu, well then, won’t all of the Demon Generals be defeated? Fuohoho (etc…etc…)”

The old man laughed, enjoying his own joke immensely.

“Nentoro, if that is the case, then we will have you be the first to go.”

The armoured person didn’t permit the joke. He’s not kidding everyone else thought.

“’Twas a joke. There might be a chance that all of us bite the dust, but the . (IcedTea: ♪♪♪All of us bite the dust♪♪♪)
Let me think….if it was me, I would hide myself in the areas outside this castle. In other words, let us advance in accordance to the plans we had at first.”

“Fumu, are there any other opinions that anyone else wants to offer?”

Batram inquired of all of them, and was replied with continued silence. He glimpsed towards the Demonlord who wasn’t talking; he sat there, not moving a wink. Batram understood what the Demonlord may have wanted to say; however, he did not pursue it with any sort of action. (9: Butlers are awesome!! but i want one, a female one!!!) (IcedTea: Indeed.)

“I see your point. In that case, regarding my proposal……..Xin.”


The small clown pixie named Xin jumped, surprised from the sudden nomination, and did a meaningless bow in the air.

“If you have the time to doze off on top of Maou-sama’s lap, then I shall give you the job.”

“M-Me and that Ryua?!? No way! Nowaynowaynoway–it’s to~~~~~taaallllyyyy impossible!!!!! I mean, wasn’t that Churchill done in right?!? He was creepy guy, but among the Demon Generals, didn’t he have prominent strength? And yet I willl~? Geez, just what in the world are you saying?!?”

“Silence. No one here has any expectations of you, you know. (IcedTea: Ouch. Harsh.)
Listen here. I will have you observe this girl called Ryua from here on. What kind of person she is, what kind of food she like or hates,  when will she laugh, cry, get mad, what type of guy she like or hates?  Any trivial information is fine. So, generally speaking, you will collect information” (9: But ryua doesn’t have any type of guy she likes) (ZeRenMi: non-yuris’ers must convert or be purified)

“Eeeeh~? Is there a~ny meaning in that?”

“At the present time, it’s necessary information. If it will be useful or not, I too don’t know. It might be not of help.

However, there might be a weakness we wouldn’t of thought of. This is very important you know–only you can do this.” (9: ……..those last words )


“…….I’m expecting good news from you.”

With the Demonlord’s low-toned encouragement, Xin’s face brightened up. While yelling energetically, in the blink of an eye, Xin’s figure disappeared from sight.

“That sure was simply done………..”

Doridon amazedly murmured. Batram’s judgement is likely correct; however, even while participating in the conversation, Doridon was still looking for a way to get rid of Ryua himself. But if he said so in this place, he will be stopped. Doridon was secretly waiting to test it out.

“We are in a closing mood, but I have one last thing I would like to play with…come in…”

Nentoro clapped his hands twice, and from another entrance, not the one Panthard used, a monster came out. Behind it walked Davitz and 3 Avangard kingdom soldiers. (9: he is the guy that attacked Ryua when they were on the way to avangard) They had cautious faces as they stared in every direction.

“Davitz-kun, thanks to you, we had obtained lots of valuable information. You have our thanks.”

“Thanks for letting me out of prison by taking advantage of the chaos. After this I will cooperate with you guys as much as needed.”

Vuglar smiles rose on the faces of the 3 former Avangard Kingdom soldiers too. Making a circle with their thumb and index finger, they gestured, demanding money.

“It’s a promise. Here you go–you will be glad with these, right?”

“Nentoro-jiichan, quickly finish it up. After all, I only brought them here for that.”

Juo sluggishly gestured by slicing his hand across his neck. Nentoro nodded and stood up from his seat.

“Now then, you guys are scum who sold their comrades for their own self-interest, and should be trash that is looked down upon. It’s like there was no change at all………As I thought, you scum don’t have any worth.”


Davitz shut his mouth while looking like an idiot. Nentoro moved his finger. One of the soldier immediately hacked at the head of the other soldiers. The head danced through the air, blood spewing out the sliced end of the neck while it rolled on the ground.  In that mere instant, from the time the head flew off and fell on the ground, the body also collapsed onto the floor.

“E-eh…..? A-aa”

The soldier looked down at his own sword and towards his comrade’s corpse. Finally understanding the situation, his body couldn’t stop trembling. Seeing this, Nentoro didn’t smile, but rather, sent out cold gazes.

“O-oi, what the hell are you doing?!?”

“No–it was not me–m-my b-body just did it on–”

“Didn’t I said it? I do not plan to allow trash to live.”

“Oi, Nentoro-san! This is not what we talked about! We are supposed to cooperate with you peo—-”

“Cooperate? pHahg!”

Spitting out the phlegm stuck in his throat, Netoro once again controlled one of the soldier’s arms. Without any means to resist, the arm drew out a sword, disregarding the soldier’s will.

“Did you trash really think that we were that serious on winning you over? You trash should have known what kind of people we are, am I right? We do not wish to coexist with anyone, much less with you trash who deserving of death!”

Once again, with the wave of Nentoro’s fingertip, another soldier sank in blood. The soldier frantically begged for his life, but his pleas only echoed in the castle. No one heeded it.  There were some who were calm, some who were grinning, some who just closed their eyes. The soldier who was left had his own sword’s edge held by his own neck (ready to slice).

“Please stop……I’ll do anything…….please only my life, only my life, only my life pleaaaaaaassse!!”

From the three soldier’s corpse was produced a sea of blood. Davitz, who was left behind, didn’t run away. No, he wasn’t able to run away. His legs couldn’t move as if it didn’t have the will. He also had his body’s freedom stolen.

“Please just forgive pleaasse…………mommy~~…….”

It was not an appropriate last word for a grown adult. Davitz stabbed his own sword into his stomach, and his life ended. After the brief tragedy, Juo walked into the sea of blood without hesitation.

“Hey, suffer more. Here you go.”

Juo touched Davitz’ corpse. The dying skin immediately turned a violet color and then quickly corroded.


“Uee” A brown colored girl, showed off her fake performance. Then she plucked of a mushroom living on her arm and softly placed it on a nearby soldier.  As if the mushroom was sucking out the body’s moisture, the soldier’s corpse dried up.

“Well now, let us destroy one of these unforgivable people. Fuofuohoho…”

Nentoro, who was watching Juo and the brown-skinned girl play with the corpses, finally laughed pleasantly .

“……..Now then, hereafter, let us continue in accordance to our plans.Jhitchie, is the aforementioned conquering plan going well?” (IcedTea: What type of name is that?!?)(9: who knows its pronounce as Jii-chi,so if there is anyone there who has a better name tell us)

“Yea, those guys can’t even reach my children’s legs or arms.

I heard that they were a large Magic Country. I’m amazed ya know~. Totally seriouuus~”

“Then go back to your station. If that place falls, the things we gain will be extraordinarily numerous.”


After boredly replying, the young man with a stretched-out stone arm walked away from the hall. The Demon General who were left stood up one by one from their seats, leaving to carry out their respective jobs. The armoured person and Batram saw them off.

“Let us show you the world, Maou-sama. Those mobs will, by no means, be able to stand against the power of our Union” (IcedTea: Noblesse anyone?)

For the first time, the Demonlord raised his head and from his eye, a tear fell, falling down his face. He was not gazing anywhere: just staring at some indefinitely empty space.

◆-Side- Avangard Kingdom◆

“Ryua, as well as Roel, for these times, you are promoted to B rank for your deeds.  Later on, I will report to the guild from our side.”

“Thank you very much!”

It has been several days since the raid of the Revived Demonlord Army; we had become B rank. “truthfully even if it’s A rank, you would have no shortcomings,” said the king, but to be an A rank, one has to take the Exam. No matter who you are, you have to pass it. Even a special case won’t be recognized: that’s why it’s just B rank. Regarding the requirements, you need to take the A rank advancement examination, and also you will need pile up achievements, or else you won’t able rise in rank. But since I repelled the Demonlord army, and it seems that Yuyu’s evaluation of Roel is staggeringly high, the achievement part is already plenty enough. But still, the advancement examination is still in the future. Right now, it’s not that big a deal, and the starting day of the examination is still not yet settled. If I became A rank, I can enter Ikana village; however, I have something I’m curious about, and I inquired about it.

“King, just what is the Revived Demonlord army? Ah /remembers to be respectful\, what might it be?”

“About that, we don’t know much. So, since we have already given you your whole reward, you no longer have business here.”

Kirkton, who was working as guard nearby the king, ordered his subordinates to take us. The soldiers seemed to push our backs, and halfway, they became more coercive, and then we were driven out of the castle. That was somehow strange: yesterday they said that they will explain, while today they evaded it.

“I wonder if it’s OK to receive this much?”

Up until now, a large amount of money we’ve never had before is now shaking and making jingling sounds inside the bag in Roel’s hand. If we have this much, for a while, we won’t have any money problems, I believe. But somehow, we are kinda stuck. Is this really fine?

“Hey Ryua-chan, about this money………Is it fine if we give this to the victims of the battle?”

“Yeah, I thought of that too just now.” (9: these girls are too pure, the evil in my heart is kinda dissolving TT_TT) (ZeRenMi: really? They’re washing away your impure love for yuris?)(9: my yuri love transcends all good and evil)

I came upon the idea from the depths of my mind looking at the conspicuous destroyed buildings. Looking at the unbelievable waiting line for the food line, we understood there was a great of number of people who won’t be able to return to their normal life. I don’t know how much this money can take care of the problem, but it should serve its purpose.

“This is what is right after all, then it’s decided.”

Let’s return the money to the king. After we decided, we retraced our steps. From the place where the rubble was being cleared, Gantetsu’s voice called out.

“Yo, the two of you. Even though it was the long-waited festival, it sure was a disaster.”

“Gantetsu-san, about this money……that’s right. If it’s Gantetsu-san, then he should be able put it to use…..”

When we explained, Gantetsu-san kept saying “Are you sure it’s fine?” Gantetsu might have agreed just from our persistence, but he crossed his arms and thought for a bit.

“I’m glad that I have your trust, but sadly, I can’t take it. You girls should properly explain it to His Majesty.”

“I guess you’re right……sorry for being so unreasonable.”

“You girls must not think of exchanging money lightly. Before you know it, it could become an exchange of lives. That is the kind of thing money is.”

I followed and imitated Roel by lowering our heads in assent.

“By the way, you girls, what do you plan to do after this?”

“Ee, unnn…….I wonder~”

Seeing us glancing at the surroundings, Gantetsu saw through us, and restrained us with his hand.

“Don’t worry about the reconstruction. To the bitter end, you girls are Adventurers. Treasure that.”

“B-but I-”

“You have a goal, right?”

That’s right, my goal. There are a lot of thing I want to know, but among those there is particularly important thing. But still, there are no clues at all. That’s why I can’t do anything.

“Um er, it was something about a demon was it? I don’t know about its whereabouts, but if it’s the sage of the Wizard Kingdom, then he might know it.”

“Sage?” (9: sage-mode is gotten when you get rid of your “fleshly desires”) (Ren: i believe they can also see what cannot be seen)

“I don’t know about him that well, but Sage Hust is very famous, ya know. He is called a living thesaurus of knowledge. I heard something like he had crossed over 100 years old mark.”

“One hundred?!? If it’s that person, then he would know anything?!?”

“I-I said that I don’t really that well, you know…….it hurts~~let go…..”

I was so moved that I had reflexively grabbed onto Gantetsu-san’s collar. I was held back by Roel.

“Now that you mention it, Yuyu also said something. She said that, when compared to Hust-sama of Wizard Kingdom, my level is only up to that of a baby….”

Wizard Kingdom. After I thought I wonder where I’ve heard it before, I remembered that it was Tolppo’s birthplace. But I wonder, what should I do to get there?

“Aah, but about the liner……after all, we are in this unusual situation….”

Gantetsu-san was scratching his head awkwardly. Liner….so that means we need to cross over the sea with a boat or we can’t go. (9: ryua can just probably run on water with Roel on his back) (IcedTea: That is a hilarious image…)The sea….I wonder if it was that spread out blue thing I saw when I left the Kizel Canyon.Sea and ships are words that I have only ever heard in conversations.  I want to ride one–I just cannot stand still.

“Eh, Ah, Hey Ryua-chan! What’s the matter?”

I took Roel’s hand and headed towards the port. Not even listening to Gantetsu-san, who was trying to stop us, or even knowing which direction the port was in, I’m getting really excited for some reason.

“Ryua-chan, we have to return the money to the king first.”

Hearing those words, I finally calmed down.

◆Throne Room◆

“Your Majesty, is it fine to let those two go?”

Bermund quietly inquired the king. The king rested his back on the throne, and he narrowed his eyes, staring as if Ryua and Roel were still there.

“Sooner or later, they will come to rise to A rank. We can wait until then, Bermund, for that. Make haste on the reconstruction and the advancement examination.”

“Haa……however, with the present conditions, we are barely there…… We don’t have enough money to cover everyth—-“

“Hurry it up.” (IcedTea: Daaaamn.)

“Ye-yes, Your Majesty!!”

Following the resounding, curt order from the king, only the answer yes was allowed. Bermund hustled away from the hall, and the king who saw him off quietly closed his eyes.

“Ryua, is it? It’s an excellent, very excellent, outstanding talent. That girl will, without a doubt, become Avangard’s strength.”

Suddenly at the same time, the thought of Tifelia surfaced, but it was immediately erased.
I have found a replacement, since if the situation is like that, then that lass is not guaranteed to get better.
And for every moment he thought, Ryua’s existence to the king shined brighter and brighter.

Monster Encyclopedia

【Wind DragonHP 4339】

A dragon who possesses a wing covered in a wind of magic.If you approach it upfront, you would be minced by the blades of the winds.

【Red Scissors HP 1775】

A gigantic bug covered in a red carapace.It was said to be so ferocious that its whole red body was influenced by the blood that it had been bathe with.Before its pair of shears, any superficial protection is of no help.

【Kaiser Eagle HP 3210】

It was said that once its wings are reflected as a shadow on a region, you will need to have the resolution to die, the hunter of the skies.However, even prey won’t notice its shadow as it sweeps in.


【Vit the hunter that resound the buzz HP 15300】

One of the 12 Demon Generals of the Revived Demonlord Army. A prey mantis-like appearance clad in a metallic carapace, and whose arms’ edge can tear anything to pieces. It can’t use any magic, but as a compensation, it’s destruction power has been misunderstood to be the highest wind class magic. Its Carapace has resistance regarding physical and magical attacks–In offense and defense there is no weakness.

【Dark steel Black Dragon – Churchill - HP 28200】(9:the homo dragon) (9: yu-gi-oh anyone) (IcedTea: *In annoying Joey voice* Goooo Red Eyes Black Dragon!!!!!!)

One of the 12 Demon Generals of the Revived Demonlord Army. In size and in power, even among the 12 Demon Generals, he is top class. A power battle style with no tricks, but just overwhelming power. Even a dragon slaying weapon inflicts basically no damage on its black lustered dragon scales. Its breath boasts enough power to jeopardize an entire country.