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Ep 51 First time on Boat Part 1

【The Dock】

「Ryua-chan, hurry up, hurry up! We will be left behind by the ship!」

「D-don’t rush me that much, okay?」

I was careless. Even though I haven’t woken up this late even once, I did it for the first time today.

I wonder if the fight with the Demonlord Army and the matter with Ritta overlapped, and I just got tired from it all?

Now that I think about it, ever since I left the Caves of Hell, it feels like my levels of tension have been lacking.

I need to straighten up right now. That’s why I need to get fired up right now and do whatever we need to to make it in time.

I hoisted Roel into my arms and then sprinted with all I had.

I did the same when we were rushing to the tournament reception desk, but this time, the attention I’m receiving is really different, Is it because I became the champion, and so I became famous in a single leap? Most of the crowd is staring at us. I even received something like “hyu hyu”. (9: hyu hyu is kinda used when teasing a flirting couple)

Roel covered her face with her hands — she shrank into herself like a shellfish. I know that it’s rather embarrasing, but it’s better than missing the boat.

「We’re here!」

「Yeah! Now put me down!」

Was it that embarrasing?


At the harbour there were many ships lined up, and just looking at them made me confused as to which boat we had to ride.

It was not just the amount of people riding the boats, but also those who are seeing them off—-the harbour is completely congested. Confirming the number on the ticket, we are now searching for the ship the number indicated.

「If you want to go to Wizard Kingdom, go towards that ship!」

The one who informed us with an energetic voice was Ritta. Is today a day off? More importantly, is it fine for her to be moving? And above all, I wonder how she knew we are going to the Wizard Kingdom?

「I’m sorry, I wanted to say thank you, so I have been searching for you. Then, Gantetsu-san told me about it….」

「You don’t have to do that much……we didn’t do so much that you would have to thank me for it…」

「No, I’m really sorry. Especially, for me, who doesn’t know anything about Ryua-san’s circumstances, to think of you as a frail girl…..I’m sure even Ryua-san has suffered a lot of hardships.」

Honestly, at that time, I was a little irritated, but it was only a little.

That feeling — that lament over my powerlessness — I also have that emotion. Not being able to advance in the Caves of Hell…that didn’t just happen once or twice. I have even had mortal wounds and barely escaped with my life.

And even though I had planned to become stronger, during the Demonlord Army invasion, there were still a lot of people who died. Even now, there are a lot of things I can’t do.

Maybe if I couldn’t protect those people important to me and lost them, I might have become like Ritta.

Rather that just calling it the Spear’s fault, I think that those there also Ritta’s true feelings. Something similar to taking advantage of an enemy’s weakness…that spear might have done something like that.

「Ah, it looks like they are about to depart. It seems that I have stopped you…」

「That’s right, we need to hurry….Ritta, stay well~」

「I will! Next time you guys come back, I will be a splendid soldier!」


◆◆An Ocean Liner: Bound for Prattz Harbour: Hariart Continent: Day 1◆◆


From the harbor, Ritta waved her hand, and we waved back from the deck of the ship as it started to move. Even though I thought that it would be made of wood, but this seems to be iron? I don’t know much about ships, but I can see this being firmly made. At a glimpse, it may seem slow, but it looks like it has quite the speed, since even now, you can’t see the Avangard Castletown Harbor anymore. Right now, it’s sea no matter where you look. The sound of the waves somehow feels pleasant.

「Roel, this is iron, right? This ship would be more or less fine if you fight here…」

「Ahaha, that’s just like you. Some parts are materials made from State of Metalika, you know. And even the appliances that we use daily are that country’s developing technology — there are a lot of things we use that are products of their technology.」

「The State of Metalika…’ve told me about it before. So that country makes amazing things, huh. 」

「The one where we’re are going now is the Wizard Kingdom, which specializes in Magic, while the State of Metalika is a country focused on science.」

I see, in this world, there are various country and towns, and many cultures that we don’t know yet. And after this trip, we will be going there. Both Roel and I — just the two of us. It’s kinda late for this sentiment, but being like this somehow makes me feel at ease.


「It’s always sea everywhere you look. I think I might get bored of it quickly.」

「Yeah, after all, it’s a boat trip.」

「I wonder how the others are spending their time…」

「Looking at the sea?」

「How boring…」

Gazing around the deck while yawning, there were a lot of people relaxing. Looking more closely, there were adventurers I’ve seen before, but there were also people for whom I couldn’t imagine what they do in their daily lives. Watching these families absentmindedly made me remember that I was living in that kind of happy circle ten years ago.

Happy children and their parents —  their happy laughter resounds in my chest. And Roel besides me was watching me with a worried face.


「Yeah? Ah, no, it’s nothing really.」


While I was indulging myself in my thoughts, the door to the guestrooms had opened, and from inside, 3 middle-aged men came out.

I thought something was happening, but after a quick glance, I immediately understood the situation.

「Attention, everyone. Until we arrive at Prattz harbor, we three will be protecting this ship. Please be at ease and enjoy the trip.」

The one who said that was the old guy in the center who had a dark beard around his mouth and circular eyes.

Facing us with a smile and wearing a facial expression full of self-confidence — just as I thought, they are the employed guards of this ship.

「It seems that there are some soldiers from the Kingdom here, but these kinds of people gets employed for these types of jobs. I want to try it…」(Ryua)

「I saw a quest from the guild about guarding the liner. But, if you take it, when you arrive at Prattz, you would have to go back to Avangard Kingdom again….」(Roel)

「Ah, I see….」


That bearded old guy held a spear. Of the other two, one is a wizard, and the other one carried a bow. All three of them are wearing one light layer of clothing, and they look really refreshed in it. Those two had unsociable faces and stood crossing their arms behind the old guy. It seemed like it was only the old guy who was too enthusiastic.

That old guy noticed me and raised a surprised voice.

「Hou! Are you perhaps the kid who won the championship?」

I nodded.

「I see, I see! However, you girls don’t have to worry about anything. We are expert adventurers proficient in guarding Liners. Ever since we started this job 20 years ago, we haven’t let any monsters attack this ship. So you don’t have to trouble yourselves by lending us your help! Don’t worry and enjoy the trip.」

He just continued talking on his own and ended the conversation on his own too. Though, having received this quest for 20 years, it’s somewhat amazing. So before I was even born, these guys were adventurers since then. Though, they look young compared to Gantetsu-san…. The two guys behind the old guy seem about the same age as him.

「The 2 guys behind me is still B-rank, but they have enough ability to be A-rank. By all means, I would like to show off, but….no, well, it’s better to not be attacked by monsters! Hahahahahaha! 」

i don’t really see what was amusing about it, and the old guy raised his voice more than neccessary.

Since there are monsters in the sea, I thought that it would be dangerous if they attacked, but if these guys are here, then it will probably be fine. Though if I had to declare my real intentions, I’d like to at least see some of the sea monsters, but just like the old guy said, it would be better if they don’t appear. (IcedTea: Nice flag raising you guys….)


「Mama, what is that~?」

「What’s the matter? T-that is…perhaps….」

A girl with her family innocently pointed her finger to an object in the distance.

A spikey object pushed itself out of the sea surface, and something swam towards this ship. There are 2-3 of them, I thought when they showed themselves — and with a splash of water, they jumped towards the ship.

【Killer shark x3 appeared! HP 190】

Before the passengers could even scream, the 3 guys had already started to move. The jumping sharks were consecutively pierced by arrows, and the wizard behind the old guy finished his chanting. Immediately, the shark was struck with thunder magic.

【Silva attacked! Killer Shark received 84 damage! HP 106/190】

【Zizinia chanted Thunderbolt! Killer Shark received 111 damage! Killer shark was defeated HP 0/190】

The bearded old guy pierced the mouth of another incoming shark with his spear. And just when I thought that he had finished with it, he quickly drew his spear out and pierced it once again.

【Bortom attacked! Killer Shark received 206 damage! Killer Shark was defeated HP 0/190 】

Lastly, he kicked it back into the sea, and the remaining one was struck by an arrow and disposed by the same thunder magic.

【Silva and Zizinua pair attacked! Killer Shark received 193 damage! Killer Shark was defeated HP 0/190 】

Before the passengers had even really started to panic, everything was already done. That moment probably didn’t even last 10 seconds. That chant speed and the offensive pressure — those were amaing skills. And above all, the power of the bearded guy who kicked the corpse of the shark into the sea…His muscles have swelled up — it shows just how much he has been training every day.

「It sure is a peaceful trip. Hahahahahahahahaha!」

As if nothing had happened, the old guy laughed.

It seems that the passengers had finally noticed that they were saved, and as if they wanted to check out the corpse of the shark, they all went to take a peek at the sea from the deck.

After seeing that series of events, I couldn’t just stay still and be quiet. I’m sure that these peope are used to it, but being unable to do anything irritates me a little.


On that day, nothing else happened except for that one attack, and the day came to an end. Even at night the ship is still moving on. Even if we were asleep….for the ship to be moving means that someone is not sleeping and controlling the ship. I got a bit curious and tried going to the control room, but I wasn’t allowed to go in.


It looks like the ship properly gives out dinner, so that’s a relief.

After eating, as we looked out towards the other side, the sky had already been dyed in darkness. And at the front of the ship, that old guy guy was already standing guard there. The others didn’t seem to be there.

It would be bad to be a hindrance, so I returned to our room.

「i wonder how long it will take for us to arrive? Maybe I should have stood guard too.」

「I heard it’s about 4 days long. If this were an old ship, it seems that it would take 3 months.」

「T-three months?! That would be so boring I might die….」

「But looking from the deck, this ship has quite the speed. To make 3 months into 4 days I think is quite amazing. The technology of the state of Metalika sure is astonishing.」

「Yeah, someday we might go there.」

「You’re right. I had planned that one day, I would travel around the world like this.」

Hearing those words made me remembered Kurinka saying the same words in the past. The two of us who didn’t know about the world at all — we believed that someday we would see it. But in the end, that wish wasn’t granted. I recalled the day where everything was taken from me, and a pitch-black emotion had started to bubble within me.

By no means have I forgotten that one-winged demon. However, leaving as an adventurer like this has made me forget that hatred.

Until I fell asleep on this metal cabin bed, I thought about my past.


◆Inside the dream◆


「I see. So the 2 of you still haven’t gotten out of this village yet.」

The swordsman-niisan rubbed both of our heads as always. Both I and Kurinka enjoyed our talks with Onii-san about the outside world. There are a lot of diffcult things we didn’t understand, but it was fun.

「Hey, teach me how to use the sword.」

「Ryua-chan, didn’t they say that you’re not allowed to…」

「Hahaha! That’s right. And above all, your parents had firmly said that it’s not allowed. I am very grateful to the two of them and the people of this village, so I am all the more unable to break that promise.」


For these usual events, Onii-san had always laughed.
However, the face I saw that time was as if he was a different person.

When I was about to talk to Onii-san, who was standing at the corner of the village, he suddenly wore a dreadful face. However, he noticed me immidiately, and suddenly put on a smiling face again. Onii-san was kind.
And that Onii-san was pierced.

By the one-winged demon.

Just to let me escape….Onii-san died.


I ran though the mountain’s spikey ground.

I don’t even know where I am running to.

I just continued running.


A monster attacked me. It was something that I haven’t seen before, and I crouched to evade the hand of the monster who is many times bigger than I am.

Even though I was so desperate to run away, that monster’s attack did not even hit me once. And suddenly, my heart started to beat faster.

I stopped running and put power into my legs. And I ran towards the monster――――


Awaking from my usual dream, a little bit of light from the small window inside the cabin had began to leak inside.

Ep 52 First Time on A Boat Part 2

◆Ocean Liner bound for Prattz harbor: Hariart Continent. Day 2◆

Even though one night has passed, the scenery is still coloured by the sea. I took a walk around the ship.

I wonder how you cook inside the ship? Where the food supplies are? It’s the first time I’ve seen a ship so I didn’t have any interest in these things before. The control room was not allowed but Cook-san at kitchen was kind, so I was specially allowed to go inside.

Food preserved inside an iron box and a properly arranged kitchen. I can’t do any cooking at all, but I admire how nicely it’s done. I tried cooking a monster once not knowing whether it was edible…..if that was called cooking, then I can cook. I only hunted for delicious monsters and carried them back, how nostalgic.

Walking about with no aim, in the end, I went out towards the deck.

The waves are calm, nothing has changed from yesterday. The bearded old guy was not at the front. In exchange, the 2 who weren’t there yesterday are now here. It looks like the soldiers too are alternating their watches.

「Fuaaa, let’s see. Are there any abnormalities?」

「None, there’s nothing to compete with, so it’s too boring. It’s fine to sleep more, Bortom.」

The bearded guy came out while scratching his body. After  stretching his body grandly, he noticed me and came over while still scratching his body.

「Yo, how is the trip?」

「I might be bored…」

「Wahahahahaha! I know, right? The only thing you can look forward to is the food after all!」

Because he was laughing so exaggerately, his saliva flew around the deck. But what he said was right, after eating, you can only kill time like this.

It seems that Roel had gotten friendly with a child and her family and began accompanied her. I am bad with that sort of stuff though, so I could only watch them from afar.

But looking at her like this, Roel’s smiling face is cute. That is enough to satisfy me.

「Oya? That ship is…..?」

The archer Silva put his hand on his forehead and stared far away. In that direction, there was a ship.

It’s still very far away so I can’t properly see it, but is that also a ocean liner? Just when I thought that, Bortom had a change in expression and yelled.

「Ah, that ship is bad! Captain, avoid it!」

Bortom ran towards the Captain’s room while shouting. I wonder what’s with him.

It seems that the passengers have gotten curious, just to see the ship at the front, everyone gathered at the vanguard.

「Mama, a ship!」

「Oh my, it really is, is it a liner ship heading for Avangard?」

「It kinda looks old, and more over, isn’t it’s sail broken?」

I saw the ship getting closer. This shop was different, and it was certainly old. If I had to say it, it’s exactly like the ship I have been imagining. But our ship is starting to stray away from that ship. Even though, I believed that they wouldn’t hit each other, what’s the matter?

「Dammit, Bortom-san’s judgement was right! Evacuate the passengers to the cabin!」

Silva and the wizard Zizina’s complexion changed and then ordered the passengers to take refuge. I’m having a bad premonition, and moreover, even though it’s early morning, the area has gotten dim. The field of vision had started to fade to white.

This is a fog, a white fog that has started to drift around us. By the time we recognized it, our surrounding had been completely obscured. And yet, for some reason, the ship in front us can be clearly seen.

This is bad…Roel should be around here. I need to hold her hand tightly, or else I won’t know what’s going to happen. (Tea: Gotta love Ryua like this)

「Ryua-chan, so you were here.」

Roel was the one who found me. I wonder if the others are already inside the cabin? In my vision, there was no one else there. So those two’s quick guidance did that much.

「Impossible ….this is….」

Bortom appeared and was scratching his head.

I am hearing something…..there is a voice from that ship.

「Oo~~~i……please help……」

I heard a frail voice asking for help from the wooden ship. But Bortom and the other 2 didn’t go and help.

Even though this ship should be faster, the wooden ship is already drawing near us.

The sail is torn here and there, and the wooden planks were popping off and falling; it was floating in a strange state.

「Hey, that ship is……?」

「That is the Ship of the Dead! You must not listen to those pleading voices!」

「Still not being able to die, the ship kept loitering in this sea…….and it’s been tens of years…」

When I questioned, Botorm and Silva swallowed their saliva. Basically, that is a ship of ghosts, so a ghost ship. (Tea:……alright then)

Ghosts, I remembered some cases in the past. At that time, I was perplexed about the opponent whose nature I didn’t understand. And thinking about that, I could understand the discouragement of Bortom and the others.

But, I believe in something. The owner of that voice is seeking for help.

Even Francois didn’t want to become like that. The people on that boat had once lived.

If they hadn’t died, then right now, they might have been smiled together with these people while on their ship.

「You don’t have to sympathize! They put that in your heart and draw you in!」

Zizinia sensed our thoughts. Being drawn in…that is troubling.

「Bortom-san, I will somehow do something about that ship.」

「No matter how strong you are, it is still reckless….it’s really tough. It would be different if a exorcist specialist was here, though….」

The ship had stopped before we knew it. A sailor ran out from the control room with a pale face.

「It’s no good. The engine has already stopped moving….」

「Why….why did that have to appear now…..」

Bortom had crouched on the ground like a pill bug. As if chanting something, he kept repeating his words. He was shaking and won’t move away from his place. Though, as expected of Silva and Zizinia, seeing thatm they lightly struck his back.

「Bortom-san, what are planning on, getting scare all by yourself?! Isn’t it our duty to protect the passengers!?」

「Please, please…….」

It seems that Silva’s word didn’t reach him — Bortom was shaking from fear that he even let go of his spear.

Even though he looked cool during the time when the sharks attacked, right now he looks so uncool. The one encouraging him, Silva and Zizina, seem more reliable.

「R-ryua-chan, can something really be done to that?」

「We have no choice but to do it. Roel, stay here and wait!」

「I-I’ll go too!」

Her body was shaking more than Bortom’s. Really, I can’t take her with me in this state.

Just when I was going to gently refuse her though, Roel firmly held both of my hands.

「If I just stayed scared, I believe I can’t do any adventures. I — I want to go various places with Ryua-chan. Ryua-chan might have….um…..a goal to go to your village, but I want to be with Ryua-chan more and more. And for that, I have to get stronger so…」

She bit her lower lip, and she stopped her own body from shaking using her hand. “I will protect you, so you don’t have to worry!” I was about to say that, but I decided not to. If I did, I felt that it would be bad. If Roel wishes to be strong, then I should accept it. I will protect Roel — didn’t I decide that from the start. There was no need to hesitate.

「Okay, then I want you to come with me.」

「My pweasure!」(TL: she bit her tongue)

I don’t know why she bit her tongue…maybe she is just that scared. I still think that this is bad for her, but it’s too late to fall back.

Now then, the problem is how I should deal with the ghost ship. If I fire a Sonic Ripper, it looks like it will just break, but is that really okay with me?

If it was just a ghost-type monster, then I would finish it in no time, but I can’t come up with a decision by any means.

I don’t have the time to worry. Inside this thick fog, for some reason, I can clearly see that ghost ship.

I have no choice but to do this. I carried Roel with both of my hands.

「Ryua-chan, are you possibly…」

「yeah, I will jump towards the ship.」

Without waiting for Roel to react, I had jumped towards the ghost from spearhead of the liner ship. Looking down from high up in the air, the ghost ship is more rotten than I had imagined. The rotten wood was overlapping with each another, and there were holes on the floor here and there. Just as I noticed that I might break through as I landed, it was already too late.

We flew right under the deck of the ghost ship and then kept going down through many floors. Dust and blocks of wood grandly scattered about.


◆ Ghost Ship ◆

「Oops….will I get scolded?」

「The only ones that can scold you are the ghosts, you know….」

It’s dark so I can’t see properly, but we seem to have fallen at the kitchen. Since it hasn’t been used for a long time, it’s full of rust, and there is a bad smell wafting through the air. I reflexively pinched my nose.

Suddenly, I heard a creaking sound on the floor behind me. Turning around, I saw an enemy as was expected — an unhuman thing, not of this natural world, was there.

【Skeleton appeared! HP 103】

Human bones — you can’t say anything else about it but that. Looking at the boney hand holding a knife, I wonder if this person was the cook here? There is no more traces of it, but for sure, when this person was alive, he should have been cooking with those hands. Things would have been fine if it didn’t have to attack me, but my wish wasn’t granted.

He swung the kitchen knife down at me. It’s sad, but I have no choice.

The kitchen knife didn’t even reach my body — I kicked through its ribcage, breaking it:

【Ryua attacked! Skeleton recieved 331022 damage! Skeleton was defeated! HP 0/103】

「The s-ske-skeleton moved…it moved….」

「Well yeah, it will move…」

Normally it wouldn’t move, but in this situation, not moving is more unnatural. But more than that, it might have been bad that I just defeated it in the spur of the moment. If I was going to do this, there is no difference from me using Sonic Ripper on this ship without having to board it.

What was it, the reason I came here… do something about this ghost ship — yes! It’s this.

Is what I told myself, but surrounded by such numbers, I couldn’t think of anything else besides defeating them all.

Several steps and resounding creaks on the floor, groaning voices, and rough breathing could be heard around us.

「Roel, for now, let’s go back up.」

Again, I carried Roel and jumped. Thanks to the hole that I made when I fell, we were easily able to get to the deck. I was worried about whether the floor might break again, but this time it was alright. However, the moment I landed, I understood that what I did did nothing for the situation. While rocking their upper bodies, a group is slowly approached near us.

Half-transparent while flickering, they steadily came near us. A springy, bouncy body that had inhaled water, a person that looked like it got half of its head bitten off, child and an adult too —  there were various type of them.

「Roel, step back.」

「Ryua-chan, wait. Let me try it.」

「Try it, Roel, you?」

Removing herself from my arms, she moved in front of me, and before I knew it, she had stopped shaking. On the contrary, she looked so calm that it was unsettling. Even though she was that scared, I wonder what just happened.

The flickering vengeful ghosts took a step closer and another slowly walked towards Roel.


Roel quietly whispered it, and after that, one of the ghost was wrapped in a faint light, and in an instant, returned to its previous human form. When it morphed back, its facial expression eased into a one of relief from pain.

That person shed a tear. You could see saying some words. And then, from bottom to top, in a few seconds, it dissapated.

「Everyone, you don’t have to suffer anymore. That’s why, please be at peace.」

It looks like her words were able to reach the ghosts — this time they stopped moving and then simultaneously shed tears.

I don’t know what happened, but as I thought, these people have suffered. Even in death, they still relish their pain — I believe that its irrational.

I don’t want to die, but at least I want to be at peace afterwards. Everyone would have thought so.

I am surprised about Roel, but just what happened to this ship…I am curious about that part.

「I believe in it. Recover magic is not affective against Undead type monster because it’s a weakness, but I’m sure it’s because it’s the only way to release them from their suffering, don’t you think so?」

「But Roel, these people are not monsters, you know. Just what did you do?」

Roel didn’t say anything. Is it because she herself doesn’t know about it? However Roel somehow looked like she understood something. It was first time I saw Roel like this.

It was a bit strange for her to come with me here despite being afraid, but maybe it’s because she believed that she could do it from the start.

「Heal….heal……yes, you too….」(9: gaaaaah, I received damage!)

Roel, one by one, used heal to purify their soul. And at the verge of release, they were all saying things.

At the beggining, I didn’t quite understand it, but I finally understood it.

“Thank you.”

I can’t hear their voices, but I’m sure that’s what they said. Somehow, Roel was wrapped in light, and seeing her expression made me hold back my breath.

A kindly smiling girl; however it’s not exactly Roel. She looked somewhat more mature, her smile had composure in it.

The innocent smile that I only know coming from Roel — I see something different in her.


「Yes, you’ll be alright…..」

Can she not hear my voice? But it might be bad if I distract her, so let’s just shut up. If I just left it to her, we might be able to do something about this ship. It looks like there is no turn for me.

「Nooo! Let goo!」

「Bortom-san, what’s the matter! Hey don’t just stare around, come help me hold him down!」

「Y-yes sir!」

I heard that from the ocean liner. Looking over there, on the deck, there were a lot of people pinning Bortom down.

With Silva, Zizinia and a number of sailers weighing him down, they had finally restricted his movements. However Bortom is still struggling.

Really, what happened to that guy? Even though he was entrusted with guarding the ship, right now, isn’t he just baggage. (Tea: Hmm…this is the only part of Ryua I don’t like….think about other people’s emotions…)

Good grief…….after I thought, I heard groaning.

The state of the ghosts became odd. Their eyes lit up red, and all of them changed direction.

They charged in the direction of the ocean liner.

No, it’s different.

It was not the liner, but a certain person the ghosts are looking at.

「Stop, please stop! Please forgive me! I was wrong! I will do anything, so not my life, please!」

The ghosts, no….those souls had their whole bodies dyed red, as if they were flaring up in anger.

And then, the ghost ship started to tremble.

Monster Encyclopedia

【Killer shark HP 190】

Aiming at the humans riding on a ship, the shark freqeuently jumps and attack.

For an adventurer to go through the sea, defeating a killer shark is not really a decision, but a given, since they have that much living area.


Ep 53 First Time on a Boat Part 3

The hull shakes, and then the red souls jumped one by one towards the ocean liner.

They aren’t human, because you can’t call them anything else but irregularly shaped evil spirits. Most of them still haven’t received Roel’s heal and aren’t purified yet.

「Just what happened! Just what happened! Ryua-chan just what happened!?」

Not being able to handle the shaking, Roel fell down and I had to support her.

What happened, even if you ask me that, I would also be stumped. But the ghosts are aiming for Bortom, that’s is for certain. If this goes on, it will be dangerous for Bortom. Just like before, I carried Roel and jumped towards the ocean liner.

Even if we touched a ghost, we would only pass through them.

Even if I strike them, they would just scatter like mist and then go back to their original forms. Even without me doing anything, they don’t even look like they are considering me. Their speed isn’t that fast, so in the blink of an eye we were able to to pass over them and return to the ocean liner.

「Bortom-san! Go hide yourself!」

「Ee…eeeeek….please spare me….」

When we landed on the ocean liner, we immediately called out to Bortom, but he was only shedding tears and begging for his life, not moving at all.

In this situation, I have no choice but to carry Bortom and throw him inside the cabin.

「Roel heal them!」

「T-there are too many….」

「Even by yourself, please purify as many as you can!」

In response to my demand, Roel casted heal on one of the ghosts coming this way. However, rather than appeasing their anger, they further changed form. The red soul slowly changed form and started to materialize. Changing from human to a nonhuman form, it was a monster.

【Mortal Ghost x4 appeared! HP 322】

【Evil Spirit x5 appeared! HP 257】

【Sword Wight x3 appeared! HP 490】

It wasn’t only the ghost that Roel healed, the other spirits too had changed their forms.

There are so many that you can’t tell what their exact number is. A tremendous number of souls are coming from the ship.

「What are you doing!? Attack!」

Silva, Zizinia, and the soldiers started to fight back. I don’t have time to be taken aback, I have to do something to protect this ship.

【Sword Wight slashed while laughing ominously!

Silva received 66 damage! HP 99/165

Zizinia received 81 damage! HP 80/141】

「Ugaah! M-my body is….」

Having been slashed, Silva dropped his bow and fell to his knees unable to move. It’s probably paralysis abnormal condition.

That monster’s movements are fast, it attacks in a wide area, and moreover it can also cause abnormal effects.

I’m sure that mortal ghosts also use area attack magic, before the damage spreads I have to do something about this.

「I don’t know what just happened, but if you’re going to damage this ship then I will show no mercy!」

I slashed the Sword Wight who was going to act next, and then swung once at each Sword wight in my sight. The foothold is shaky and has no stability, but I moved by kicking the hull and was somehow able to move.

The slashed monster groaned something, and dissipated like scattering sand.

【Ryua attacked!

Sword Wight x3 received 368461 damage!

Sword Wights were defeated! HP 0/490】

「Heal! Heal! Heal!」

Roel worked hard, assembled together with the soldiers. Although each heal purifies one of them, their numbers are too numerous. Moreover, these ghosts are quite strong. Even though Silva and Zizinia should have considerable skill, with just one attack they became cornered. And they’re not opponents that the soldiers can just somehow deal with.

「Roel! Leave this to me, and go cure Silva and Zizinia!」


Now that I think about it, Roel should be able to use a recovery magic that can cure abnormal statuses. But then again healing injuries is considerably different from curing status effects.

【Sword Wight x5 appeared! HP 490】

They increased again, are they also the people from that ship? I don’t know how many people were on it, but still their numbers are too numerous. While holding my sword in hand, I rotated my body while going around the ship.

【Ryua used Rotation slash!

Sword Wights received 361982 damage!

Mortal Ghosts received 371022 damage!

Evil Spirits received 359649 damage!

The monsters have been swept clean!】

One by one, the monsters scatter like sand into the sky. So in the end it’s this. Even though if Roel’s healing had continued well, this wouldn’t have happened. I wonder why these ghosts become ferocious when they see Bortom.

No, there isn’t time to worry about that.

Now, the ghost ship has changed direction towards this way. Even though there is no wind and the sail is full of holes, it slowly advanced aiming for this ocean liner. And then suddenly, as if charging it rammed into the hull of the ocean liner .

The ocean liner shook wildly.

As expected if this goes on, this ship will capsize.

「Hey! Do something about this!」

The sailors and the soldiers have started to panic. I don’t have a choice anymore but to destroy that whole ship. When I was going to shoot Sonic Ripper, looking at the ghost ship, a black mist gushed out from the whole ship. The mist gradually gathered, and then it formed something.

A giant human-shaped form. With its lower body connected to the ghost ship, it had showed itself.

A mist-like human, not a skeleton. What surprised me was the hat that one of them wore. It was the same as what the sailors of the ocean liner wear.

There is a black line so that was most likely the ship’s captain.

It was wearing the same cap as the captain who greeted us when we boarded the ship. If I remember it correctly, Roel told me that you could tell who is a superior depending on the hat.

It could be seen that the mist-made skeleton captain’s hands seem to be manipulate the ship.

【Ghost Captain has appeared! HP 4444】

「Please stoooooooooooopp!」

When I noticed it, Bortom was dragged out from the cabin by the ghost. There were about 3 ghosts that were coiling around him, not being able to resist them Bortom was screaming.


「I was bad okay…..I’m sorry that I abandoned you, but at that time there was no choice….

I couldn’t fight that strong monster, it was scary…..before I noticed it I was already escaping on a lifeboat….」

Not thinking right now, just rescuing Bortom. I slashed the coiling ghosts, but even if Bortom was released he was still shouting. Being scared too much, Bortom tried to leap towards the sea, as Silva and Zizinia hurriedly stopped him.

「Just as I thought, you knew about that ship right!? With that distance it’s not normal to notice that ship as the ghost ship!

That ship started appearing ever since 20 years ago! So you were on that ship?」

「Silva….. at those days, I believed that I could do everything and took the request to guard the ship. Then a week after the voyage, a monster attacked the ship…..I ran. I had big mouthed that I would absolutely protect them, and all of them admired me……I  betrayed them…’s natural to be hated…..even as I turn around I could still see the kids’ faces, I can’t even forget them up until now…..」

Bortom stood up, he started walking while staggering. Did he calm down from the fear? He was not shouting and screaming like earlier. I protected Bortom from the simultaneously attacking monsters. One by one I cut them, the vengeful ghosts started groaning and resounded so regretful.

「Even right now, I have been continuing taking this guarding job as an atonement…..however, today that actual ship on that day, the ship that sank has appeared… the end, it was all just self-satisfaction……Silva, Zizinia. I’m sorry for hiding it. I met you guys after that… was fun. To be able to have people of the same age that I could get along till this day…..thank you.」

And again one more step, Bortom approached the ghost ship that had collided with the ocean liner. And then he kneeled on the ground(dogeza).

While sobbing, Bortom didn’t change his posture. He quietly whispered, “I’m sorry”. It looks like that action wasn’t able to reach the ghosts, without giving any care the monsters  once again simultaneously went towards Bortom.

But still, Bortom did not move. No matter what circumstances there were, I can’t overlook this.

But this time, it was not my turn to go off stage.

An area-type flame magic was cast around Bortom. Even though it did not defeat them, the surprised ghost monsters separated from Bortom. And then pushing Bortom to the head of the deck, the two old guys stood there protecting him.

Silva with his bow in his hands, and Zizinia starting to cast again.

Bortom noticing the unusual event, raised his face.

「Y-you guys…」

「Let us fulfill our duty, or are you saying that we should let this ship sink as well?」

Silva’s arrow shot through the ghost, and Zizinia’s magic once again reliably drove them away. A large amount of groaning was released from the vengeful ghosts. It was as if you could hear them saying to not hinder them.

Certainly, what Bortom did might have been the worst thing. But what Silva had said was right.

On this ship there are a lot of unrelated people. There is only one thing to do.

「It’s just as Silva-san said.」

Easily mowing down the surrounding vengeful ghosts, I looked at the top of the ghost ship of which you can see a captain’s mist. From the hollow eyes of the skeleton , it was obvious that it was looking at us. It’s sad, but I can’t die here.

Here I go, I will destroy that ghost ship whole.


「Ryua-chan, wait.」

Roel was breathing heavily, she was standing while holding the rails. I could guess that she had used heal to purify the monsters. The reason the numbers had decreased, was because she had worked hard I’m sure. I hurriedly supported Roel’s body.

「Please, let me do it…..」

「Please don’t do more than that. I’ll finish this off okay?」

「It’s alright. I, even if I look like this, I’ve gotten stronger you know…」

I immediately understood that it was not a bluff. Roel had always been fighting with me. If it was just like what Aude had said about the combat system, Roel’s level right now should be considerable. It’s alright, let’s leave it to her.

She held her Fire Rod horizontally, Roel closed her eyes.

Little by little, light started wrapping Roel. It was much more sublime compared to when I saw it at the deck of the ghost ship.

But, Roel should’ve been just a Healer, and yet I wonder what’s with this power. This time is it really just a heal?


It looks like it started to fear the light, the mist skeleton bent backward a little bit. However that was only for a moment, as if trying to smash the ocean liner, it swung its misty hand from high above.  Silva and Zizinia on the top of the deck had prepared to assault it, but the misty hand never even reached the ocean liner. In the vicinity of the ocean liner, it was as if the mist was avoiding Roel and had scattered and then disappeared. From its palm to its wrist, and then its arm, slowly it started to scatter and finally the whole ghost ship was about to disappear.


It was its first and final words. With just that, I understood how deep its resentment was.

Nearly about completely scattered away and disappeared, the skeletal ghost captain had its face returned to a human. However, that too was also in an instant.

The only ones who saw it were probably just me and a few others. Immediately, the mist completely disappeared without any trace left.

「D-did I do it….?」(9: a flag…?)

「Yeah, it was all thanks to Roel….」

Silva looked at Roel in half-doubt. I heard him whisper, “What’s with that girl?”.

What was left was the ghost ship, the ship sailed and had many people aboard it.

Earlier it was a ghost ship, but right now it is silently sinking.

The hull had tilted, fallen over, and gone back into the sea.

「The ghost ship is sinking….」

「Hey, it’s starting to clear up! I can see the horizon!」

One of the soldiers yelled. It looks like the fog that appeared with the ghost ship had disappeared.

The waves  returned back to normal, and once again the sunlight illuminated the ocean liner. The ghosts who had become monsters, were gone before I was aware of it. It seems that it was because the captain was purified, but I can’t help but think that the deep resentment won’t disappear just like that.

「Fuu…..Is it finished….?」


Roel, who opened her eyes, was dripping in sweat. It looks like she had ran out of strength, and collapsed.

It seems she got relieved when she saw the ghost ship sinking , and this time she had closed her eyes.

「Roel, are you alright? Roel!」

「I guess she used up her magic power. I believe  there is no problem, but just in case let the ship doctor check her up」

The one who told me this was Zizinia. He too had a tired face. Well, it’s natural since he had fought so many monsters.

Miraculously there wasn’t any casualties, I’m sure that’s also thanks to Roel. With the ghosts’ purification and the people’s’ recovery, doing both of that at the same time, I can’t measure her effort. I wiped Roel’s sweat off her forehead.

「I….I had committed an outrageous sin…」

Bortom-san looked as if he was relieved to see the sinking ghost ship. Not like the tears when he was sobbing from fear, a  stream of tears flowed down his cheek. Snorting his mucus, he once again silently cried.

「Sorry…I’m really sorry….」

「Bortom-san, “I understand your feelings!” is what i won’t say. We are not scorning you. If I was in your place at that time I might have done the same thing. However, you right now have regretted it and shed tears for it. And up until now you have lives that you have kept alive. There is no better truth than that」

Silva who stood beside Bortom looked at the sinking ghost ship and didn’t say any other words than that.

Zizinia and the two of them lined up and just silently looked at the ship. What Bortom is doing now is just thinking about that ghost ship, no he’s thinking that ship and having pain in his heart.

If the monsters hadn’t attacked that ship, I’m sure right now they would be living their lives somewhere.

Up until the end they kept resenting, but I’d like to think that thanks to Roel they were able to be purified without suffering.

「Roel, you really worked hard.」

Looking at Roel’s face in my arms, I was compelled to think so. Let’s go to this ship’s doctor.

Zizinia-san said not to worry, but I am worried.

――――The ocean liner shook greatly, and then I could hear a crashing sound from behind.

When I looked backwards, I saw the splinters of the ghost ship dancing in the air. Guarding their bodies from the splinters, everyone crouched.


A high tension yell and at the same time from below the ghost ship something jumped out as if it was tossed from the sea. Because of the sunlight, I couldn’t properly see the guy that destroyed the ghost ship. However, the one who appeared from the bottom of the sea was without a doubt a human.

From the air and once again going back into the surface of the water, for an instant I saw it, his upper-body was a human but his lower body looked like it was a fish.

Half of his face was covered with scales, and at the place of his ears there was a fish like fin growing there.

When he landed, the water splashed grandly and sprayed us.

「W-what the hell just happened!?」

As if replying to Zizinia’s shout, he showed his face from the water. As if he was doing the backstroking, he floated on water. It’s a guy with gill ears, a scaled face, and a slightly tanned body.

I could understand that his body was full of muscles, I could certainly understand that it was human, but I already understood he wasn’t.

「You guys showed me a good shooooooooow! After that ghost ship, play with me next!」

The gill guy grinned showing his white teeth. And then that guy looked at the ocean liner from the sea and then looked at me.

This guy, is he possibly.

「Eeee, the name Ryua is yours, right? You don’t have to say anything I know! Hey, play a game with me!」

Purposely destroying that ghost ship as he appeared, my anger towards that guy had already risen.

Ep 54 First Time on a Boat Final Part


「If not even one of the people on this ship dies, then it’s your win! If even one is dead then it’s my win!」

The moment I heard those words, the urge to defeat him right now is driving me. However, I need to carry Roel to the infirmary. It seems like he knows that I won’t be able to attack him, that guy just casually dived into the sea.

「I am one of the 12 Revived Demonlord Army Generals, Sea Master Doridon! I’ll have revenge for Vitt, Churchill, and Bartz!」

This time, when I heard Doridon’s voice from the other side, the hull shook from the intense waves. The tremor was so bad that the people on the ship couldn’t stand, on this ship everyone is clinging onto something. I can’t fall over from something like this, without minding it I rushed towards the infirmary. From the jolting, the passengers onboard had fallen into panic.

The child that Roel had played with was crying, while being embraced by her parents. It seems that they were anxious inside their private rooms, most of them went to the passageway making a fuss asking what’s happening.

The sailors are somewhat trying to calm them down, but there is no trace of them calming down.

「Excuse me! Roel, no, please take care of this girl!」Without waiting for any reply, I lay Roel on the bed, and immediately went out. I am worried about Roel a lot, but it was not as urgent as defeating that guy immediately.

If a person dies on this ship, then it would be his win? Don’t mess with me.


「Don’t get swallowed by the waves! Don’t ever let go of each other’s hands!」

When I came back to the deck, the waves were already closing in. To protect themselves from the water that landed on the ship, Silva, Zizina, and Bortom, have started to gather at the center. They are barely holding up their weapons, but in this situation, if that guy’s subordinates come to attack they won’t be able to properly fight back.

That guy will probably attack from the sea. If he is there, he knows that we won’t be able to lay a hand on him, and he’ll corner us like that.

【Fish Lancer x6 appeared! HP 600】

【Dead Lobster x3 appeared! HP 620】

Six monsters that are similar to Doridon, having the upper body of a humanoid, rose up onto the deck. Different from Doridon, they are fully covered with scales. After that, as if chasing after them a human adult-sized crayfish jumped onto the deck.

【Okeano appeared! HP 3610】

【Emperor Squid appeared! HP 4730】

Out faraway, where I thought the seawater was bulging, appeared a Squid a many times larger than this ship that I have no idea what it is. And nearby the same area, a sea serpent the same size as the squid appeared. If they get here, this ship might simply sink.

So this is Doridon’s so called game, huh. Now that I think back to what he said it’s revenge, but in the end didn’t they just reap what they sowed. I don’t know what in the world is with this Demonlord Army but, just what do these guys think lives are.

「Doridooon! If you want a fight, show yourself!」

「If you want to fight Doridon-sama, then you will have to dive into the sea」

I got surprised when the half-fish man talked. It’s laughing as if making fun of me. Even on this shaky ship, they are still composedly standing up. No, it would be weird to express it like that, because their lower halves are fish.

Everyone is still the same, they aren’t even able to fight properly. Not being swept away by the waves is all they can do.

「Everyone go back inside the ship! I will somehow do something about this!」

「B-but you… matter how skilled you are-」

「No, let’s leave it to her……The one who defeated the leaders of the Demonlord Army who attacked Avangard Kingdom was her.

Even at that time no one was able to properly fight them back, that’s why we can’t do something about it. How ‘bout it, wanna bet on it? 」

Silva persuaded Bortom who was objecting as if cooling him down. Spinning their spears, which are made of materials that I can’t guess, the half-fishman attacked. I don’t have time to deal with these guys. Let’s dispose these guys and that big squid faraway.

「Sonic Ripper!」

The Sonic Ripper’s slash pierced and scattered away the half-fishmen and the crayfish. And going with its momentum. The squid who had raised its ten tentacles and was going to attack was also pierced through.

【Ryua used Sonic Ripper! the Fish Lancers, Dead Lobsters, and the Emperor Squid received 428293 damage! The group of monsters was defeated!】

Having its whole torso slashed as if being hurled away, its tentacles scattered into pieces in the sky and sank into the water. When I thought it got dark, the other sea serpent had opened its mouth and was trying to swallow the ship whole. I didn’t know it when it was far away but, it’s considerably big.

Is this one also Doridon’s subordinate? If this one is here then we won’t be able to sail.

For the sake of what’s after this and also moreover for the sake of this moment, let’s shut that mouth.

【Ryua used Sonic Ripper! Okeano received 428293 damage! Okeano was defeated! HP 0/3610】

Rather than shutting its mouth, when I thought its mouth had just stayed opened, the sea serpent bursted open. The left behind body of it sank as if it fell over behind. Its force is intense, and the waves went over the top of the ship.

Even without that, there are waves frequently rising towards the deck, it’s too horrible I didn’t know which was from the sea. Me and the others too were soaked with water by the waves, and our whole bodies were wet.

「Bortom-san, you saw it right?」

「A-ah. I’ll leave it to you….」

Using the time where the waves won’t come, everyone except me evacuated inside the cabin. But saying that, there is still no point.

As that Half-fishman said Doridon won’t come out from the bottom of the sea, and of course I need to defeat that guy.

So I have no choice but to resolve myself. Even in the Caves of Hell, I once had to dive into the water but fighting was hard.

Just as I thought, fish swim better. At that time the floor was still low level, so it wasn’t enough to drown me but, right now I wonder how long I could last.

But I had noticed something. When I am not here, who will protect this place.

and moreover if the ship itself gets attack, it might end up sinking immediately.

「Geez! I can’t think of any that will work, and there is no time to think!」(9: there will be fanservice after this)

I took off my clothes. And so that they won’t be swept away I threw them violently inside the cabin. The people who immediately crouched down, were surprised at something, but I don’t have time to care. Having only my underwear left I jumped inside the sea. (9: fanservice for pervert, now you guys have to imagine ryua in her undies!)


◆ Inside the Sea ◆

Just as I thought, the currents are strong. If you just swim normally, then you will just be washed away and be jostle around and it looks like you won’t be able to do anything. I need to make sure I don’t let got of this sword.

I don’t know whether or not this bastard sword can be used underwater. Perhaps it might get rusted, but if this can hold out for only this fight, then there’s no problem.

I wonder where Doridon is? Even if I look around, the dark sea depths are just spreading out. I can’t see anything.

No, Doridon isn’t the only one here. The half-fishman from earlier and countless monsters, as if they found prey, rushed towards me.

【Fish Lanzer x20 appeared! HP 600】

【Death shark appeared! HP 1200】

A shark that looks like a killer shark I saw yesterday was mixed in with the monsters. As I expected living in the sea, their movements are fast. Precisely trying to kill me, it opened its mouth towards me. My movements more or less get dull underwater, but there is no problem with this level of enemy. I killed it in one slash. The shark’s blood got slightly mixed with the water, but there is nothing else remaining.

I don’t know how long I can hold my breath, so I can’t carelessly move around. I was only there floating while waiting for the enemy to come, and also without moving on their bloodthirst was building up.

All of the 20 half-fishman with their spears are frantically coming to kill me. If I just stayed and fought these guys, one after one another will just keep appearing which is annoying. But I have no choice but to do that.

Fortunately, it seems that these half-fishman can talk, in that case they should understand.

Without preparing to fight, I floated upright pretending to show my openings.

Just as intended, thinking it was a chance, they pierced my body with a spear. Nope, I wasn’t pierced. As if hallucinating that the spear was a rubber toy, the spear wasn’t even able to make me shed a drop of blood.

“What the hell is with this one?”, I seem to have heard from them.

If you want to atleast pierce me, at least have the kind of fang of the panther-like monster on the innermost floor of at the Caves of Hell.

That monster was scary, the shield that I had picked up on the floor before it didn’t even work a bit and was easily eaten off. Actually when it bit it off, I thought it would also bite my arm off too.

It seems that the half-fishman had given up, they have separated from me and surrounded me, and are checking me out from a distance. It’s good that they finally understand the difference of strength. When things get annoying it’s best to do this.

At that time, something coiled around my leg.

Surprisingly when I thought about it, I was already pulled down to the bottom of the sea.

Looking down I saw that Doridon had changed one of his fingers into an octopus-like tentacle while grinning and looking at me.

「To get this deep and be able bear the water pressure, you’re really a genuine monster(bakemono)」

Even inside the water I could still properly hear that guy’s words. Even if I talk, it would probably won’t even be words.

I wonder if it’s some kind of technique or skill, from the way he moves his mouth I could clearly understand it.

「Well, I also expected that to happen though.」

When I thought of approaching him, I was washed away as if being pulled, and then this time as if the sea itself was leaving it produced a spiral current.

【Doridon used Maelstrom!】

Current after current overlapping one another started crowding around me. Ignoring the current, Doridon’s tentacles approached me. Blows from the tentacles attacked me mercilessly. Being washed away by the current, and then attacked by tentacles, and once again washed away before being attacked by tentacles again.

Sometimes they coil around me and seal my movements, but they can just be sliced to pieces.

But still the sliced tentacles immediately regenerate and attack me again.

「Kukukku, how is it? You can’t properly fight underwater right? Among the 12 Demon Generals, there is no one that has challenged me inside the water! Did you know? That in this world, 60% is made up of sea! This ocean which is the source of life, controlling it means controlling everything!

No matter how proud you are of your skills, it will end up like that! also having trouble breathing? Kukukukukuku!」

Even though we are inside the dark seas, this guy is oddly high tensioned. I’m sorry that I had to make him worry about it, but when I had dived at the Caves of Hell, the time I had lasted stopped around 30 minutes at maximum. And right now I can last even longer.

That guy being so full of confidence is because he thinks that he can’t lose here.

For sure I didn’t expect this.

―――――For someone to underestimate me this much.

「By the way how are the human-chans doing above? Maybe a hole opened on the bottom of the ship and it has already started sinking? If one person dies then you were not able to protect that life! When I heard it from that bastard Juo, I had a revelation! That this girl will even protect a stranger’s life to her best ability, really a naive-chan! I wonder which one has died or how many have died or maybe it’s all of them! It sure is exciting! 」

Is this guy calling this a game? If so then, this guy doesn’t need any more pity, I don’t need to have that emotion for him.

【Dorirdon did High Speed Rotation Swimming!】

Ignoring the currents, Doridon attacked me like a bullet. Even if I evade, he quickly changes direction and does the same attack again. Doridon attacked from all directions. And while moving, he waved his fingers and produced about 10 swirls.

【Dorirdon used Aqua Hurricane!】(9: well, yeah there is no announcement about him ever damaging Ryua)

The foam swirled at high speeds closing on me. Not being able to move due to the current, so this is it. Just kidding, of course not. At the Caves of Hell there were no monsters that had attacked me and used this much skill underwater, it was a bit surprising. So this guy is as strong as those 3 in the 12 Demon Generals, I only obscurely think to that degree. And only just that.

I got used to the attacks in the underwater match. There is no longer a need to be washed away by this current.

I had started swimming aiming for Doridon, who had been swimming like a bullet.

Doridon who had been harassing me with composure saw me chasing after him, he looked confused.

「W-what in the world is that movement….」

The face that had been grinning until now has changed. So that one would be able to show their full power, they will fight at the their best place, it’s an important thing. But that kind of guy, when I was a kid, I have fought them so much that I am bored of it. A monster that lies in wait in lava that can melt steel, a monster that lies in wait in a place so cold place that ir even freezes your dripping nose.

If I count them then there would be no end. However, against that kind of opponent, on my side, I am the one most used to those.

And on top of that, this is a match, I had thought that this is obvious so, I couldn’t understand why he is so impatient.

He said that he is the strongest in the water, but is it just because that there was no one that can move the same as him in this situation?


「Okay, got you.」

I tried mimicking him and talked, but it’s only just gabo gabo I can’t completely talk yet. “Okay, I got you”. I wonder it that got passed through. Well, who cares.

【Ryua attacked!】

At the moment that the blade of the Bastard sword vibrated, Doridon’s size had become big and at the same time he was blown away. Is this possibly, when I thought of that, it went exactly as I expected it to.

A monster that I don’t how many times it’s bigger than the ocean liner. Including the upper body that had been in human form, the skin that had gone white and a head as if a shark had been stuck on it, and from its fingers octopus tentacles had grown respectively. While his lower body remained the same, his appearance had become strange.

With the same point as the other 3 of the 12 Demon Generals, this guy had become a demon.

Is he a human or not, I have no idea at all. But there is one thing that I can say, at least I know that his heart isn’t human. A guy that calls stealing a life a game is enough to be called a monster.

And that ugly appearance shows that.

【The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- has appeared! HP 31000】

「I’ll destroy everything! Humans, every thing humans have created, every things humans eat, every thing beloved by humans, the ones that humans have taken interest in, every thing that looks like a human too, everything everything everything everything, I’ll destroy everything!」

If my size is compared to this guy I am just a speck, our difference was that much. If this guy goes wild not only just the ocean liner, but the seas around the world too might get destroyed. I don’t have anything backing it but I could feel it from its overflowing ferociousness and from its hatred.

When those octopus tentacles are shot, it even went through his monster underlings and also strangled them.

And even the half-fishmen too became prey to it as they try to calm down their boss. He is indiscriminate, is all that I can say about it.

「I’ll sink it…..I’ll sink that shiiiip!」

His large body is moving towards the sea surface. No matter how you look at it, that guy is aiming for the ocean liner.

Even if that guy did nothing, just by going to the sea surface with that body of his, that ship will just capsize on its own.

Of course, I wouldn’t let him do it.

I swam and lined up with Doridon, who is going upward. First let’s make him go far away.

【Ryua attacked! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 7802 damage! HP 23198/31000】

I lightly kicked the lower part of its humanoid torso. Even though I held back, Doridon’s huge body was blown far away with extreme speed.

「Gahaa….! Wh-what was that-」

【Ryua attacked! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 13730 damage! HP 9468/31000】

Chasing after the blown away Doridon,  this time I went below him, and kicked him up with more strength than before.

Doridon’s body went towards the surface of the sea with faster speed than before. After that I will chase after him again.

Because of Doridon who appeared at the sea surface, the ocean water bulged up and produced huge waves.

Doridon who was thrown away from the sea to the sky.

「OI, no way you….」

「You have caused a great deal of trouble, who was the main cause of trouble, I have to clearly show everyone that you are defeated」


As if chasing Doridon, I jumped out from the sea surface. Doridon is above and I’m below him, With him being flung into the air, people on the ocean liner far away should be able to see him. I can’t properly see it but, but I think those number of shadows should be Bortom and the others.

Even if they had secluded themselves on board, just as I thought the monsters weren’t able to wait.

Still even if the ocean liner was attacked by monsters. Everyone, please be safe.

But before that, let’s end this, Doridon.

「T-this kid to be able to deal with underwater matches…..that’s just impossibl-」

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 430018 damage! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon-  was defeated! HP 0/31000】

Just before he finished his final words, I had teared up his body, and erased it away.

However, that was only for an instant, I had once again fallen into the sea due to the gravity.

It was only for the moment, but I was able to inhale air while on air, at the last bit there was a bit of choking, so it was good timing.


◆ Ocean Liner ◆ (third pers)

「T-that is perhaps!」

The scene that Bortom had seen was a huge monster never before seen in the sky and  someone slashing it.

And that person’s shadow immediately fell back to the sea, Bortom understood who that was. The half-fishmen and the Fish Lancers that attacked the ocean liner, were dumbfounded as they saw the full details of what happened.

「Impossible Doridon-sama was defeated-!?」

「There has to be some mistake! That must not have been Doridon-sama!」

The monsters that had the superiority in the battle, internalized the situation and at the same time their will to fight was decreased.

However it didn’t disappear completely. Even if you what the next things these ferocious monsters could do, there is only one thing.

「Humans, how dare you…!」

In this situation, there are already many people who are covered in injuries. Silva and Zizina too, have a severe injuries and can barely move. If Ryua was a bit late in defeating Doridon, at that moment they might have not been able to survive. Even though they had defeated some of the monsters, the monsters’ numbers and abilities were superior.

The reason that Bortom and the others had perished this much was because they had decided their resolve in their hearts.

The monsters that had gathered and surrounded the area around the ocean liner. The adventures, who were in the prime of their lives, swallowed their saliva. Miraculously there had been no attack on the bottom of the ship. Everyone there had been eagerly waiting for Ryua.

「Silva,  Zizina, can you survive until that kid comes back?」

「It’s not the matter of doing it or not, we have no choice but to do it. Being able to come this far, I’d like to pardon myself from dying」

Even not being able to stand up, Bortom was barely encouraging them. Cheering themselves up, somehow they are able to keep their will to fight. For a small time, the stalemate conditions continued.

And then finally, the monsters around the ship were slashed in the same way as Doridon from far away.

From the excited eyes of all those present, the one before them was certainly Ryua, who had returned.

The girl who showed her face from the water, and the girl that had restrained the monsters.

「Kill them!!」

In desperation one of the Fish Lancers shouted and at the same time the battle with the monsters has began once again.

But when the fight happened again on the deck of the ship, the monsters’ rears were pierced by a light fired from far away.

In the sea and on the ship, the countless number of monsters were shot through by pillars of light one by one.

Without any time to panic and before learning who their attackers were, the monsters were dealt with in a few seconds.

Bortom and the others couldn’t take in the situation instantly, and then Ryua rose up from the sea.

「I’m back…..everyone, I’m glad that you’re all okay. By the way what was that just now?」

More than Ryua who was in her underwear, the humans there had poured their interest on the ship faraway. (9: damn you, are you guys even men!!)

「T-that mark on the ship! The State of Metalika!? Why here of all places….」

It coming nearer, Silva understood it in a glance.

With many more times the mass compared to the ocean liner, and a hull seeming to be wrapped in steel.

Right there was on that ship, was a mark in the shape of a silver wing.